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OKNancy's Journal - Archives
Posted by OKNancy in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Wed Jul 19th 2006, 08:47 AM
I thank DU because I feel so much more informed. Also over the past years, I've read about "grocery store moments" and I've often been skeptical of some of what I have read. This is my moment.

I went to the store very early this morning to beat the 105 degree forcasted high for today here in Tulsa. As I was checking out at my favorite checkers lane, I overheard him visiting with an older woman, and then a smallish man who I soon realized was her husband. They were buying large amounts of meat and vegetables. I heard the checker say, " I know you must be worried". Then the conversation turned to tabouli recipes. So, I butted in and said, "Do you own a restaurant?" She said yes Cedars.

My mind says.. Cedars. Worried. They are Lebanese!

I paid for my groceries and my once weekly flower bouquet. I buy one per week because it is my gift I give myself. They make me happy.

I kept thinking to myself that I wished I had offered my best wishes to the couple. I feared bothering them.

As I went out to load my van, their car was parked in the front. The woman was sitting in the passenger seat, but her husband was still in the store. I went up to her car, motioned for her to roll down her window. I said, " Are you from Lebanon?" She said yes. I said that I offered my best wishes and that I would be thinking of her and her family. I gave her my flowers.
She got tears in her eyes and said, "My brother's funeral is today in Lebanon. He died of natural causes, but I can't go. She smiled and thanked me for the flowers.

I went on to my van. I saw in the corner of my eye the husband walking toward me. I stopped and he grabbed my hands and said, "We need more people like you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. She is having a hard time." Then he hugged me. A big long open hug out in the parking lot. I've never had such an experience with a hug. He was the same height as me, so it was a very comfortable feeling and I could just feel the warmth. I got tears and he got tears, and then we went on our separate ways.

So, here I am on DU telling my grocery store moment.

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Posted by OKNancy in Latest Breaking News
Wed Apr 19th 2006, 05:48 AM
Here is the real problem George

1. There is, encouraged by the right-wing, widespread anti-intellectualism. It's pervasive in our society.

2. You and the right-wing are anti-science and devalue science. You scoff at long established scientific thought

3. You and the right-wing are doing everything you can to destroy free public education, the very thing that made our country great ( at one time)

4. No Child Left Behind - 'nuf said

5. You and your buddies are cutting funding for higher education. Students and their parents from middle income and down are strapped with massive debt if they even manage to fund their education.

6. You and your neo-con buddies are spending money on wars and killing our kids instead of educating them.

So, I'd say you are the problem, Mr. Bush. ( It's all I can do not to type a string of curse words)
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Posted by OKNancy in Latest Breaking News
Wed Mar 22nd 2006, 08:09 AM
Iraq Vet Duckworth Wins Democratic Nomination In 6th

CHICAGO (AP) -- Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran who lost her legs in combat two years ago, narrowly won the Democratic congressional primary nomination for the suburban Chicago district held by retiring GOP Rep. Henry Hyde.


With 520 of 526 precincts counted in unofficial returns, Duckworth had 43.8 percent of the votes for the nomination in the 6th Congressional District. The Democrats\' 2004 nominee, businesswoman Christine Cegelis, had 40.4 percent, and Lindy Scott, a Wheaton College professor, had 15.7 percent.

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Posted by OKNancy in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sun Mar 19th 2006, 12:39 PM

Here I am, a liberal in a ďred stateĒ. I sometimes feel real hostility toward my circumstance from the blue-state Democrats. Certainly there is a lack of empathy by some. Fortunately our party chairman isn't giving up on us. Howard Dean initiated the Fifty State Strategy. So far Democratic state chairmen are enthusiastic. Dean is serious about this, for example assigning a full time staffer in Mississippi. Heís doing a fantastic job of building the party and building it for the future.

I do envy the blue-state Democrat who can work and nominate a fiery progressive and have a chance to win an election. What I don't enjoy is attacks on the more moderate candidates in red states and the Democrats who support them.

Red state Democrats aren't DLC flunkies, in fact most I know are would say they are anti-war liberals. However we are also smart enough to know that to win an election in a red state we have to support someone who can win. All the talk in the world about ideals is worthless if we nominate someone who will lose in the general election.

In my state, Oklahoma, we have a Democratic governor ( Brad Henry). He's not as liberal as we would like, but he is a head and shoulders above our former governor, Frank Keating, and miles above his 2002 opponent , the homophobe Steve Largent. His opponent in the 2006 election is Earnest Istook. For those not familiar with the Congressman, he is just about the nuttiest right-winger in Congress.

So, all you blue-state folks, donít be a bluemeanie. Please remember when you toss out words like DINO, and even worse epitaphs, you aren't helping us. Mary Landrieu is much better for this country than David Vitter and Bill Nelson is going to vote with us many more times than Katherine Harris. If your blue-state Congressperson disappoints you, then yes, you certainly should pound your fist, write angry letters and vent all you want, but think about why the red-state Democrat votes the way they do. So often the red-state Democrat must chose to represent the voters of their state, not yours. Now, this doesnít mean we wonít get mad at our compromising Democrat. We liberals in a red-states probably will be mad. But we will understand the reasons, and we certainly will continue to support and vote for Democrats.

My hope is to win elections and to win with Democrats . Iíll support the liberal candidate in the primary if I think they can win. If in my judgment itís a lost cause, Iíll put my emotions aside and go with the one who can win.

Check that. Here is what my emotions tell me: I hate Republicans. I hate Bush and the PNAC neo-cons.
Maybe I hate them too much. I want to see Democrats win.

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Posted by OKNancy in Editorials & Other Articles
Tue Mar 14th 2006, 05:41 PM
what is going on right now:

In a 2002 interview, Senator Feingold remarked, "I don't worry too much about what people think about my image...My colleagues say I am a gentleman in my dealings with them, even when I disagree. I am difficult because I won't back off on things...I'm not a go-along kind of guy....I didn't go to Washington to make friends. That's not where my friends are."
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Posted by OKNancy in Latest Breaking News
Tue Feb 28th 2006, 09:51 AM
To my Oklahoma brothers:

Prayer for The White Man

And now, Grandfather, I ask you to bless
the White Man.

He needs your Wisdom, your guidance.
You see, for so long,
he has tried to destroy my people,
and only feels comfortable
when given power.

Bless them, show them
the peace we understand,
teach them humility.
For I fear they will
someday destroy themselves
and their children,

As they have done so Mother Earth.
I plead, I cry.
After all, They are my Brothers.......

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