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Dr_eldritch's Journal - Archives
Posted by Dr_eldritch in Guns
Wed Jul 27th 2011, 08:50 PM

That a gun can provide protection under ANY circumstances where an assailant has a gun?

I just keep hearing from gun-haters that people who are okay with guns think guns are a panacea against gun crime.

Is this true?
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Tue Jun 14th 2011, 10:33 PM

My weiner up-close;

My Weiner a little to the right;

My Weiner in your face;

Holding my Weiner;

I know... now I can never run for Congress.
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Sat Jun 04th 2011, 01:53 PM
What a blast!

Well... I talked to them. No explosives were harmed in the exchange.

So I'm pulling a left turn at an intersection on my way home. On the opposite corner is a Family Video store. On the curb were two men holding placards. I could see the words "Don't Rent Here" on the top of the signs, but it wasn't until I was through the intersection that I could make out the bottom of the signs; "Porn Destroys Families".

This was just what I needed to perk up an otherwise cloudy day.

So I pull into the parking lot (nearer the demonstrators), get out of my car, and said; "Hey! Cool! I had no idea they had porn here!", then trotted merrily into the store.

I asked the guy behind the counter about them. He said they're there about once a month. Even though they won the suit to prevent them from renting porn, they let them do their thing because, as he put it, "Heh... it's free advertising."

So I rent a couple of movies, and trot merrily back out to the two fellows. One appears to be in his fifties, he's thin with dark hair, glasses, a bit of scruff, wearing a green windbreaker. I find out later his name is 'Al'. The other is younger, early thirties, had the look of an ex-jock type meathead... and the dull look to boot.

They looked anxiously at the movies I was carrying. So just to mess with them I said, "Hey! How's it going?" and gestured with the movies toward the dull one. He backed up, gaze locked on movies.

So I asked, "What's the big deal?"

Dull Guy, "Well, you obviously think there's nothing wrong with porn."

Me; "Not necessarily. There's some illegal stuff out there and stuff that I find personally objectionable. But what people like is none of my business. Why is it yours?"

DG; "It causes infidelity, higher divorce rates, objectifies women and demeans them."

Me; "Really? What about the men in porn? What about gay porn?", as I gesture deliberately and hold the movies toward him. He stuttered; "Well, I, uh... it... I don't know what people's preferences are."

Me; "Ok, so why are their preferences your business?"

DG; "There are studies showing that people who watch porn have a higher rate of divorce and infidelity."

Me; "Ok, do those studies explain how porn actually causes those things?"

DG; "Well, would you watch porn with your daughter or your mother?"

Me; "That's insane. Why would I do that? Do you really think that everyone who watches porn does so with children?"

DG; "Well, no, but some do."

Me; "Some people screw mules, that doesn't make it right. What's illegal is illegal. So you have studies that show correlation. Do you know the difference between causation and correlation?"

DG; "Yeah."

Me; "Then you know that porn is not necessarily the cause of infidelity or divorce, but just as likely incidental to whatever the circumstances are. I'm just looking to see what kind of integrity you have regarding this issue."

Then, seeing his fellow in trouble, the older guy jumps in; "Well, if we're talking integrity, then the other side of that same coin is that you can't say there is no causation."

Me; "True, but the fact of the matter is that there is no proof, or even solid evidence of causation. You really can't say 'Porn destroys families' as though it is a fact."

Al; "Well, that's an opinion."

Me; "Yes, it is, but one with no foundation yet stated as a fact."

DG; "Well, when there's so much strong correlation, I mean, really... how much more does it take for someone to see the problem."

So we go back and forth a bit, and I nail them down on the 'well, there's a strong correlation' position. By now, they're still going to be certain of their convictions and I'm telling them that's great, it's great they're standing up for what they believe in, and so long as strong correlations are enough to have them convinced of something.

Then I pull out the cannon.

"So, for over thirty years scientists have told us that our activity will result in climate change."

Al; "Oh, we don't want to get into that..."

Me; "Bear with me.", I hold up the movies again, they shut up for a second. I continue; "Nearly every prediction that scientists made decades ago are happening now. The Glaciers and sea ice are melting, the oceans acidifying, coral reefs dying, extreme weather, and rising global temperatures all in direct and indisputable correlation to increasing CO2 levels with no other explanation. The correlation is far stronger, with real facts and evidence to back it up, than the correlation you are basing your belief on."

Al; "Well there are studies disputing that we..."

Me; "And every single one of them flawed in ways I can prove. But the point is that you cannot argue with the fact that warming is happening in direct correlation to increased CO2 levels. You know those two things are true whether you agree with the conclusion or not, right?"

Al; "Well, sure."

Me; "Then you must, in the face of an indisputable correlation, agree that we are indeed the cause of the warming, just as you believe that porn is the cause of divorce and infidelity on the strength of mere correlation, right?"

Al; "Well, no. I don't."

Me; "So, correlation is adequate for you to justify your moral position, and enough to support one belief you chose to have, but not enough to believe something you don't want to. You, sir, make your chosen claim based on the strength of something you simply ignore or throw out when applied to other issues. I'm not saying this to insult you, but it's a fact; You, sir, are a hypocrite."

Al; "Well... yes. I suppose I am."

I could hear the Dull Guy's head burst behind me.

I told them it was great they were out there and having fun with it. I thanked them for the conversation, and went to shake Al's hand... which he pulled away. He visibly relaxed and shook my hand after, with my hand still out, I showed them the movies; "The Big Lebowski" and "Stone".

Oh, what a fun day!
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Fri Apr 08th 2011, 10:22 AM
An explanation of the ignorance of wingnuts... it's a bit of a read, but I couldn't have said it better myself;

It has recently been proven to me, beyond any doubt, that there is a fundamental defect in the minds of nearly all those who claim to be 'conservative'. Thanks to an exchange with Hard Core, a fellow I truly believed, at one point, could utilize reason, I'm now certain that otherwise intelligent people have a severe mental deficiency that prevents them from employing critical thought or reason to a given issue... especially if that issue is related to their programming.

I say 'programming' because there is no longer any doubt. I'm certain that most have understood this for years, but I've tried to give the benefit of the doubt where I could. How else but through brainwashing can people be convinced of so many things that are simply not true upon inspection?

Well, I believe it's worse than mere brainwashing. You see... not everyone is susceptible to brainwashing. I know, because there's not a damn thing I believe that I can't prove. I know because not everyone is a Scientologist already, and they have the best brainwashing program ever. I know because the vast majority of scientists base their opinions on demonstrable facts and logic.

So how is it that so many, like Hard Core, can be so effectively convinced that bullshit is true and vice-versa?

Because something is missing. There is a fundamental defect in the minds of those who are susceptible to what should otherwise be easily dismissed propaganda. Studies have already shown us that 'conservatives' are more wired to be fearful and set up barriers, as well as to not tolerate ambiguity or easily process and react to new and different information.

So we know that their brains are, in a sense, not functioning in ways that liberals might take for granted.

But how, really, how the hell can they practice such deliberate ignorance with regard to uncomfortable facts?

Well, those two studies shed a little light on the issue.

Take Hard Core as a case study; He seems otherwise moderately bright. He can employ reason, on occasion. He can articulate fair points often enough. Presumably he can also tie his own shoes and remember to breathe. He is not the typical know-nothing right-wing idiot. And yet, as our exchange clearly demonstrated, he is perfectly comfortable with the notion that he is being lied to by right-wing sources while doing his level and hypocritical best to lambaste 'left-wing' sources for even minor errors. Or perhaps, he's not at all comfortable with the idea. Perhaps he is simply not capable of even LOOKING at the facts.

Why? Seriously... WTF? How the hell can someone 'not see' what's right the hell there in front of them?

That brings us back to the studies. Herein lies the key.

So... in a RW brain, the amygdala is larger and the anterior cingulate cortex is smaller or less utilized. So what, right?

Well, once you understand that the job of the amygdala is basically to shield the psyche from trauma, to 'sweep bad things under the rug', and you understand that the anterior cingulate cortex is supposed to help things look 'less scary' than they might appear, everything starts to come together.

As we can see, the 'conservative' brain is designed to be afraid. It's an evolutionary trait that was, at one time, the very key to survival. To be suspicious of everything was important when we were an integral part of the food chain. Having an under-developed ACC was great for thinking everything was out to get you. Being afraid of everything forced the amygdala to work overtime trying to suppress that fear, which made it really potent at its job. But there was a side-effect...

Now that the amygdala is the go-to organ, and, this is important; great at suppressing more than just fear but at suppressing the realization of information as well*, it becomes quite literally a tool of ignorance. I used to believe that the ignorance displayed by wingnuts like JoJo was somehow a choice, but as it turns out, it's not nearly that simple.

As with earlier humans, the need to associate with 'similar' groups of people is strong in conservatives. We can see very clear elements of low-functioning ACC in racists, homophobes, religious zealots... all those given over to 'right wing' tendencies. They tend only to associate with people they 'feel safe' around, and at the same time they reinforce each-others' perceptions of 'threats' from 'others'. This was crucially important a few thousand to a million or so years ago, but in civilized society it is not only no longer necessary, it continues to create strife where there needn't be any.

So here's the problem; Because of the lack of functionality of the ACC, 'conservatives' not only easily fear every 'strange' person, but every 'alien' idea (IOW; ideas that are not held and believed 'safe' by their fellows). Why is this a problem? Well, as the NYU and UCLA studies showed, there is a tendency to be intolerant of 'change' or 'difference'... a desire to essentially be on 'auto-pilot' that is hard-wired into the conservative brain. This leads to a chain of conclusions;
That once a conservative associates himself with the word 'conservative', he will very likely maintain that association.
Now that the association is made, all other associations with what is 'conservative' will be familiar and therefore 'safe'.

This is the mechanism by which 'conservatives' have been hijacked into self-destructive causes. But it just keeps getting worse...

Now that they have self-identified as conservatives and receive their information from self-described 'conservative' sources, and because of the low-functioning ACC, their natural fear of 'difference' is very easily used against them. Their sources, intent on maintaining an army to oppose any efforts to reign in corporate avarice, convince their 'conservative' base, quite easily thanks to the low-functioning ACC, that they should be afraid of the consequences of the 'other sides' ideas.

So they are... and terribly so.

So why then, when it can be so easily demonstrated that so many of the 'other sides' ideas are not only harmless, but perfectly helpful, do 'conservatives' rail so vigorously against them?

That big, dang, amygdala.

Fear has helped bolster up the power of the conservative amygdala, more likely by nurture than nature (as I'll get to), to such a point that it can quash any fear-related emotion, including embarrassment, shame, and even remorse. Sure, I know what you're thinking; 'Why can't they quash the fear of 'others' and 'different ideas' in the first place?'. The answer is 'established pathways'. Neurological pathways are nifty things; they are self-reinforcing by design. Those with more experiential incursion reinforce more easily, obviously. Fear facilitates greater potentiation and therefore reinforcement. From this we can conclude that those who are born with or develop with a less active ACC will tend to establish pathways that lend the mind to suspicion and trepidation. In turn, and in order to function in society, the amygdala must compensate and adapt greater functionality. It is my personal deduction that this is the order of development. I'll bet heavily on it.

Essentially, the 'default setting' of the conservative mind is to find 'safety'. Where is this found again? In groups that are like-minded and similar... even 'homogenous'. How do they go about determining those 'safe' groups? The process is relatively simple; if the group has people that tend to look like them, think like them, act like them, and are afraid of the same things as them, then they're 'safe'. Again; great several thousand years ago. Now; notsomuch.

Does anyone think it's any accident that most conservative groups are significantly more homogenous than liberal groups?


Now, back to Hard Core;

Why? Why when confronted with hard evidence of Right-Wing disinformation he utterly, totally, and absolutely ignored it?

Because he can.

Not because it's not true or factual. Not because the other side is 'just as bad'. No, he can ignore it and in turn ignore any shame for doing so because of his amygdala's regimen of steroids and whale testosterone. (Not literally, of course.)

Hard Core can avoid any confrontation over facts and not feel in the least bit like a coward.

Now, why is this a problem?

Because, the use of reason, which is one of the cornerstones of civilization itself, absolutely requires a personal sense of responsibility for it. No one who feels intellectual shame or cowardice can ignore reason without feeling like a shithead.

So here is the problem;

Right now, even though we can prove that corporations are deliberately feeding so many people utter bullshit through their mouthpieces at Fox, EIB, and voluminous think-tanks and 'news' outlets...
Even though we can prove that the majority of ideas from the 'left' (which, BTW, include Libertarian, Green, and others who the 'right' are told are 'scary scary liberals') aren't terribly dangerous...
Even though we can point to all the laws passed by corporate-friendly legislators NAFTA, Telecom Act, Medicare bills, Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, and so many more...

... it doesn't matter.

Because they have been brainwashed, through their low-functioning ACC's, and their high-functioning amygdalas, to both fear opposing ideas and ignore the shame of their own ignorance. In fact, they can believe quite handily that no such shame exists.

This is the enemy of reason itself; to feel no shame about deliberate intellectual ignorance.

Hard Core, a man I believed brave enough to face even unpleasant facts, has disappointed me indeed. But in doing so, he has also proven that this is not as much an issue of 'choice' as we 'meta-thinkers' might imagine.

It is soundly Hard-Wired, and the forces of avarice are using it against all of us.

Perhaps I should not be surprised that 'Hard-Core' is 'Hard-Wired' for fear and ignorance after all. I'd still like to be proven wrong on this one. But I know by now; the anatomy of his brain will not allow him to go through the list of Right-Wing lies and try to deal with them.

He simply cannot do it. It would bring him too close to an uncomfortable reality.

*Essentially by turning off reception to embarrassment over ignoring the information. /
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Thu Mar 24th 2011, 10:54 PM

There was once a little man.
He was frightened by the Big World.
It scared him so that he smiled harder than the dark.
Hoping to ward the Big World away.

Smiles show teeth too.
He was two indeed.
A smile on one side, fear on both.
And he smelled just right.

Then they came from the Big World.
They told him he smelled just right.
That he could be made a king.
Only if he would do 'Big World' things.

He smiled harder than life, and they made him a King.
Now in his palace, he slings his fears like lawn-darts.
Because his neck is dripping with Big World saliva.
To become part of the Big World will end the fear.

Darts of fear strike hearts and clear targets.
Victims take account and mount rage to pursue.
The little world is a fount of recourse and reality.
Now the fear shreds clear the divide, and the little king turns.

The little king burns. Turning to the Big World.
The Big World moves on without him.
Churning in the little world, the little king cries out.
The Big World will have nothing to do with him. He is in the little world again.

One more in fear of the Big World.
Smells just right.
Knows that he will be unafraid of the Big World.
If fraying himself will satisfy the Big World.

Another Little King is made.
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion: Presidency
Thu Mar 24th 2011, 10:52 PM

The reality of the Office is much different than the intentions that get one there. Think of the Presidents of the last 60 years that stood in the way of the ambition of the PTB and how conveniently or 'nearly' they met their fate.

Obama 'steps out of line' and there are a few thousand Shitheads that will go and have themselves convinced that he's the anti-Christ. Oh, wait... there already are, and they're just waiting for the green light.

He's the President who has been under as great a threat as Lincoln (for, ironically, almost the same reasons), and stands to pose the greatest threat to the same PTB that Kennedy did.

I challenge ANYONE to declare they'd act differently if their choice was 'Do the right thing and die' (family notwithstanding), or 'Do all the good you are allowed and live'.

I know damn well that I'd pick the former (Note to DU; I will NEVER commit suicide EVER), which is why I'll never be elected President in the US. (Or run, for that matter.)

If you all didn't notice, the ONE guy with all the best ideas (except on gun-control), was deliberately sidelined by the corporate media. They made sure that the 'real deals' never got a shot.

Get this through our thick heads- No one who will truly work for the good of the people will EVER be elected in this nation again unless we get rid of the machinations that suppress us. We cannot do that because a huge percentage of our countrymen are in the thrall of the bullshit machine.

We are in Deep Shit, and Obama is right there with us.

It's just that he makes a great scape-goat, what with his Kenyan credentials and all.
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Wed Mar 16th 2011, 10:26 PM
I apologize if I have ever offended you or caused you concern. I will never do anything of the sort again because I know how foolish it is to speak up about such things.

Please accept my humble apologies.
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Wed Mar 16th 2011, 09:58 PM
I'm not allowed to tell you why It might be wrong.

I'm not allowed to explain the consequences of the elite consistently robbing from the poor. That might not seem polite enough for you.

So I'll just say this; Keep doing what you're doing.

That is all.
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Wed Mar 16th 2011, 08:40 PM

Perhaps that sounds harsh. Maybe it should read; "If you want to keep living the lives you're accustomed to, start listening.", but since every outcome from one point to the other has historically resulted from not listening, we'll leave that one open to consideration.

It is not a threat at all. It's an historical observation. It's simply the outcome in every civilization where the elite dismiss the needs of the populace in favor of enhancing their own worth and power. Like the man at the top floor building a penthouse out of materials taken from the lobby, you are all blatantly fools. It must be nice to believe that little insults like that are meaningless. When behind a wall of money and influence, virtually any annoyance can be dismissed... especially from the 'little people'.

You ignore such warnings at your own dire peril. Right now, people like me are your best friends, but since we only offer less power and wealth, you see fit to ignore us. What we hold in our future is far more valuable, I would hope, than all your wealth, power, and dreams of dynasty combined.


Again, this is only a threat to the paranoid among you. What it means (again) is that you are putting your lifestyle, your livelyhood, your influence, and possibly even your longevity at grave risk in your pursuit of power.

And here's why;

Over many centuries and across many nations, the wealthy and powerful have put themselves into positions to balance their own requirements against the needs of the less privileged. In every case, every... single... one..., when they sought to advance their own wealth and influence at the expense of the working class, the wealthy that failed to escape before the tipping point were eaten. Not literally, of course (as far as we know), but they wound up falling under a tide of angry, vicious, resentful (and hungry) hordes. Sometimes it was due to that same internal strife that outside invasions became successful. Sometimes it was outright revolution whether earnest or the result of canny opportunists harnessing the discontent. In at least one case, it was pure overconfidence coupled with psychotic dissonance that did a nation in.

In each and every case, without exception, the ruling class, that 'elite' 1%, thought they had the ace in the hole;


Wanna hear a joke?

You think so to. All of you. Even the ones who know that they will be low man on the totem pole under the control of the higher hierarchs. Guess what?

You're wrong... dead wrong.

Right now, you live in your gated mansions and fly off to wherever you want to. You get the best of everything you want and never worry about from whence it comes. At all. Perhaps you believe that the minions of morons that have been conditioned to despise the liberals and intellectuals who are trying so desperately to warn everyone about the direction we're headed in will somehow 'take care' of the problem of retribution for you. The watch Fox News, after all, so they are your loyal dogs... right? Well even if this fascist fantasy comes to pass and all the liberals who sought to purge your pipe-dream of feudal empire are flung into concentration, err... happy work camps, you'll still have a major problem... the leftover wingnuts who are also starting to starve despite your promise of eternal happiness for enactment of mindless hatred. Where will they turn?

Where will those who are left in an anemic economy turn to 'put food on their families'? On each-other! Or... so you hoped in your short-sighted simulations of paradise-at-last. Unfortunately, no one will have anything much to take... except you.

You will learn the meanings of 'supply-line vulnerabilities' and 'untenable support logistics' as you too slowly starve in your fortresses and floaty-islands. Once and for all, you will watch as the lives you used to have, by the grace of a functioning and prosperous democracy, are torn away. No more travel or plane-rides, no more vacations, no more decadent parties, just a slow descent into the poverty you eagerly shoveled the 'little people' right off into.

But I know... a few of you will really wind up in the power elite. Wanna hear another joke?

You ALL believe you will. Just like the millions who play the lottery in the belief that it will be their salvation, you believe that you will be among the chosen few to ascend the last remaining ladder of power.

You can listen now and maybe help your less privileged but still fellow Americans out of the hole, or you can bet your lives that you'll win the power game too many of you think you're in on.

Good luck with that.
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Sun Mar 13th 2011, 04:53 PM
I played a little with the stock market in the fall of '02 when I had some extra money to gamble with. I actually did pretty well, eventually. It was definitely a learning experience, and I learned a little about how people interact with the market. Well, ok... how online day-traders interact with the market, because it seemed very much that others were doing the exact same thing I was. Soon, I learned the 'trick'; I started looking for stocks in small companies that traded below $10, had a specific range of trades per day (about 500-1000), a recent upward trend, and a modest p/e ratio. I'd then wait for some small uptick in the price, and buy in a block of 100 at a time at a very slightly higher asking price thereby bringing the price up further. I'd do it few times at the right intervals and then, when there seemed to be enough upward momentum and the difference was significant enough, I'd start selling in large blocks. I found that I could make maybe a couple hundred bucks in a day if I had at least a few grand to work with. Obviously, I wasn't the only one doing it, and someone else was losing while I was winning. The important thing I understood from this was that the illusion of value and potential gains are what drove the price I was able to 'cash in' at. I did pretty well turning 10K into 16K over a couple of months using the technique, and some weeks weren't great while others were.

Those were (relatively) sunnier days.

Like nearly everyone else, all my extra funds had to go towards expenses, emergencies, and the higher costs of everything. The money just left, like it did for almost all of us, after the disaster of 'W' was foist upon us. Of course we can add the deregulation stacked up from the years prior to 2001, but let's face it; the shit really hit the fan in '01. (Not that I'm suggesting one face the fan at that particularly unfortunate moment)

Many bad things happened, of course, but it was the bubbles that seemed to be the most devastating overall to the economy.

My little trading experience gave me an appreciation for just what had happened when the .com bubble burst. From wikipedia;

The period was marked by the founding (and, in many cases, spectacular failure) of a group of new Internet-based companies commonly referred to as dot-coms. Companies were seeing their stock prices shoot up if they simply added an "e-" prefix to their name and/or a ".com" to the end, which one author called "prefix investing."<2>

Then, more recently, we saw the housing market take a massive fall. The rise was built on the perception that people would always pay their mortgage first even if that mortgage was not within their means. This allowed banks to devise what appeared to be 'iron-clad' financial 'derivatives'. Essentially they were motley little investment bundles with mortgage investment at their core. These looked better than gold on paper, and were sold at ever-increasing prices. Obviously, I don't know all of the very meticulous details, but the fat and short of it is this; "The value was based on faith"- a pretty typical market driver.

Well, as many predicted, this was another artificial bubble created by people who knew they were driving value through perception. Those people, at least, presumably, a large percent of those people, liquidated in timely fashion and left a whole swath of middle-class wannabe investors (read;'suckers') holding bags of pure shit.


And there, by the twisted grace of God and the markets in which we trust, we went.

So I'm sitting at my console raking through the news from Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida and something hit me, really, really hard;

They're cashing out!

Oh yes, I've seen this before. Only... I've seen it in the market. This is very different, and exactly the same.

Over the course of nearly thirty years value has been slowly, methodically, and very deliberately built up in a particularly pervasive, pursuasive, polemical, political, partisan position of petulance and pride... the 'Conservative Ideology'.

Over decades this ideology has been invested with false value. Framed on lies, covered in bias, and inflated by countless blowhards, this ideology has been bought into by millions of working class schleps with no real understanding of markets, let alone politics or social philosophy. The 'value' of this ideology is not, obviously, in direct currency, but rather an 'indirect' currency; LICENSE. With 'license', granted by the high level of deliberate ignorance which is the buy-in for this particular commodity, those who spent literally hundreds of millions of real dollars inflating the value of this mass-ignorance are at 'liberty' to act as they see fit and take what they want. In particular; the bill just passed in Wisconsin allows industry/billionaires to buy public property for pennies on the dollar. THIS is the ROI the forces behind the mass-mindscrubbing of America are going for... and they're doing it NOW. They have to. Wisconsin is the bellweather here. The waking up of the middle-class hasn't occurred yet. It's only just beginning. Those that have bought into the ideology are more likely to go 'all in' than they are to wake up. So watch for the giant spike in rhetoric selling more bankrupt bullshit coming from all media sectors. The attacks on NPR and PBS are part of the need to mitigate information that could deflate the value during this last big putcsh.

Watch for every sector where corporate interests intersect public policy. Look for the big rush to strip social programs and create a desperate and profitable low-cost work force. Keep an eye out for budget-busting measures that will force states and municipalities to sell off public assets. Be on guard for anything that will give corporations and billionaires a massive return on investment from their minions and their message.

They are about to cash in.

When they do, the bubble will burst, and hard. In the light of facing reality and seeing so many more millions of Americans than they've been told they 'surround' out in the streets, they will realize the worthlessness of the message on the airwaves. It might be years, or better; decades before more people so easily buy the Right-Wing Message again.

Now for the bad news;

It doesn't mean the wingnuts, teabaggers, freepers, neo-cons, and ignorant, sports-fan mentality 'conservatives' will actually divest themselves of their bankrupt beliefs.
No, this particular product was certainly designed to leave everyone high and dry except for the very wealthy, but they built something special into it, something for which I can think of no allegorical quality in the market except maybe one; When the holders of mortgage-backed derivatives were left with shit, they were told to blame the homeowners. Not high energy prices, not the rise of food prices, not the credit bubble that we'd been living on, no... they blamed the economic victims rather than the market that created them. That's a BIG problem. Sure, in the case of those holding junk derivatives, they tried to dump them, but in the case of the holders of what will be proven a worthless ideology, they will look desperately for someone else to blame than themselves... and continue to hold on as hard as they can. When this bubble is 'liquidated', the blame will be laid at the feet of those who for so long painstakingly dissected this ideological instrument and so desperately tried to warn our fellow Americans of its worthlessness.

That would be 'liberals', and pretty much every aware and educated person that recognized what's been happening (Which, as far as the right is concerned, are also liberals).

We need, right NOW, to get this message to as many people as we can. I wish this was merely an academic exercise, but it's happening in real time. I have no illusions that any RW rageaholics will listen at all. They're too vested in their world. But, if we want to avoid what could be a messy, or even bloody civil conflict, we have to wake as many people up to the Divide and Conquer strategy that is being used against the American people.

It could take several years, it could take much, much less if we're hit with the reality of energy crisis and climate destabilization, but When this bubble implodes, millions of Americans, stunned and afraid, will turn on their fellows. UNLESS they can be shown what's being done to all of us now. The very least we can do is try. The price for the cure will be much, much higher than the cost of prevention... especially now.

I know this is not pretty or fun to ponder, but I will confess to one thing; I have my own little bubble, and I'm vested in it against all better judgement; it's Hope.

... And I think that's a sound investment right now.
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Sun Mar 06th 2011, 10:50 PM
and labeling you REAL Patriots, REAL Americans, and REAL Keepers of your Fellow Man!

If you stand by your brothers and sisters of the working class, let us hear you Roar!

I've had enough of these teabagging twits, let's hear from the REAL Patriots.

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Posted by Dr_eldritch in The DU Lounge
Mon Feb 14th 2011, 11:27 PM

For years, I was a regular DU donor. Never did I donate a fortune, but I did try to give something every year.

Someone, somewhere on DU, donated on my behalf. I never like to take credit for something I didn't do (or be blamed for the same, for that matter), but I'm not writing this to merely point that out.

I'd also like to say 'thank you'.

Sure, like most I'm pretty financially strapped. But I did give to my NPR station this year and might have been able to come up with something for DU too. With honesty as a grave fault of mine, I can say I've really been on the fence about it. I love DU, but there have been 'things' that have made me think about whether to stick around. I think I likely would have come around to donating something, and I may still do so.

You're probably among a small, tiny handful of people that can get past my acerbic nature and someone I've had a good discussion (or row) with, and I think I could go through that short list of folks and you'd be there. But I won't, and I'd just like to say 'thanks' for giving me another reason to stick it out.

(shhhh! Journal only!)
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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Mon Feb 14th 2011, 08:11 PM
Including mine!

So many on DU are terribly preoccupied with personal, financial, and other issues that we just don't have the mental reserves left to give ourselves comfort, or relief, or sometimes a break from beating ourselves up over some inadequacy or fault.

It's better than a breeze, a cool glass of water, or a catnap for recharging a soul living in stress... to know that someone, somewhere thought of you.

If you see someone without a heart, take a moment and let them know, by post or PM, that even though you may have no more jpeg hearts in your financial budget, you have an unlimited budget of appreciation for them.

It's easy to do, and free.

But, if you can support DU, by all means... it's a great way to show you care, and to all of you who do;

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Posted by Dr_eldritch in General Discussion
Tue Feb 08th 2011, 11:55 AM
... Really, I got nothin'

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