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Posted by Hokie in General Discussion: Presidency
Sat Mar 26th 2011, 12:51 PM
Birther plaintiff in the dismissed suit Hollister v Soetoro apparently pretended to be Barack Obama on the Selective Service web site to obtain a copy of the President's draft card last December. A copy was posted attached to Orly Tatiz' new FOIA lawsuit against the Social Security Administration. Hollister snipped out his address but left the bar codes which pointed to his street address in Colorado Springs. He also may have illegally used an employer social security number verification site to try to access Obama's record.
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Posted by Hokie in General Discussion: Presidency
Sun Jan 30th 2011, 10:37 AM
Yes, as we have all suspected since he burst upon the Birther stage, we now know that LTC Lakin’s charade of refusing to deploy to Afghanistan with his unit was all about politics and had nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility. Dr. Greg Lakin recently admitted that both he and his brother Terry tried to obtain a copy of Terry’s daughter’s original Hawaiian birth certificate but were unable to do so. They knew it was not available just as Terry and his attorney Paul Jensen had been going around saying Obama should pony up his “long form” birth certificate to keep Terry out of prison.

The damaging revelation slipped out when Greg Lakin and family spokesperson Marco Ciavolino were appearing on an ultra-right wing Internet radio show hosted by Andrea Shea King, a part time columnist for World Net Daily. Greg Lakin who is also a doctor and a Birther has been stumping the right wing talk circuit to ask for donations to the Terry Lakin Action fund and to continue to spread Birther lies about Obama. A caller on the King Show asked Greg Lakin if Terry had tried to obtain the same “long form” birth certificate for his daughter (who was born in Hawaii while he was stationed at Schofield Barracks) that he had been demanding that the President produce to “show that his orders to deploy were from a valid Commander-in-Chief". Greg Lakin admitted that both he and his brother had tried but were both unsuccessful in obtaining anything other than the same COLB that Obama’s campaign had made available. Sensing that things were not going well and that some damaging information had just been uttered by Greg Lakin Marco Ciavolino jumped in to control the damage. Marco said “this is about more than the birth certificate”. What? Come again? Terry Lakin has always said it was ALL about Obama’s birth certificate. He has repeated the claim on CNN and other outlets that all Obama had to do was show his “long form” and he would happily deploy. Now we know it wasn’t about the birth certificate. It was a political stunt - a political stunt with an unhappy ending for LTC Lakin who sits in Leavenworth prison with the loss of his career, his pension and benefits.

Now if you go to the Blog Talk Radio page for Andrea Shea King you will see the archive of the show is still available. However, you will miss most of the call. The most damaging portions of it were mysteriously edited out of the archived version of the show. Fortunately, members of the ant-Birther site The Fogbow had saved a copy before someone from the Andrea Shea King show tried to scrub the damaging admission. A copy of the original and the edited versions are available at The Fogbow forum. It is not known who did the editing but it is clear why it was done when one listens to the original version.

So we now know that LTC Lakin flushed a decent military career and his pension down the toilet for completely political reasons. He was duped by right wing activists like Margaret Hemenway and Paul Jensen. Jensen was Lakin’s original attorney whose specialty was animal bite cases before taking Lakin as client even before Lakin had actually refused orders. Before his court martial Lakin fired Jensen and hired Neal Puckett, a specialist in military law to run the defense at the trial. Puckett decided that the only defense was to plead for mercy. He called no witnesses and portrayed Lakin as a naive dupe who had been convinced by Jensen and others that he would be either not be convicted or let off with just slap on the wrist by his fellow officers on the panel of members.

Things didn’t go as planned. Lakin pleaded guilty on the lesser counts and admitted under oath that he knew his orders were legal when he disobeyed orders from his commanding officer, COL Roberts, who also happens to be the only living Medal of Honor winner. Lakin pleaded not guilty to the more serious charge of missing a movement. The panel found him guilty on that charge as well (the military equivalent of a felony) and sentenced him to dismissal from the Army, forfeiture of pension and benefits, and six months confinement at Fort Leavenworth.

Lakin’s act has made him a hero in the eyes of Birthers who supported him from the comfort of their keyboards while he foolishly threw away his career and disgraced his family. They turned on his attorney Puckett for changing Lakin’s strategy to drop the “Birther" defense. It is likely that Puckett was successful in getting Lakin off with a lighter sentence by forcing Lakin into tears on the witness stand as he admitted he was wrong for listening to his Birther advisers.

The revelation that this Lakin’s deed was just a political stunt causes one to wonder just who was behind Lakin. We know the web site that was Lakin’s mouthpiece was “Safeguard Our Constitution” run by the American Patriot Foundation. Its spokesperson is Margaret “Ducky” Hemenway who was a political appointee in the Bush administration who served at both the defense department and at NASA. She is the daughter in law of John Hemenway who is an attorney who filed the Hollister v Soetoro Birther case that was recently dismissed without comment on final appeal in the Supreme Court. Another pair of high profile Lakin supporters were retired General Paul Vallely and Lt. General Thomas McInerney who both have appeared as “military experts” for Fox News.

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Posted by Hokie in Media
Sat Jan 22nd 2011, 11:42 PM
Andrea Shea King is a writer for World Nut Daily, Birther, and host an internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio. On Thursday her guest was Dr. Greg Lakin brother of the Birther LTC Lakin who is spending six months in Fort Leavenworth for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan because he "had doubts about the eligibility of his commander in chief". On the live show a caller asked why LTC Lakin who demanded Obama produce his "long for birth certificate" did not obtain one for his daughter who was born in Hawaii while Lakin was stationed at Schofield Barracks. Greg Lakin admitted that neither he nor his brother were successful in obtaining the same type of birth certificate as that Lakin was demanding Obama produce. Apparently, show host King decided the call was too embarrassing for the Lakin's and edited out most of the call in the archived version of the show. Unfortunately for King, some alert members of The Fogbow anti-birther forum had already downloaded an unedited version of the show.

Bill Bowman who writes the "Birther Movement Examiner" details the sneaky editing and has a transcript of the call.

"The Radio Patriot" is a flat-out liar

There's a program on Blog Talk Radio called, "The Andrea Shea King Show." Its host, who goes by the nickname of "Radio Patriot," has on her web page a kicky little picture showing her playing "dress-up like a real-life journalist:" she's wearing a hat with a "Radiopatriot PRESS" card stuck in the hat band. Very old school; we don't wear those kinds of things anymore. (Although it would be pretty cool. But I digress.)

Anyway, as you can imagine, "The Radio Patriot" is a Birther site. And on Jan. 21, 2011, Ms. King had on as guests Greg Lakin, the brother of (soon to be ex) Army LTC. Terry Lakin, and Marco Ciavolino, trustee of a fund raising effort for Terry Lakin. Terry Lakin is the (soon to be former) Army doctor who 's serving three months in a military prison after he was convicted of a charge of missing a movement, and plead guilty to a charge of failing to report to his superior officer. Lakin, also a Birther, claimed that he couldn't deploy to Afghanistan until he knew for sure that President Obama was Constitutionally qualified to serve as Commander in Chief. Of course, he did that after he took his taxpayer-funded leave prior to his deployment.

As it was learned during his court martial, another soldier had to deploy in his place, on short training, and wreaking havoc with his personal life. But stuff like that doesn't matter to Birthers, so long as they get what they want.

One of the "proofs" Lakin wanted was a copy of Obama's original long-form birth certificate from Hawaii, even though Hawaiian officials have said they are not issued anymore, and created the Certification of Live Birth in their place. Obama's non-compliance with their demand is their evidence that he does not have one from Hawaii, and was really born somewhere outside the U.S. (Of course, even if he did show it, that wouldn't satisfy Birthers, but that's another entry.)

Continue reading on "The Radio Patriot" is a flat-out liar - National birther movement |

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Posted by Hokie in Bush/Conservatives
Sun Jan 10th 2010, 12:35 AM
This idea was hatched on Birfer web sites, particularly the nutty American Grand Jury. This is a link to the call for Operation “FLOOD IT”:

We will all call (888) 727-2325 and demand to know:

Why there are pending lawsuits in the courts and Fox news is not talking about them?

Why have the lawyers and plaintiffs never appeared ONCE on Fox News?

Why is Fox News protecting Obama with this issue?

Why did Fox News hide this story PRIOR to the 2008 election?

Why are the Fox viewers not being kept up to date on the pending lawsuits and questions regarding Obama’s ineligibility?

Why is the name Barry Soetoro never mentioned on Beck’s show?

Is it Murdoch or the Saudi Prince that banned this topic from Fox news?

Did they threaten all Fox news personalities that this issue is not to be mentioned on Fox news and OFF as well? This explains why the blackout has reached Hannity and Becks radio show.

What is everyone in a panic for? They all claim Obama is eligible, then this really is an open and shut case…right? or is it?

This is the issue that can throw Obama aka Barry Soetoro into jail.
This is the issue that could implode the Democrat party, because many powerful people are possibly also involved in this massive cover up. Many Americans that voted for Obama, would feel betrayed and they will walk away from the Democrat party FOREVER.

This is the issue that could bring down the 1st African-American president and the left are protecting him with everything they got. Obama has betrayed the African American people, because he has allowed this black cloud to ruin a historic moment.

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Posted by Hokie in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Thu Mar 05th 2009, 10:56 PM
Another birther case was dismissed today by DC federal District Court Judge James Robertson. This case known as "Hollister v Soetoro" was filed by a retired Air Force Colonel Greg Hollister who claimed he was terrified that he might be called back to active duty by an "ineligible" President acting as commander in chief. The plaintiff was represented by a lawyer named John Hemenway who was qualified to represent Hollister in district court. In reality the architect of this case was Phil Berg, the same PA lawyer who had filed several other cases that have already been dismissed. Judge Robertson in the dismissal set the groundwork for Federal rule 11 sanctions against Hemenway for filing a frivolous lawsuit. He gave Hemenway 11 days to show cause why he should not be sanctioned.

The judge was quite sarcastic in his ruling and said this:

“The issue of the President’s citizenship was raised,vetted, blogged, texted, twittered, and otherwise massaged by America’s vigilant citizenry during Mr. Obama’s two-year-campaign for the presidency, but this plaintiff wants it resolved by a court."

The judges memorandum issued with the dismissal order is a must read.


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Posted by Hokie in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Feb 04th 2009, 11:15 PM
This is something I found posted on a right wing blog called "The Right Side of Life"

It was a comment posted by "Reality Check" after an item about Birther lawyer Orly Taitz demand that the Supreme Court should release the records of the social meeting that they hosted for PE Obama the week prior to the inauguration. I thought you might enjoy it.

I just uncovered a copy of a transcript of the super secret meeting held at the SCOTUS and you are free to forward this to Orly Taitz ASAP:

Chief Justice Roberts: “Good afternoon Mr. President Elect, welcome to the Supreme Court.”
PE Obama: “Thanks, Mr. Chief Justice Roberts. Good to see all of you. Where is Justice Alito?”
CJ Roberts: “Oh he is still mad at Joe Biden over that confirmation thing. He is such a crab ass. Don’t worry about him.”
PE Obama: “OK, thin skinned, huh? Good thing he is over here. You guys have it made. You never have to answer to anyone once you in.”
CJ Roberts: “Yeah, it’s a nice gig for sure.”
PE Obama: “Hey, John, do you want to practice the oath while I am here?”
CJ Roberts: “Nah, don’t worry. I got it covered.”
PE Obama: “OK, John, you sure? This is pretty important.”
CJ Roberts: “Barack, I got it covered. No problem, buddy.”
PE Obama: “John, are you seeing any of those Birther cases up here?”
CJ Roberts: “The clerks got them handled. We read a couple just for laughs. Man what a bunch of morons.”
Justice Thomas: “There is a pubic hair in my martini!”
PE Obama: “Sure Clarence. I see you haven’t changed a bit. Good to see you bro’.
Justice Thomas: “Hey Barack, when you get all settled in come over some time. I have a great movie collection. I even have Nailin’ Palin.”
PE Obama: “Thanks, but no thanks, Clarence. I have all I can handle at home.”
Justice Thomas: “You are one lucky bro’. Michelle is one fine hot momma.”
PE Obama: “Right on bro’!”
Justice Thomas: There IS a pubic hair in my martini.”
Justice Stevens: “Mr. President Elect, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you.”
PE Obama: “I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you. Oh boy, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you, Justice Stevens.”
PE Obama: “Thanks for taking care of these Birther idiots. I think I will string them along for a while and not release anything else. We can keep them busy for years and let them blow all kinds of money on lawsuits.”
CJ Roberts: “No problem. Glad we can help. We thought about getting Orly Taitz up here. Clarence thinks she is kind of hot but she is obviously a bottle blond. Hey, when you get
moved in could you see how much George has us on tapes from the NSA? We know he listened to us too.”
PE Obama: “No problem, John. Do Antonin and Clarence ever regret installing the dumb bastard?”
Justice Scalia: “Is the Pope a Catholic? Yeah, we screwed that one.”
Justice Thomas: “Yeah, I should have actually spoken that time.”
PE Obama: “OK guys and you too Ruth. It’s been fun. You are OK on the oath, right, John?”
CJ Roberts: “Man you worry too much. Chill. See you Tuesday and tell George ‘Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya’”
Justice Thomas: “You sure you don’t want to watch Nailin’ Palin?”
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Posted by Hokie in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Thu Jan 22nd 2009, 09:25 PM
It is interesting to compare the current President's first 2+ days with his predecessor's first 8 months:

Bush: (Through September 1, 2001)

Inaugural attended by 40,000 and had limo "egged". Dozens arrested.
Submitted a huge tax cut that was a god send for the wealthy.
VP held closed door energy policy meetings attended only by energy industry executives. Refused to release list of attendees or records from meetings. (Still secret 8 years later.)
Lost a high tech spy plane to China and has it returned in pieces.
Established a "faith based" money give away program for fundy religious groups to preach abstinence.
Fretted over a month long vacation in August and issued a convoluted and weird ruling on embryonic stem cell research that drove the significant research abroad.
Ignored daily intelligence briefings that warned of an imminent attack on US soil by Al Qaeda.

Obama (Through 50 hours):

Inaugural attended by 1,800,000 (largest crowd for any event in DC history) and not a single arrest or protest.
Completely reversed stupid policies on paranoid secrecy in government.
Ordered that all federal agencies suspend enforcement of "midnight executive orders" pending review.
Initiated sweeping ethics reforms in the executive branch.
Closed Guantanamo and restored rights to those held at Guantanamo per Geneva Convention.
Established a daily economic briefing.
Ended illegal torture practices.
Froze salaries for most of his staff.
Appointed distinguished special envoys to Israel/Palestine and Pakistan/Afghanistan.
Modernized the web site and had it up and running at 12:01 PM on 1/20.

Feel free to add to either list.
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Posted by Hokie in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sun Sep 28th 2008, 07:21 PM
This week McCain learned there are times when you just cannot fake your way through a test. McCain saw that the credit crisis was going to be bad for Republicans. He formulated a plan to basically fake gravitas and pretend to be involved. Obama called his bluff at every turn last week. Obama had preferred to let Congress do their work and add his input behind the scenes. When McCain staged his charade on Wednesday Obama was quick to call his bluff on the debate and then go to Washington to set the framework for the Democrats used to draft the legislation in the negotiations. McCain learned that just as you cannot fake your way through a calculus test neither can you fake your way through a complex financial crisis.
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Posted by Hokie in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sat Sep 27th 2008, 04:42 PM
I have seen some on DU caution that Kerry was ahead in 2004 yet lost (Ohio, I know). I agree that it is wise not to be over confident. Kerry won the first debate by consensus. However, it didn't put Kerry ahead. I checked Real Clear Politics and found the chart below. Kerry held a lead after the convention but never led in the polls after the Bush convention. Polls in late September are more meaningful than the earlier polls because most people are making up their minds now and less likely to switch.

RCP changed their format for 2008 so I can't find an exactly comparable graph. They show Obama up 4.3 % for the period of 9/21 - 9/26. Obama has led consistently except for the period after the GOP convention and the Barbie bounce. Here is a link to the 2008 data. /... If someone can put together a good graph for 2008 please post it.

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Posted by Hokie in The DU Lounge
Sat May 27th 2006, 08:22 AM
Does anyone have any suggestions for repairing a scratch on a laptop LCD screen? I see there are some products out there that claim they can do that. I also found a procedure that uses toothpaste and Q-tips. I am a reluctant to try an abrasive like toothpaste in case it makes it worse.
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Posted by Hokie in Photography Group
Thu Apr 13th 2006, 12:04 PM
Thanks for all the great comments. DU'ers are the best, smartest, nicest folks I know!

I think the Canon will work for her. She has small hands so I think the feel will be OK for her. She is graduating with a degree in both Aerospace and Ocean Engineering so I think she can figure out the controls. I got a package from Newegg with a 18-55 mm F3.5 zoom lens. I might by her a 50 mm faster lens later. Also picked up a 2gig CF card. The links were very good at explaining the features. There is a $100 rebate deal on the Rebel until July.
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