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Yuugal's Journal - Archives
Posted by Yuugal in General Discussion
Thu Sep 15th 2011, 05:33 PM
So, being as jaded and cynical as the last two and a half years have made me about people who promise to help my family, I went to her page to see what she stands for and get some info. I'm unimpressed with the lack of specifics. What actually scares me is she doesn't mention the poor, homeless, or war even once! As another poster noted, middle class to some people seems to be the guy making 250k a year with his "small business". That guy is actually in the top 10% or even the top 5%.

Also, anyone appointed by Obama to anything is immediately suspect in my mind, no matter how many times she kicked the banksters in the 'nads during some political theater in DC. I'm also very nervous about another "inside the elite bubble" Harvard superstar making general promises to get in office and then doing a 180 and giving guys like Boner 98% of what they wanted and calling that kind of miserable cowardly surrender some sort of bipartisanship. Please don't hate me for this, but if Obama likes her, how good can she really be? With precious few exceptions everybody Obama picked for his cabinet was DLC or a republicker. Of course, she can't be all bad because he didn't fight for her to head the agency that was her brainchild.

When I read any mission statement for a prospective candidate, I always apply the "opposite rule". Take whatever they say and reverse it, if it makes no sense then neither did what the person said. I'll give you some examples from the page on her website you just posted.

"I want to help rebuild America’s middle class. I want a future filled with opportunities for those who work hard and play by the rules."

Um, yeah. "I want to destroy the middle class and no opportunities for you or your kids muhahahahahah!" Ever hear anyone say that? Nope? Then what she said is meaningless political BS.

"Good public schools, good public universities, and good technical training can give us a workforce better than any in the world. Well-trained workers are cost effective, and they can give us a powerful competitive advantage in world markets. Investments in our people pay the highest dividends."

"I like shitty schools and a dumbass workforce we can exploit the fuck out of! Take that Upton Sinclair! Woohoo!"

Once again, meaningless word salad that politicians spew to get elected. I went to her site hoping to hear that she wanted to shred NAFTA into toilet-paper sized pieces and wipe her ass with it before giving it a nice powerful flush down the toilet. instead I read this:

"Fair trade. If we are going to sell our products to the rest of the world, we need to strengthen trade laws and ensure their enforcement. We need to make sure that those we compete with also respect workers’ rights and environmental rules."

That is the exact same lie Al Gore fronted to us on CNN in 1992 and it was BS then and it is BS now. Good luck forcing China to do anything when we already owe them our firstborn.(So much for MFN status making them change their evil ways.) So all we ever get is the shitty trade deal and the stuff that is supposed to make it all better is forgotten the second that piece of treason is signed. Is Mexico some sort of utopia now that we gave them our factories? NAFTA hurt us AND Mexico but it was sure a good deal for Richie Rich. I smell a senator who will vote with Obama on 3 new "free" trade deals and my union blood already boils whenever I even hear Obama speak these days.

"Workers’ rights. We need to make it easier for workers who want to organize to have the chance to do so."

Uh-huh. Then why not mention EFCA by name? I am so damn tired of wimpy dems never even having the courage to say what they want, and then expecting me to believe they will mention it when they are in office. Before you mention she can't be a wimpy dem because she was hard on the banksters(kudos to her btw), how do I know she doesn't just have an axe to grind on that one issue because the mortgage on her mansion was a bad one? You would never know from her page what she stands for. Just a ton of generalities about improving things and wanting blue skies and happy children frolicking in the sunshine.

Do you happen to know how much she and her husband make a year and what their net worth is? It seems we only elect millionaires these days and when they betray us I'm just not surprised anymore. So no more brazillionaires for me, thanx.

She also has zero experience and wants to shoot straight to the top of govt, but didn't poor people like me just fall for someone who did the exact same thing as she is doing now? I remember a guy who said he wouldn't sign a bill without a public option, I remember being told he would kill NAFTA, I remember him running against the Bush tax cuts and mandates and then pushing both once in office. I remember the same guy last year, responding to criticism about cutting one of the legs out from under the social security table by cutting the FICA tax who said it won't be permanent, who now wants to ..............wait for it.........make it permanent. He even has the gall to lump that bit of republicker bullshit into a nice clump of trade agreements and calls the resulting shit sandwich for the poor and working poor a "jobs bill".

I guess that, in a nutshell, is what makes me really nervous about her. One of the Obama DLC crowd, one of the Harvard elite crowd, she may have been struggling 30 years ago but that was a long time ago and she is probably very comfortable now and since she doesn't seem to know my class of people exist(the poor), why should I give her money?

This isn't me bashing her though and I hope you can see that. I'm still healing from what I consider the worst betrayal I've ever had politically and since she is only a household name because of someone I now despise I'm very nervous about being had again by another hero who turns out to be a zero. If you have anything specific she would do or not do on policy please let me know and then maybe I'll give her some of my food money. But first she has to acknowledge that poor people even exist on her web page. If I missed it please let me know. I will never work, contribute, or vote for anyone who isn't crystal clear on policy ever again and even when they are crystal clear I still need to be damned sure they mean it. Newcomers make me nervous when they say nice things but have no record of doing them at all, except when they yelled at some banksters one time. I prefer people work their way up the ladder and show us by their actions what they are instead of me having to "believe". Maybe it is just the Hopium withdrawal talking......
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