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annabanana's journal - Archives
Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Sep 23rd 2010, 03:52 PM
HIP of Greater NY, now an "EmblemHealth" Company

call 1800hiptalk, 4pm
Spoke to Jesse

She doesn't seem to know about today's date or the law. Then I sat on hold until about 4:17 until she came back and told me my son wouldn't be eligible until July of 2011..(This I know to be wrong)

THEN she told me to call the "Benefit Administration Group" for our employer and gave me a number that turned out to be, you got it, "disconnected or not in service at this time"

4:23 - 4:33.. I called HIP back and spoke to Eniscia (yes I checked the spelling). She seemed to be better at listening than Jesse had been. She directed me to a form at their website, however, that was old and not about this at all..(It was about adding a new policy, at a new charge, to your plan up to the age of (29??))

SO.. back to "hold" for me until

Since our policy year starts Jan 1 201.. THAT would be the date that my son's coverage would start. She also told me that our employer is expected to send out the pertinent information about how to do it.

Now, the employer in question in this case is the Federales... All I have to do is find a working number for the benefits office for Mr. Banana's department..

But that will be a journey of another day.
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Feb 27th 2010, 06:22 AM

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is on the verge of introducing legislation (S. 2977) that would block Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to try the alleged 9/11 conspirators in U.S. federal court. Senator Graham's legislation would block funding for the trial, and force the Attorney General and President Obama to use military commissions instead.

The military commissions—devised by Senator Graham and other politicians, not by the military—are kangaroo courts designed to ensure convictions and hide evidence of U.S. torture. They don't meet U.S., international or U.S. military standards for fairness, and they undermine the international human rights framework. There is a tried and true alternative: U.S. federal court. Senators are keeping track of the emails and calls they receive on this issue—your action counts!

Follow the link to email 12 key Senators and help defeat Senator Graham's legislation.

(I will be kicking this through the weekend and into Monday, with a little help from my DU friends.)
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Feb 24th 2010, 02:19 PM

The Unemployed Now Have Their Own Union, and It's Catching on Quickly
An ingenious grassroots union for the unemployed is only a month old -- and its numbers are growing.

It's been only a month that a union for the unemployed has come into existence through an ingenious grassroots organizing campaign. In case you haven't heard about it, the union's name is "UR Union of the Unemployed" or its nickname, "UCubed," because of its unique method of organizing.

The idea is that if millions of jobless join together and act as an organization, they are more likely to get Congress and the White House to provide the jobs that are urgently needed. They can also apply pressure for health insurance coverage, unemployment insurance and COBRA benefits and food stamps. An unemployed worker is virtually helpless if he or she has to act alone.

Joining a Cube is as simple as it is important. (Please check the union web site: ). Six people who live in the same zip code address can form a Ucube. Nine such UCubes make a neighborhood. Three neighborhood UCubes form a power block that contains 162 activists. Politicians cannot easily ignore a multitude of power blocks, nor can merchants avoid them.

Guts. That's all I can say.

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Posted by annabanana in Bereavement Group
Tue Dec 29th 2009, 08:50 AM
Mom, who has been living with Dad's decline for the 11 years since his stroke, hadn't even thought of a Memorial Service until our dear family friend, who is the Priest at the Church here asked us what we would like him to do. She had not given thought to the disposition of his ashes. (She said that Dad had no allegiance to 'place', which kind of makes sense to me.) There were many, many things that she's wanted to do over the years, and that Dad wanted her to be able to do that she couldn't because Dad couldn't, physically, go along and she wasn't comfortable leaving him alone. She needs to stretch and expand. I understand that, and want her to grieve and cope in the way that's best for her. No Memorial booklet, no Obituary in the local paper, no special verses, just one special hymn. (One that had been played at their wedding), and she hasn't decided yet what she'll do with his ashes.. which won't be released until after I've gone back home. I just know she won't be having any urn around the house.

I feel that I need something that I can hold onto. .a booklet, an obit, something. This Man's Memorial service should have throngs and trumpets and mountains of flowers to announce that a great man has passed...

But I will be returning to my life, which will contain fewer "booby traps" to tears than her life will. This is hard, though.

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Posted by annabanana in The DU Lounge
Fri Dec 25th 2009, 12:06 AM
Eleven years after suffering a stroke that had left him with difficulty walking, he fell at home and broke his hip. Once that was repaired at the hospital, difficulties and complications cascaded down upon him until his dear 89 year old body couldn't make a come back.

From Hospital to rehab center and back to the ER he went, each move causing him a little more confusion. But in the ER he did, one more time, manage to take the best possible care of my Mother and her tender feelings.

Their 62nd Anniversary had been on December 22nd. They had met when he got home from the war and my Aunt introduced him to Mom as "that cute Vet" she knew. They were smitten and married soon after. They moved from Ann Arbor to Park Forest, and from there to Lexington Mass and later to New Jersey.. having children and building and good life along the way. With each move, he went ahead.. Mom's "advance man", scouting out neighborhoods, investigating school districts, making sure that he brought his young family to the very best place he could provide.

When we were standing above this wonderful man in the ER as he drifted in and out of consciousness, Mom told me that Doctors had been asking her what were her "expectations" for results. She told me she knew they were asking about DNR orders. Daddy overheard this, and in what was just about his final communicative moment, told her that she should "let him go". I knew what he meant, as I had seen his eyes when he heard our conversation. Mom thought he meant that he wanted to go "out of the hospital".. Then she stopped, looked into his eyes and asked "Do you mean what I was just talking about?" and he looked at her and said, clearly. . . yes.

So as his final act, he took the pain of the decision onto himself, as he had for their whole lives together. The straps and needles and tubes and tapes were gently removed and he was moved one last time to the Hospice and made as comfortable as possible.

He left us soon after, Mom's advance man once again.
I will miss him so terribly terribly much.

Daddy's little girl, always...

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Posted by annabanana in The DU Lounge
Sun Mar 15th 2009, 08:13 AM
If you've seen the news this morning, you know what happened on West 55th St. yesterday.

There was an audition for that reality show "America's Next Top Model". Thousands of hopefuls crowded onto West 55th St. in Manhattan, waiting for their big chance. Apparently a car belching exhaust went by and someone hollered "Fire" . . or someone shouted "Gun". . and some predatory pickpockets started grabbing purses. . and a stampede ensued.

The audition was canceled and people who had come for miles (one interviewee was from South Carolina, I expect there were some from farther) were left on the curb, heartbroken.

Does anyone here remember the movie "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"

Times are getting so tough that an air of desperation has begun to permeate these "instant fame" shows. The exploitation of misery is getting a little thick out there.
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Mar 10th 2009, 08:17 PM
Humans being the thick things that they are... the MESSAGE has been lost in the worship of the MAN. All religious traditions share some basic fundamental facts regarding how people ought to treat each other. All of them manage to crust up those essentials seeds with dogma and new rules that make sense to their host societies at the time... which get further codified in subsequent generations.. until they are unable to transmit that which is most essential.

The gene will only function as required if people manage to transcend the traditions.
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Feb 24th 2009, 06:25 AM
I scarfed this graphic from Crooks & Liars, because it is so clear and unarguable. It is to be shown to any remaining republicans you may know... especially the small businessmen, chamber of commerce local bully-type republican...You know.. The ones who still pretend to be reasonable...

( )

Since their pocketbook is the only yardstick they use to measure well-being. perhaps it will help you pierce their thick hides. Make sure they know it is their ox being gored!!
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Posted by annabanana in Latest Breaking News
Sun Dec 14th 2008, 03:32 PM
He was put in office (NOT elected) in order to spearhead the ideologically bankrupt neo-con policies. He has shoveled out the Treasury to privateers ("Contractors") in every branch and office of the Federal bureaucracy. He has operated at the behest of the Cheap Labor "Free Market" Radicals.. He has starved OUR Government as requested by Grover "Drowned the Government in a Bathtub" Norquist.

It has been a classic Mob "Bust Out" (See The Sopranos story arch about the Sporting Goods Store).

Anyone who thought he would behave differently has never, even ONCE, understood what this guy is about.
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun Nov 30th 2008, 06:31 PM
cross and look at myself in the mirror.

It is the sanctioning of torture in my name that jolts me from sleep and makes me cry. It is this issue that has me walking away from my dear, blinkered, church. It is this issue that makes it rough for me to go out in "polite company".

Knowing that these crimes are still unaddressed is a festering sore that cannot scab over.

Please, please, please, Barack.. .Do not let this chance to lift our Country up pass you by.
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Nov 27th 2008, 11:16 AM
Is "The last, best, hope on Earth" forever beyond our reach?-

Will there ever be a place where no man is above the Law?

As it looks less and less likely that the brazen lawbreakers, the warmongers, the torturers, the despots will be called to account, here in America. . the Country "of the People, by the People and for the People". . .I fall further into despondency.

Was is just a fevered dream?. . this dream of a land where no one can be "disappeared" on the word of a powerful man?

If we cannot hold them to account HERE, in the Land of the Free, what chance has the rest of the world, whose histories are all packed with tyrants, where total power has nearly always rested in a single, all powerful ruler?
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Nov 05th 2008, 10:35 AM
the Reactionary Right. If they ever want to see the light of day they will have to return to True North... the REAL center, where America has been all along.
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Oct 30th 2008, 09:53 PM
"but we'll be a whole hell of a lot closer."

And this is the genius of the idea of America. There has never been, in the history of the World, a Nation as good as that envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

It is the Ideal America that we all, as engaged Citizens must strive for. That's our collective job. Every now and then, we make discernable progress.
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Oct 16th 2008, 11:43 AM
edited to add: REC THIS UP

This is the kind of thing that tends to get buried under all the "stuff du jour" stuff around here.

"further evidence that the decision to endorse torture was made by the administration's most senior officials"

When we have the White House, the Senate and the House, there will be one opportunity to do the right thing. It must be addressed early, it must be addressed loudly.. and it must be addressed UNTIL IT IS ATTENDED TO.

Anything less than a full engagement of the combined efforts of all branches of the Government to fully investigate and prosecute will ruin our reputation for all time in the eyes of the World. We will not get a "do over" on this one. We are either a moral Country that will work in the best interests of Humankind, as we were structured to do by the Founding Fathers.. or we are NOT.
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Posted by annabanana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Sep 05th 2008, 09:49 PM
Our Treasury will be so severely strained by this bailout, and servicing our enormous debt, and shoveling money to connected contractors, and subsidizing the oil industry and not taxing any of the people who are TAKING all our money..

that we will literally not be able to perform any of the tasks of good government.

That, along with getting obscenely rich, has been the plan of the oligarchs all along. We will stand by their doorways with begging cups and tug at the forelock beseeching our masters for a crumb from their table, or the great opportunity of cleaning up their offal for the price of a glass of what's left of the clean water in the world.

If we don't get people in government that will stop them.. stop them! it will be torches vs magic "targeted sound" machines in the streets...
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