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MarianJack's Journal - Archives
Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion
Fri Dec 09th 2011, 10:54 AM
During WWII she was a "Marie the Meat Packer". She had my sister while my father was overseas. After the war she kept working while my father went to college on the GI Bill. They were ably to buy their first house for about $2,300 in cash since my father won about $11,000 playing poker, blackjack & gin rummy while he was overseas.

I came along in 1955 and my mom kept a good home for us. In 1962 my serial-adulterer bastard of a father took off, got a quickie divorce in Alabama and got remarried before my mother knew she was divorced. My mother went to work, kept our family together and we had a happy and safe home where we never really knew how broke we were. Remember, in the 60s, a "deadbeat dad" was an "up and coming executive".

She taught us the value of a buck and how to appreciate family and friends. She taught us gratitude so that to this day my sister and I appreciate it as much when someone gives us a candy bar as when they give us an expensive gift.

My mother, who wasn't a conservative but was slightly to the right of center politically, taught us at a very young age to never trust a corporation. She always said that they expected you to be loyal to them but they didn't have to be loyal to you. How right, and ahead of the curve, she was.

She was raised to believe that people of different races shouldn't mix, but eventually grew to love and respect her Puerto Rican daughter in law. Our son, a beautiful African American boy we adopted as an infant in 2000, was THE ONE PERSON that she loved more than any other in her life. Almost overnight she became a civil rights crusader. She always said that when she passed, her spirit was going to follow my son. If anybody gave him a hard time just because he was black, they wouldn't know where the kick in the ass came from but they sure as hell would feel it!

She had a rich and full life after she retired in the early 80s. She was a good, generous and loyal mom, friend, neighbor and grandparent. Don't get me wrong, she could be an ENORMOUS pain in the ass, too. Overall though, I'm glad that I was her son.

In July of 2006, she passed away quietly in her sleep in her own bed in the retirement community that she'd lived in for the final few years of her life. In a last act of generosity, that she planned in 1991, she'd arranged for her body to be donated to a medical school for research. She believed that her good health after 50 years of smoking was due to having good doctors. She wanted to give back. She is still missed and loved by our family. We'll celebrate by having Breyers ice cream (her favorite) for dessert tonight.

Thank you for reading. I wanted to share for 2 reasons. First of all, we're talking about my mom here. Secondly, I have always believed that History isn't just the generals and presidents. It's also the story of US, the working people of this country. I hope that when my son is in his 50s, he'll be able to write about my wife and I the same way I've written about my mom.

At least I know that I have the "pain in the ass" part down pat!

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Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion
Wed Dec 07th 2011, 12:23 PM
Last Saturday my son asked if we could watch the Jim Carrey animated version of "A Christmas Carol" on Netflix (We don't have cable and are more than happy watching Netflix streaming on our WII). My wife and I were reluctant but our son has pretty good taste, is a really good kid and just plain why not?

We were expecting a pleasant movie but...WOW!

Jim Carrey and the supporting cast, such as Colin Firth, Bob Hoskins, Cary Elwes, did very good jobs and the movie was very well done. We enjoyed it so much on Saturday that we watched it again on Sunday.

Very few movies in the last few years (like "The King's Speech" & "Kingdom of Heaven") have impressed me as much on first viewing. It certainly was a nice evening of family viewing. A family movie is usually just a kid's movie that adults tolerate. THIS was a movie that the entire family could enjoy, so...


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Posted by MarianJack in The DU Lounge
Wed Dec 07th 2011, 07:13 AM
I was raised saying "catsup" by my mom in the Philadelphia suburbs. My wife has always said "ketchup" and she and my son are always trying to correct me.

Which do you say and why?
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Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion
Mon Dec 05th 2011, 07:11 AM
While I certainly support continuing the Payroll tax cut, why is there no mention of continuing the emergency continuation of unemployment compensation?

There are still a hell of a lot of people (me included) who're going to run out very soon. If unemployed families are homeless, it kinda makes it difficult to purchase anything.

Of course, this is probably exactly what a grover norquist led republican party wants.

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Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion
Mon Nov 28th 2011, 01:58 PM
A high school girl keeps true to her values and refuses to apologize for exercising her First Amendment rights after she has been publicly brow beaten by her brown shirt school principal to do so.

Somebody in Kansas figured out that this young lady was Constitutionally protected. The Governor of Kansas (who took his sweet time to defend the Constitution as he'd pledged to do in his US Senate oath of office on more than one occasion) then apologizes to the young woman for the "over reaction" of his staff to her speaking her mind.

So, let's see now. The rightists demand an apology for truth, the apology is refused, then they back off and issue a face saving apology of their own for the phony nontroversy having taken place at all.

It seems to me like many of our Democratic leaders can learn a lesson from this brave young woman. Do they have HER courage to follow her example?

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Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion
Thu Nov 10th 2011, 10:27 AM
Let's see now.

John Edwards cheats on his cancer stricken wife and he's horrible (Which he is), but newt gingrich serves a wife divorce papers in the ICU and he's rising in the polls for their nomination.

Anthony weiner sexts a picture of his underwear covered dingus and he's OUT, but david vitter gets whole hearted support for an unfortunately successful re-election campaign.

President Clinton gets a blow job from a consenting adult and he's impeached, but herman cain sexually assaults women. The revelations of this have no effect on his standing with the rethug primary voters unless it's to improve it, and the audience boos his being questioned about it in a debate while the other candidates are as silent as the p in phony. Let's not forget that the frequently divorced and remarried Mr. gingrich was cheer leading Clinton's impeachment while reportedly accepting only blow jobs from his flings so he can "legitimately" say he didn't have sex with the other women.

And, going to non-public figures, I hear from many religious rightists that GLBT people shouldn't be allowed to marry because of "my religious convictions and beliefs". And WE'RE close minded.

You're a godless commie if you believe in peace, love and acceptance, but you're a "good christian" if you hate gays & minorities and love guns and wars. Let's also remember that the Vietnam era war protesters who walked up to National Guard rifles and put flowers in the barrels AFTER Kent State were "cowards".

I'm can't be surprised that they still claim to be the party of "values" because one thing we've learned is the high level of rethug chutzpah (spelling?). I'm can't be surprised that a bought and paid for corporate media that spent so much of 8 years glorifying george w bush still allows this. I AM, however, still very capable of being very pissed off by the hypocrisy.

I am very verbal when I'm pissed off.

WE have to be the media!


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Posted by MarianJack in GLBT
Thu Nov 10th 2011, 09:19 AM
I heard on the radio this fine morning that they announced that they've collected enough signatures to place the right to marriage licenses for same sex couples as a question on the 2012 ballot.

Equality Maine has been working very hard for the last several years advocating for LGBT rights in Maine and defending them from the venomous assaults of "christian" and rightist groups like the Maine "christian" civic league.

When we voted last Tuesday, my wife and I were proud and happy to add our signatures to this petition. We will certainly be proud and happy to stand with our LGBT friends next year to finally attain full equality for all Maine citizens!

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Posted by MarianJack in GLBT
Wed Nov 09th 2011, 11:30 PM
I know that I don't post frequently and for the last 5 or 6 weeks we didn't have a computer after ours crashed. I wrote a thread about my son a few months ago. Here's the link...

As you can see, a very good friend of my son's came out to him near the end of their 5th grade year. I spoke to the Principal of their school and, mentioning NO NAMES, alerted her that one hf her 6th grade students may get some anti-gay schoolyard bullying and that my son may get some collateral bullying for being this young man's friend. When the principal, who is someone who has earned my wife's and my respect and trust MANY times over, asked for the other student's name, I declined because I didn't think that I had even the remotest right to out him. I considered it to be his right and his alone to do.

My son has said that there have been some very isolated cases of name calling and threats and the little homophobic turd heads are careful to not do it in front of or within ear shot of the faculty. As of yet, there has been no violence.

My question to you is this; was I right in not giving the principal the name? On the one hand I may have been able to make a little more protection to the boy, but on the other hand, I didn't believe intellectually or feel emotionally that it was my right to do. In the nearly 22 years that I've been in recovery from alcoholism, I've learned that I have the right to reveal MY alcoholism but not anyone else's. I am very uncomfortable revealing something that another person considers their private business. I'd also hate it if something happens to my son's friend that I might have been able to prevent.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your feedback.


BTW, when we voted here in Maine yesterday, my wife and I happily and proudly signed the petition to get the right to marriage licenses for same sex couples on the ballot for an upcoming election!
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Posted by MarianJack in The DU Lounge
Fri Sep 23rd 2011, 11:43 PM
Who's your favorite "Archie" supporting character?
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Posted by MarianJack in The DU Lounge
Thu Sep 22nd 2011, 09:51 PM
We have 2 cats, Spirit, a beautiful all white 7+ year old cat and Oreo, an all black 7 month old kitten who got "fixed" last Monday.

We've had Spirit since 6/10 when we adopted him from the local shelter. Oreo joined our family about 6 weeks ago when my wife and son brought him in as a stray. Fellow cat owners may relate to the idea that a cat or kitten may adopt his family as much as we adopt them.

Anyway, since last night, Oreo has had what looks like some traces of blood in his poo-poo. He is every bit as energetic and affectionate as he has always been, but of course we're somewhat concerned. We can't see blood in the poop as a good thing.

Do any of you have any idea what this may be and if there are any home grown remedies? We really LOVE our 2 furry boys and want only the best for them.

Thank you in advance for your help and feedback.

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Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion
Wed Sep 21st 2011, 11:25 PM
...but not for nearly 20 years now.

I realized the barbarity of it for a number of reasons. The one I remember most is listening to some rightist dip co-worker expounding about how justice would be served by the occasional execution of an innocent person. He didn't go for the "Goddam Liberal" argument that it's better for 1000 guilty people to go free than for 1 innocent person to be put to death.

I pointed out to the jagoff that what he was describing was repression, not justice. His soft and pointy little head couldn't process this. The really frightening thing is that the number of people who believe this is growing. We saw them cheering little ricky perry's execution record. We heard them cheering the notion that the government should allow an uninsured man to die. These people have no comprehension of the double tragedy of the loss of an executed innocent person to their family and loved ones compounded by the guilty person's continued freedom to create more victims and more shattered families.

I can't fathom, and don't ever want to experience, what the Davis family is going through tonight and for the rest of her lives. I can only express my deepest condolences for them.

Today I am absolutely opposed to the death penalty. Yes, even for ted bundy, timothy mcveigh and the racist assholes who dragged James Byrd to death. As another poster stated in another thread, principle will be tested. That's life. Being against the death penalty doesn't make one "soft on crime". Do I have even the remotest sympathy for the aforementioned killers in this paragraph? HELL NO! Some, me included, may argue that life without parole may be harder. Ask the menendez brothers who, if I recall correctly, are serving their sentences in separate prisons and may NEVER see each other again and are living lives WITHOUT HOPE. This may quite well be harder.

Just my thoughts. I learned from a mistaken belief. Another poster in another thread tonight became the first person in 8+ years on this site to go to my ignore list for their ideologically pure belief that you can't be forgiven for 30+ year old mistakes. However, the vast majority of DU members are thoughtful and intelligent people. Thank you for reading.

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Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion: Presidency
Fri Sep 16th 2011, 08:43 PM
...scream "YEAH" when one of their libertarian heroes is asked if the government should allow an uninsured man to die. OK, so their libertarian hero not only didn't refute these "YEAH" cries, he just used more words to say the same thing. OK, so this exposes the teabagger movement as one that is motivated by good ol' "Christian" values such as meanness, hatred, bigotry, blood lust, massive stupidity and shortsightedness and of course, racism. OK, so this shows the baggers as contemptible and detestable people.

We know that all of this is true.

Of course we know that our crusading "liberal" media is too enthralled with all that is teabagger that they'd never cite any of these truths.

My question to the thinking people is this.

Do any of you see the direct parallels between the conduct of the teabaggers and the fools who attended the mcsame/palin(comparison) rallies in 2008? I certainly remember the cries from the crowd of "KILL HIM" when Obama's name was mentioned. I remember the shrill woman who called Obama an arab (to his credit, mcsame did take her microphone away). I remember the racist old fart waiting in line for a mcsame/palin(comparison) rally with the stuffed monkey dressed as Obama. I remember the rally-goer saying that women who were made pregnant by their rapist "should die".

This has been the type of conduct I've seen and sometimes experienced from the far right for 40+ years.

I've been called a traitor as well as the usual other names since I expressed my opposition to the Vietnam War in 1967 when I was 12. I remember a red neck asshole screaming that I should be hung when I was on my way to an anti war rally in 1970 a few months before my 15th birthday. I remember hearing them chant "this time 4 and next time more" after the Kent State Killings. This was done by the sons and daughters of some of the same rightists who condemned Charlie Chaplin for being too hard on HITLER in "The Great Dictator"

I wonder why I see so few people point out that the teabagger movement is only the same crappy ingredients in a new and crappier package. I know I can't expect our asswipe corporate media to actually do some work and show this. Unfortunately, too much of the public is still more worried over the most recent developments on their favorite reality tv show to care about their nation's welfare.

I am surprised that there aren't more progressive voices and thinking minds pointing this out. Am I missing something?

Thanks you for "listening" to my little rant.

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Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion
Sun Sep 11th 2011, 06:58 AM
My wife and I have to do some credit repair. We've been advised by someone we trust (meaning NOT a Capitalist) that one way is to get a low limit card and use it for small purchases, like gas, that we'd use our debit card for and then pay it within a couple of days with the funds we have for that purchase on our debit.

We were searching for some not so bad credit card offers on the web and came across an offer for a "Flex" credit card. It isn't either a prepaid nor a secured card. It promises an unsecured card with an up to $10,000.00 limit with a $1,500.00 cash advance after the payment of a $69.00 set up fee. It also promised an immediate 40 to 60 point increase in our credit scores. Surprise, surprise, there didn't seem to be a downside of this on the website. Up to $10,000.00 guaranteed unsecured credit for people credit problems? Uh-huh, yeah, right.

Obviously, this seems way too good to be true. My biggest concern is that this may be a payday loan in disguise. I CERTAINLY don't want to get into bed with THOSE bastards. We're not fans of credit cards in the first place but we're looking at some credit fixes.

We have WAY too many red flags waving in my heads about this "Flex" card option. We remember the old axiom that anything that seems too good to be true probably is too good to be true. Does anyone have any info?

Thanx in advance!


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Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion
Fri Sep 09th 2011, 07:01 PM
I can't help but compare 9/11 with other tragedies that I and members of my family experienced in our lives.

I am the son and nephew of World War II veterans and "Rosie the Riveters". I am fully aware of how the memories of people can be somewhat romanticized over time. However, there is a lot that my family members told me that I believe and that we know from historical documentation.

The day after Pearl Harbor, my mom's 3 brothers got up early so they could be at the enlistment office before the crowd. They arrived to find a line going around the block. On the way to the end of the line they met my grandfather, who was well into his 40s (ancient by World War II standards) in the line. he'd come there from his overnight part time job. The other men were happy to let my uncles join him in front of them. When the recruiting Sergeant saw my grandfather he told him to go home. Only one of my uncles was able to serve. From my extended family, my father and 5 uncles served, my mom worked in a meat packing plant with some of my aunts. There were paper, metal and food drives, rationing and "Meatless Tuesdays". Some (many) people cheated, but there was so much sacrifice done for "the war effort".

When I was 8, President Kennedy was assassinated. The entire country (with the exception of some rightist dipsticks) was consumed with grief and for 4 days. There was an unfortunately correct sense among the adults in my family that this was the end of American Innocence and an ushering in of a national sense of despair that lasted for years.

On the morning of 9/11, I was teaching 8th grade in a small Catholic school in South West Philadelphia. My wife was the 6th grade teacher and we were a very close team with the 7th grade teacher. Our Principal told us that she wanted our students, the older students in the school, to be aware of what was going on. I watched the buildings come down with my students thinking of how I was going to explain the deaths of, what I thought at the time, 25 to 30 thousand people. At the same time I'd received a call from my mom who remembered Pearl harbor ALL TOO WELL and was on the verge of hysterics.

Afterwords, we, like all Americans in a time of national crisis and emergency, supported the president. My wife and I never considered george w bush to be anything other than an unelected fraud and a moron, but he was (ugh) the president and we believed that politics stopped at the border. American PEOPLE were for the most part remarkably patient with each other, ie. not as much road rage and things like that.

American "LEADERSHIP" however, aided by a very willing and compliant news media, was a horse of a different, and very grim and ugly, color. I remember the under-reported stories, such as how karen hughes used her 9/12 meeting with george w bush to give him a list of political opportunities the tragedy availed him. Remember "Who'd know that I'd hit the trifecta"? Remember the lies about how there was a plane that was supposed to hit either/or the white house or air force one? I certainly remember Rep. McDermott's statement in "Fahrenheit 911" of how republican members of congress were speaking of how they had the chance to do some of the things they always wanted to do. I remember President Clinton's observation that the bi-partisanship was entirely one way and how, if Al gore were in the white house on 9/11 the republicans would probably have moved to impeach him. I also remember how ann coulter used her first article after 9/11 to attack the Clintons. I also remember how the republicans and their media accomplices used 9/11 as a tool to suppress domestic opposition and opinion.

Most of all I remember how, when george w bush had his 92% "popularity/approval" in the days after 9/11, media members allowed NO challenges to or critical questions of the bush administration. The example of this that I recall most clearly as an illustration of this was when we watched a local Philadelphia media cypher named wally kennedy telling people who called his Sunday TV broadcast they'd better be careful of criticizing bush because of his approval ratings.

Basically what I'm saying is that while the media is in the midst of it's all 9/11 all the time frenzy for the next few days; while we get the glorification of george w bush from certain circles; while we see them give the credit to the government "leadership" that should go to the majority of the citizenry, maybe we should also remember that "United We Stand" frequently meant "Knuckle under to this administration or else".

Just my 2 cents.

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Posted by MarianJack in General Discussion: Presidency
Thu Sep 08th 2011, 08:51 AM
Take 2 hours, go into the living room or den, turn on the DVD player and watch "The American President". Focus on the last 10 minutes. THIS is how you deal with full of baloney horse's patoot republicans whose primary line of communication is to spout lies between their doses of Thorazine..

The biggest lesson is that the best way to deal with a bully is to knock him FLAT ON HIS ASS!

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