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Evergreen Emerald's Journal - Archives
WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday rejected Republican rival John McCain's proposal for 10 joint town-hall appearances, offering instead to have just one on the July 4 holiday.

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said he offered to meet McCain in five joint appearances between now and the Nov. 4 election. But only one of those was a town-hall meeting, plus three traditional debates and an in-depth debate on foreign policy.

The McCain campaign said Obama's offer was to hold the single town hall on Independence Day — which likely would have resulted in less attention while Americans are on holiday. McCain told reporters traveling with him in New Jersey that was "a very disappointing response." ;_ylt=AjUyce3XTvBc.Wgkxsnsk9eyFz4D
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Obama Campaign Tactics

Today, Sen. Barack Obama echoed Republican talking points by repeating a totally false claim by Republican Bob Novak about the tactics of the Clinton campaign.

It might be a good time for Sen. Obama to take a look at the tactics of his own campaign.

The Obama campaign pedaled an opposition research document, titled Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-Punjab), attacking Hillary for her ties to the Indian-American community:

Senator Barack Obama disavowed the document his campaign aimed at Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton last week, saying today that it was "stupid and caustic." The headline of one of the documents, which referred to Mrs. Clinton as 'D-Punjab,' touched off a furor among Indian-American groups that called on Mr. Obama to apologize for the remarks.
The Obama campaign made a false attack on Bill Clinton:

More Obama oppo is online today, including a detailed document on Bill Clinton and Ron Burkle (.pdf) and a story, which turned out to be false, about Bill Clinton giving a paid speech on 9/11/06.
The Obama campaign took credit for placing stories attacking Hillary regarding Norman Hsu:

In August, Obama’s team scored a significant hit by helping to place a story in several newspapers revealing that Norman Hsu, a major Clinton donor, had skipped town after having pleaded no contest to a charge of grand theft 15 years earlier and still faced an outstanding warrant... (Hsu had also contributed to Obama.)
The Obama campaign was 'digging for damaging facts' at the Clinton library:

How far is the money being spread? The Obama campaign spent $27 at the Arkansas state archives and $9.30 at the Clinton library, digging for damaging facts on Clinton. Asked what Team Obama found, spokeswoman Jen Psaki conceded, "Not much."
The Obama campaign's communications director compiled a list of opposition research stories on Hillary that he was pitching to reporters:

I couldn’t help but notice some of what he had scrawled on a whiteboard hanging on his wall:

HC Bio > NY Post
HC Travel (AP?)
Tax Returns (Balz?)
Darfur investments (HF)
JE 527

HC is, of course, Hillary Clinton...These were obviously notes about stories the campaign was pushing or anticipating...
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