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hexola's Journal - Archives
Posted by hexola in September 11
Wed May 03rd 2006, 11:45 PM
Ok mods - this is not a 9-11 article...

Recently the local media has been busy with a missing plane.

Search crews were looking today for a small plane that may have come down west of Chambersburg.

The four-seat Cessna 172, piloted by David Weiss, 72, of Bethesda, Md., failed to return to the Gaitersburg Airport in Maryland at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

“Not having a whole lot of clues, we have to rule out the area square mile by square mile, square foot by square foot,” said Maj. Wes LePre, information officer for the Civil Air Patrol mission. “They’re tightening down the search area. It’s almost all visual today.”

At the break of dawn today, the Civil Air Patrol from three states and several area municipalities continued the search for a missing Maryland man and the Cessna airplane he was flying.

Authorities have concentrated their efforts about eight miles west of Chambersburg, where a Verizon cell phone tower traced unanswered calls made Tuesday to the missing pilot, said Lt. Col. James Steinemeier of Maryland Civil Air Patrol.

David K. Weiss, 72, of Bethesda took off from a small Gaithersburg airport in the Cessna 172 around noon Tuesday and never returned, Steinemeier said.

Ok - so five days later - they find the plane.

MERCERSBURG - Two brothers found their father's crash site Sunday afternoon just north of Whitetail Ski Resort, five days after the Maryland pilot failed to return from a short flight.

After a five-day search, the body of David Keefer Weiss, 72, of Bethesda, Md., was discovered in an area known as the “punch bowl” in the mountains north of the Pennsylvania/Maryland state line.

Ok - here's the local buzz...

Some folks on a country drive encounter some people involved in the search. They ask if the missing plane has been found. They said no - but they found two other wrecked planes.

WOW - that's pretty odd...3 small plane crashes in the same area?

Ok - so my mind starts ticking back to this old web link...

Continuity of Government plans provide the capability to maintain essential government services and emergency functions in the most serious of events affecting national security. FEMA VIP Evacuation and Support Facilities in the Washington area include an installation in Mercersburg, PA.

This facility is very, very close to the crash site. Now - locals have long said..."Dont Go up there..." Some claim to have been met by armed guards once past a certain point. Another claims it is restricted airspace.

And there are some odd concrete structures at the top of the mountain. The access road is on the Maryland side - and it is gated at the bottom.

One wonders what is going on up "undisclosed location?"

Maybe they shoot planes down all the time...?
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Posted by hexola in Religion/Theology
Tue Feb 14th 2006, 09:48 PM
A Christian friend of mine had a DVD called "How to debate a Creationist?" - I havent watched it yet - but on the disc - I knew it - a picture of good ol' Darwin. The disc supposedly contains a debate where a creationist trounces a evolutionist (but not a scientist)

The Creationists love to paint Darwin as the sole bearer all of Evolutionary theory. He is not.


Because Darwin WAS WRONG about a lot of stuff...he got the main idea right - Natural Selection...but its taken the efforts of thousands of scientists to complile the current, modern theory of evolution.

But the Creationists think - if we can disprove Darwin - well of course, all of evolution must be wrong. This approach appeals to the uneducated. And seemingly to their own kind - who despite the power of their "faith" - seem to need see this kind of affirmation.

Just keep on the lookout for this approach - and just tell them "Yeah Darwin was wrong about a lot of stuff..." They will scratch their heads...
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