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"Don't quote me on that!" - Anarcho-Socialist - Archives
Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in Latest Breaking News
Fri Feb 20th 2009, 12:21 AM
"Reporting the British ban on its website, the US church added: "God Hates the UK - Land of the Sodomite Damned".

That's a catchy title. Maybe we should use it for tourism purposes.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in United Kingdom
Tue Dec 30th 2008, 10:09 PM
The public finances are shitty but bankruptcy is a long way off. Higher taxes are to pay for the PFI nonsense and the bailout of the City (socialising the follies of the ultra-wealthy) as demanded by monetarists and neolib ideologues. The high personal debt levels are a result of the flawed economic model that neoliberals have implemented these past thirty years.

The Tories have no economic plan apart from cutting the upper tax band. There's a greater danger to the UK economy through deflation rather than inflation so Cameroonian indignation about spending levels isn't in touch with reality.

Is Cameron suggesting a return to the Thatcher economic turmoil that drove Britain into a deep and needless recession in the early '80s? There's an old-fashioned anti-Keynesian screech to the "Seventies-style economic policies" comment.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in Canada
Mon Dec 01st 2008, 11:00 AM
I think Canada (and other Commonwealth Realms) should convert the G-G post into an elected Presidency much like the what come of the Republic of Ireland's 1949 constitutional settlement.

Whereby you have an elected head of state, but whom stands above the political fray most of the time acting out a ceremonial but uniting role over a Parliamentary executive and the electorate.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in Latest Breaking News
Wed Nov 19th 2008, 12:40 AM
the monetarists, bankers and corporate CEOS declared "it's not for the government to prop up unprofitable industries" and "no more government money for 'lame duck' producers."

Come the 2008 Financial Crisis, and those same monetarists, bankers and CEOs were first in the queue for a slurp of the government trough. They got $150 billion ($300 billion) of UK money.

USA, don't let your manufacturing slip away like successive British governments let ours slip away. Take them under public ownership again and reinvest the profits back to taxpayers. The monetarist economic model is a failure and a joke.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Nov 04th 2008, 04:46 PM
on "Joe the plumber"
He's supposedly broke but yet he'd rather pay higher taxes under McCain than under Obama.

I think his issue is that he *thinks* he'll be a millionaire when he hits the big time as a country and western star (hahahahaha) and so will be looking for those upper band tax cuts. Whatever, Joe.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in The DU Lounge
Wed Oct 22nd 2008, 02:34 AM
When he was on The Rachel Maddow Show the other day the ticker relayed some of his musings regarding US politics.

On the Electoral College - "They know better than you"
Predictions for the Election - "One candidate will reveal a hook for a hand"
On the Clintons - "Don't count them out, not even when they've lost the election"
On Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales - "He sported a secret ponytail while in office"
On FDR - "He delivered fireside chats from inside the fire"
On Cheney - "Cobras are the only creatures he loves"
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Palin is the one they love. Freepers think McCain is "too liberal" but they know that a Palin presidency is the real prize in the McCain-Palin ticket.

Freepers love Bush and Palin, as they are anti-intellectual, authoritarian, egotistical, and love power for power's sake. Freepers seem to respond to personality traits like that. They are hostile to professionals and the intelligentsia, therefore freepers are more susceptible to religious fundamentalism, anti-sciencism, and black-and-white thinking.

The logical approach you describe regarding Obama's birth place won't be followed up by the Freeper true believer, because they feel it in their heart that Obama was born in Kenya and any evidence otherwise is dismissed as fabrications by the 'liberal elite.'
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GOP percentage of the African-American vote had been increasing steadily over the last 16 years, reaching a height in 2004 when the GOP used the wedge issues of gay marriage and funding of churches to target African-American congregations. This vote fell back in 2006 due to the racism of the government's handling of Hurricane Katrina.

I am guessing that GOP strategists know that this voting bloc is gone for good and that it's "safe" to openly stick the racist boot into black Americans.

GOP strategists pin their hopes on racists who perhaps have sat out recent elections as those racists traditionally saw the two parties as filled with "negroes and the Jew" but see the prospect of a black president as too much to handle, and could pull the McCain lever on election day.

Casual racism from the wider voter demographic is a constant, but as some commentators have noticed holding racist views is a "luxury" when you know that a McCain presidency will hurt you financially.

I think this strategy will fail big time. It's the last roll of a dice from a desperate, desperate man, and as a result McCain will have lost his once favourable "independent" image for all time. He'll spend longer having to apologise for what happened this election than he did over the Keaton Five. Rove's negative campaigning destroyed him in 2000 and it's doing the same in 2008.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in Latest Breaking News
Wed Oct 08th 2008, 12:30 PM
On the news of six central banks cutting rates by 0.5%
In the past, this would cheer the financial sector as cheap borrowing means more capital floating around the stock market (equalling higher stock prices and returns) however I judge that this won't be effective in the current situation.

Previously one of the side effects of this type of rate cutting was to cause an increase in speculation, one of the causes of the current economic crisis. Rate cuts meant that financial gamblers could take out huge loans cheaply and play market psychology in order to reap short-term profits for investment companies and large commissions for individual stock brokers.

However these rate cuts will not change the economic situation much. The contradictions that caused the current economic crisis still remain and can't be paved over by cheaper loans. Stocks aren't going to bring returns when everyone's profits are falling and Main Street is cutting expenditure due to personal debt and job losses. We're in a vicious cycle.

Governments will inevitably have to go after the sector of society which is awash with cash, but loathes to pay taxes. Super-rich individuals and companies who look for loopholes to pay less tax than the working and middle class must be penalised. The majority cannot afford to pay for the higher government spending needed to increase demand in the economy, but the personal wealth (siphoned from the rest of society I will add) of the super-rich could do that and so much more.

It will be seen if governments have the political will to tackle the super-wealthy, because if they don't then it will be the misery of us all.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in Skepticism, Science and Pseudoscience Group
Mon Sep 29th 2008, 04:02 PM
...many DUers are susceptible to old school palaeocon nuttiness of the Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan variety.

There is a presumption that because palaeoconservatism opposes neoconservatism, palaeoconservatism must have some sort of nobility in it, when in fact palaeoconservatism is a deeply insidious world view in its own right.

It's a laugh to see some DUers support goldbugism, when such a policy unnecessarily prolonged the Great Depression in the United States. Goldbugism reduces liquidity and investment in the economy at a time when the economy needs an increase in overall demand, available consumer capital, and available public capital.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in United Kingdom
Mon Sep 22nd 2008, 08:13 AM
"The poll does hold out the possibility for Labour recovery, but it is not a scenario that will appeal to Brown. He is a huge negative for Labour among marginal voters, especially those who might switch their vote. One of the most resonant messages among the potential switchers is 'Gordon Brown is the wrong man to lead the country'. Take that away and the Conservatives could lose support to Labour. Approaching half (44 per cent) of potential Tory/Labour switchers say they would be more likely to vote Labour if Gordon Brown were replaced as Prime Minister.

That should concentrate some minds in Manchester, especially among the cabinet."

With the poll predicting a large cull of Cabinet ministers, this could mean the end of Gordon Brown before a General Election showdown.

An impending wipe-out for the Lib Dems and Labour will happen if current trends continue, though the prospect of proportional representation won't seem as offensive to the latter as it once did. If I was a Labour partisan I would certainly be taking another look at PR. Outside of foreign policy I see little to distinguish the Lib Dems from New Labour these days.

A Lib Dem-Labour tactical alliance could keep the Tories out, but like you say something needs to be done in place of the failed Anglo-American economic model. Meanwhile Sweden's economy will continue grow above 2% for the next two years according to an OECD report ( ).

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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in United Kingdom
Sun Sep 14th 2008, 02:57 PM
Conservative MPs have been given discount vouchers for a lap dancing club near their party conference venue.

The vouchers, offering a 10 reduction on entry to Birmingham's Rocket Club, were in a booklet sent out to delegates with official conference literature.

The Tories meet later this month at the International Convention Centre, just yards from the club in Broad Street.

A Conservative party spokeswoman said the booklet had been put together by a Birmingham PR firm.


n July, the Conservatives called for communities to be given stronger powers to block the opening of lap dancing clubs.


Is this what they mean about having more women involved with the Conservative Party?
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in Skepticism, Science and Pseudoscience Group
Wed Sep 10th 2008, 08:54 PM
"Hegel's Lectures on the History of Philosophy (Paperback)
by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Author)


Product Description
This is a comprehensive guide to all image enhancement technologies for men. This includes body-building, weight loss, plastic surgery, elevator shoes, hair replacement and colour, with a special emphasis on cosmetic make up for men."

I never knew the Hegelians were such preening dandies and for determinate negation of physical flaws.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in Latest Breaking News
Wed Sep 03rd 2008, 09:11 AM
although I would imagine that the claw-back will be far smaller than what Bush obtained after the GOP Convention in 2004. McCain is arguably much worse a public speaker than Bush, and so he would need to make the speech of his life to make any significant bump.

The other side of it will be the GOP spin operation, if McCain makes a semi-coherent speech it will be lauded by GOP talking points, and it will be up to the media to carry this through. If the media thinks "John McCain makes comeback speech" will be a good narrative, then that's what it will push. There's always a fair chance that the media could make a story out of "McCain blows it at convention" if the GOP spin is ineffective and the DNC spin is effective. I won't hold my breath for the latter as it's in the media's interest for a close race as it is hoped that this would carry greater public attention.
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Posted by Anarcho-Socialist in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Sep 01st 2008, 03:52 PM
"Why do students of history blame Europe for colonialism?"
Early European colonialism (that is from the 15th century onwards) was driven by the increase of available world markets, such as spice trade routes in the east, and the eventual discovery of huge gold reserves (capital) in the Americas by the Spanish.

Major European states at the time were undergoing a transformation from feudal property relations to early mercantile capitalism. A result of this was the rise in power of the merchant classes, whom European monarchs would often rely on to finance their wars and budget spending commitments. The eventual dispossessing of the independent mediaeval baron's former power saw much of the aristocracy and landed gentry make common cause with the new merchant class, and had come around to this mercantile way of thinking. The titular aristocracy eventually opened up to wealthy merchants who could buy land and titles and as such could help foment policy in advisory and legislative bodies. Monarchs saw advantage in furthering their merchant classes' capital interests overseas as a way of national enrichment and to entrench civic and dynastical stability.

Colonialism of the 18th and 19th centuries was more intense in that Europe being the first to industrialise had a great impact on the world. Advanced military technology and an established track record of capital management by merchants gave European states strong economies. The advance of modern capitalism had given great aggression to the accumulation of capital so that we saw the mass enslavement of human beings and transportation over large distances. Exploiting cheap or slave labour and plunder of third world resources helped fuel continued European growth (and US growth which also became an imperial power).

The transformation of Europe's feudal nature to that of early mercantile capitalism, and then further on to imperialist capitalism meant that Europe had the means and the economic drive to plunder third world resources and annex great tracts of the world. China, despite being the world's most technologically-advanced state in 1250 shut itself off from outside influence until British imperialism in the 19th century forced it open at gun-point. Chinese property relations and economic structure did not change at all for half a millennia, in which a despotic monarchy extracts surplus profit from communal villages and powerful trade centres. This structure of economy was incredibly stable, but China's self-imposed cultural isolation meant that it did not benefit as much from technological creep and efficient methods of industry. The eventual subjugation of the Chinese imperial family to the powerful West, caused the rise of anti-imperialist nationalism which took forms of right-wing republicanism and left-wing communism, and the beginning of eventual Chinese industrialisation.

India remained in a similar state. Many of its peoples lived in communal settlements that were economically balanced and primitive communistic in nature due to all property being shared by the community. Tribute was then extracted by the dominant princes. The stability of this economic arrangement meant its lack of transformation, and cultural differences gave little incentive for Indians to reform its economy on alien European lines. It was only when Britain conquered and annexed India that it enforced monopoly capitalism and western concepts of property relations at gunpoint. The abandoning of organic communal economics saw living standards for most Indians drop significantly as Britain pushed down wages, and extracted far more capital profit than had the previous Indian princely states.
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