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Not your ordinary cup of tea.. - Archives
Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Aug 12th 2008, 04:10 PM
I despise Bob 'Grecian Formula' Costas too, and have done for a very long time....he's yet another example of a "never-played-a-team-sport-in-my-life-and-got-my-ass-kicked-in-gym-class-by-the-jocks-everyday-but-look-at-where-I-am-now" know it all bullshit artist that thinks he's savvy AND amusing...

I didn't even bother to watch his handjob of an 'interview' with the sweaty, drunken monkey that had been embarassing his country publicly all day long...

The primetime coverage is appalling (as always) and has about 10 minutes of sport in every hour...the rest is filled up with erectile dysfunction commercials, competing spots trying to determine which watered down urine in a bottle is the better "beer" and when they actually bother to stop paying themselves and show some Olympic related stuff it's always some puff piece about the dire consequences that some athlete or other has had to overcome just to get to the games...All very appealing to the brain damaged I'm sure, but I for one would like to see some coverage of the actual competitions if that isn't too much to ask....

Oh, and the next person that tells me that synchronized ANYTHING is a sport, or that Olympic judges, in EVERY sport, are completely fair and above reproach or bias gets a mouthful of fist...

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Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Thu Mar 06th 2008, 12:57 PM
That gives her tons of experience at how to jiggle the handle in the upstairs bathroom in the residence if the toilet won't stop running...and bugger all else...

Her ONE major policy plan failed to get off the ground, but succeeded in mobilizing the right-wing enough to take over Congress and screw this country over forever...

She visited 80 countries, so what? Hell I've visited 15 countries does that make ME a foreign policy expert too? Hardly.

Her claim is specious and collapses upon deeper inspection...

Ready on day one to be commander-in-chief?

Really? When was the last time she was involved in direct military operations? How about fucking NEVER.

She admits to NEVER having read the NIE before casting the IWR THAT the sort of experience we need in the Oval Office?

She's a benzidrine puff adder making herself up to be something she isn't...

In other words she is no more qualified than her Democratic opponent...

But being Hillary she won't let a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good soundbite...just like her old man...
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Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Tue Jun 19th 2007, 03:03 PM
She might be a mighty fine person, heck she might even be a half-way decent Senator, but there is NO way she wins the GE in '08.

If you thought the corporate media went into a feeding frenzy when her husband was in office, just WAIT until they annoint her the nominee for the Democrats....

It'll be a 24/7 Clinton-Hate-Fest. Every single piece of specious, untrue, slanderous bullshit that they invented when WJC was in power will get repeated at the highest decibels from atop the tallest media towers in the land until the presstitutes lose their voices....

It has NOTHING to do with her gender, it has EVERYTHING to do with her last name.

Very infrequently do you get a second bite at the apple, and the media whores are salivating at the prospect of this being one of those times....

My guy isn't in the race (actually neither is the other one) so I have no axe to grind here, but it staggers me to see the HRC cheerleaders in here talking about her electability...what country are you living in? What have you been inhaling? Do you REALLY believe for a single solitary second that the wife of the most villified, yet popular president of the late 20th century stands a snowballs chance in hell at a fair shake? REALLY? Faux, MSRNC, the print press, GE-NBC, DISNEY-ABC are suddenly going to turn over a new leaf and become magically un-biased? You must be out of your minds...

The media in this country WANT her to be the nominee so they can BEAT THE SNOT OUT OF A CLINTON AGAIN....

Don't you get it?

Do as you wish, and support whomever you like, but don't try and deceive yourselves, if Hillary gets the media's wish and receives the Democratic nomination then it'll be 'Hello President Thompson/Romney/Guiliani' in January of '09.

Count on it.

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Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed May 23rd 2007, 10:09 AM
It is being shown around the world, not just here in the United States, but all around the world as a backing down by the MAJORITY party in Congress. After all of the bluster, and the tough talk, and the mention of "accountability" and "no blank checks", at the end of the day, when the chips were down, when it REALLY mattered, they caved. They put their tails between their legs and did as they were told.

Which leads me to this question.

If the failed republican agenda still prevails in the face of an allegedly Democratic-Led Congress then just what is the point?

What was the point of donating all of that time and money and effort to get these Democrats elected to office if they end up voting like republicans?

I remember in the run-up to the last election some folks here told the more liberal of us to bide our time and to accept the DLC'ers and the 'Blue Dog' Dems. We were assured that all that mattered was that after all was said and done we would have the majority, and we would control the agenda, and we would FINALLY be able to hold the giggling murderer in the WH accountable for his actions. Instead, what have we seen? Well, to be honest, not much. Pork continues to flow out of Congress like some foul and putrid river, and legislation of little consequence has been passed to much fanfare, but what REALLY matters, what the vote last year was REALLY about, has seen, in the end, no action at all.

These Democrats were elected as much on their promises for change (what a novel campaign slogan) as much as for their tough talk on accountability and bringing an end to the illegal occupation of Iraq. Instead, what we see is a pResident with almost historically low approval ratings, stamping his feet like a petulant child, kicking up a fuss and demanding that congress do things HIS way...and when he throws his pResidential veto toy out of the pram, the Congress, instead of chiding him and telling him to knock it off, pick up the toy and soothe him so that he won't throw the veto out again.

Accountability? Don't make me laugh. Responsibility? To whom? The voters? You must be joking.

This is the most back-breaking and spirit-crushing act of cowardice that I have seen in recent political memory. With the backing of over 70% of the electorate to bring an end this brutal, savage and totally unnecessary war, the newly-elected majority party has signalled, in no uncertain terms, that there is no fight too tough for them to back away from.

This one act alone will do more to empower and embolden these evil men than any other single act in the last six and a half years. Their greatest fear was realized when their party was kicked to the kerb last November, and for one brief second a slight shiver of panic might have run down their collective spines at the thought of Henry Waxman, John Conyers and Patrick Leahy wielding committee gavels and subpoena power. But instead of a mass panic and a desperate run to the exits, the shredders got fired up, e-mail servers got wiped clean and a firm, pudgy Rovian middle finger was raised to anyone that so much as uttered the word 'subpoena'. In other words, business as usual. Only this time it's worse, it's much, much worse, because now the republicans KNOW that the Democrats are wimps, and that even when they have their backs against the wall, all they have to do is roll their All-Hat-No-Cattle Connecticut Cowboy out in front of a crowd of military families, and say "BOO!" and the Democrats will cave.

My Dad has a saying for people like that, he says they're "All mouth and no trousers". Loosely translated into American-English it means 'talk the talk, but can't walk the walk'.

That is the perfect description of the current crop of Democrats in Congress.

All mouth, no trousers.
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Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Fri Nov 10th 2006, 01:32 AM
All of this talk of impeachment strikes me as little more than short-sighted, revenge-inspired payback.

You do realize, of course, that if we move immediately towards impeachment, and act out all of the supposed left-wing fantasies of revenge and retribution that every single gop campaign ad alleged, we will hand the GOP their campaign strategy for 2008 on a silver plate. All the gop would have to say in 2008 is "We told you so."

And you know what? They'd be right.

We need to show this country that they didn't just elect a bunch of vicious, vindictive, petty-minded partisans solely interested in revenge. We need to show this country that they voted for a party that is willing to roll up its' sleeves, and start fixing the problems that have been created by their predecessors. We need to show this country that they elected a party that is willing to work towards an end to the disastrous ME policy that has this, and many future generations, mired in endless debt and significantly less secure than when their predecessors took office. We need to show this country that they elected a party that is willing not only to shine a bright light on all of the dark little secrets and smoky back-room deals that defiled the once great halls of democracy, but to use that light to show the way forward. A way forward that insures the safety of social security, the security of health benefits, the security of this country's vast borders and the security of personal privacy and the right to speak ones mind.

Don't for a second think that I wouldn't relish the idea of impeaching the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for high crimes and misdemeanors. Lord knows that he has done far more to deserve impeachment than President Clinton ever did. But if that becomes the first and only order of business, then it appears as though the braying fools on the right were correct, and this election was simply about revenge and nothing more.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, so the saying goes, and that is no more appropriate than now. Right now the spotlight is shining on this newly Democratic Congress, and the iron is still very hot. We need to strike hard and strike fast. We need to strike with all of our might and start putting things back together. We need to use that heat to start reactivating the concept of checks and balances with robust and far-reaching investigations. Top-to-bottom investigations that ask all of the questions that have remained unasked these past six years. Investigations that root out the answers and bring to light the hidden depths to which this administration has gone in order to benefit the 'have mores' on the backs of the 'never gonna have any's'. Investigations that finally bring to the fore exactly what got us into the unholy mess that is euphemistically called "the war on terror".

These and other similar investigations will finally expose the nefarious and damn-near treasonous actions (and/or inactions) of the current administration and their ready, willing and able, thankfully soon-to-be unemployed, accomplices in the republican rubber-stamp congress. As each little nugget of truth comes to light, as each step down into the muck becomes glaringly obvious to even the most fervent denier, the groundswell of calls for impeachment will grow until it becomes a deafening roar. And when the calls become so loud as to be impossible to ignore, then, and ONLY then should we move to impeach. When the electorate asks for it, when the electorate pleads for it, when the electorate demands it we should then move to do the electorates' bidding, and impeach, after all, they elected the Democrats into the majority to take care of the people's business.

Until that happens, how about we knock off the circular firing squad act for a while...because, unless you haven't been paying attention, the republicans are showing us how skilled they are at that skill as well...

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Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Tue Oct 24th 2006, 03:52 PM
...threads for a while?

We KNEW that the presstitutes would be out there pimping for their masters.

We KNEW that the only voices that would be heard out there would be rethuglican ones.

We KNEW that the only faces seen on TV would be repignicans.

We KNEW that the Junta would be doing their worst.

We KNEW that we Democrats were going to get ridiculed, lambasted, slandered and attacked, and you know what? It hasn't changed the polls. The American people have finally, at long goddamned last had ENOUGH of the giggling, psycopathic torturer in the WH. They have finally had enough of the bribery, corruption and perversion of the Geriatric Old Pedophile party and they are ready to throw them out.

55% of those likely to vote surveyed by Newsweek magazine said they want the Democratic party in control. They could only muster 32% that feel the same way about the retardlicans.


That's their base.

You know, the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, fag-hating, God-loving, flag-worshipping, A-Rab-hatin' morans that they ALWAYS pander to. What's so significant about that number today, two weeks before the election? It tells us that the base is all they have. The "independents" are no longer buying the bullshit. The Democrats are more together than they have been in years, and the ONLY hope for the future war-criminals in the WH is to energize their base away from Monster-Truck Pulls and Pat Roberston long enough to get them to vote.

THAT'S why their ads are so hateful and negative. They have nothing left. Fear is no longer working for them. So they have to appeal to the most base of political and human instincts, hate.

And when you have to use hate you have already lost.

We WILL win in two weeks time.

We WILL take back the House.

We WILL take back the Senate.

We WILL restore some form of integrity, honour and legitimacy to this great country by throwing off the shackles of the illegitimate regime that has for too long kept us quiet and subdued.

We WILL end the nightmare that is Iraq, get our boys and girls home, and PROSECUTE those that committed crimes, ALL the way up the ladder.

We WILL get serious about securing the borders.

We WILL get serious about cutting the deficit, holding those pork-barrel spenders accountable, and reversing the tax-gifts to the republican elite.

We WILL do all of this on Tuesday Novemeber 7th, 2006, and I don't want to hear a word otherwise.

We WILL make it happen by being positive, upbeat, focussed and determined.

We KNEW the deck was going to be stacked against us, but THIS time we WILL succeed, if we pull together and give it our all.

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Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Tue Oct 03rd 2006, 04:10 PM
It amazes me that after 12 years of republican control in the House of Representatives, with one President impeached, and his successor nary questioned, that at long last the chickens appear to be coming home to roost. At long, long last the general public appears to have awoken to the fact that despite controlling all three levels of the Federal Government for the last five and a half of those twelve years, NONE of their 'elected' officials has done a darned thing to improve the quality of their lives. Despite being told that they are safer (but they still need to be afraid), that they are better off (REAL unemployment is way up, and the cost of living keeps costing more), that the economy is 'strong' (even though interest rates have sky-rocketted as have personal bankruptcies and home foreclosures), and that the 'war on turr' is going swimmingly (so says Horse-Face Coulter, never one to be confused with being either 'compassionate' or 'conservative'), it appears as though Mr.& Mrs. USA have finally figured out that something isn't quite right. It appears as though they just figured out that they've been sold a bill of goods, and that the bullshit they've been swallowing for the last 5 1/2 years really does taste and smell as bad as the Democrats have been saying it does all along.

And what has woken them up? Is it the brazen grab for almost autonomous power by the president and his cabal of jackals in the Whitehouse? No. Is it the shameful authorization of the use of torture when dealing with "enemies of the State" that finally did the trick? Nope. Or the staggeringly huge deficit that is increasing faster even than the death toll of innocent lives lost in Iraq? Not Likely. Never mind the tax gifts to the wealthy, or the lies and deceptions that started the whole God-awful misadventure in the Middle East, those had been swallowed years ago, with patriotic enthusiasm.

No, the reason the party that has done all it can to deconstruct the New Deal, destroy Medicare and authorize and support an illegal war is on the verge of being thrown out on their porcine rumps is due to a sex scandal. Imagine that. A tawdry, disgusting, highly inappropriate, almost certainly illegal sex scandal. And this time it's a republican caught in the trap, and he has smeared ALL republicans with his scent, so much so, that recent polls suggest that not only could the Democrats pick up a majority in the House, they might even be able to re-take the Senate. Think about that for a second, BOTH Houses with Democratic Chairpersons. Stalled agenda anyone? Almost makes me giddy. Almost.

But we still have five weeks to go. Five long weeks, an eternity in politics, to hold onto leads the Democrats have built, and to keep chiselling into slim leads that their opponents may currently have. And whom do we have to thank for this? Mark Foley.

The media, having been through the thorough training programme that was "All Monica/All the time" have bared their fangs and are preparing to dig into the juiciest of juicy political scandals, a sex scandal. And it finally proves that old Washington D.C. adage to be absolutely correct...

"Never get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy."

The republicans are learning that the hard way.

Ain't Karma grand?
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Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Thu Jun 22nd 2006, 11:54 PM
Other then the fact that it is blatantly unconstitutional, and that Congress is nothing more than a rubber stamp now anyway, the fact that there is a six-year window on this means that the gop feels safe enough that there will not be a Democratic congress this fall, nor will there be a Democratic President in two years that they think they can pass this into law.

Think about it, why on earth would they give this much potential power to their potential opponents in two years unless that election was already won?

Folks, we are on our own here. In the same way Germany didn't become the Third Reich overnight, neither has the US become a fascist state overnight, but if you stop for a moment and take stock of the shocking level of control that has been seized by the gop in this country since being installed six years ago, it should scare you shitless. Criticism of the ruling party gets shouted down as being unpatriotic or un-American, ordinary citizens are being spied upon with flagrant disregard to the Constitution under the guise of "National Security". E-mails, telephone calls, internet usage, financial and medical records are now open books to the ruling party. Elections are brazenly stolen and those that point it out are ridiculed and belittled as kooks or left-wing crazies. The president(sic) and his advisors ignore red-alert alarms about potential terrorist attacks, and then after our worst fears are realized the president(sic) stands on the bodies of those innocents allowed to die, and with bullhorn in hand tells us about how we will be protected by them and them alone. When a few brave souls point out the rulers role in allowing that dreadful day to unfold as it did, they send out their rabid junkyard dogs to bark and snarl and attack them with a level of vicious vitriole unparalleled in recent times.

We are led into an obscenely expensive, completely elective and totally unnecessary war based on deceptions, carefully parsed innuedo and outright lies. We became a nation that ignores the Geneva conventions with the permission and blessing of the Attorney General, and after occupying a country that had neither attacked us nor threatened to do so, became a nation that instead of ridding that country of torture and rape-rooms, simply took over it's most infamous prison Abu Ghraib, and hung a sign outside saying "Under New Management". We are told by the media that it's okay to torture these people because they "hate our freedoms". We are told by the media that we shouldn't criticise the president in a time of war. We are told that if we speak our minds we are aiding and abetting the enemy.

We are told that the economy is going from strength to strength, that the minimum wage doesn't need to be raised so that the poorest among us can afford $3 gasoline and it's insidious knock-on affect on the price of everyday goods. We are told that the rich need even more tax cuts, because those already gifted to them aren't quite sufficient to protect their already obscene wealth. We are told that the greatest threat to this country is not perpetual war, the decimation of the envionment, or the almost total erasure of the Bill of Rights, but rather homosexuals being allowed to marry, the "flood" of illegal immigrants and the freedom to burn Old Glory in protest. We are told by the numerous right-wing attack-dogs that "Democrat", "Liberal" and "Progressive" are dirty words, and only those that wish harm upon America would ever associate themselves with such people. The media that is supposed to report on what they see in an unbiased fashion, to investigate, to probe, to ask questions, does none of that and instead shapes what we see, interprets what we see, in one political direction and has allowed the concept of journalistic integrity to wither on the vine in their rush to spew fawning admiration on the ruling party.

We are told that our enemies hate us for our freedoms, but when we try and excercise those freedoms we are cowed into submission with the threat of more terror attacks. We are told that we are winning the war on terror and yet the body-count of brave young soldiers continues to mount. We are told that Iraq is on the road to independence, but we can't give them a date as to when we will leave.

This is about installing a permanent one-party rule. This is about the super wealthy taking over control of this country, crushing dissent, eliminating the middle-class and obliterating the constituion once and for all.

We have one last shot at stopping this. We have one last chance to stop the cancer that is killing this country from the inside, to end the deception and the lies, one last, final attempt to take this country back, and that happens this fall. It is time for all of us to do whatever we can to raise awareness, to motivate people, to enlighten everyone we know about just how important this election is. It is time to make the votes so overwhelmingly onesided that even Diebold will not be able to steal this election without it being so obvious that even the bought-and-paid-for wholly-owned subsidiaries of corporate America formerly known as "The Media" will be unable to ignore it.

If we don't it'll be all over. Game, set and match. That grand experiment originally set up by the founding fathers so many years ago will have officially failed. The ruling elite will have won, and the rest of us will be permanently beholden to them as their over-worked, under-paid serfs. And this line-item veto power grab is simply the most recent, blatantly obvious step down that highway.

God help us all.
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Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Tue May 09th 2006, 02:38 PM
..I liked her as the First Lady, she's a fairly solid Dem vote in the Senate, but if she gets crammed down our throats as the nominee in '08 we are so completely fucked it won't be funny....

She is the right-wing's wet-dream of a nominee, they'll be able to dredge up all of the made-up bullshit they slung at her when her husband was in office, and she'll NEVER be able to go on the offensive without appearing brash or "bitchy" and painted as thus by the lap-dog media...

I know this has been said time and time again, but I just read an article on about her cozying up to Satan (Rupert Murdoch) and the words "Democratic front-runner" were scattered hither and yon, and it just filled my heart with dread...

We will NEVER get this country back unless we take the House in '06 and the WH in '08 and Hillary ain't the one to do it...

Here endeth the rant...
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Posted by truebrit71 in Latest Breaking News
Thu Mar 16th 2006, 11:59 PM
Let's make it about your enabling of the chimperor's agenda. Let's make it about the Iraq war and your failure to do anything to stop it. Let's make it about Chief Justice Roberts, or Scalito, or your failure to join in on ANY criticism of the pretzeldent's illegal wire-tapping.

See, it's easy, we'll make it about just those FIVE issues.

Fair enough?

Because we know how you stood your ground in defense of the Constitution on ALL of those issues, right Joe? We KNOW how you were the ONLY Democrat brave enough to challenge the mis-administration when they broke the law, right Joe? And we KNOW that you bravely led the charge to call the mis-administration to account for the lies it told leading this country into an unnecessary war, and the spine-tingling rhetoric you used to lambast the mis-administration's mis-steps and outright failures to deal with Katrina, right Joe?

Why don't we make it about those issues Joe? You know, the ones where you stood up for the rank and file of YOUR party and said 'Enough!' The ones where you went against the tide and stood out like a shining beacon of light to proclaim how things were going horribly wrong under the present regime but you would stay true to your principles and protect the common man.

Oh wait, you can't do that can you? Because you were too busy NOT ruffling feathers. You were too busy kow-towing to the republican agenda. You were too busy rushing to get your pat on the back from Sean Hannity, or to have your happy-smiling face photographed next to the president guffawing like old hunting buddies. You weren't there to do those things were you? Nope. Not once.

You are an embarrassment to the Democratic party Joe. The only difference between you and Zell Miller is that Zell Miller isn't pretending to be a Democrat anymore. So so us a favour and give back that (D) beside your name, and run in the republican primary instead. At least you'd be guaranteed one vote, from your number one fan. Sean Hannity.
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Posted by truebrit71 in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Tue Mar 14th 2006, 01:51 PM
Will Senator Feingold's motion backfire?
...simply appalling....

I agree with what Sen Feingold is doing, but if/when this thing gets smacked down, we will have given yet ANOTHER arrow for the gop to use against us in the fall...This move will put the gop on the offensive again, and be another opportunity to paint the Dems as unpatriotic, un-American, and un-trustworthy..

With JR's approval rating in free-fall, and scandal after scandal piling up on all of the rethuglican criminals, did we really need to hand them a free-swing with their favourite "We're stonger and more patriotic than they are" bat?

I don't think so.
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D'you want sugar with that luv?
Hello and welcome to my journal. I have no idea how this all works, but I thought "bugger it, I'll give it a shot."

It may wind up being a collection of my rabid postings at DU, or it might become a series of my own particular rants about anything and everything...we shall see...So sit down, put your feet up and enjoy a nice cup of Rosie Lee....
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