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understandinglife's Journal - Archives
Posted by understandinglife in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Sep 23rd 2008, 11:49 PM
Buffett's Berkshire betting $5 billion on Goldman

Wednesday September 24, 12:09 am ET
By Anna Jo Bratton, Associated Press Writer

In big vote of confidence, Buffett's Berkshire buying at least $5 billion stake in Goldman

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) -- One of the world's shrewdest dealmakers is betting $5 billion of his investors' money that the U.S. financial system is not about to collapse. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. said Tuesday it investing at least $5 billion in Goldman Sachs Group Inc., a huge vote of confidence for one of the survivors of the credit crisis that felled two of its investment banking peers.

In addition to buying $5 billion in preferred stock, Berkshire also got warrants to buy another $5 billion in Goldman's common stock. Goldman also said late Tuesday it would raise another $2.5 billion in its own public stock offering.

Got that, everyone.

One of the most savvy investors on the planet just pumped $5B into GS and took warrants on an additional $ 5B of Goldman equity.

Ask yourself, what is the message.

For starters, Warren Buffett is one of Senator Obama's key economic advisers.

Next, Warren Buffett has just told every member of the Senate and the Congress what ANY INVESTOR should receive for ANY $$ they invest in ANY financial institution - EQUITY and then some.

So, why would ANY tax payer expect ANYTHING LESS?






If some financial institution wants a tax payer dollar then that tax payer gets equity and full shareholder rights.

Anything less is ROBBERY.

Warren Buffett has exposed Bush, Paulson and all the rest of the neoconsters for what they are - GANGSTERS.

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Posted by understandinglife in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Sep 23rd 2008, 08:52 PM

DIGG IT - Rep. DeFazio Speaks on the Bush Bailout Plan - Sept 23rd

Senator Reid, Congresswoman Pelosi:

1. The most toxic place for any incumbent Republican between now and 4 Nov 2008 is DC.

2. The most powerful place for any incumbent Democratic member of the House and the Senate during that interval is in DC.

3. As John McLame says - DRILL, DRILL, DRILL ... into Freddie and Fannie, into Lehman and Goldman, into all the conflicts of interest that Paulson and others have, into why $700B, and why now, and .... DRILL, DRILL, DRILL.

4. Hold Press Conferences daily, explaining in simple sentences what you are learning and what it means to each and every tax payer.

5. Have different Members of the both the House and Senate participate in those Press Conferences.

6. Only vote on legislation that ensures that each tax payer has equity (via a "National Trust" or some other management mechanism) in any financial institution that their tax dollars are used to stabilize.

7. Launch criminal investigations as warranted and most definitely examine RICO aspects of all we have been witnessing.

By doing so, you are doing your job in a very visible and meaningful manner - just what your respective constituencies expect.

By doing so, you will be enabling those members of the Democratic Party campaigning against Republican incumbents to be pointing to every single day that that Republican is not in DC doing their job instead of politicking.

Get serious.

You have failed us on Iraq, on FISA, on SCOTUS, on Habeas corpus, on Torture, on Katrina, on failing to hold accountable those responsible for election fraud in 2000 and 2004, and much more.

Don't fail us now.
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Posted by understandinglife in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Sep 22nd 2008, 11:39 AM
Please, do not allow anyone to confuse you or anyone you know.

You work.

You pay taxes.

That's YOUR money, they are talking about spending.

If they want to spend your money on ANY financial company then YOU get stock - stock with the same voting privileges of the most preferred version of security that that company has issued.

For every dollar invested, you the tax payer, now OWN equity in whatever company the US Treasury invests.

Do not allow anyone to distract you from this simple outcome - YOU ARE THE INVESTOR, YOU ARE THE SHAREHOLDER and you have full shareholder rights in every company your tax dollars are invested.

Call bullshit every time someone says 'bailout'. This is not a bailout if your money is involved, this is you becoming an owner.
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... pivotal as now.

4 Nov 2008 is a definitive decision moment in the history of the Republic.

We won't get a replay opportunity.

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One of the Senate's most progressive members ripped John McCain on Tuesday for offering a phony populist self-portrayal in the wake of the current crisis in the financial markets. In the process, Sherrod Brown of Ohio raised the Republican nominee's involvement in the Keating Five scandal as evidence that voters couldn't trust McCain's record on both the economy and ethics.

"It is not so much his economic proposals but his economic record," Brown said of McCain. "His main adviser is Phil Gramm -- he was his mentor in the Senate -- and you just tie it all together. Of course John McCain supported the oil industry, he has oil lobbyists working for him. Of course John McCain supported these trade agreements, he has got Wall Street people working for him... It is all wrapped up together. John McCain is a creature of these interest groups in Washington. He is no maverick and, from the Keating Five on, his ethics have been questionable. He's not a maverick and Barack has got to just keep hammering on that."

In referencing McCain's involvement in that 1980's Savings and Loans controversy, Brown has gone where the Democratic nominee himself has only tread subtly. During his speech on Tuesday, Obama drew parallels between that industry collapse and the current stumbles of the housing and financial sectors.

"Instead of sensible reform that rewarded success and freed the creative forces of the market, too often we've excused an ethic of greed, corner-cutting and inside dealing that threatens the long-term stability of our economic system," he said. "It happened in the 1980s, when we loosened restrictions on Savings and Loans and appointed regulators who ignored even these weaker rules. Too many S&Ls took advantage of the lax rules set by Washington to gamble that they could make big money in speculative real estate."

Now that's what we need ... Thank you Senator Brown!

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Posted by understandinglife in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Sep 16th 2008, 11:49 PM
The bigots and self-righteous members of the cult of greed were all to ready to portray the deplorable lack of response to Katrina as folk awaiting the government to help them as if they had any other hope of survival.

The other meme was the even more bigoted depiction of those trying to survive as nothing more than looting criminals.

We are all well aware of the contrivance.

So, I thought it worthwhile to bring to the attention of those smug creeps the reality of what we have witnessed in the past few days.

In their thousand dollar empty suits and all secure in their multi-million dollar parachutes the avaricious vultures of Wall St. went begging to their buddies in DC …. begging for what ultimately will be dollars deducted from the pay checks of the millions of Americans whom work every day and actually pay taxes.

Government announces $85 billion loan to save AIG

Tuesday September 16, 10:57 pm ET

Government announces $85 billion loan to rescue AIG to stave off further financial turmoil

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a bid to save financial markets and economy from further turmoil, the U.S. government agreed Tuesday to provide an $85 billion emergency loan to rescue the huge insurer AIG. The Federal Reserve said in a statement it determined that a disorderly failure of AIG could hurt the already delicate financial markets and the economy.


"The President supports the agreement announced this evening by the Federal Reserve," said White House spokesman Tony Fratto. "These steps are taken in the interest of promoting stability in financial markets and limiting damage to the broader economy."

Yep. $85 Billion dollars of OUR money to rescue a bunch of greedy creeps.

And, all those finger-wagers at the most helpless of our society, are sitting in some plush restaurant or club toasting another rip-off of the system while enjoying yet another several thousand dollar extravaganza of food and booze.


You betcha.


You betcha.


You betcha.

................ eom.

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Obama: If you believe that, I've got a bridge in Alaska to sell you

"But now suddenly, John McCain says he is about change, too. He even started using some of my lines. Suddenly he says he wants 'to turn the page.' He had an ad today that he started running that he and Gov. Palin would bring the change that we need. He had this in an advertisement. Sound familiar? Let me tell you something, instead of borrowing my lines he needs to borrow our ideas," Obama said.

He followed up with s dig on lobbyists, saying "if you think those lobbyists are working day and night for John McCain just to put themselves out of business, well then I've got a bridge to sell you up in Alaska."

So, Johnny, are you gonna call in sick on the 26th ....

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Content of email:

A meme develops, and it is a simple one - "John McCain is a Liar."

To wit -

And -

And -

The Barack Obama campaign could not have been more on target -- McCain would "rather lose his integrity than lose an election."

Dick Cavett summarizes it quite well for those still trying to imagine McCain the way they so want him to be - "Every time I nostalgically try to regain my liking of John McCain, he reaches into his sleaze bag and pulls out something malodorous."

Check Cavett's "Experience 101" can be found here -

And, for those whom enjoy learning by watching and listening -

So, what to do .... well all I ask is that you share these insights and video links with as many voting age persons as you know. Request that, at a minimum, they read, register to vote and, most importantly, VOTE.

It's for each of them to vote for their choice, and this time around the difference between the candidates could not be more clear.

I've sent this message to many.

Please consider doing the same - and feel free to just use it or modify it any way you'd like.

And, Mods, feel free to use in a DU Activist initiative if you think it worthwhile.


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Posted by understandinglife in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Sep 11th 2008, 11:39 PM
... as you told us, and you never compromised your source(s) or leaked details.

A Tangled Story of Addiction

Consequences of Cindy McCain's Drug Abuse Are More Complex Than She Has Portrayed

By Kimberly Kindy
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 12, 2008; Page A01

Yes. This is a big deal.

And, I want to know how many in the DEA knew she was using a "diplomatic passport" to avoid baggage inspections and travel internationally, with controlled substances ... just for starters.

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We are out here - the Republicans or ex-Republicans who will no longer tolerate the racist, despicable slime machine that the right wing and the John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign has become. I know, for I am one of them. I am not your typical progressive, being an ex- Air Force officer (9 years), evangelical Christian, card carrying conservative, Rush/Hannity listener - an now an Obama supporter in John McCain's home state of Arizona.

And I know I am not alone - for one, my grown sons are with me. My older, now in college, proudly rides around with Obama stickers on his scooter. He, also, was raised an evangelical Christian, and goodness knows I subjected him to a conservative worldview.

So what gives? Why are we out here - the Rebublican Obama supporters, the ones you don't expect.


How about a DU Activist call to action! 10,000 Diggs in the next 48 hours. Or more.

Make it happen.

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Former New York Mayor Ed Koch, who endorsed and worked for George W. Bush in 2004, is endorsing Obama today, NY1 first reported.

I asked Koch just now what prompted the move.

"The designation of Palin to be vice president," he said. "She's scary."

HT to Rian Fike

Now from the AP:

Former NY mayor: Palin 'scares the hell out of me'

By KAREN MATTHEWS – 12 minutes ago -

NEW YORK (AP) — Saying that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin "scares the hell out of me," former New York Mayor Ed Koch endorsed fellow Democrat Barack Obama on Tuesday.

In 2004, Koch backed President Bush for re-election saying the Republican incumbent was better equipped to combat international Islamic terrorism than Democratic candidate John Kerry.


"Protecting and defending the U.S. means more than defending us from foreign attacks," Koch said, citing such concerns as civil liberties, abortion rights, gay rights and access to health insurance.

Koch said he is particularly troubled by Palin's record in those areas. "It's Palin primarily," he said. "She scares the hell out of me."

Needless to say, this will play well in Florida ... among other places ....

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... the Bush-McCain record. Because seven years after 9/11, we are still fighting a war without end in Iraq and we still haven’t taken out the terrorists responsible for 9/11. We heard no explanation for why Osama bin Laden is still at large, because that’s where George Bush and John McCain’s judgment has gotten us. President Bush’s speech today underscored that we cannot afford more of the same.

Little doubt our future President knows what the message is and how to make it stick.

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... Bush record -- and McCain's complicity in it. My friends, that's accomplishment we can believe in.


The next few weeks are a test of Barack Obama.

He needs to dramatically redirect this election back to a discussion over the issues that really matter -- the issues that will impact the future of this country. A presidential campaign is a battle and this is the time for Obama to show some commander-in-chief skills. I'm not talking about calling Palin out for lying about his record and demeaning community organizing. I'm talking about grabbing the political debate by the throat. The country is already angry about what's happened over the last seven-plus years -- he shouldn't be afraid to give voice to that anger. Obama has spent years adopting a non-threatening persona; but he can't let his fear that appearing like an "angry Black man" (a stereotype not-too-subtly fueled by Fox News) will turn off swing voters keep him from channeling the disgust and outrage felt by so many voters --swing and otherwise.

McCain's team, in an effort to distract, is going to keep doing what they're doing -- diverting voters and the media with a tantalizing combination of personal trivia and small lies. It doesn't matter if they're caught in them -- in fact, all the better. Because they know there is no way in hell they can win if this election is about the big truth of the Bush years.

Thank you, Arianna, definitely one of your best ever!!

So ...

I promise to only post about McCain == Bush ... and be as creative as possible in doing so.

How about the rest of you?

Not telling you what to do ... just asking that you consider focusing on only one thing from now until 5 Nov 2008 --

McCain == Bush

I know I've been distracted, but not any longer.

McCain == Bush

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Posted by understandinglife in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun Sep 07th 2008, 05:19 PM
Last I checked, Congress never declared war on Iraq.

Last I checked, Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" on May 1, 2003.

Last I checked, Iraq has been comprehensively shown not to have any WMD.

Last I checked, the Iraqi government wants the US to exit.

So, John McCain, how is it that doing as Barack Obama has consistently said he would do as President, in any way, a defeat?


Cross posted at blog

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State Senator Johnny Ellis (well respected and bipartisan) also made an appearance on KUDO, and stated that he firmly believed that no vetting process had happened.

He was in contact with anyone who’s anyone in Republican circles, and no one was contacted about anything.

Only Palin’s lawyer has claimed to have been contacted by the McCain camp, but never specified whether it was before or after she was selected.

He wrapped it up by saying that he felt if we asked ourselves the question in our heart of hearts, no matter how we may feel about Palin personally, she is definitely not qualified to be the commander in chief, and leader of the free world.

McCain and Palin do one and only one thing really, really well -- LIE.


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