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HughBeaumont's Journal - Archives
Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Thu Nov 03rd 2011, 11:33 AM
Amazing how many peasants still love their oppressors and hate the oppressed. Reagan was a "divide-and-conquer" master, playing on working/middle class white's hatred and distrust of anyone he deemed "lesser" and "lazy".

His PR team successfully painted the modern Republicans as take-charge he-men cowboys and Democrats as everything from effete pantywaist elitists to communist subversives, a myth that still holds true today with many Americans.

He governed using ramped-up 50's fear and the threat of nuclear holocaust, something our society and children stressed out over all through the 80s.

He made racism acceptable, the wealthy as benevolent overlords (who he ushered in the White House to permanently camp and "advise") and Horatio Alger as a tongue-in-cheek blueprint for all American workers . . . the idea that with just the right amount of pluck and extremely hard work, anyone can make it big.

Long after he was out of office and well on the journey into cerebral oblivion, Reagan's long stenchy shadow unfortunately looms over American life. Even though political parties have changed, Reaganomics never LEFT. We STILL practice this incredibly destructive pure Freidmanite capitalism despite all evidence that it's killing economic progress for everyone except a select few, whose incomes and wealth are inflating daily.

We still constantly have to be at WAR with someone, support dictatorships and exploit cheap resources and labor.

This backwards wooden fundamentalist puppet ruined and continues to ruin America. Reagan was a lousy president, a twisted human being and a laughingstock. While still following and lauding his supposed "legacy", America will remain a laughingstock also.
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Tue Nov 01st 2011, 07:18 AM

Ronald Reagan beat out Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the former president Americans would like to see in the White House during these trying economic times, a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll finds.

Thirty-six percent of those polled said they wanted the Gipper to lead America out of the economic crisis, while 29 percent picked Roosevelt. Thomas Jefferson came in third place with the support of 14 percent of those polled, followed by Roosevelt’s successor Harry Truman at 8 percent. William Henry Harrison, who was inaugurated in March 1841 and died one month later, came in last with 1 percent support.

Yeah, let's put back the guy who raised taxes on the middle class, defanged unions, coddled the wealthy and generally installed the very economic system that's responsible for this MESS!!

UHmerica - making the world laugh their asses off, one brainscrubbed Fox viewer at a time . . .
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Wed Oct 26th 2011, 11:42 AM
A popular political position among Republicans and Libertarians alike is to lower or abolish the Minimum Wage.

The current Federal minimum is 7.25. Some states have rates higher than that. 7.25/hour wasn’t an adequate wage in 1995, let alone 16 years later. Many Americans are forced to make do with just such a sum, thanks to 31 years of scorch-the-Earth economic policy.

So, astonishingly (or not so astonishingly, really), with so many Americans struggling to make ends meet and going into debt just to feed themselves, it’s naturally an appropriate time for Republicans to dole out one of their more head-scratching positions that they say will improve the economy – to lower, or even more hilarious yet, get rid of the Minimum Wage.

Now, I want you to plumb the depths of your inner, evil dark side. Spelunk, if you will, to the tar-black, rotted icy heart that comprises Republican logic.

I want to hear a rational and logical explanation, one that requires no drop in IQ points or empathy to understand, as to how saddling struggling, debt-heavy workers with an even LOWER minimum wage than they’re already bound by is going to somehow improve the economy.

(aside: You and I both know the real reason these pigs want to lower the minimum wage is to please their cheap-labor crony handlers so that they can get away with paying them 3, 2, maybe ONE dollar an hour. Or use it as an excuse to pilfer the never-ending supply of cheap and cheaper foreign labor. This is called “benefit of the doubt”. Play along.)
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Wed Oct 26th 2011, 04:56 AM
I don't really know why anyone's surprised. Ask anyone who was a punk rock kid in the 80s how California & DC police treated kids who weren't resisting their arrest for . . . well, they really never knew what they were being harassed and intimidated for, really.

Do people really still think they protect and treat everyone equally?

Example: in 2007. Here are scenes from the anti-war protest. 5 piglet "Gathering of the Eagles" freepers are beating a Gold Star dad up.

So for sure, these assailants, identified and in broad daylight, will be brought to justice, right?

Funny . . . it looks like the assaulters in question aren't being the least bit inconvenienced by DC's "finest".

Oh, and during that march, I saw firsthand how these "Patriots", protected by police from us "rioting demonstrators" who were instructed by the organizers of the event not to engage them (yeah, I'm sure they'll offer us the same courtesy), practiced intimidation, menacing and assault. During that march, a freeper jumped a barricade, assaulted a woman and threw her camera to the ground. Where was HIS arrest?

This happened in August of that same year. Wow, takes two 250 lb + officers to strong-arm and knee-hold a woman with a broken leg. That's reasonable. He's so stressed and the situation's so out of control, he even takes the time to pepper spray a would-be photographer. Hmmmmmm . . .

They turn a blind eye to just about everything The Gathering of the (Kl)Eagles, Town hall disruptors or the TeaHadists have pulled off for years.

Liberal demonstrators, no matter how small or large in numbers, can look forward to beatings, macings and arrests for the most meaningless of infractions.

This doesn't just hold true for normal protest - it's true for Presidential events as well.

Bush's Coronation 2005: along the parade route - rows and rows and rows of State Troopers, 3-5 rows deep, shoulder to shoulder, all in Kevlar, all armed to the teeth. Sidewalk police - full riot gear, 3 foot batons, shields. Mounted police. Security Checkpoints were well-staffed and flowing smoothly . . . I got in the parade route in a whopping 20 minutes. All for less than half of what came to Obama's event four years later.

Oh, and speaking of Obama's Inauguration . . . A patrolman every, what, 15 feet? No shoulder to shoulder rows. Didn't see the tons of riot cops. Sharpshooters here and there. Meh. Checkpoint security was grossly understaffed - took 8 hours just to even get in the parade route in 8 degree weather. For thousands upon thousands of people per street, they had four very slow moving bottlenecks. It's like they were doing everything in their power to discourage people.

Obama presidential speaking events, post 2009 - "Patriots" show up brandishing sidearms and rifles.

Now think about it. You can say "but they wasn't along his path" all you like.

What would happen if you were spotted in the open half a mile away from where Bewsh was gonna speak with a sidearm or a rifle, and you were liberal?? What would happen?

Think you'd receive that same blind eye?

You'd be in prison, and you KNOW it.

So don't anyone tell me they "protect and serve" us equally. It's bullshite.
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Tue Oct 25th 2011, 08:22 AM /

Well, problem solved, I guess . . .

The sad thing is, people who think like this will go "WHAT? Those two anchors are right!!"
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Mon Oct 24th 2011, 12:18 PM

Attention Republicans: As a small-business owner, I can assure you that cutting my taxes, trashing my schools and teachers, and decimating my fire, police, and government regulatory services that keep corporate greed in check are not ever going to get me to hire anyone.

It is and will always be customers that create jobs -- mostly middle-class customers that have not been squeezed into poverty through your efforts to transfer the majority of the nation's wealth to the richest 1 percent of us. I will hire new employees only when I have enough new customers to justify new employees.

Cutting taxes for ultra-wealthy individuals, corporations, and those who would sacrifice our clean water, air, and land for short-term profits does not create lasting jobs. Does everyone forget the 16 million American jobs we have lost due to Bush and Republican policies? Wake up and smell the greed.

Brian Smith, Cuyahoga Falls

If only we could hear this from MORE business owners. Too bad we only hear from the Steve Wynns of the world, telling us how the unchanged-from-the-Bewsh-Years Obama Administration's policies are absolutely CRUSHING their businesses with "teh overtax and teh overregulashin!"
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Sun Oct 23rd 2011, 11:34 AM

To which I say THANK YOU. Nothing gets past you, does it, Long Duk Dong?

I pray the Occupy Wall Street protest lasts until Election Day 2012. The more clarity shown between these mindless freeloaders and the Tea Party, the better off we'll be.

The Tea Party has a message that's clear and precise: less government, lower taxes and more personal responsibility. The incoherent message from this collection of ignorance ranges from "down with capitalism" to "let's eat the rich." Clearly, the intellect of these spoiled malcontents is in short supply.

Politicians who align themselves with these misfits, Reps. Betty Sutton and Dennis Kucinich among them, will probably pay for their stupidity at the polls. If the left is trying to duplicate the proven success of the Tea Party, they are failing miserably.

That dreadful stench coming from Zuccotti Park in New York is the smell of desperation, and it's spreading throughout the progressive movement. And all the while President Barack Obama proudly stands over the demise of his party and of our country. Next November, the conservatives will stand proudly over the demise of the shameful left when true hope and change is delivered to America.

Jeff Longo, North Royalton

Yeah, TRUE hope and change . . . the policies of Bewsh 43/Reagan on steroids PLUS an Old Testament social agenda. You know, because THAT has a proven 3-decade-long record of unparallelled success for 'Murka's workers!!!

Oh yeah, this right wing rag last week ENDORSED the very-damaging-to-unions Issue 2, which includes Kat$hit's Senate Bill 5.

There aren't enough facepalms for this paper or this whitey-suburbanite Bircher shitbag's hippie-punching assertions.
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Fri Oct 21st 2011, 04:43 AM
(Copied that verbatim, BTW)

My response:

Corporate America is already doing such an astounding job failing our children's future that I don't think they need any extra help.

Think about it.

If your kid has a college degree, where's he/she going to go that an overseas kid who can get that same degree can't be imported here to do it for less (or they just offshore the damned job)?

If your kid isn't cut out for college (as many aren't), where are they going to go? There ain't any more Hank Fords rising up outta the woodwork, building them some factories here and paying their workers a fair wage - they have Malaysians and Chinese slaves for that sort of thing now.

For all of you "bootstrapers", people with Masters degrees are getting laid off through no fault of their own. I don't know, should it be their fault for not having an inexhaustible supply of liquid money to go to college continually with? Are we going to tell them they "simply didn't work HARD ENOUGH"?? Who pays for these multiple trips to college? What do they train for? What job do you GO to after PhD qualification . . . SUPER PhD? Do you need a PhD now to do the same job you needed a Bachelors for 15 years ago? What changed in that job?

I take that back . . . maybe they should fail . . . since they'd better get used to a whole lot of it when they get older. Unaffordable college, weakest hiring since 9/11/01, near-zero job growth in 10 years, what seems to be an ever worsening job market to come out to, stagnant to worsening wages in the face of an ever-increasing cost of living, no forseeable career fields on the horizon to replace the outgoing ones, no veering away from 31-year Reaganomics since corporate America and government are now one in the same . . .

Sing it with me . . . "I believe that children are our future . . . teach them well and let them lead the way" PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT.

It's amazing that I don't get defriended more.
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion: Presidency
Thu Oct 13th 2011, 07:31 AM
When is America going to finally renounce Reaganomics?

When are we going to start putting progressives in Washington instead of Republicans disguised as Democrats and Fascists not-so-disguised as Republicans?

When are Americans going to stop believing in Horatio Alger?

When is Washington and corporate America (but I repeat myself ) going to stop enhancing themselves and start caring about the American PEOPLE?

When is corporate America going to get out of their fantasyland scenario of constant revenue and profit without additional business? HOW does that work exactly?

Our problems are beyond presidents at this point. This whole system is corrupt from head to toe.

But what are you going to do?

Putting a "Democrat" in office apparently now means never-ending Reaganomics and never-ending military occupations.

Putting a fascist in office means all of the above, plus the US turns into ChurchMerica and our kids get taught creationism and get dumber.

Black, white, brown, woman, man, alien, senior . . . BLLLLLAAARRRGHHH!!!!

When is America going to put progressives in the White House and Congress?

We cannot afford to continue on this path. We can't. And no amount of apologia or fearmongering is going to change that fact.
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Mon Oct 10th 2011, 08:52 PM

Elizabeth Hasselbreath was yapping up this graphic on The View today.

Soooooooooo . . . by your somehow awesome logic, because we're not all taking to the looms, the smithies, the mills, tilling the soil, using smoke signals, milkin' the cows, hatchin' the eggs, hunting/gathering, welding us some devices or building our own cars . . . this makes OWS "hypocritical"?

Here's the deal, slapass who made this idiotic graphic and trying to make a little "point" somehow: I can easily turn this around on your dumb ass and say "this is a picture perfect argument for WHY they're protesting"!! Buying local is getting harder and harder to do every day, especially if you don't live in a big city. Corporations can undercut the little guy in cost, distribution and profit/loss, making starting a business and succeeding at it damned near improbable. Everything you pointed to is made by slave labor to make the 1% rich. They still underemploy, overcharge and underpay us while being vastly undertaxed and pocketing fortunes. THAT is what's wrong and THAT's the point of the protests.

You know, it's kind of like when you TeaHadists use public-funded busses to attend your governmentally-permitted protests held in public parks to protest getting the government (really dog whistle for "LIB'RULS") out of your Medicare and Social Security. Or maybe you're using a GPS (DOD cartography) to get there. Then you go home using Hmmmm, THE HIGHWAY with your Support your Troops sticker on your bumper and cook your USDA-tested meat on an OSHA-approved grill and drink certified safe water from your taps. Before going to sleep, you'll probably surf the Internet or watch your Faux News or listen to Rush, who are (gasp) Union Members (AFTRA)!!. Come Monday, you'll attend your job that some buncha commie unions said should only be 8 hours at a fair living wage, with additional overtime pay if you work longer than 40 hours.

Walking that walk?

Same shit.

You ain't "walking the walk" your DAMNED selves. None of us do. Yet each and every ONE of us deserve to make our voice heard when it comes to injustice.

Really want to take US to task, 1%er wannabes?
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Thu Oct 06th 2011, 08:24 AM
Really easy to shoot this down - without equitably distributed "wealth", however great or small, there isn't going to be much work to have ethic FOR. Demand creates jobs, not noblesse oblige. Republicans don't seem to get that there can be no private wealth without existing public wealth.

There's another thing . . . why is it that anyone who says this usually is the polar opposite of wealthy? Is it refusal to accept you're a peasant?

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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Wed Oct 05th 2011, 02:12 PM
Erin “Beijing” Burnett. Andrea Mitchell. Herman Cain. Donald Trump. Stephen Moore. Jonathan Hoenig. Chuckles Gasparino. Mitt Romney.

Now that The Movement is underway and cannot be ignored, it’s like they’re all reading from the same Roger Ailes-Chuck Koch-coordinated cue card:

“No one knows what they want!!1!!”, which, in turn, goes into “Those silly naifs don’t know it, but they’re mad at Obama’s failed policies!!”

Hermster Cain laughingly even pulled out the “bootstraps” card, telling the protesters to “Blame Yerselves” if they aren’t rich (assuming they all want to be rich in the first place . . . assuming).

You gotta wonder if so many people in so many powerful positions can be this clueless and out of touch and still walk erect.

Apparently, they can.

Especially when you consider that, economically, not much has changed from the previous administration as far as the Honey One Percenters are concerned.

Not one tax has been raised. Corporate profits are at record heights. 10% of the country owns 71% of the wealth. Not one person or entity responsible for 2008 has been investigated or indicted. Hiring, as pathetic as it’s been, has been reversed from 500-700k jobs lost per month. Life has not been made one atom-speck less comfortable for the ownershit class. They really have absolutely no reason to bitch or be “uncertain”.

The 99%? EVERY reason on the planet.

- The economy, for the past 30 years, has been primarily built on war/defense, pharmaceuticals, insurance, debt investment, technology and risky financial instruments; with the exception of technology, all unstable, speculative sectors and concentrate wealth and security on the top of the chain,

- Pretty much every social program has either been cut or de-funded, resulting in poor schools, crumbling infrastructure and a social safety net that isn't worth the paper it's non-existent plan is printed on.

- With the exception of the Clinton years, taxes on the wealthy have been lower and lower with each passing year, which is part of the reason for a 14 trillion dollar increase in the national debt (the other part being worthless, illegal and greed-based wars) and affecting the economy with booms, bubbles and crashes rather than steady job creation and real wealth building.

- Manufacturing, Automotive and General Industry in the US has gone the way of the Dodo, resulting in several million displaced workers, many of whom will be experiencing long periods of un/under-employment.

- College costs have skyrocketed while college degrees (thanks to there being substantially less jobs available than college-educated workers that can fill them) have become all but worthless.

- Our corporations have been overrun by Friedmanite bean-counters who refuse to veer from this predatory plan that has failed the overall economy for that same amount of time (you know, unless you happen to be well-monied . .. then it works out just fine).

- Incomes of the wealthy have increased anywhere from 29 to 1000 percent while the average worker makes, in real dollars, the same income he/she did in 1973 (this same condition was prevalent in the Great Depression as well).

- Job security no longer exists in many American occupational sectors, which now require massive amounts of time and expensive training to even get entry to.

- Offshore out/in-sourcing has replaced paying American citizens good wages and has jeopardized the future of at least 14 million jobs by 2015 according to one survey.

And people have the unmitigated gall to say “No one knows what they want?”

How about “STRUCTURE and STABILITY?” How about the notion of a fair living wage for an honest day’s work? How about the notion of long-term goals instead of short term gain and profit? How about REAL “shared sacrifice”?? How about making capitalism well-functioning, regulated and BORING again? How about not operating international business as if it were a whiskey-throttle casino in which the 1% wins at the rigged roulette wheel every time?

“No one knows what they want??”

Are you idiots still going to say that when we’re at the doors of your mansions, board rooms and limos?

WISE up. GROW up. SHUT up. No one’s buying your coordinated nonsense anymore . . . and you’re sweating.
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Mon Oct 03rd 2011, 08:49 AM
They should all just go home now.

They have no coherent message. They have no solidified goal.

“Waaaaah! I hate the banksters! I want them to be prosecuted! I want Justice!!!”

News Flash, people: Greed isn’t a crime. The “banksters” didn’t commit defined crimes, they’re not going to be prosecuted and they’re not going to make things fairer. Making things fairer is anathema to all that they and their businesses are.

The protesters should just accept this zero-sum life for what it is: The rich will get exponentially richer because THEY are the productive class while the poor get ever poorer, all because the poor want something for nothing and because they refuse to work ridiculously harder than they already are for something better. Don’t grab a sign, grab some work ethic.

They should just accept that capitalism is the greatest, most benevolent, most equally distributive and fairest economic system America could ever have and we should never even think about toying with anything different.

They need to just all wake up and accept that in this modern era, protests don't do an OUNCE of good. They're futile, a complete waste of time that can otherwise be spent doing something monetarily productive and quantifiable. They should just kill this movement before it even starts, go home and watch Jersey Shore . . . because unless it’s March on Washington Part II, writing to your Congresspersons, sit-ins at corporations or attempts at executive arrests, ain't no one going to listen. Go full-on or don't go at all.

Really, what are people protesting FOR anyway? This is a mere burp we're all experiencing, part of a normal economic cycle; doesn't even warrant the overblown hyperbole of "economic catastrophe". Does everything have to require a bunch of unwashed know-nothing college kids gather up and be MAD?

I noticed they're all wearing corporate products made overseas and consuming corporate foodstuffs. So doesn't that make them kind of hypocritical that they didn't weave/knit their own clothes or farm their own food? Walk the walk, don't talk the talk.

America's poor really don't know how good they have it anyway. They have TVs. They have a car, sometimes even two. They still eat. Even the homeless of Cleveland get to sleep under the piss-encrusted lobbies of abandoned buildings . . . I mean, THAT'S a roof. The occasional passerby will give them money and/or leftover food. THAT'S sustenance. I see them all the time wearing stuff. THAT'S clothing. Africa's poor live in mud huts and don't even EAT. How can these food-chillin m'er f'ers insist that they have it bad?

Let's call this for what it is: a bunch of directionless, sad, financially-lull and ill-informed slackers spouting sour grapes for losing at the economic game of life, venting with a losing cause towards an unstoppable capitalist machine run by the successful winners.

If they really want to impress me, they should write a complete dossier with specific goals, specific instructions/details on how they’re going to accomplish those goals and a serious end game plan for when the inevitable fallout happens. Otherwise, this is just more material for Republican TV ads . . . more fodder for Middle America’s already sullied image of our side and since the media doesn’t care anyway; it’s virtually hopeless to continue on.

So, all you OWS disparagers . . . did I cover everything?
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Mon Sep 26th 2011, 07:29 AM
. . . it was pretty much open season on anyone who didn't look like a JCPenney mannequin.

Band kids got fucked with the most. As did the learning disabled. So did non-popular smart kids. Fat beta kids had bullseyes on their back. Acne. Brown patches. Skinny. Non-athletic. Bad hair. Socially awkward. Not as attractive. Has no interest in fighting. From the wrong family. Listened to the wrong music. Helped the cafeteria workers. Open season.

Oh, and that whole thing about marijuana being "the great equalizer" . . . like in Breakfast Club, where kids from all walks smoke a doob and everything's Jim Dandy? Bullshit. An asshole who smokes weed doesn't become mellow or accommodating . . . he's still an asshole. Some of the larger burnouts bullied the kids listed above right along with the athletes and cheerbitches. Although I really gotta thank them . . . it's because of people like that I never touched drugs of any kind.

Oh, and if you were gay, you were in a locked-from-both-sides closet or you risked your life. And I'm not even kidding on that one.

Athletes weren't just bullies, they were serial victimizers.

I went to church with many, many victimizing idiots.

Most of my bullies were children of teachers, which is why nothing at all was done about it.

Coaches did absolutely nothing about bullying. Some coaches were bullies themselves and threatened kids with violence (myself included).

Teachers . . . same thing. They berated and humiliated weaker kids in class, often.

Nobody stood up for anyone. It was every person for themselves. Adults failed to protect any of us. My grades suffered tremendously because I couldn't concentrate and was only thinking about 3:00 PM. My relationship with my family was massively strained because they, like many others (including some on this board) blamed ME for it all. My sister never saw where I was coming from because she was friends with all of them.

"It gets better?" No, it fucking doesn't. It NEVER goes away. It was the most miserable experience of my life and might as well have been an eternity as long as it lasted.

I carry hatred for these fuckers every single day, to this day. I can't go back to that city without my senses going haywire. I can't look at a former asshole without wanting to hospitalize him. I have a grave hatred and intolerance for drunks and assholes. I won't step into a bar because I see these very types of people. They all look the same and if you talked to them, they act the same as well.

Every day one of my former tormentors walk around not giving me or anyone else one "sorry" or feel one ounce of remorse or pay even the slightest bit physically, I feel there's something terribly wrong with that.

Adults (particularly administrators) and police need to get their hands dirty and stop this. There's no two ways about it. Bullying is assault. Assault is a crime, a crime that's being committed by and large BY CHOICE. These aren't kids with mental or behavioral issues, they're normal kids who are choosing to be an asshole and commit a CRIME.

It's just a massive disgrace that there are people on a progressive board failing to see that.
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Posted by HughBeaumont in General Discussion
Fri Sep 23rd 2011, 07:01 AM
This station really makes me ill.

Two right wing hacks disguised as anchors (Joe Kernen and Michele Caruso-Cabrera, both staunchly to the right of Bewsh 43, both with anti-Progressive, pro-Laissez-Fail books out) are interviewing one of the worst human beings known to mankind, Neutron Jack Welch, all for the purpose of 1-2 hours HATE.

Hate on regulations ("we need to freeze all regulation until unemployment falls" . . . ), hate on labor costs . . . but love for American "more with less off-the-charts" productivity, of course.

Hate on government, particularly Democratic ones, says it needs to be shrunk (yawn). Don't really know why Neutron Jackoff thinks that a center-right government that gives wealthy pieces of shit like him everything they want goes against his philosophies. Don't know how he's hating on a government that, by all evidence, IS decreasing, but we'll still continue to allow him to rant and red-bait, I guess. It's GE's "news" channel, so I guess that means we'll think what they tell us to think.

Hate on the jobs bill, which, according to him "has clauses that are not going to get people to hire".

I mean, how bad of a bastard . . . how big a piece of shit do you have to be when you think that a government that's practically bending over backwards to give corporations and businesses and the wealthy everything they want and not making life even an atom speck less comfortable . . . isn't fascist ENOUGH for you??

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