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MannyGoldstein's Journal - Archives
Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Thu Dec 08th 2011, 11:44 PM
Because she calls them out for the bullshit they are, then hits back with murderous bolt of The Truth.

No triangulation. No agreeing that "those on the Left" go too far. No keeping her powder dry. Just The Truth, in Liberal doses.

She knows how to deal with bullies. And she destroys them, my soon-to-be Senator does.

Finally, Rove and that scummy crowd will get the boot to the head they deserve. And hopefully the 99% will start getting the representation we deserve.
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Fri Dec 02nd 2011, 06:30 PM
In stealth under cover of night, an obviously well-trained team of Bostonís Finest bravely liberated Occupy Bostonís sink.

Video of the operation:

Video of the sink's honor guard: (Thanks to AmberPaw at BlueMassGroup for finding this.)

Some folks might think a sink shouldn't cause such a stink! But sinks are more fearsome than many realize, and we owe a debt of gratitude to the BPD:

1. The sink could catch fire. I know that Boston is very concerned with fire, and assuming that the sink is fabricated from solid wood, magnesium, or various other materials, a spark could turn it into the the sink of doom in mere moments.

2. Sinks have legitimate purposes, but they are typically used as drug paraphernalia.

3. Sinks often contain water. More than 3,000 Americans drown each year, usually in water. A sink is a tragedy waiting to happen.

4. Itís not well known, but 100% of nuclear enrichment facilities contain sinks. I havenít heard of any evidence that this particular sink was for making a nuclear weapon, but we donít want a mushroom cloud to be the smoking gun, do we?

I hope this marks the beginning of the end of those darned Occupiers with sinks. Living a stone's throw from the Boston border, I know that I'll be sleeping soundly tonight for the first time in months with this sword of Damocles removed,
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Tue Nov 15th 2011, 10:46 PM
This Occupy America thing has gone on too long. It is illegal trespass in direct violation of law, and against the express and repeated orders of the authorities. Moreover, these Occupiers are unfocused and unrealistic - they have a laundry list of complaints and demands, they need to have one or two basic grievances and demands to have any chance of success.

After 235 years, enough is enough. Time for the rabble to give it a rest and let the Crown re-establish sovereignty. And hang those fuckers Franklin and Washington, their ringleaders.


A Concerned Citizen
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Thu Oct 27th 2011, 08:06 PM
We should have the backs of those elected Democrats who have spoken out against the brutal shooting of Scott Olsen. Olsen was shot in the head at close distance for exercising his Constitutional rights to free speech and free assembly, the very rights he fought to protect for us during his service in Iraq.

Here's the complete list of Democratic leaders who have denounced the shooting, as far as I know:

<this space intentionally left blank>

Please add to the list if you know others that I've missed, and keep this kicked so we can all know who's on our side.
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Wed Oct 26th 2011, 09:16 PM
I just came home from work and I get to watch videos of a fellow getting shot in the head while exercising the basic Constitutional rights that he thought he'd gone to war for.

And you think our politicians give a flying fuck? Other than figuring out how to scam votes and cash off of it?

Wake up people. We're on our own.
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Wed Oct 19th 2011, 09:41 PM
FIRST, they have shown us that persistence pays off. Given some time and patience, you will not be ignored. The 99% now know there's a way to break out of irrelevance, and we'll damned well use it to good purpose.

SECOND, they have shown everyone that, thanks to ubiquitous video cameras in phones and YouTube, the whole world is truly watching, all of the time. It is said that King Bloomberg had to call back his OWS-clearing goons because he understood that their thuggery would be beamed across the world in moments. (Sorry Gil Scott-Herron: the revolution *is* being televised, but who could have imagined that back in '70? Rest in peace, man - I hope you're enjoying the action down here.)

THIRD, they have made popular the imagery of the 99% vs. the 1%. America is now talking about those two different worlds *as* two different worlds, rather than describing America as some fantasy where we're all either rich, or on our way to being rich. When a few folks start life owning half the hotels on the Monopoly board, they'll always win and everyone else will lose.

So you people nattering "where's the beef"? The beef is right in front of you, wipe the dust from your eyes. They've done more than their part - any more will be icing on the cake.

Thank you, Magnificent Ones! After so many years of unrelenting losses to the Predator Class, you have given some of us hope for the future! Perhaps my son's generation now has a some hope of living in an America that is just and prosperous for all.
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Wed Oct 19th 2011, 08:39 PM
So here's the story in a nutshell, as I understand it: Bank of America has made a ton of secret bets, better known as "derivatives". One of the coool things with derivatives is that you can actually win or lose a *lot* more than you bet. The 1% love 'em because they can make a lot of money fast if things go well. If they don't go well, gee, the 99% pick up the loss one way or another. It's a no-lose situation for the 1%, a no-win situation for us 99%.

A lot of BoA's bets involve the European economy, and it looks like their derivatives might lose a lot of money. Up to $53 trillion, which is four times the entire income earned by the all Americans in a year. It's a fuckload of money.

So Bank of America recently moved the ownership of these nuclear financial weapons from a part of the bank that's just for the 1% to make or lose money, to the part where the 99% keep their savings. As it happens, BoA has $1 trillion in peasant savings. So when BoA's needs to pay off losses on its derivatives, the first $1 Trillion will come from the bank accounts of the 99%. Those deposits are insured by our government (via the FDIC), so depositors will be OK, but the US Treasury will again end up being savaged to pay off the trillion, about $3,470 per peasant. And all this is cool with Washington.

Another trillion on the national debt, thanks to our cowardice to reinstate necessary oversight of the bankers.

Which will be followed by more demands to slash taxes for the 1%.


Did you want money for extravagances like food and medical care? Well screw you. The 1% come first.
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Thu Oct 13th 2011, 09:40 PM
Gallup: More Americans "Struggling" to Afford Food Than Chinese

Such progress! I'm all tingly at the potential fruits the three new Bush-Obama "free" trade agreements. Soon we'll have a tougher time making ends meet than the Koreans, Colombians and Panamanians too!

Tonight, America's 1% nibble foie gras and sip sumptuous wines, while some poor schmucks who weren't smart enough to inherit a fortune eat ramen noodles and hope to be able to afford more noodles tomorrow. All is well in the world.
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Thu Oct 13th 2011, 07:23 AM
The three new Bush-Obama free trade deals will put many, many Americans back to work. As long as they move to Korea, Columbia, or Panama.

With this precedent set, we can look forward to Republicans and Democrats reaching across the aisle more often to accomplish legislation that is similarly innovative.
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Wed Sep 14th 2011, 10:28 PM
I know I'm the turd in the punch bowl, but it has to be said: nobody should be surprised that a Republican took Weiner's seat. It was absolutely inevitable, as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

After Clinton became president in 1993, the Third-Way crowd took over our Party and instituted their "We can go hard right because who the fuck else ya gonna vote for, chumps?! We suck a little less than the Republicans, so you have no choice but to vote for us." brand of politics. In the very next election, 1994, Democrats lost both houses of Congress. The Third-Way crowd ran the next four election cycles as well, and the Republicans maintained control of both houses of Congress every single time. The third way strategy couldn't win shit, but it did force the Republicans further to the right in order to differentiate themselves from the "Democrats".

Dr. Dean wrested control of our Party from the feckless Third-Wayers in 2005, and Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in the very next election. In 2008, with the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party still in control, Democrats held both houses of Congress and won the Presidency. But when Candidate Obama shed his skin to become Third-Way President Obama, Dean was kicked to the curb and the Third Way was back in charge.

"Who the fuck else ya gonna vote for, chumps?!" was once again the battle cry of the Democrats. And, once again, the American people showed who the fuck else they'd vote for: Republicans. First Scott Brown won. Then the Republicans slaughtered us in the 2010 elections. And now New York City has a new Republican Representative.

History is crystal clear: until we rid ourselves of the Third Way, we will lose elections. Democrats need to be Democrats, not Republicans. End of story.

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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Thu Sep 08th 2011, 11:19 PM
Social Security is absolutely fine for at least decades, probably forever. The only reason to touch it is to steal the $2.6 trillion (and growing) Trust Fund for the wealthiest Americans.

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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Wed Aug 31st 2011, 02:49 PM
Other than simply stealomg the 2.6 Trillion (and growing) trust fund.

See the link in my sig for details.
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Mon Aug 22nd 2011, 11:24 PM
Then he did.
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Posted by MannyGoldstein in General Discussion
Thu Aug 18th 2011, 10:00 PM
As a group, we can be an even scarier menace to society than we are as individuals! Let the Job Creators tremble before us as we follow The Way of FDR!
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