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Cutting to the chase - Archives
Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion
Sat Dec 10th 2011, 01:34 AM /


Join us Monday, December 12th for a national action to "Occupy" Clear Channel stations and demand our rights as owners of the radio airwaves.
Clear Channel stations across the country are abandoning progressive talk in favor of even more right-wing stations on our airwaves - in anticipation of an election year. We will let them know that eliminating progressive views and further promoting right wing pro-corporate views to the exclusion of any other thought is not acceptable on our public airwaves.
This will be in conjunction with a physical protest in Sacramento. We will meet at 1440 Ethan Way at Clear Channel's offices in Sacramento Monday morning at 10:30. Then we will go inside to inspect their public files.
And we are asking other people around the country to do inspections of Clear Channel stations on the same day. Can you help in this action to start reclaiming our public airwaves?
It's easy: Just visit your local Clear Channel station on Monday, during normal business hours. Politely tell them you are there to inspect their public files. Because we are the owners of the airwaves, they legally must let you in. If they do not , get their names and write down what they tell you, and let us know. (Details of our rights are at . We suggest you print this and carry it with you in case the stations do not well understand our legal right to conduct such inspections. Refer to the section, "The Local Public Inspection File.")
Find out where your local Clear Channel station is here: ? (You may need to cut and paste into your browser.)
They may ask you for your name and address, and may charge a reasonable amount for photocopying files. They also may observe you as you do your inspection. They may NOT ask you to identify your organization or reason for doing an inspection, and they cannot refuse to provide you with a copy of the file.
Once inside, we suggest you start by looking at the letters file. You will (should) find complaints there; see who is complaining and about what, and how the station is reacting to the community. Also, look through the political files; find out who is buying political ads and for how much money.
You will be amazed at what you find, and you'll find it enormously empowering. Take notes and tell us what you discover.
If you plan to join us, please reply to this email or post on our facebook page before Monday, and we will add your city to our publicity outreach. If we can have people in many cities inspect Clear Channel's files on the same day, we will send a powerful message to Corporate radio station owners that WE own the airwaves, and they must serve our interest - the public interest.

Helpful links:
Occupy Clear Channel Facebook page:
Stories on Clear Channel flipping stations here: /
The New York Times just did an article Sunday about our rights, and how stations can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for refusing public entry at will :
Broadcast Law Blog
Full details about public files inspections:

This is reprinted from the website at the first link above.

If you are in a city where you have a Clear Channel station (they lease over 800 of our frequencies so chances are good that they lease a station in your town), please pay the station a visit. After this week's airing of a call to violence against progressives and our elected officials aired on 1510 WLAC AM, it has become apparent that Clear Channel intends to deny access and discriminate on OUR airwaves against Democrats, progressives and liberals.

Please visit a station near you and follow the above procedures. These are YOUR airwaves. Hold Clear Channel accountable for their blatant bias and for their violent rhetoric. /

You should also contact Sue Wilson (Now a DUer SueWilson) and let her know which city you're in and which station you're inspecting.

You can contact her at

Thanks to all who take part in this National Action Day!

And thanks to bfealk and SueWilson for directing us to this great organization: Media Action Center

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion
Thu Dec 08th 2011, 10:05 AM
Save this number: 1-888-CALL-FCC for When Radio Blows

LAst night I heard the promo on 1510AM WLAC, Nashville, wherein Glenn Beck says:

"Progressives Must Die!"

"Shoot Nancy Pelosi!"

"Cut Michael Moore's Head off!"

This is broadcast on OUR radio waves. Progressives own those radio waves, and WLAC merely leases them. They are engaging in criminal, discriminatory broadcasts, inciting violence against people of a certain political persuasion as well as advocating violence against individuals.

These broadcasts are in violation of their leases. They should lose their right to broadcast.

We need to start complaining, en masse.
These promos are no doubt running in your town as well. Call, write or fill in the online form to complain.

Enough is enough.

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion
Thu Nov 17th 2011, 01:34 PM

When they can't seem to find any crime on Wall Street, but have to sniff it out in people's bedrooms in Montana, you know that agency has gone rogue and is using its authority to harm average non-criminal citizens.

Obama is allowing it, and this makes me really question his compassion for the sick, his sense of concern for true justice, his priorities, and his ability to control the agencies under his watch.

There are people who destroyed this nation - in incredibly crippling ways, out of greed - flying free as birds while Obama's justice department ignores their horrific violations and goes after people making a living supplying something safe that other people want and need.

The justice department (small j and d for a reason, they are CHILDREN) is wasting taxpayer dollars intimidating and destroying the lives of innocent people, while the wicked PARTY ON.

If Obama or anyone cannot see the blatant unfairness here, they are not fit for any political position. People ARE paying attention and feeling in their guts the deep unfairness of it all.

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion
Tue Nov 15th 2011, 12:31 PM

Been reading some of the threads about the new subscription fees. There are many doing well on this site, and many descending further into poverty. I was lucky to have a wonderful DUer, nenagh, donate for me. But I understand those who are worried about being shut out due to their own poverty.

As a friend told me last week, "I'm going under." I hear that more and more. It's happening here as well, for me, I fear.

Saturday, got a small check for some freelance writing. Whoopee! The jobs here are nonexistent, so I'm trying the writing thing out of desperation and "What The Hell? Why Not?"

But what if people looking for work could sign up and make a few bucks here? Could we set up a daily or weekly thread contest where unemployed people might write for $$$? This would stimulate conversation and give people confidence. It could also cause arguments and lead to hurt feelings and maybe even cheating in the worst case. But perhaps a panel of judges - rather than a rec/unrec rating system - could alleviate some of that.

I have no idea if the Admins would agree to it, but with the cash coming in I think some sort of charitable and/or merit-based fund could certainly be within the realm of possibility.

Have to get out there and get things done, but wanted to put that out there and see what ideas others might add. Will check back later tonight.

Change can be good.

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion
Fri Nov 04th 2011, 01:35 AM

and 2) the Middle Man (or Woman)

1)WE are a very shame-filled society.

You must feel shame if you don't have what the Jones have, if you care about the wrong people, if you don't conform to rigid gender roles, if you're the wrong color, if you're the wrong religion, if you're too smart/too slow/disabled/sick/pick your difference.

The normal human trait is to want to belong to the group. When the media - and bigmouth bigots in your circle or community - tell you you should feel shame for your differences, your needs, your status, some people take it personally and don't think they deserve any better. The shaming effectively shuts them up into mute acceptance even against the worst injustice.

2) The slimeball Middle People (Filler People) who want to stand between the producer/laborer and the consumer/industry and pass the money from one to the other, skimming their cut off the top, certain they deserve it, because after all, they're wearing great shoes and driving cool cars. (The ones who call themselves "money creators" lol) They add exponentially to the cost of goods and services and greatly depress the wages of those who actually toil. They tend to be sociopaths with identity issues. They tend to be of the "shaming" type and they are lazy as pond scum.

WE get people realizing each one has value and deserves a decent life (survival, hello?) and fire all the Filler People and we might have some self respect and an end to this ridiculous self-defeating masochism.

My $ .02

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in Editorials & Other Articles
Sat Oct 29th 2011, 10:07 PM

I can see their attitudes worthily expressed in the OWS movement: the GAs, the Human microphone, the collective work to feed, shelter and medically attend to the protesters.

They've been talking to me for years about finding a better way to organize our society, and they have proven through OWS that they know how to walk the talk.

Whether any 'mainstream" American - no matter how academically they approach this - gets the full force of this is irrelevant. The kids are showing the "grownups" how change must take place. They aren't going to just mosey on back to "electoral capitalism."

We older folks (speaking for myself) may be too distracted and full of worry to change our socks. But these kids see a future we failed to provide them, and THEY will drive history through the changes THEY make. With or without our cerebral input.

Not being mean, just being real.

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion
Fri Oct 28th 2011, 10:56 AM

Note to politicians:

On every issue, We the People are sick and tired of playing Monkey-In-The-Middle while you all toss the issues back and forth like children on some Playground from Hell.

We need money for schools, firefighting, to combat addiction (not criminalize it), to provide health care, to help veterans, to create jobs, to build affordable housing, to fix roads, bridges and water systems, to vaccinate the public against infectious diseases, to educate our children and adults, to help retirees live with the basics, to protect our environment, to research and implement green energy initiatives, to open businesses that serve the underserved, to have a happy, healthy, productive society, all that "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" business.

How does giving money to some unwinnable, sacrificial, destructive, expensive War on a Plant (for gawd's sake, really. A PLANT) provide any of the above? How do you justify the wasted money? How does that expense contribute to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

Does it make someone happy when cancer patients are in pain? When veterans are having nightmares and can't eat? When people with MS are stuck in their wheelchairs? If that makes someone happy, does that make the expense worth it?

Grow up, all of you stupid, self-serving, greedy little children.

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion
Thu Oct 13th 2011, 12:18 PM

the Feds and local LEO's raiding cannabis dispensaries - and the politicians who enable them - seem to be on some other planet, in a nation - very much wealthier than our own United States, apparently - where there aren't millions of families facing foreclosure, there are not millions of humans going without basic medical and dental care, they do not have one in five citizens living on food stamps, the unemplyment rate is non-existent (unlike our sky high numbers of jobless) and they are not fighting two (or more covert?) wars.

To the average US citizen, this appears to be no more than power-hungry people trying to prove to everyone else that they can do whatever they want, so Nanny Nanny Boo Boo. There will always be a group in society that must constantly prove to itself it can have whatever it wants. We call them narcissistic sociopaths, they call each other "sir."

Most of us are too exhausted to get outraged, and they know it.

I think we're just so upset that our government has the money for this type operation, but none for the kid down the street losing his teeth cause there's no dentist, none for the kid struggling to go to college, none for the old person wondering how she'll make it through winter, none for the homeless veteran mother facing another bleak "holiday."

We sure have money for cruelty, and money free for the taking for the cruelest among us.

It will probably always be that way, but shame - and kharma back doublefold - on those who can live in these desperate times and have nothing better to do for society than fleece it.

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion
Sun Oct 09th 2011, 04:45 PM

The latest of many who have OD'd on the latest form of escape: Prescription Pills. In this case, a combination of Opana and Xanax did this kid in. He stopped breathing while cruising around with his friends.

These prescription pills are DEADLY. As in DEADLY.

But they're legal.

It's perfectly fine for the Pharmco's to inundate the nation with these addictive drugs like it's all just happy candy, with absolutely zero responsibility for what happens to those who become addicted. It's just a goddamn 'nother person to profit off of - til he or she croaks from the drugs producing the profit.

(And if you own Pharmco stock, or you're a lobbyist for Pharmco, or a politician slurping up lots of Pharmco donations just turn your goddamned head away from another death caused by the products that pad your ass. Just fucking turn away....)

AS for me: I'm sick over it.

But let's raid MMJ clinics over a fucking herb. A fucking plant. That'll reduce our nation's suffering due to drugs. That'll bring this kid back. That'll give this mountain some hope....

Hell's bells, we've got money for the cruelest things.....

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion: Presidency
Thu May 20th 2010, 07:44 PM

but apparently the same media - that hounded him about his lies - don't have any trouble spewing out gazillions of lies of their own. And still claim moral superiority...

It's all about the $$$$ Baby

If you look at newsreaders (and that's all the hell they are) as merely highly polished salesmen and saleswomen hacking for their Corporate bosses, you won't be bothered by them so much, because you will turn them off.

You wouldn't let the saleswoman at the Clinique counter hang out at your house all day trying to sell you lipgloss, would you? You wouldn't let Joe Blow at the local Ford dealership sit in your livingroom and try to sell you a Ranger all day, would you? Or let a Jehovah's witness in the front door and lead him to a seat at the dining room table to read from The Watchtower 24/7, would you?

Turning on any corporate news - and that includes NPR these days, sadly - is exactly like letting the corporate saleswhores just hang out at your house. Which is why their lies are so infuriating.

Well, I just turned the crap off, don't have a TV anymore and try to listen to totally local news and get the rest from leads on DU.

They can lie, lie, lie all day and my blood pressure doesn't even notice...

Edit because: I am so frickin loopy after working 70 hours this week, it should be illegal for me to be typing....and thinking on top of that... Hell's Bells

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in Cooking & Baking Group
Sat Feb 07th 2009, 03:26 AM
Gabe led an interesting life. In his younger days he followed the Grateful Dead around. In his latter days, he had his sous chef drive him to a nearby big city for drugs and told her to drop him off and drive around the block.

When she arrived back where she'd left him, he was being chased by two guys with huge sticks. She managed to scare them into thinking she was going to run them over, while Gabe jumped in the car and they sped off.

"Shit!" he said. "I should have known. They did that to me last time!"

This story was told to me in the backseat of a car, puffing one in his honor, driving to his funeral with that sous chef.


If you've lived an interesting life, have you noticed that some people tend to be very jealous of you? I've noticed a simmering hostility from many people who've lived relatively "normal" lives, as if no one else should be having any fun or experiences.

They don't come out and say they don't believe you, but you know that their own dull choices have made them completely unable to believe that any other human could possibly do anything but clock in nine to five Monday thru Friday and come home and watch American Idol or cruise the internet.

Makes me sad for those types. I love to hear about the adventures others have had. Perhaps that's a facet of my aging, but no, I've always been that way. I loved Gabe's stories as much as I still love hearing stories about him.

Speaking of interesting lives, I recently finished reading Anthony Bordain's Kitchen Confidential- loaned to me by a grill chef -
which suits since many of Bordain's descriptions are dead accurate when it comes to the kitchen and its trash talk, the fucked-up hands (my hands and arms bear too many knife and burn scars to count - I always envy women with pretty hands), the hiding of side towels (we call them rags) so you have enough to last the week without any other cook finding your stash, the drugs, the alcohol, the wailing and gnashing of teeth when the books are full and so are the saute pans.

It suits because today is the one year anniversary of Gabe's passing. Without his confidence in me there are so many experiences I wouldn't have had as a line cook/garde manger/pastry chef.

Before he invited me to cook for him, I had managed two camp kitchens, been head baker at a one hundred-year-old bakery, run a pub for a year and been a kitchen supervisor at a private club. But I knew next to nothing about fine dining.

Because of him I have a whole extra kitchen vocabulary. Bourdain's book was almost shocking to me as I realized that they use the same terms in New York City as they used in our humble cafe here in hillbilly land. Sizzle pans, "Fire!" "How many all day?" "What's the temps on those filets again?" But Gabe was from Long Island - "Strong Island," he called it, with a hard G - so he carried those terms with him to Dixie and taught a motley crew of mountain yahoos what they meant.

All my friends in this close-knit place have been remembering Gabe this week. Almost all of them, at one time or another, either worked for him or partied with him.

The stories are legion. I've told one here (and bitched about him way back when - in PMs to some in this very DU group) but my favorite memory of Chef (we addressed him in the traditional manner) was what he did for me the night Kerry lost in 2004.

I was not working for him then, but one of my sons was his garde manger. Chef was a liberal and we discussed politics often. He loathed Bush and was hoping - as we all were - that Kerry would take the election.

When I realized I had been fooled, after believing at first that Kerry had won, I was despondent. It was one of the worst moments in my more recent past. I remember feeling so angry, so hopeless and so frightened for my country.

And Gabe knew that I would be that way. He had a full house at the restaurant so I did not see him that evening. But when my son came in late that night after closing with him, he dropped a small plastic package on the table.

"It's from Chef," he said. "He said he knows you're going to need this. Out of all the people he knows, he said he had to give this to you and you have to smoke it now, no ifs ands or buts. He says he hopes you feel better." My son grinned at me.

Let's just say it tasted very strongly of blueberries and after a bowl I did not even know my name. Without it, I doubt I would have made it through the night without getting in my car, rolling down the windows and screaming that the South sucked and America sucked and "You're all stupid!"

He knew that about me. He probably saved me a trip to jail.

Thanks, Chef.

You taught me about food and you taught me about forgiveness. You were a true friend. I'm glad I was part of your very interesting life and that you were part of mine.

RIP, man.

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Jan 27th 2009, 10:47 AM
that the economy was "worse during Carter's administration than it is now." I laughed so hard I was crying.

"I'll take that bet," I said. "And hey, Bud?"

I stretched my hands out on either side of me. "This is reality," I said, wiggling my left hand. "And this is the fantasy land you live in," waving my right, "all the way over here.

"Dude, the numbers tell the story. The market is gonna crash soon but thanks to your dumb ass at least I'll be $100 richer."

We all know what happened a month later. Never got the money, because I can't stand the dude, but he cracked me up. I'm no economist by a long stretch but I've got a bit of common sense. The graph that should have tipped everyone off is the one showing the distribution of wealth. The numbers have been worse than before the Great Depression for a long while now. If that sort of disparity caused a collapse once, any fool could have predicted that even greater disparity foretold a collapse again.

Especially given that we WERE a consumer-driven economy. It's so simple even my neighbor's pig should have seen this coming: NO CONSUMER = NO ECONOMY.

We used to have a "Starve the Beast" campaign here, where we tried to keep our money away from the Bush-enabling corporations, but it didn't go very far. Americans want their shit and they don't really care which company makes their shit, how they treat their workers who are creating, marketing, transporting or selling their shit, or where the money they get for the shit is donated. "Buy blue," we said, but too many people said "But my SIL/mother/daughter works for the Red company and she might lose her job!"

WEll, she probably lost that job anyway.

If anything, this collapse is a message to the masses that they have power. Our lack of spending is bringing down the house! Okay, there are other factors involved - subprime mortgage sleight-of-hand, billions lost to Rich men's wars, but imagine if we had all stopped buying anything eight years ago. Imagine if we had had the discipline and insight and anger to say: ENOUGH. We will only buy necessities and let the corporations rot.

Now I listen to the pundits say "Well, Americans just don't have confidence." No, dumbfucks they don't have MONEY. Plain and simple. They aren't spending because they have nothing to spend! These Talking Heads won't get their heads out of their asses long enough to let that fact dawn on them and it just makes me laugh at them. I may be broke but at least I've still got a functioning brain.

Fix this mess? Ha! We know how to fix it but the affluent don't like the answer. Because the answer to the crisis goes against their entire World View.

The answer is calling Americans HUMAN BEINGS, not laborers, not consumers, not investors, but PEOPLE.

We are "such a great country" but we can't provide decent health care, a living wage, technological advances that conserve energy and don't rape the planet? Instead our leaders pass laws that say essentially, "the affluent are people who need billions and we will protect them. The American worker, his kids, our elderly, our weak, our sick can fend for themselves. That's what Jeebus and my lobbyist want so I'm voting YES for the billionaires!"

They don't want to end the outrageously expensive and Anti-American War on Drugs because then they wouldn't be protecting the billionaire pharmaceutical companies, the billionaire prison contractors or the companies that get cheap, non-violent prison labor at $0.22 an hour.

Not to mention continuing to make the farming of hemp illegal. That has got to make every American lawmaker a bonehead. We can import it but our farmers can't grow it? Oh, for fuck's sake, our legislators are IDIOTS.

They don't want to pass laws enforcing a fair wage because, damn, so what if working people live on the streets, at least the bank got a $1400 trash can and that will tinkle down, won't it? Maybe the poor working stiff can catch a crumb that falls out of that wastebasket.

And Americans are too damned proud- as a group - to stand up and say they're really hurting. They like the fantasy that maybe without their help, without their outcry, without their demanding more from their nation, everything is just going to be peachy.

It's looking pretty hopeless right now, because you can't fix a problem unless you can identify it. Too many of the pundits, congress, economists and plain old American citizens want to live in Fantasy Land.

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"Another Iraq Vet's Mama for Obama!" said my handmade sign on my little car. Obama wasn't my first pick but as a lifelong Democrat I supported him with all I had.

There were sign wars here on the mountain, in one instance Repukes smashed an Obama sign after a huge McCain/Palin sign was stolen. There were bitter Republican words about the theft in the local paper. When they found out a Republican Sewanee student stole it for his dorm room, no apologies were forthcoming from the local Repukes, of course.

My "campaign" work consisted of talking with as many young people as I could about the issues, pointing out where Dems are better than Repukes and convincing them as best I could to vote for Obama instead of Ron Paul. (Lots of young kids bought Paul's hype.)

I was shocked when McCain made his concession speech. (Was I the only one expecting to wait weeks to find out who the new Pres was? I couldn't believe it was over so soon.) I cried when Obama claimed his well-fought victory. I felt relief wash over me; I felt that strange sensation of ...hope....I hadn't felt in years.

It's been a really rough year. In January '08 a tree knocked out my power and phone lines. I went two months without power in the dead of winter. Fun stuff. The restaurant I sometimes worked for burned down. I was laid off from another job the week after Thanksgiving.

But there were good things, too, I won a Pastry Chef competition (People's Choice award and Best Presentation), saw the attorney I work for win an important appeal, learned how to operate a crane, did a few (paying!) shows and lots of jamming with other musicians, saw one son become Valedictorian of his graduating class at his university and have three other kids able to stay in college, had a beautiful garden that fed me all summer.

Life's that way: the bitter and the sweet.

So it is with this inauguration.

I understand that many people are so weary of the evil we've endured; they NEED this celebration. I understand that. Party on and all that...

But as I return to DU after a year's absence I have to say the cruelty and bullying behavior of some humans remains an embarrassment, especially here.

There are Obama supporters, lifelong Dems, die-hard progressives who - even in this day and age - do not share the same rights as I do simply because of the way nature made them. They have lived an alternate reality, unable to set up their own lives as they see fit, bound by laws and attitudes that are discriminatory, backward and cruel.

That is their reality EVERY DAY of their lives.

At least on DU, they can share their feelings; they don't have to be in lockstep with everyone else. This is a place where they can vent and say, "This is wrong." Or is this that sort of place?

You know, if you see a negative thread about Obama or the inauguration, you don't have to click on it. You don't have to read it. You don't have to agree with it.

What you certainly don't need to do is tell marginalized people that they should just "Stop pissing in our cheerios - you're ruining it for everybody."

These are not fellow human beings upset because Obama isn't wearing their favorite color; their pain is not trivial; what they cannot do in 2009 - marry, share property, fully care for those they love in event of illness - is a bitter reminder that they are not fully Americans.

Bullying those who remain unhappy - simply because YOU'RE happy and HOW DARE THEY intrude on YOUR happiness - is something I expect to see on rightwing sites, not here.

And yet three times today I have clicked on threads that said essentially, "Shut up for a couple of days so you don't mess up our happiness." Gee, I guess it really is all about YOU, huh?

I have seen people pile on posters who dare complain. DUers have even coined a nifty little word to even further shame an already hurting group. How progressive!

It's the nature of internet forums that you'll always have your "resident experts" and your bullies and your hard-hearted types ready to dismiss those who disagree.

But it seems the bullying and demanding silence is over the top. I have not seen posters piling on to ruin the celebratory threads to any significant degree; I have seen plenty of posters piling on the negative threads to insult those with complaints to a large degree.

So it is with mixed feelings that I sit here pondering this new beginning for my nation. It would be nice if some posters made a new beginning as well, and didn't take complaints so damned personally.

Obama can take the heat. But a lot of the bullies around here don't seem to think so.

I for one say: You have a right to be angry, to express your anger and to have that anger validated. You aren't "ruining" anything for anybody.

This is politics, not nursery school. And those who are "so wounded" because you won't A) share in their orgasmic ObamaFest or B) just shut the hell up are acting childish and selfish.

To act as if criticism of Obama "hurts you" more than being a second class citizen hurts those who are second class citizens, to behave as if that criticism is just "ruining" your experience truly reveals more about you than you know.

Congratulations Obama. I won't be watching the inauguration for my own reasons, but I am certainly happy you won.

And I'm proud of all of those who stand up for what they believe even when they are bullied and insulted.

Bittersweet days for certain...

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Posted by buddyhollysghost in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Jan 05th 2009, 06:20 PM

I haven't been on DU in nearly a year. Been lurking this week since I got a new laptop from my awesome brother this Christmas.

I was going to stay a lurker but this one issue has me torqued beyond belief.

I voted for Obama, still have the damned bumper sticker on my car, attended two of four Obama victory parties I was invited to (yes! In Tennessee, even!) and cried tears of relief and joy that night. Just weeks before, I sat with a gay friend watching all of the Democratic Convention we could get - you know, the Convention where Ted Kennedy and Obama spoke of including gay people?

"You see," I told my jaded friend. "There IS a difference in the two parties. You will NEVER hear this kind of rhetoric out of a Republican's mouth."

There were tears in my friend's eyes.

I wonder how he feels now?

Warren was a piss poor choice and I am disgusted with Obama for making it. He had a chance to set an example and instead he is legitimizing a bigot.

All I can say is that I will NOT be watching the inauguration. And my condolences to all of the people Obama has cut deeply with this decision.

It never hurt anyone to accept others for the color of their skin, their nationality, their gender or their orientation. Warren can believe what he wishes about people who are different from himself, but this is a nation of laws, not a nation of Bobble verses, and the law states that no one should be discriminated against. Since Warren believes in discriminating against many of the people who made sure Obama made it to the White House, Warren is a terrible embarrassment as an American.

Obama had his pick of fine, inclusive REAL American clergy. Instead he chose a holier-than-thou mouthpiece for the Right.

I am disgusted more than I can even express here.

That's all. Back to my former silence. I just had to say that for the record....

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And Nance, I love you and hope you don't mind.

I promised my dear new friend 'Jeem' that I would write about him on my "Manifesto" ( as he called it) tonight, so I am adding this to my journal.

But, this is crazy, Nance, because it is just like the conversation he and I had this evening and I simply have to respond while keeping my promise.

(Jeem, you will have to hit "Discuss" to read Nance's excellent new rant that pretty much describes a lot of our conversation tonight and why I looked at you so funny when you said certain things.)

To your credit, Jeem, you didn't shove Jesus down my throat, I quoted the Bible liberally while you left religion out of the discussion.

And also, to be fair, you believe a woman has a right to choose... up to a point, if I heard you correctly.

But Jeem, even though you said a lot of things that Nance and I agree are pretty damned stupid, I want you to know I really don't think you are stupid. I think you are an amazing person with a lot of talent who just doesn't know enough about what's going on to make the claims you make.

I think you want to do the right thing. I believe that you really do love your country and you are fed up with lazy people. But remember when you said - after I said the economy was tanking - that "You liberals always see the glass as half empty?"

I could say the same about you in the way you view other human beings.

You see the worst while I see the best. You see all the lazy people wanting a government handout while I work alongside and live alongside people working their asses off to put food on the table.

You see all the Arab and Persian people you believe want to turn the world Muslim; I see all the Arab and Persian people who merely want to raise their families and go to school and live their lives free of violence and war and American greed. Or Saudi greed. Or any rampant greed.

You see all of your taxes sent directly to one welfare recipient, enabling a lazy person to continue in their laziness while I see my taxes divided up between all sorts of people and projects, benefiting us all.

If i could say one thing that might help you see the light it would be:

Turn off the TV and the talk radio and circulate among more people and discuss more and think for yourself. And get a damned Internet connection!

You asked me to provide you with proof about PNAC and other issues ("liberal judges" etc.) and that I will do.

And that alone tells me that you really do want to know the truth, or at least that you want the chance to examine the evidence. That's not stupid.

And Nance, I understand your frustration and why you wrote what you wrote. The discussion between Jeem and I got very heated. However, merely chalking his sentiments and opinions up to "stupidity" - as satisfying as that might feel at the time - is simplistic and wouldn't have led him to say "Show me your proof."

And he wasn't just asking for evidence so he could readily discount it (Although he dismissed the internet as being the domain of the "unnamed source" which was kind of funny the way he put it. Still, I believe he will enjoy it immensely and learn much once he's hooked up - hopefully soon.) I truly believe, from the look in his eyes, that he does want to know why I feel the way I do; he does want proof of my claims and he will consider them - even if only briefly.

I could say our argument went nowhere, but the only argument that goes nowhere is the one that never happens. We will both be thinking about the things the other person said, even if only to puzzle over why another adult can think so differently from another.

If we say "it's not worth it" every time we are confronted with the 25%ers we miss the opportunity to be authentic, to say what we really mean. We can't blame our own complacence on someone else's "stupidity."

I actually enjoy a good argument with a Koolaid drinker. It helps me see what is working from the media standpoint and it helps the thirsty one get used to liberal ideas: spoken out loud.

So maybe you can't exactly win an argument with Rightie tighties, but you can damned sure still give them food for thought.

And they might even want to continue the discussion later...

(This from a person who used to avoid being in the same room with those I considered "stupid" before.)

Keep on arguing, is all I'm saying. No matter how pointless it may seem. You never know when somebody might wake up because of something you say...

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Noam Chomsky
at Cambridge
Feb 12th, 2004
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