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nadinbrzezinski's Journal - Archives
Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Thu Feb 24th 2011, 02:59 PM
Look, I understand why the POTUS has not gone to WI... It is about separation of State and Federal issues. So until Walker breaks federal law... or a Federal court orders Walker to do things and he refuses...

That said... the POTUS should be saying a few more things than he has. Sorry, but the silence from DC is deafening. It is also quite revealing about the actual priorities of the Centrist Democrats, and we the people, the WORKING people are not it.

So yes, we have a few other matters that they need to pay attention to. Among them Libya, the mess in Egypt, Citizens that need evacuating... I get it.

We have a Federal Government that WILL SHUT DOWN... that is what Boehner and the rest want. I get it. But the message from DC is buzz off. We will only call you during election time. At least from the office of the presidency. When the rubber meets the road that is when you find who your friends truly are. And the WH is not one of our friends. I understand why I will not vote for a republican EVER, but damn it man... Wisconsin is NOT further than oh Cairo... you dig? And we the people need YOU to speak and be loud about it. Listen to some tapes from FDR if you need to... but we need YOUR VOICE... this is YOUR PEOPLE, the ones that elected you.

Oh and to all going but the Republicans... they will anyway... and you know what? It is time to stop fearing the bully and stand up to them. That is why they get away with literally... murder.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Sat Feb 19th 2011, 07:39 PM

We are all cheeseheads today. There were 70K people today in Madison, according to the police department. The SEIU reports quite possibly 100,000, that were there. This keeps growing.
To all Americans who have a sense of fairness and realize what is at stake Madison is indeed ground zero for the reawekening of the country. This is Shock Doctrine at it's best, and shock doctrine resistance at it's best. I am sure neither the Governnor, nor the RIGHT WING forces pulling the puppet strings, expected this level of resistance.

Truthfully this is spreading and will soon come to a town near you. And if WI serves as a guide the fascists who'd love to return us to the 1880s are truly the minority. So how many members of the Tea party were bussed in? Best numbers was 3,000...

Now I want you to compare this.

70,000 (Official PD number)

3,000 tea Party Members.

Do you see a problem here? Is it starting to make sense? Oh and to the media... stop lying. Imitating NIle TV is not going to help you. It really won't. In the age of Twitter and social media it will not help you either. That is the truth. So reporting the truth might help you better than pushing that pro-corporatist agenda you love to push.

And to the tea partiers.. wake up and smell the coffee, you got a weekend because of those unions. you got an eigh hour day because of them... living wages, you guessed it, vacation... yep... so if they manage to crush the unions, you will be the first ones to cry like little children when you realize that oh boy, where did my vacation go? You mean I got to take a 50% pay cut? I could go on... and once again, if they get it, organizing will be ilegal. Perhaps then, and only then, you will realize just how much of a tool you have been.

Mods my material
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Sat Feb 19th 2011, 05:45 PM
during the Egyptian Revolution we all got used to seeing Nile TV dressing things up and not telling the truth. So what if 60K protestors showed up at Tahrir square? Later on we learned that they were not permitted by the media to do tell the truth. The Regime could not have it, period. And of course we applauded the young reporter who on air said, I cannot tell more lies, took off and joined the protestors at Tahrir.

Well we are having our own version of Nile TV, not surprisingly. Our own version was also expecting a fist to cuffs or two, and were robbed off the fist to cuffs. They are not telling you the truth, because truth be told we really do not have freedom of the press. No, it is not the state telling the media to report what they will report, but it don't matter. I am sure the people in the newsrooms know they are reporting lies. but they are not free to report the truth. They are as muzzled as Nile TV. Now the question is, who will be the first among them to walk off the studio and join the protestors?

Now the difference is that we have Eddie in the field (I wonder for how long, the KO firing should tell you all you need to know about the market place will talk meme).. and controlling main stream info is critical.

So here is the deal, YOU and I are the media. You need to educate your neighbors as to what is going on. Use photos, use social media, use witness reports. But it is up to us. It's been like this for ever, We used to do this with mimeographs and other means. We are back to doing it. But to expect Nile TV to report truth is like expecting well the real Nile TV to report what was going on at Tahrir square. It is not in the interests of those who control them. And yes, as this little uprising spreads, and perhaps we start seeing strikes... they will be even more muzzled.

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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Sat Feb 19th 2011, 03:05 PM
Look boys, I know why revolts and rumors of such are all the rage in Tahrir square. I get it why it matters and why you flew your people into the middle of it. I get it why that flu matters, and now it is spreading to Benghazi and Menama matters. I get it why it is so damn exciting when the little people get that freedom bug and march in Tehran... yes I am talking to you Williams and Cooper. I know that is how you get your brass tacks, and your prices. But if you really need it, I will donate my American Airline Miles and get you on a plane to Winsconsin. You'd think that Winsconsin is on Red Mars, and too far.

Now there have been esceptiosn to this pattern, Thanks Ed, thanks Rachel, I am sure if Keith was still on the air he'd cover it too... but this is to the rest of you. You see, when your sycophants scream about liberal media and we gotta rely on the twitter to get news... because Madison is on Red Mars, by Olympus Mons, well that liberal media monicker loses all it's strength or even simulacrum of reality.

SO what about it boys? Need some miles? I am willing to donate them so you can get on that damn fucking space ships and go to that foreign land on the other side o fthe continent. Oh wait, it is not even the other side of the continent. So if you need them, please do kindly PM me. I will set you on your way to that foreign land when people also scream about freedom and liberty and rights... and I guarantee, you will not need a translator or a security team. All the violence they have committed is pizza delivery and cookies... unless of course, like me you are gluten intolerant and diabetic. Then I will set you up with rations too.

But how about it boys? How about getting there and finally covering this story? The struggle for freedom is not just happening in lands far away, wiht strategic import... they are now in your own literal back yard... even if I know it could very well be Olympus Mons.


PS have your managers contact me, so I can gladly set you up with that flight.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Sat Feb 19th 2011, 12:43 AM
devbost Devin
by W8ing4Everyman
If you want to send food to #WIunion protesters in Madison, Ian's Pizza is delivering to them. 608-257-9248. HT @JacquelynGill Please RT.
2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Sat Feb 19th 2011, 12:04 AM
compare images

This is what this is about.

And I realize this is scaring the living daylights of some of our fellow DU'ers, while others doubt that the day is here.

The day is here... seize it. Carpe Diem.

If we don't and they win... we go back to this....

And I do not think any of you want to do that.

We also go back to this...

And this is what they want... they want cheap labor.

Oh and after the battle is ONCE AGAIN won here, remember we need to expand the fight to protect them...

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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Thu Feb 17th 2011, 11:39 PM
this is your moment. Some of us old farts, well we have been in a fight or two. Well not me, I am not that old... and riots in Mexico don't count. Though I remember growing up when strikes were called and the red\black flag went on... and the words HUELGA (STRIKE) were hung from oh the Ford plant in Mexico City. But really this is your fight too. This is one of those moments that in some decades, in a place like this you will tell the youn'ins of those fights to preserve things like the eight hour day... and a living wage. This is what is at stake.

So realize, you will have to take sides too. This is expanding... it will NOT just stay in WI.

This is the kinds of things that old foggies like me usually go to a dusty library to read about, and figure out what THEY did back then. This is happening RIGHT NOW. This is historic. So yes... it is you too.

Enjoy... this is not the 60s, this is different than the 60s, but it is yours.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Thu Feb 17th 2011, 12:55 AM
A week ago I said that within 12 to 24 moths we would start seeing protests in the US. That is near in historic terms. I knew that we were nearing the point of stand up, or lose it for a generation or more. I am happy to say that the disturbance in the force was closer to us. It is now in Wisconsin. It will spread, call it a sneaky feeling. But people have come to see these republicans for what they are. Think about it this way...

Speaker but we may lose upwards of 50K jobs!

Well yes they were CREATED by the feds...

To his corner of the country that sounds great. but to most Americans who clik through C-SPAN on to Sports Center and DO NOT consume either LEfT wing or RIGHT wing media... that was tone deaf. They were elected to CREATE jobs... and they don't care that those jobs are eeevvilll guv'ment jobs, or not. Jobs is jobs is jobs. So yes there is a disturbance in the force, and what you see is the leading edge of people FINALLY getting it.

We are too early to see where this is going , but it is going somewhere.

Now I have found something else of interest. Well not shocking, really, if you know popular dynamics, I am all a-twitter with this. I want to see the American people finally going WE'VE HAD IT... but to some people here this is scary. Trust me, I understand. As much as this is exciting, worst case scenarios are never nice. But do try to roll with it. There is something about forces that build, and cannot be stopped. This is very likely one of those... so no use in trying to stop it.

Oh and to the elected officials in DC... you guys and gals better get behind this, as usual... or dust comes to mind.

But yes, there is a great disturbance in the force.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Fri Feb 11th 2011, 06:10 PM
we seem to be in something different than the usual. We seem to have a "virus" spreading across the middle east. Whther it is the successful revolution in Egypt (we will need to wait for the hard work to bear fruit now), or the demonstrations in Yemen, Amman, or for that matter a call to a national strike in Tel Aviv. Regardless, we are seeing something new.

So here is the deal. Revolutions have a predictable rhythm to them. As long as you know it, well it is pretty easy to see when markers have been crossed. It does not matter if these are historic revolutions or right NOW in your TV.

The first important point is when the people (insert people here), lose any and all fear of the securiy apparatus. Realize that it does not matter if this is the modern security services in Egypt, or the King's service in France, they are scary in their own way. They are there to keep the lid down, and as long as the people are afraid, they succeed. When they lose is when the people realize that in numbers they can do this. The fear caused by the state ends when the people realize that yes WE CAN overcome this.

That is the first and most critical stage. Why it happens... yes even that has a reason. Usually lousy economy, no more where to fall, and simmering anger that has been building for a long time. In the case of France... it was about fifteen years (in 1789), in Egypt it was thirty years, but the last ten were particularly bad.

Now can a revolution (regardless of what you thihk about them) happen here? Yes... if the situation is right. In reality we are not the point where we are that desperate, nor have we completely lost our ahem respect for our government, and we still have ways for the pot to simmer over, But pay attention to the dynamic. Once you loose that fear it is not automatic. Victory really depends on quite predictable things. They include the leader losing support from the power structure that keeps him in place. For Nixon, yes indeed that was a small revolt, it was the threat of Impeachment... and the right has yet to forgive the rest of the contry for that. For mubarak and his counterparts in both Tunis and Indonesia was the lost of the military. Whether this was an outright loss from Gneeral officers, or they followed their Juniors due to mutiny, is up to historians to figure out, In the case of Egypt apparently mid level officers of the Third Army refused to obey orders, That is called mutiny, unless of course you win. So in effect, good luck facing the crowds sir... ALONE, became operative.

In other cases it's been the secret police... and for the USSR, soldiers who were married to all procedures and who had not been paid for three months paralyzed them.

Now at the end, when leaders are close to stepping down, there are times when violence and threats of violence needs to be used. After all, these people BELIEVE the people love them. They cannot understand that they stopped respecting them a while ago. So in the end there is a violent stage, where you may see it quite public, like when Caucescu faced a firing squad, quite private where nothing more than a threat, a real threat is used. That is what we "saw" over the last 12 hours after the dear leader refused to go, and he had to be coaxed out. It is part of the dynamic.

Now will there be losers? Yes... will there be winners, yes... but now we enter the completion stage. This is the point where the vacuum will be filled. If we are lucky, or actually the Egyptians are, the military will take power for six months, and then relinquish it after elections. The hard work now starts...

And now we wait to see where ELSE this flu spreads to.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Sat Feb 05th 2011, 04:10 PM
yeah, yeah, I spent more time than they deserve at their supper duper secret places (yes boys the web is quite open and UNLESS you encrypt a site... shh don't give them ideas)

So here is one thing I did notice though... after scanning the sites... yes I have taken a shower since.

The ELIMINATIONIST language has gotten worst, in the proto fascist line that is. These guys are PROTO-FASCISTS, and potentially foot soldiers if we ever got there. They are wanna be thugs who'se fantasy is to eliminate each one of you and me. That IS their fantasy and their true goal.

They use language such as PRIMITIVES, which goes all the way back to oh Nazi Germany... (Yes I just equated them with the Nazis) or for that matter, a few other places where we have had a genocide or two. They have removed all your humanity, and see you that way)

So while yes, they are mostly harmless RIGHT NOW, proper circumstances these are the brown shirts that will take it upon themselves to carry through the mission to cleanse the state from all those foreign and alien forces, including yes... LIBERALISM, either by reeducation, or right out killing. That is why they should not truly be fully ignored.

This is why we have seen a few of the foot soldiers at Jim Robinson site (and I suspect now from the gaggle of successor websites) actually go there and carry out attacks.

So they deserve watching, the same way you watch a snake... they ARE the snake.

Now I am using this as an allusion to an old movie, what came first, the snake or the egg. They are not sub-human. even if they see us as such. They are pretty much like you and me, with some crazy ideas about honor, glory and war... and of course of racial purity. Yes, there is a subtext of their use of language such as primitives, less evolved humans, sub-human,, as well as religious purity, lord that is in spades. Any student of Nazi Germany... knows this, and understands the subtext. I know these idiots would like to call NAZI's socialists, but no boys, they were just as far right wing as YOU are.

Oh and boys... I know you will do a lot of LOLZ o'ver there and high fives, since somebody is finally paying attention to the asylum. But then again, we must pay attention to you... since in the proper conditions you WILL be dangerous.

Oh and links will not be provided. They will get too many jollies out of that. Suffice it to say you too can find them...
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Tue Feb 01st 2011, 06:02 PM
First my apologies to a fellow DU'er. I wish I realized he was posting from the worst region of poverty in the US

What follows are photos from Appalachia, which is an area of the US that is just as bad as the Ciudades Perdidas in Mexico...

Appalachia, the worst poverty concentration in the US for ever...

Yes thanks for pointing this out. That is to the same level I saw in Mexico. And it is inexcusable.

This is the other America that a certain person some of you do not like was trying to talk about as well.

Appalachia is one of the poorest areas of the country.

Here for a report from 2008

August 27, 2008
Poverty report — Appalachian statistics are still appalling

The report of an increase in Appalachian residents living in poverty last year should come as no great surprise. But that does not make the news that 114,000 more individuals in the region have now reached this economic low any easier to accept.

Appalachia is now home to 13.3 million people living in poverty, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures released Tuesday.

Along with West Virginia and Virginia, the Appalachian region also includes parts of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Eternal optimists can find good news in the report. The number of people in the region who did not have health insurance last year fell to 13.6 million from 13.7 million from the year before, and median incomes were up in all the Appalachian states, where the median income ranged from a little over $36,000 in Mississippi to $68,080 in Maryland.

So when people speak of poverty in the US in general, no we are not that bad. When you look at particular regions, yes we are. Oh and none of those photos comes from anywhere close to the US Mexico Border. Tehy are all from the Appalachia region. Bellow for your comparison is this

So yes we MUST do better.. but that is exactly what Edwards was talking about.

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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Tue Feb 01st 2011, 02:58 PM
Ok, we are all familiar with China and India, but you want to know what the basis for the pyramid of this house of cards is? No, it is not the cheap crap at Walmart...

Go to your coffee aisle at the supermarket... and look at both the tea and coffee... yep some comes from Hawaii... but after that pay close attention. Then go to the fresh veggies and fruits section... notice how many fruits OUT of season are there cheap for you? Then take a walk down to the meat department. As much as quite a few is from the US... check origins, quite a bit comes from New Zealand (ok that is good lamb), and Mexico.

That is the basis for the whole system.

Now realize that this has real costs in countries around the world. It is far more profitable to grow cotton for the European market, than it is to grow wheat for national consumption. It is also far more profitable to set coffee groves than other groves for national consumption. So we are at the point that Mexico, for example, no longer produces enough corn to feed itself, which it did up to two years AFTER NAFTA. I mean those strawberries you buy bring more money than corn ever could at the local market.

So that is one of the reasons. In 2008 we saw the leading edge on this as the age of cheap food is coming to an end, and more of this events will take place. While we are complaining that some of our food has gone up, it is nowhere close to the 25% average in North Africa, or the 30% official south of the border, where for the record if subsidies were not done on things like Tortillas, food insecurity would go up even further.

So get familiar with this term... FOOD SECURITY, as you may start seeing it around the world as more popular leaders gain power and bandy it about. That will be the beginning of the unraveling of the Globalized economy.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Mon Jan 31st 2011, 10:47 PM
from the centers of power in the US... the effect on oil prices every time we have a disturbance in the force matters. Insert reason here, regarding the economy.

Our nooz wil not, mostly, focus on why people are revolting right now.

Things like a complete lack of social services, and extremely high not just unemployment but YOUTH unemployment, will nto enter the discussion. Nor will things like price of food. Like any Imperial capital we are fixed on how the story (insert here, it goes the same every time we have a major disturbance in the force) will affect US. We are pretty insular as a people. So being shocked that the nooz is pushing the line that oil will go up (it is already going up) is to be expected. To speak with the DC head of AL Jazera about actual freedom of the press in Cairo right now is not... thanks Rachel for going there.

Now thinking that it was because of Wiki leaks is also a variation of US and how we are the center of the story. This has been cooking for at least ten years. There is more, a lot of this story is not just about freedom and jobs, and safety nets, but about food. We started to see the LEADING EDGE of this oh in 2008, when we started seeing things like this:

Food price rises threaten global security - UN
Hunger riots will destabilise weak governments, says senior official

It's been building.

So as much as we would love to make this about us, a very colonial attitude... it is not. It is far more complex, but our media is mostly incapable of asking the right questions. The reasons for that are systemic, but also a nature of who we are as a people. We might be an Empire, a declining empire, but our insularity has accompanied us all the way. Some historians in the future might even refer to this as a reluctant Empire, since the people were dragged kicking and screaming.

Oh and given how food has gone up in price... the fun has just begun. People who are close to the edge will do this, when there are no pitas to eat, or tortillas, or bread.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Fri Jan 28th 2011, 10:59 PM
Thousands protest in Jordan for political, economic reforms

CNN) -- Islamists, leftists and union members marched Friday in downtown Amman, demanding more significant economic and political reforms to help struggling citizens.
About 3,000 people gathered in the Jordanian capital for the event, according to national police spokesman Lt. Col. Mohammad Al Khateeb. Half of those demonstrated, while the remainder walked alongside or watched from the sidelines.
Al Khateeb said there were protests in six other cities on Friday, with crowd estimates totaling 2,200.
The demonstrations in Amman were the third in as many Fridays, with protesters gathering in front of the Al Husseini Mosque to decry government policies they blame for rising prices, low wages and unemployment.
There were also calls for Prime Minister Samir Rifai, who took office in December 2009, to step down, and for the dissolution of parliament. /


Behind the unrest in Yemen

The people of Yemen have joined the protests in the Middle East and Africa against long-running regimes.

The unrest in Yemen – the poorest country in the Arab world – would not be as significant on its own. Within the context of uprisings in nearby countries such as Egypt and Tunisia, however, it takes on a new meaning, said Asef Bayat, professor of sociology and Middle Easter Studies at the University of Illinois.

"The demonstrations in Egypt and Tunisia has caused a 'demonstration effect,'" says Bayat.

Half of Yemen’s population is illiterate, so if the young and educated spread their message against President Ali-Abdullah Saleh’s 32-year reign to tribal leaders, a groundswell of tribes may join in.

If Egypt falls, Syria must follow

By Farid Ghadry, a Syrian-American who co-founded the Reform Party of Syria (RPS) dedicated to freedom and human rights in his native country, blogs at The opinions expressed are his own.

When watching the riots in Tunisia and Egypt, the question on everyone’s mind is, what outcome will these organic and popular uprisings will produce?

The world may be witnessing a new dawn in the Middle East fostered by enlightenment or a new Egyptian government trailing behind Syria as the latest conquest the Mullahs of Iran can claim is the result of their wise policies.

With Hezbollah’s latest dismantlement of a Lebanese government, aided by the complicity of the Assad regime and an Egypt whose future remains uncertain, it is essential for US and European policy makers to view Syria as a clear and present danger rather than the country stabilizing the region. No matter what happens, Egypt is a changed country. If it falls in the “L” column, Syria and Iran will play an essential role in supplying Egypt, as they did to Hezbollah, with the necessary tools to destabilize North Africa. This outcome will place a heavy military burden on Israel, the result of which may engulf the region with intermittent wars for many years to come. /

Please respect's ts&cs and copyright policy which allow you to: share links; copy content for personal use; & redistribute limited extracts. Email to buy additional rights or use this link to reference the article -

Lebanese government still in flux

By Abigail Fielding-Smith in Beirut
Published: January 29 2011 02:56 | Last updated: January 29 2011 02:56
Lebanon’s prime minister-designate, Najib Mikati, ended two days of consultations on forming a government on Friday amid international concern at the shape and policies of the new administration.

Hizbollah, the Shia militant group, triggered the downfall of the western-backed prime minister, Saad Hariri, this month and supported Mr Mikati’s candidacy. The US says that if Lebanon’s government were dominated by Hizbollah, aid to the nation could be jeopardised.

Hizbollah sees political gains in Lebanon - Jan-27

Both Hizbollah and its ally Syria have urged Mr Mikati to include Mr Hariri, whose supporters staged violent protests this week. But discussions with Mr Hariri’s alliance have so far yielded no result, although Lebanon’s constitution sets no deadline on the process. There have been suggestions that Mr Mikati will form a government of technocrats instead.

One of Mr Hariri’s conditions for joining Mr Mikati’s government is that it continue co-operating with an international tribunal into the murder of his father, Rafiq Hariri, who was the de facto leader of Lebanon’s Sunni community. His killing in 2005 sent shockwaves through the country. The UN-backed court is expected to indict members of Hizbollah for the crime in the coming weeks.

That is the big picture. It is not limited to Egypt... and in fact it is kind of spreading. Each country has it's own reasons... but it is.

Algeria is also tottering... Tunis is gone... so we have a regional revolution in the area.

My guess is that yes, Saudi will also face a few challenges.

So this is the big picture.


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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Wed Jan 26th 2011, 09:58 PM
time to realize this, and to call them for what they are.

They do not believe in any form of government. In fact, to them the best government actually... is no government.

This is not about drowning it in a bathtub, is about getting rid of it.

Now, what exactly does that fit the definition off? Oh yes.. ANARCHISM.

Here you go...

Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy.<1><2> It seeks to diminish or even abolish authority in the conduct of human relations.<3> Anarchists widely disagree on what additional criteria are required in anarchism. The Oxford Companion to Philosophy says, "there is no single defining position that all anarchists hold, and those considered anarchists at best share a certain family resemblance."<4>

See, it is important to actually call a spade, well a spade.

It is worst than that. In the myths they love to follow, with the fervor of the old time religion, they believe the Founders of this country were Anarchists as well.

Oh never mind that they set a limited federal government, (no the Feds did not become as powerful as they did until the 20th century), that was the government of WE THE PEOPLE. Granted, who was included was a tad more limited than today. But realize, in their religious fervor... they do NOT believe in government, not even the limited form that Jefferson envisioned.

They are radicals. We are facing radicals. And until people finally get this through their heads... we will see leaders trying to negotiate with RADICALS.
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