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Posted by DCKit in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Aug 10th 2009, 08:42 PM
I honestly do see where you're coming from, but I don't want the government dictating my healthcare choices. The pharmaceutical companies purposely keep us sick to keep the healthcare machine going. The side effects are not known for years. I can't believe the lists of medications most of our patients are on and they tell them there are no side effects. The meds are working against each other. It's very rare to have a patient over 65 that is only on one or two medications. If I could get out of healthcare, I would. The only times we use our insurance is to have surgery.

Of course you don't want the government deciding your health care options. But what's the alternative? The insurance companies make their money by denying care, canceling policies and/or shifting the expensive patients to Medicare and Medicaid - and then, quite often after it's too damn late to make a difference in the outcome. At least 20,000 die every year after their claims are denied or their surgery is deemed unneccessary or "experimental". "Medicare for All" may not be much better than "Corporate Care", but it couldn't possibly be any worse. If you have a better option, I'd love to hear it. As for the drug companies, have you heard of "Fossjaw"? Fosamax kills bone tissue in 4% of the women who take it for osteoporosis, most often in the jaw and hip. Then there's the news that Paxil and Prozac are implicated for causing birth defects.

You are correct, if they ever came up with a cure for any disease, they'd bury it. Maintenance of disease is far more profitable. And we continue to allow them to get away with it with an FDA (and other regulatory agencies) run by the very people who they're supposed to be regulating. Ask yourself, why is the AMA defending the health insurance industry when 72% of physicians approve of "Medicare for All" (a.k.a. "Single Payer")? That 30% difference between what Medicare/Medicaid and the insurance companies pay for services is the administrative cost of billing the insurance companies - and the AMA has an apparent interest in keeping that segment of doctors/hospital services alive, so who are the doctors who own those medical billing companies, and how much are they paying the AMA to keep their businesses alive and profitable? It's clearly not the rank and file being represented by the AMA, or they'd be hollering for a public option.

The corporations are in bed with the government and they do not have our best interests in mind. The stimulus package is NOT going to the ones that need it. Only the rich and CEO's are benefiting. We still have many people out of work and homeless. I have patients asking me if I know anyone that's hiring. Your niece has been looking for months - there are no jobs available. You're lucky if you're working. And what's with the Onward Christian Soldier comment? We all know Blackwater has been doing some pretty nasty things over there. They will look the other way if their guys are able to get their rocks off and do the job.

Erik Prince, the owner of Blackwater, now Xe (get it? Christ-y?) is a rabid Dominionist. The type that believes God gave man dominion over the earth to exploit it, not to cherish and care for it. He has also stated it is his mission (from God) to wipe out the Muslims. The comment was not leveled at you.

Blackwater/Xe employees are kidnapping, imprisoning and using children for their sexual gratification (not that it would be any better if it were adults) and the backlash from the Muslim world is going to last for decades. Blackwater/Xe, by it's very presence, is making our soldiers less safe, keeping Iraq in a state of turmoil and endangering our national security. Yet we're dropping money on them to the tune of $20 million a pop - to put us at risk. It makes my head hurt.

So far you've called me racist and a war monger. I am not either of these things, neither am I against change. I believe in self reliance and the community looking out for each other. There are local programs that pick up the slack. Our hospital wipes out bills for patients based on income. There is also assistance with mortgages, utilities and food. That's another thing - global warming is a hoax. The cap and trade bill will require you to have a government inspection and update your home if it doesn't meet their "green" requirements. If you can't do it, you can't sell. It will also drive up the cost of utilities to cover the costs of their program. Taxes won't be increased with these new bills? Bull!!

I did not call you a racist. I was simply hoping to point out that organizers and sponsors of this domestic terrorism are using what are called "dog whistles" to rile up the racist, nationalistic, willfully ignorant, religiously insane and terminally angry segments of our society, as in "ACORN" = "Scary Black People". They are fearmongers preying on the uninformed and willfully ignorant and using racist and religious code words to do so. As for Rush and others calling the (D)s Nazis, you have to be pretty ignorant of history to ignore the parallels between these town hall disruptors, their organizers and Hitlers Brownshirts - it's exactly the same tactic the Nazis used to gain power.

Further, what Rush (especially Rush) does is called "projection" - blaming your opposition for acts you, yourself engage in. Another key tactic lifted directly from the Nazi playbook. How long do you think Obama would retain any degree of popularity if he were to begin putting RW protesters in "Free Speech Zones" or requiring I.D. and loyalty oaths for all who entered his speaking engagements? The media pundits would be screaming 24/7 if the (D) leadership even approached the tactics that Bush used from 1999-2008 to stifle opposition, but where were they THEN? Laughing at the "libruls" behind the wire fences, that's where.

I don't know where you got your information on Cap and Trade, but wow. Just wow. However, if that is what you believe, just be glad you live in a small, newer house and think about all the jobs that will be created for the government inspectors, the factory workers (who make insulation and energy efficient equipment) and the installers. As far as the cost of utilities, they're making record profits - as are the people who play the commodities markets and drive up the prices of oil, natural gas, coal and grain - which not only impact the cost of energy, but the cost at the grocery store, as well, and doubly so - higher cost of wheat, corn and rice + higher cost to farm and transport those items. Deregulation of business, banking and Wall St. was demanded by the Republican majority and assented to by the corporate owned Democrats (a.k.a. "Blue Dogs" and "DLC") and those regulations and laws that remained on the books were not enforced. Now we get to pay for it.

If you want to see the price at the pump reduced, demand that your Congressmen and Senator introduce legislation to keep Goldman Sachs (and all the others) from using OUR money to manipulate the commodities markets just so they can screw us AGAIN as well as the reregulation of commodities trading, banking, corporations and Wall St.. A year into the bailout and they're all posting record profits again. It couldn't possibly stink any worse.

I just don't like the speed with which this administration is pushing these agendas. Congress and the senate need to read the bills before they sign them and at least let the public have a say in them - that's their job. The constitution and bill of rights restricted the federal govenment for a reason. They have gotten way out of hand and much too large.

Every member of Congress has a (often bloated and incredibly expensive) staff to read these bills and provide a synopsis. The (D) majority has rarely (in direct contrast to the (R) dominated Congress of 1994-2006) "rammed" anything through. If they say they haven't read it, you can bet either: a) a staffer read it and passed on it or b) they just don't give a shit. Given that much of our legislation seems to be written by corporate interests to benefit corporate interests, and that much of Congress is owned by those same corporate interests.... well, you know where I'm going.

The pork projects have become ridiculous and our taxpayer money is going to crap that shouldn't be funded. I agree that Medicare and VA are seriously underfunded. Medicaid should be scrapped and start over. Children defnitely should be covered, but I see people who are covered and can't figure out why. They are able bodied adults and a lot of them work - there is so much abuse of the system. Our medicaid patients are the most demanding and actually come in and demand we give them narcotic medications because the goverment has given them the impression they are entitled to whatever they want. Most of the drugs are then abused or sold on the street. There are people on disability simply because someone diagnosed them with an easily treatable "disease". I'm so sick of suppporting these slugs. I'm also for congress, senate and the pres having to pay for their own healthcare and stop the lifetime salary for doing their job. They can get their own retirement plan. I think they would really read the bills if they applied also to them.

Sure there are lots of things that shouldn't be funded that are - $1 billion every three days for Iraq and Afghanistan comes to mind quite readily - along with a military budget that exceeds the military cost of every other nation in the world, combined as well as the fabled "War on Drugs", which exists solely to continue funding for the DEA (and supplemental funding to others), eliminate hemp from our public lands (not the same as marijuana, but 90% of the "catch") and to keep the privately owned prisons profitably full of non-violent offenders. Get rid of those and we'd be able to pay for health care, K-Doctorate education for all and invest in infrastructure and energy independence - while also paying off our national debt.

Additionally, if we'd simply closed our borders (by actually paying attention) to people that shouldn't be here in the first place (or even reinforced the flimsy cockpit doors), 9/11 couldn't have happened. But the Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex doesn't make any money without conflict. 9/11 was a happy "accident" just begging to be exploited, so the cracks in the system were ignored and remained open. Read "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein. Seriously, how many FBI/CIA agents and citizens should it take the get the message out that they were here and an attack was imminent? Not to mention the fact that BushCo quashed any investigations into Saudi funding of the 9/11 hijackers - the actual villains of 9/11 - a fact that went almost completely unreported by the corporate mass media.

Bin Laden didn't hate the U.S. (he's very dead, by the way), he hated our support of the government of Saudi Arabia where he wished to establish an Islamic state - and, coincidentally, control the oil wealth of that country himself. And anyone who believes the TSA screenings at the airport, harassing grandmothers (and large breasted women) and putting toddlers on the "No-Fly" list is keeping us safe from terrorism is seriously underestimating the dedication of terrorists. It's window dressing. Very expensive window dressing.

Everything BushCo* did "to make us safe" either increased the size and control of the Federal government, or funneled money directly into private coffers - trillions of dollars of our money. But we didn't hear a peep about the cost then. What was different when Bush and his cohorts were doubling the national debt, increasing the power of the federal government, trashing the Constitution and Bill of Rights and raiding the treasury to the benefit of private corporations? I mean aside from having a black man in the WH, Democrats in the majority and a program to benefit the people on the agenda?

The threat to corporate profits and power, that's what. And when the corporations run government, it's fascism.
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Posted by DCKit in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun Aug 02nd 2009, 05:02 PM
Chemical analysis has shown our commercially grown food has a 40% deficiency of vitamins and minerals when compared to commercially grown (no, not even "organic") produce from only 50 years ago. To what would you attribute that change, if not mechanized/chemical agriculture and the ongoing depletion of our soils?

I make compost at home and grow vegetables in pots. When using potting soils and chemical fertilizers, the soil was good for a year, then became little more than sand, silt and mica - heavy, compacted and almost impervious to water, and I am surrounded by people who throw away their worthless potting soil every year. Unsurprisingly, I don't have any insect infestations or plant diseases worth noting, either. Stronger, healthier plants also have a far greater ability to fight off whatever ails them.

You may also be interested to know that the GM crops have been found to have 15% lower productivity, in spite of their being engineered to make them immune to insect infestation (BT corn and soybeans) or "round-up ready" to allow them to out-compete weeds. That they're all hybrids and farmers can't save the seeds for replanting - not to mention Monsanto's ongoing campaign against those farmers whose heritage crops they have contaminated with GM genetic material or that those crops with BT genes (both corn and soybeans) seem to be causing all kinds of problems with allergic and digestive problems - and I'd rather be doing it my way.

Further, the widespread cases of food contamination are all from factory farms, even if that's not what we've been told. The complete lack of oversight and ability to competently investigate by the government reeks of a cover-up. The FDA is owned by the people they're supposed to be regulating - the same people who supply food to every supermarket in the U.S.. Thanks, but no thanks.

I realize I'm not a scientist, but I've got fifteen years of experimentation under my belt and grow some of the best tomatoes and peppers I've ever tasted, each and every year. The food at the grocery store may as well be made of cellulose, water and food coloring by comparison. There's just nothing in it.
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Posted by DCKit in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Jul 08th 2009, 10:21 PM
From my formerly liberal, younger sister, no less. She's juiced on the Kool-aide and I haven't got a clue how it happened.

Please note the hallmarks of the typical FReeper posting - aside from the delusional tone.

This is so scary, but what I was afraid was going to happen to this great country - just not so fast......... it's a shame our representatives don't live what they preach.


Celebrating the End of American Independence By JB Williams Thursday, July 2, 2009
2009 marks the end of an era in which the United States of America led the world in prosperity, power, individual liberty and freedom. The US Constitution no longer stands as the cornerstone of freedom. The average American is no longer well suited for self-governance. The federal government no longer serves at the pleasure of the people and the states and the future of the greatest nation ever known to mankind, is beyond bleak.
The American people are divided into three political blocs today.
Those who desire access to the earnings and assets of others and are using the weight and power of the federal government to rob their fellow Americans of freedom, liberty and hard earned prosperity.
Those who have spent a lifetime on the sidelines not knowing what to believe or who to trust, manipulated by a constant drumbeat in the leftist press, academia and Hollywood elite, trading their individual liberty and that of others for a so-called ?greater communal good.?
Those who still believe in the founding principles and values of a Constitutional Republic, but have no representation in Washington DC, the press, academia or Hollywood, and have yet to find a viable means of restoring freedom without force.
Even those who see what is happening live in a state of illusion, hoping against hope that it is all just a mirage. They believe that America will simply rebound, as it always has. But they overlook the reality that all of the founding principles and values that made it possible for our country to prosper and even dig itself out of tough times, have been systematically destroyed. The mechanisms needed to rebound, no longer exist?
I received the following letter from a dear friend and retired Colonel just yesterday. I have known the Colonel for many years and have never heard him speak in this tone before. His words caught me off guard, as they were quite out of character for a great man who had spent his life defending freedom and liberty. With his permission, I want to share his letter with you, although for the safety of his family, he has requested anonymity, which I will honor.

Dear JB,
I am a professional military man, retired but still ready, willing and able to honor my oath to ?support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies?? - The bunch of traitors, terrorists and conquistadors that presently hold ?elected? and appointed office in our nation?s capitol have no intention of honoring the U.S. Constitution. Their intent is the destruction of the republic, the oppression of liberty, the crushing of all resistance and the establishment of a global government.
When Cap and Trade is passed by the Senate and signed into law by Obama, the destruction of our nation will progress rapidly. Millions will be out of work. The cost of living will skyrocket and as this process progresses, violence will fill this country. This will be the excuse for new powers for the government and for United Nations troops to patrol our streets..
The people will be disarmed door to door by troops that hate Americans.. The U.S. armed forces will be down sized and those that remain, kept out of the country to protect the usurpers who are destroying this nation. The blood of liberty lovers will flow in the streets. Civil war will erupt as parents see the destruction of their families and millions of ?domestic terrorists? who refuse to renounce their belief in God, Liberty and our Republic, finally resort to armed rebellion to save what they can, much too late. Once again, a dark age will fall upon the world and it will be darkest in what was once the free republic known as the United States of America.
In the name of ?change? we have sold our nation, our liberty, our future and the soul of America to the forces of evil. We have sewed the wind and we will reap the whirlwind.
I do not believe any longer that this Republic can be saved. Those of us who care are not yet ready to do what needs to be done, to pay the price to retain our liberty and cage our government. Our enemies know this truth better than we. It will take force to drive this evil government from power just as it took force to establish our republic.
For those of us who swore allegiance to the Constitution, this act is not yet feasible. We just can?t admit what we know in our hearts. To even think this, is treason under the new ?hate crimes? laws. The forces of Global dominion have planned well and have captured the media, education and now our government is fully in their control.
The last hope for this Republic, short of Divine intervention, is the United States Military and as long as the high command remains in the pocket of the oppressors, there is no hope.
My advice, - get right with God, do whatever you can to protect and preserve your family, keep yourself informed, keep a low profile. When the opportunity arises, defend the Republic to the best of your ability. Do not expect mercy from the oppressors and finally, live free and die hard. God save the Republic.
Sadly, the Colonel is far from alone in his assessment. I am hearing similar assessments from active duty and retired service men and women, as well as many other community leaders on a daily basis now. The people, their states, their businesses, are NOT free!
As many average Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day with the usual fireworks and family cookouts, other American patriots like the Colonel, are taking to the streets in TEA Party protests, as they mourn the end of US freedom and supremacy, and pray for divine intervention that may bring an end to the hourly assault on all things American taking place in Washington DC today.
The Constitution Does NOT Stand
It?s now a matter of known fact that Barack Hussein Obama does not meet the constitutional eligibility for the office he holds and this means that Article II ? Section I of the Constitution is no longer in force.
It?s equally clear that no member of congress or the courts is the least concerned with the fact that we have a man sitting in the Oval Office who has not met constitutional standards, spends his every waking moment attacking the Constitution, and has not even passed a standard security clearance for the information he has access to.
Every day, congress and the White House are forcing policies into law that are in direct contradiction to the Constitution. Nobody says a word? Even those who oppose those policies fail to use the Constitution to stop them.
TEA Party goers now qualify as ?Domestic Terrorists?
The FBI and DHS are monitoring the TEA Party protests. Obama?s DHS has redefined ?domestic terrorist? to include every American who opposes the One World Order regime running wild in Washington DC..
Once defined as ?domestic terrorists,? the Obama administration is free to treat them like terrorists and local law enforcement has been put on notice to do just that. As Obama comments in defense of freedom-fighters protesting against an illegitimate president in Iran, his DHS has determined that American freedom-fighters protesting our own illegitimate president are nothing more than ?domestic terrorist? to be treated as such.
The Lefts Full Court Press
With a filibuster proof House and Senate, leftists in charge of the federal government sense that they must strike while they hold unbridled power. They drove the nation from a trillion dollars in debt to more then ten trillion in debt in their first 90 days in power.
They confiscated control of the banking industry and the auto industry and they have most states hanging by a federal promise of taxpayer bailout funds, after pushing all of it to the brink of bankruptcy. Next they want control of the insurance industry, the health industry and the energy industry.
Through Cap & Trade, they seek to bankrupt every American with laws which will make Al Gore a multi-billionaire, on the backs of the very Americans who thought Obama had their best interests at heart. The unemployment rate has already doubled under brief leftist rule with much worse ahead. The only jobs Obama wants to create are more government taxpayer funded jobs.
They have destroyed our defense and intelligence communities and given aid and comfort to America?s enemies in Iran, North Korea, and third world dictatorships too numerous to mention.
The End of Self-Governance
Today, self-governance is defined as ?mob rule? wherein 51% of the people are free to take away the rights of the other 49%. We call it ?democracy.?
But true self-governance was about the freedom to govern one?s self. Public enemy #1 in America today is the evil word ?capitalism.? Of course capitalism is nothing more than economic freedom, the ability to self-govern ones economic condition through individual decisions.
Americans don?t want freedom anymore. Left to govern themselves, they were free to make mistakes, some of them quite costly. So they voted to be governed by others, namely Ivy League elitists who allegedly know what?s best for them and promise to save them from themselves.
The end of individual accountability and self-governance brings about the end of individual liberty and the death of individual, state and national independence.
Now we are Dependents...
Because we don?t like smokers, we use the power of the Fed to beat smokers over the head. We won?t stop them from smoking by outlawing tobacco, because we can profitably bludgeon smokers to death with excessive taxes. But we hope to pass legislation making it possible for them to smoke marijuana instead, because people on pot don?t resist anything.
We will do the same to SUV drivers, folks with a bigger home or TV than ours, people who eat where we can?t afford to eat, and travel where we can?t afford to travel. We are petty and foolish? The guns we aim at others today will be turned on us soon.
Because we don?t want someone to make more or have more than we have, we use the power of the federal government to take from those who have earned more. Though they promise to redistribute the confiscated wealth to those of lesser individual success, the money somehow ends up vanishing in the sea of wasteful federal programs instead.
The states allowed the Fed to grab control of everything and now they exist at the pleasure of the Fed and are dependents of the Fed, just like the people. Freedom was sold for the promise of free-stuff and now that the Fed is also bankrupt, to the point that even Red China worries about our nation?s credit worthiness, there is nowhere left to turn for a bailout of the American Dream.
Celebrating the Loss of Independence
The election of Barack Obama marked the death of the Constitution. The policy of grabbing private industry after private industry marks the beginning of an era of federal mob rule. Those who dare stand opposed; will soon experience a fate similar to freedom-fighters in Iran and Honduras.
Individual freedom and liberty died the moment that we stopped upholding the Constitution and the Free Republic for which it stands. Today, Independence Day marks the loss of independence, as a nation fast becoming only another third world partner in some insane One World Order, as the states collapse under the weight of excessive welfare spending and the dollar is dumped all around the world as an outdated currency with unknown value.
When we fire our fireworks and set the table this 4th of July, we will be marking a very different event in human history. As the United States prepares for the final stages of utter collapse, we will remember the time when America was the beacon of freedom and hope around the world. Now it is a sad joke and a fading memory of hope for people around the world who sought freedom.
Some believe that Obamanation represents real freedom. But all evidence says quite the contrary. Despite the mountain of evidence, the truth is just too ugly to stomach for most modern Americans. They are not cut from the same cloth as our nations Founders, or even our greatest generations.
The colonel?s message above rings true, at least for anyone who has first hand experience with the price of freedom? The end of the uniquely American way of life is near. We cannot celebrate our freedom and independence this 4th of July, because 2009 marks the end of all that is good and decent in America. All that is good and decent in the world!
Individual freedom is the greatest good on earth and Americans have let it die. For what - The false promise of free-stuff?
Though I have always been proud of my country, its Founders and the Constitutional Republic they established, I am ashamed of my country today. I am ashamed of my fellow Americans who will celebrate this American holiday as if all is well, as their country is shoved off the cliff, right before their eyes.
Like the good colonel and so many like him that I hear from day in and day out, I weep for the loss of my country on this July 4th. The freedom and Independence our forefathers bought and paid for with their blood is gone. And most Americans no longer have the stomach to realize it, much less save it!
May God have mercy on those who have been so foolish.
But I pray that he will show NO mercy to those who have systematically destroyed the greatest nation of free men ever known to mankind. For as they destroy American freedom, they destroy the hope of freedom for all others around the globe. This is not a deed that can go unpunished

My Response:

Jesus Hussein Christ. After what Georgie and Dick did to this country for eight years, this is the kind of shit y'all are spouting NOW?????

Two stolen elections.
Two illegal and immoral wars.
1.3 million Iraqi citizens murdered.
Over 5,000 U.S. service members dead and countless more impaired for life.
Illegally spying on U.S. citizens.
Suspension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
No-bid contracts to the very worst corporate actors in history.
Trillions more in debt and a doubling of that debt.
Torture and other war crimes.
Destruction of the U.S. economy.
Deregulation of the financial markets (and everything else).
Bailouts and huge paydays for the very people whose unbridled greed caused the financial meltdown.
The "unitary" (and illegal/Unconstitutional) pResident.
Lying to Congress and the People about Iraq.
About three hundred other things.

Where were your complaints when Dick and Dumbya were thoroughly trashing the country?

If you don't know enough about how the government is supposed to work, then I'm sorry for the poor education you received. However, be aware that it's the job of Congress to reign in an out of control pResident, and they didn't even try - even after we gained a (D) majority. And no one is more pissed at the lame performance than actual Democrats.

This irrational hatred of Obama isn't based on his actions or his demeanor, it's based in racism and terror of the scary black man in the White House and I'm totally sick of this shit.

Write to me about the family or what's going on in your life, but leave the political discussion to someone who knows something about politics other than what they hear from OxyRush and the other bought-and-paid-for talking heads of the MSM. You will learn nothing but hate from that bunch and you are NOT preaching to the choir with me.

Besides, it wasn't all the long ago that it was considered high treason to criticize a sitting President during a time of war. Why is it O.K. now that Obama's in the WH?
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Posted by DCKit in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Jun 18th 2009, 01:02 AM
For a party that claims to be universally pro-life, pro-family and fiscally conservative, the Republicans should be working to steamroll any health care proposal that doesn't provide for affordable and mandatory health coverage for every child in this country - which, by extension, would include their families. Any scheme so expensive that it threatens the ability of parents (or other caregivers) to provide adequate care, food, shelter or a stable home environment for our children should be in the same round file as the proposals to impeach a certain former pResident (albeit, for very different reasons).

'Affordable' would entail the exclusion of the corporate insurance behemoths from any public option. The corporations currently skim between $0.30 and $0.42 from every health care dollar, and cost nearly as much on the side of the health care providers in administrative fees, write offs and lost income. 'Affordable' would also require that everyone be covered whether unemployed, under employed or making minimum wage at a full-time job. However, at a 60% to 84% discount over the cost of corporate coverage, a public option might make affordable care a reality for many of the 47 million currently without, and before consideration of any taxpayer supplement.

Further streamlining the claims process, software and oversight for the existing MediCare model (at a current cost of $0.045/$1.00) would further reduce any supposed public burden. We're already paying the per-capita costs of "first dollar" coverage, all that's required is an efficient method of allocating those dollars. Blue Cross Blue Shield, et al, has failed in finding that efficient method. Not that they were looking.

We can't do much about our own rabidly corporate (D)s who are fighting to maintain the profitability of the insurance industry to the detriment of the people, but we can embarrass more of our own to prevent them jumping on the corporate bandwagon at the last minute - the ones who haven't "come out" just yet. Additionally, there are also a handful of actual, honorable Republicans out there and, with the party as fractured as it is, another round of elections coming up shortly and the depressing prospect of doing anything more than simply holding on to their seats, the same logic might work - especially for those who hail from depressed areas. Too many of their constituents have lost their jobs - a public option for health care might be their last lifeline before total destitution. These Congresscritters just have to sell it to the Ditto-heads on a level they'll understand, if such a thing is even possible.

If we can help (or outright embarrass) enough of the reasonable, intelligent (R)s to cross over to the light, we just might have enough votes to overcome the Corporatists on both sides of the aisle. Then we can work on getting rid of the whole Corporate gang in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Oh, what a wonderful world that would be.

Yes, there are many other issues on the burner right now, but we've got this one chance to get health care reformed correctly, or we're going to have to wait another twenty years for the chance. I too want BushCo* in prison, DOMA and DADT tossed on the shitpile of history, "Teh War on Drugs/Poor People" ended, the Pentagon scaled back to subsistence levels and our national reputation as the shining beacon of Democracy and Justice restored. But each of those is an ongoing war with many battles to be fought and, many of which, we are already winning at the state level. Universal health care is different: We can't afford to fuck it up this time. Even if enacted on a state-by-state basis, the insurance companies will fight tooth and nail for their share to the very end, bankrupting states, as necessary, to send a message to the others: "Don't Go There." What other industry has 15% of the GDP at their disposal to spend in fighting for their very survival?

I have described this as a fight to the death (of the corporations). Others have defined it as a death sentence hanging over the 'head' of the insurance companies. I would like to think the 15% of our fellow citizens who have no coverage at all and the 62% of those who have gone into bankruptcy because of medical bills would have stronger, better words for it.
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Posted by DCKit in Latest Breaking News
Mon Jun 15th 2009, 01:30 AM
Yet, that's how everyone else did it. Every time I hear "But it won't work here" I know I'm being bullshitted. With all the successful models and the various components of each that we've got to pick and choose from, "It's too hard" falls flat on it's ass - deservedly.

If we do get some sort of public option, along with the obligatory "reform" of corporate insurance, they'll starve the public system of funding, ensure that it's difficult to use (and even harder to implement) and make the rules and regulations so convoluted you'll need to bring your attorney to every appointment to discuss treatment and billing with your doctor's attorney as both study an encyclopedia of rules and regulations.

We don't have to re-invent health care, we simply need to borrow the best portions of programs that have already been implemented in those countries with socialized medicine. To those who would say "We can't afford it" I would say "We're already spending more per-capita than any other country in the world. "Per-capita" means "per person", so there's already enough money in the system to cover every man, woman and child in the U.S. with "first dollar" (no deductible) medical care."

What we can't afford is the 30%-40% the insurance companies skim off the top for denying care, in addition to the cost on the side of doctors and hospitals fighting those same insurance companies for payment. Reasonably, it could be expected to cost doctors and hospitals an equal amount (or more) to fight for those payments, so it would follow that a minimum of 60% of our health care dollars are being spent on denying health care, collection, administrative fees, advertising and outrageous CEO bonuses.

Tell me, what is it about the U.S. that makes socialized medicine unworkable in the face of so much evidence? I'll shoot the arguments down one by one, guaranteed. In the end, it all boils down to the desire of the insurance companies and their minions in Congress (making every lame excuse imaginable) to maintain the status-quo of profit margins and bloated re-election coffers. Only the people lose.

Without the insurance companies, we could not only afford health care, we'd be in the black.
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Posted by DCKit in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Jun 12th 2009, 11:16 PM
Dropping dead on the keyboard would explain a lot of spelling errors.

If we allow only one view of legalized abortion on DU, why would it need it's own forum?

And why does it always boil down to abortion? We've adopted *THEIR* terminology and allowed them to define the argument. We should, instead, be hammering the hell out of them on family planning - Don't even let them go to abortion.

They've only settled on abortion because it's the most contentious aspect of women's (reproductive) health. With effective, inexpensive and comprehensive family planning and proper education (each of which they oppose just as strongly, but at a lower volume) they wouldn't have numbers high enough to keep their "pro-life" argument alive in the public consciousness. In the meantime, they're actually promoting abortion by working to limit or eliminate those options which would reduce the numbers of "at choice" abortions. Additionally, until we have perfect genetic and prenatal medicine and all children are valued beyond the womb, there will be fewer necessary abortions.

In the meantime, it should rankle each and every one of us that this argument is being promoted mainly by old white guys looking for political gain and religious fundamentalists who only wish to control women - and that's before considering the twisted repressive sexuality that seems to be the common thread between both old white men and the fundies.

If we're having an argument over this on DU, it's the wrong one. No sane woman would choose to get pregnant and have an abortion if informed and affordable options allowed her to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. That's our argument, and implementation of comprehensive family planning coupled with education would blow their argument right out of the arena.
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Posted by DCKit in Editorials & Other Articles
Wed May 13th 2009, 08:44 PM
Anyone who can lie that easily doesn't belong in a (D) administration.

For those of you who don't get it, there is no reduction, no savings or anything else except for a hollow promise by the insurance companies to REDUCE THE RATE OF GROWTH of our health insurance costs to a level below what is forecast. In the same ten years, the industry can expect to increase their own profit by at least that much and, given that they're ONLY in it for the $$$$, I expect much, much more.

It's pretty much the same as any of us saying we saved a cool million by not buying that loft in NYC, or that we're millionaires because that's how much we'll have made by the time we can afford to retire at age 97. It's not real and there's not a reason in the world they would follow through once they've killed a public, not-for-profit option.

If these are the standards we can expect from the Obama administration regarding logic and the use of language, then there's not much hope for progress. You can call it whatever you like - manipulation, massaging the message, etc... - but we've had enough lies. It's time for some hard truths and for our government to serve the people, not the corporations.

If we want universal coverage, we're going to have to fight like hell for it. There's too damn much money at stake for the corporations and the politicians they own to give in without a fight to the death - and, make no mistake, it is us or them. They don't care whether we're healthy or not, as long as the river of money keeps flowing their way.
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Posted by DCKit in Latest Breaking News
Tue May 12th 2009, 09:18 PM
Guess that's why they hate the idea of evolution - they're the less fit species. At some moments in time, they may appear to be the top political predators, but they're not predators, they're parasites, and no parasite that would kill it's host so quickly, is willing to sacrifice it's own in the struggle and leaves nothing of value for it's descendants is viable. Besides, as far as sex goes, they fall into three groups: 1) Hate it, 2) Terrified of it and 3) Hey! That freaky shit isn't going to get anyone knocked up. What the hell is wrong with you? Since they don't replicate by division (as you might expect with a lower life-form), and the remaining 30% who are addicted to sex do so with unsuitable partners (same sex, children, farm animals, hookers, inanimate objects), their future is bleak.

Additionally, the average age of Republics is like what, 93? I would postulate that those who claim to be (R) and under 40 are gold diggers looking to cash in (the only other option is insanity). I've seen it with some of my elderly friends - it's a type they attract, like flies to rotten meat. The second the old guard is gone and there isn't another nickel to be had, these young Republicans will all become Libertarians and abandon any pretense at principles, morals and ethics.

Like the masters of the universe on Wall St. and their legendary greed, the Republics have no impulse control and their lust for power will be the end of them. Our job is to make sure they take only their own kind along for the ride.
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Posted by DCKit in Editorials & Other Articles
Mon Apr 13th 2009, 10:35 AM
I caught part of "To the Contrary" on Sunday and there was a Republic - Black, female, pretty, intelligent and a great speaker - who basically said "Conservative victims of "Teh Gay Agenda" are homeschooling their kids and withdrawing from society at large because all these new laws are impinging on their God given right to discriminate against and hate on minorities."

Now I've suspected, for some time, that Black Republic Pundits (BRPs) were plants - mercenaries, if you will, in it for the money and laughing all the way to the bank.The RNC and the M$M believe they're gaining some sort of legitimacy for their arguments because they're being spoken by the most generic, yuppie-friendly African Americans they could find to parrot their talking points. But only ignorant, racist white people are falling for it. The BRPs are:

1) More intelligent and far better spoken than their white counterparts.
2) More sane and far less prone to "go off" than their white counterparts.
3) More prepared than their white counterparts.
4) More knowledgeable on the subject (current (R) talking points) than their white counterparts.
5) Far less threatening than their white counterparts - "teh crazy" of the white pundits is nearly absent in the BRPs.

Now, if I've ever seen a case for affirmative action, this is it. The BRPs represent a class of Americans who, by whatever means, have attained the dream. Not content to stick to their highly paid day jobs, they insist on showing up on the Sunday talk shows, hogging the two or three slots the M$M reserves for minorities each week, preventing the vast majority of African Americans, Asians, Latinos, Middle Easterners, et. al., from having a voice on these shows. It's just not right.

While I wouldn't put it past Pat (or Bay) Buchanan to bust a cap in someones ass, the BRPs are pussy cats - "Carlton" from the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air". It think it's time we sat someone next to Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity who scares THEM for change. If we're going to have diversity on these political talk shows, lets have some real diversity.
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Posted by DCKit in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Dec 16th 2008, 12:52 AM
are playing a game of "Unitary Executive Chicken" with Obama and his crew - a crew appointed by a man who isn't threatened by staffers even smarter than he is? Those Repuke morans can't shut off the projection for a second. It's going to be a huge relief to have sane, educated adults back in the WH.

P.S. Mr. President Elect and Staff: the current interpretation of the law allows you to detain and hold anyone - even former officials - without charge and as long as you want. You may want to hold back on repealing any of the illegal and unConstitutional acts until after you've done some investigating. Those powers could come in handy if any arms need twisting.
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Posted by DCKit in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Nov 29th 2008, 11:42 AM
Fear that Obama *couldn't* be elected - because of perceived racism. My personal experience is social/business contact with about a dozen black men and women who supported Hillary stridently, then (seemingly) lost all hope when Obama won the nomination, then went into a blissful stupor when he was elected. Several were on board, even rabid Obama supporters, after the nomination, but (aside from the fact that I live in DC where 94% of the vote is (D)) they were NOT hopeful.

Too many, black and white, just didn't think we could elect an off-white President and fear was the driver. These people - and women of every color - certainly never thought they'd see it in their lifetimes, but I've never seen my personal contacts happier - all the time, every day. They're all glowing like they're pregnant with their first kid, without all the hormone drama. All of them. Even the guys.

The angry white women? They thought a white woman would be elected (and "deserved" the post)before a man of color, which leaves me suspecting racism COUPLED with sexism as well as fear of failure (not to mention all the allegorical evidence of the other posters of control, physical and mental abuse)drove this election. We got past the biggest barrier with this election, so there's no reason a qualified woman of ANY shade can't be our next President - as long as she's not some bimbo from Alaska (also, youbetcha).

I have my own issues with HRC, but this election proves that, finally and truly, any citizen can become President. Personally, I'm hoping that the kids who do well in school will stop being criticized or being told "you're acting white" when they get good grades. This SOB is a hell of a role model for all our kids and I'm already praying for two terms. If we ever needed anyone to set an example for the kids and give them a reason to learn, P.E. Obama is IT. Jeebus, his speeches are an English lesson.

My friends and associates are converts and, with the exception of Richards, I wanted everyone but BHO or HRC to win the election, but I'm on board now. Anyone who claims to be a Democrat and still opposes Obama has other issues and, in my opinion, may as well register as a Lieberman Republicrat and relinquish any seat on, or in, any Democratic organization.

You can't call yourself a Democrat if you voted for Geezer&Gidget because Hillary didn't win the nomination.
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Posted by DCKit in Latest Breaking News
Sat Sep 20th 2008, 06:52 AM
They're all tied up in incestuous relationships of influence, greed, graft, blackmail, bribery and the whole NeoCon agenda. They neither want or need the kind of advice and structure the U.S. government or our economic advisers would wish them to heed and implement. The attempt to privatize the water, transportation and energy sectors as well as the resources of Bolivia as a condition of World Bank and IMF loans was a real wake-up call for the region and now they've got leaders who aren't going to play along.

South America has wised up to the NeoCon Agenda, and they've booted them out - except for Colombia, the lone hold-out and our last "friend" in the region. With the other leaders standing together, there is little hope for the NeoCons of regaining their foothold any time soon without taking blatant and extraordinary measures.

There are others far more knowledgeable about the exact actions and timeline of our colonial experiment in S.A., but I'm sticking to what I know.
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Posted by DCKit in Latest Breaking News
Mon Sep 08th 2008, 07:46 PM
then rocks and sticks. What's left, but to cut off everyones hands so they can't strangle? What lengths should we go to to end murder?

People are dangerous, mad animals that do, occasionally kill. Despite the propaganda, we are not experiencing sudden epidemic of murder, but an awareness campaign. The current murder rate is nearly as low as it was in the early 1960's. Without the Internet and MSM scrutiny, these "high-profile" stories would be unknown outside their local news markets.

Now if you have an idea of how to dispossess criminals of firearms, I'd be more than happy to hear it, but don't try to tell me that making handguns illegal is going to prevent assaults and murders. They've been illegal here in DC for a long time, but there's no shortage of teens and young adults running around with guns stuck down their pants or hidden in their cars. They wouldn't be *criminals* if they obeyed the law and, if they can't buy guns easily, they'll get them in the newly energized black market created by prohibition.

Further, it wouldn't take much of an investment to set up a machine shop to manufacture simple guns. Creating a scarcity through outright prohibition would ensure a wildly profitable enterprise. The potential for large-scale international smuggling along the same, established routes that cocaine, meth and heroin reach the U.S. is wide open and the drug cartels would fill any void in a heartbeat. Back-alley gun smithies would spring up all over Mexico, Central and South America within days.

I would instead propose that we attack poverty, social inequality, drug use, education and disenfranchisement as the roots of crime. But the hard answers make railing against handguns as the sole cause of all evil irresistible to the incurious and intellectually lazy.
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Posted by DCKit in Science
Sat Sep 06th 2008, 09:19 PM
Despite the examples across Europe and just across the border in Canada, we're bombarded with "It won't work (here)", "It's too expensive", "It's no good", "Treatment will be substandard" and other outright lies.

If any of these things were true, we wouldn't be paying more per capita on health care than every other developed nation while still leaving 20% of our population uninsured. Maintaining the corporate for-profit system across the U.S. is worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year to the insurance, drug, mega-chain hospitals and other health-care related corporations, therefore it's worth spending several hundred million a year buying politicians, MSM pundits, advertising space and everything else they do to protect their profit.

So they tell us the battery technology "isn't there yet", the cars will be too expensive/are too difficult to engineer, won't be safe and will stress the grid to the breaking point. Anyone who watched and understood "Who Killed the Electric Car" knows how lame these arguments are and I'm not going to enumerate them again.

However, I would like to point out that it takes roughly the same amount of energy to refine a gallon of gasoline as it does to charge an electric car to drive the same distance as that gallon of gas. It really is that much more efficient.
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Posted by DCKit in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Sep 06th 2008, 08:42 PM
back in the 80's because of the (BFEE/Iran/Contra) crack epidemic and the prevalence of legal assault weapons in the hands of drug dealers defending their trade?

It would have been fairly easy to ban the assault weapons, institute draconian sentences for illegal possession and make the streets safer for everyone, but they didn't. Instead, they used the second amendment as cover to set it up. See how that works?

The number of money making angles made possible by "Teh War on Drugs" is mind-boggling - drug dealing, arms dealing, government contracts, airplane leasing, property seizures and increased funding of law and order directed straight to the pockets of the corporations supplying both sides.

Never will another Republic match the skill of G.H.W. Bush, a true criminal mastermind. No wonder W feels so inadequate.

We're the biggest suckers in history.
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