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The Blue State Bandit Journal - Archives
Posted by ingin in General Discussion
Sun Sep 25th 2011, 11:09 AM

This NYPD Supervisor maced a crowd of female protesters at #OccupyWallStreet yesterday. As seen in the video posted earlier many of the beat cops were caught off guard as well. One actually got a face full as well. The video clearly shows him casually walking up to the orange mesh as another supervisor approaches yelling. He was unprovoked, gave no warning, not even to the officers holding the mesh. The actions of the officers (the shocked look on many of there faces and the one rubbing his face), and the actions of the supervisors (all leaving the scene after this attack) tells me all I need to know.

I believe this is a blatant attempt to foment a split between the protesters and the beat cops; an attempt to create tensions between the police and the people so that violence will ensue. Don't let that happen.

I'm posting this because I see a lot of comments that disparage the NYPD as a whole for this action. I believe this is detrimental to the cause.

Many of the cops doing crowd control are doing just that. Many understand why these protests are going on. And I believe that many of them don't feel too good about what they are being forced to do.

This "man" (term used loosely) and the other supervisors seen scurrying away afterwards make the average beat cop NYPD look bad. These are not the "Blue Collar/Shirt officers that are "just doing their jobs". These are the sycophants that are giving the orders and leaving the beat cops holding the bag.

Don't turn on the cops. get the cops to turn on them.

Props to "WhoIsNumberNone" for the screen grab.
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Posted by ingin in Guns
Sun Jul 24th 2011, 01:10 AM
How the F#@K does that work? Read the article.
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Posted by ingin in Latest Breaking News
Fri May 27th 2011, 05:58 PM
Not that I approve of how this was handled, but maybe they were worried that his actions may have blown the bin Laden operation? That would explain a lot.
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Posted by ingin in General Discussion
Fri Apr 22nd 2011, 09:16 PM
You know that card in your wallet (that should be in a safer place), the one with all your ‘savings” on it? You know, for your retirement; to pay the firefighter to save your life and pay those politicians to administrate OUR country? What if someone picked your pocket and took THAT card?

This is what is happening right now. The “Republicans” are trying to relieve us of our Social Security cards. And it’s a tag-team operation.

The mark (us) is distracted by something shinny or otherwise enticing introduced by one player, while the other player moves on your assets. A brush with the pick-pocket is light handed, often gone unnoticed, if barely registered at all. And even if you’re lucky enough to be snapped out of it by the event, the culprit would most likely have melted into the sea of hectic humanity; hypnotized by this institutionalized version of the “Big Distraction”.

We pay taxes to pay for the roads that we pay the police to keep safe on, the city to keep clean, and the feds to promote a safe, fair, and reasonably honest marketplace; for goods services and ideas. My taxes are meant to finance the operation and implementation of our Constitutional Democratic Republic.

But it seems that people claiming to be “Republicans” are lifting your Social Security card while the rest of us are busy watching the latest shiny object; be it the quaff of the Donald, the quack of Gaddafi, or how much you can get from Gold Line for your trip to the Beck Revelation Bunker Blow-Out Sale. Duck and cover suckers! I Notice how it puts the booty in just the right position.

I say “…claiming to be…” because, as juxtaposed as I may be on so many positions with run of the mill republicans or conservatives, they will be, for the most part, victims right alongside of the rest of us.

So what is it that they are taking? Your Social Security card would make for a great metaphor by itself, but it is more literal than you may think. It’s not just your Social Security that they are after.That card is my proof of ownership. I got it because I am a citizen and I pay taxes. My job, my vote, and my identity as an American are made possible by that card. All are now being taken from us.

They cheapen our work so that we do more for less. Outsourcing, deregulation, and union busting has made it near impossible to realize the American dream. They actively suppress voting with fake mailers, and investigations; racist legislation and biased judication from stacked districts and benches. Not to mention the fishy smells from Florida and Ohio… oh yeah, and now Wisconsin. And don’t get me started on our identity. Silence Dogood wouldn’t last a minute around here. Our good name has been dragged thru the muds of the third world for the benefit of these borderline criminal organizations international corporations for decades now. And they know everything about us thru our cookies and our iPhones.

So next time you see a “Republican” running for office, or bobble-head bloviating about Socialism or birth certificates, with their fake outrage and bag full of shinny objects, speak out because there’s probably more than a few Pick-Pockets in the crowd.

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Posted by ingin in General Discussion
Sun Feb 27th 2011, 12:41 PM
As it has been pointed out by many hear and elsewhere, the Koch Bros own Georgia-Pacific. Listed among there most nationally recognized brands are there sanitary paper lines (aka toilet paper), Angel Soft, Sparkle, and Quilted Northern. It has been suggested that a boycott of these products should be launched.

I agree with this call to arms and would like to suggest a rallying cry that is sure to catch a few eyes and ears, as well as express our true feelings towards the Koch Bros. and there intentions.

Over the years, there have been many times that I have expressed my feelings towards people and organizations using such terms. Be it some publication, politician, or public figure, it was always used as a youthamism; not that I had actually considered using a magazine or a person as a "butt-wipe". The last thing I wanted was a literal "Chapped Ass".

But now I can firmly say, both literally and figuratively, that "I WOULDN'T WIPE MY ASS WITH THE KOCK BROS. OR THEIR PAPER PRODUCTS!

And to those who may have also had the same thought, great minds think alike. And for that, you can thank a teacher.
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Posted by ingin in Political Videos
Thu Feb 10th 2011, 07:23 AM
Evan Kohlmann and Cenk Uygur layout why we should be supporting the protesters.

Removing Al-Qaeda's raison d'être.
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Posted by ingin in General Discussion
Sat Jan 29th 2011, 03:57 AM
High level diplomacy may slow the progression of events in Egypt and beyond, but such contacts will never reach the ground.The people in the streets don't want to hear from the ruling classes, they want to hear from there peers on there level of the social structure.

The leading liberal and (if common ground can be found), libertarian blog communities should post joint statements of support for the popular uprising in Egypt. Such statements, delivered via front pages, should surprise and entice media and conjure some public push-back to authenticate our independence.

I think that El Barraddi could be a darling to us. The way he pushed back against the Bush Administration.

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Posted by ingin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Nov 27th 2010, 05:17 PM
Who among us, the 99% of Americans who work when they can, who have their checks prorated to pave the roads and protect society from the pitfalls of an honorable existence, can afford a team of lawyers and investment banksters to "handle" their tax obligations, or "shield"(what often is not always) "their" assets from creditors or disgruntled customers? Ya can't even stuff it in your mattress anymore.

Who among us, the "people", who actually have corporeal form, and things like vocal chords to speak, and stomachs to growl, and suffering kin to attend to, can afford to have our 1st Amendment protected opinions propagated through the MSM echo chamber like a sad song in the shower? Come to think of it, that analogy works for the sensible retorts too, nobody in the chamber, or in that tiled lined shit house can hear the the heckles from outside.

We don't write the banking laws, or the mortgage laws, or the tax laws, we just have to live with it; the cost of breathing the fresh air of Freedom (TM) *cough* *cough*.

I live pay check to pay check, as do more than 2/3 of Americans. I can't afford to be late with my rent. I can't bribe Moody's to improve my credit score. And the only bailout's I would qualify for is some measly unemployment checks and an ACCESS card (food stamps for silver spooned who might be reading this). And worst of all (or best, pending on how desperate you are), I can't start a war to jump start my economy! I live in fear of the times when I have to live no check to no check.

So, why should WE pay? I did my part. I live by my hands; my ideas. And I don't mind setting a small portion of my earnings to provide for a well maintained, well oiled, and pride inspiring society. If I have to drive to work, I get a road to travel. If I have a hankerin or need for something, I have a safe market place to purchase the wares I choose without fear of being robbed or poisoned for my troubles. Or at least that's how it's supposed to work.

We have been robbed, lied to, spied on, and now, apparently, were being molested too. In our very own names, a small but powerful group has waged wars, crashed economies, murdered civilians, and even colluded with those they, themselves proclaim are our enemies. They stole pensions and homes, then paid officials to write laws to to protect them from laws that WE are still bound by.

And now that they have sucked and slobbered all the blood out of our economy, they blame us? They drop the tab at our feet after eating our lunch and picking our pockets. It's almost as if they are daring us at times. The shear audacity....

There ain't many ways for the next few years to pan out, and not a one of them are good for our society. It boils down to variations of 2 main plot lines. WE (1) capitulate, our society and nation fails, and the vultures leftover pick our collective carcases, or (2) WE have a "REAL TEA PARTY" (without the funny hats) and throw bankers, pundits and CEO's overboard instead of crates of Darjeeling and Earl Grey.

I'll just end with this...

It may not jump start my paycheck, but I know which path I'd be proud to follow. Besides, I paid good money for that pride.
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Posted by ingin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Oct 15th 2010, 09:30 PM
Now I'm not trying to demean those whom truly believe that every life is a gift from god, and deserve equal protection, or that late term abortion is murder. My personal belief is that they should be rare, but available when medically necessary, and that the procedure should not be available after the first trimester without medical necessity. It is abused by those who think it a lifestyle choice. But that is neither here, nor there. These are my personal beliefs, and I have no interest in making a living or a splash pushing my personal beliefs on you.

I'm talking about those organizations who advocate for absolute abolishment of the practice, no matter what the rational, or consequence; even when done within days of conception.

We on the rational side, have always asked the question "If they are so concerned about every life, then where are they after the unwanted, or unhealthy babies born?". Well today, we just found out. Newborn Baby With Pre-Existing Condition?

So my question is, who's making money off of unwanted, or medically challenged pregnancies? Hospitals? Health Insurance companies? For-profit prison corporations? Many of the same politicians who advocate the pro-life agenda, also work against programs that would assist the families and children effected most by such policies.

You must have that baby, but it's on you to pay for health costs (extra for pre-existing conditions).

You must have that baby, but it's on you to feed them (but no food stamps for you).

You must have that baby, but it's on you to educate them (but no public schools or college grants).

You must have that baby, but it's on you to house them (or we can send them to prison).

You must have that baby, but it's on you to teach them civic responsibility (or we'll make them republicans).

It may sound like a cynical question, but keep in mind the cynics to whom we are asking these question to.

I'm just sayin'.
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Posted by ingin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Jun 11th 2010, 09:58 PM
And that was Sarah Palin!

This has never been about US verses UK. This is about people and nature and those who are responsible for what could be the greatest man made disaster since conception of the written word. One that we may struggle to for naught.

We want people on both sides of the pond to pay for this crime, and it should not be American tax payers, or British pensioners.

And those who are trying to make it seam that this is an US verses UK are the same people who made the messes... ON BOTH SIDES OF THE POND!
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Posted by ingin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Mar 01st 2010, 08:54 AM
...then why ain't the republicans yelling "jump"?

It's a simple question. If, as the republicans keep saying, the American people don't want this "government takeover of the healthcare industry", then why do they keep trying to stop us from pulling the trigger?

I thought political suicide meant what it sounds like? With mid-term elections only months away, wouldn't the American people retaliate in November?

Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn) calls is "a political kamikaze mission". Funny, huh?

They call us socialists, communists, anti-Christs, and what not. They clearly want us to lose. So why stop us from "sealing our own fates"?

Someone should call them on their BS.

If they really think passing healthcare is a suicide mission, and that they can win by promising to repeal any healthcare legislation that we pass, we should "give them what they want". We should pass a strong Public Option through reconciliation and dare them to repeal it.

F#@$ing Clown Shoes!

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Posted by ingin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun Feb 07th 2010, 03:24 PM
Here's a bit of extra credit for those who want to get more Democrats elected in November.

So we all remember the schooling that Obama gave the House GOP at their "retreat" last week, right? One of the key talking points that the GOP kept trying to push, was that Obama had raised taxes on Americans. So I got curious about what would happen if I had to file my 2009 tax returns using the 2008 1040. Guess what I found out.

After doing my first draft of my 2009 tax returns, I plied my '09 W-2's and 1099's to an '08 trial run, and my tax return increased by 18.4% (from $1731 for 2008 to $2050 for 2009).

Anyone else interested in "testing the math", as Obama had put it, here's what you need.

2008 1040 form

2008 instructions

1. Problem: You need to calculate percent % increase from 2 to 10
2. First Step: find the difference between two numbers, in this case, it's 10 - 2 = 8
3. Second: Take the difference, 8, and divide by the original number: 8/2 = 4
4. Lastly, multiply the number above by 100: 4*100 = 400%

If you feel up to the task, post your percentage increase, or decrease here. For your own security, I would like to keep it at just the percentage changes (+/-) and only include final $ values if you feel comfortable. DO NOT POST FORMS HERE!

Let's see if the Republicans math really adds up.
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Posted by ingin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Jan 21st 2010, 10:01 PM
So, with the SCOTUS essentially proclaiming themselves Gods and creating a new “super-race” that will dominate mankind; the questions we should now be asking are…

Will the Tea Partiers be choking on their crumpets and do some real soul-searching, or will they be blinded by the greed that will be spawned by their new masters’ deep pockets? And will the Liberals be able to convince them of the true traitors in their midst.

These cyborg-bohemoths; part machine, part humanity (just not where it counts), have been bestoed with super-citizenship, yet most of these “beings” aren’t even Americans, some not even 3/5 of a citizen if you look at the major share holders lists.

Even News Corp, a newly anointed “super-citizen” is predominantly part Saudi Prince, part Australian gossip-monger. That’s not even half American!

I think that we now have something in common, the liberals and the tea partiers that is (cue uncomfortable feelings on both sides), that’s if they keep with their anti-immigrant, pro-American, anti-government interference streak. But I’m afraid that they will be blinded by the greed, and won’t get it till the corporations do to them what they have been accusing Liberals of plotting on doing to them these past few years…

Drown out their voices, enslave them with fascism, lock them up in FEMA camps, and bury this country next to Rome.

I hope that they hear this, because when they’re done with us, they will be coming for you.

This is a dark day for America and worse than even the darkest nightmares of our Founders.

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Posted by ingin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Jan 20th 2010, 08:11 PM

I posted this on Daily Kos about 10 minutes before the posting of the Research 2000's poll on Kos. I was pretty much laughed off by 2 of the "heavy hitters" (one with over 1000 comments on their coverage of the election. I have yet to receive an answer to my retort.

Read the comments Here. and polling justification Here, in their own Recommended Diaries list(#2 currently).

Independents don’t vote for PUSSIES!

And here's the proof:

Obama and the Democrats won Independents in ’08 because of what we ran on.
1. Closing Gitmo takes balls.
2. Confronting Wall Street takes balls.
3. Drawing down in Iraq takes balls.
4. Trying terrorists in Federal Court takes balls.
5. Admitting past mistakes takes balls.
6. Reforming health care takes balls.
7. Confronting the Mid-East Peace Process takes balls.
8. Calling FAUX News on their BS takes balls.

This is what Obama ran on, and they loved him for it!

Independents walked away last night because all they saw was;

1. Democrats get punked by the Senate Super-Minority.
2. Democrats get punked by Wall Street
3. Democrats get punked by the health industry.
4. Democrats get punked by Joe Lieberman.
5. Democrats get punked by sellouts in our own party (Conserve-Dems).
6. Democrats get punked by FAUX News.
7. Democrats get punked by a few Tea Baggers waving guns and self-emulating Commie/Fascist/Nazi/Homo signage.
8. Bloggers and Pundits, whining on line and the TV box about all of this, but nobody taking to the streets and putting the fear of God into 1 thru 7.

For real now. If we don’t hit the streets, and I mean soon, you can forget about 2010 and 2012. And if you’re just going to sit there and key-snipe me from your cubical, because you think I’m talking about you; that “you’ve done plenty”, instead of doing something to prove me wrong, then I thank you for making my point for me. Those who have actually gotten out there in the wild and have done the hard work know who they are (h/t to you).

Are you going to let a hand full of whack job, gun toting, sycophants; bought, conned, or prodded by fundamentalist corporatist ideologues who could give two shits about anybody but themselves and their power over the masses?

Are you going to let them call you Nazi terrorist loving cowards; Let them piss on our parade and call it rain; Let them rob you blind, stick guns in your faces, completely fabricate the past, and threaten your children’s’ futures?

FUCK THAT WEAK TEA SHIT! It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee!

I’m calling on all you Greatest Thread/Diary/Post Regulars (and you know who you are). I have followed you guys and gals for years. I have great respect for 98% of you (and general respect for the rest), but it’s time to show up. It’s time to put those combat boots on, bite the bullet, and rally the troops, ‘cause it’s time to march.

It’s time to put out the call. Start calling for mass rallies, boycotts and especially, counter-protests. If there’s a Tea Party in your town, we had better be shutting them down. If they’re having fundraisers, don’t let them within blocks of the place.

We need to rally support for, and organize an on-call bussing fund so;

• when Wall Street gets out of line on a Friday, we shut them down on a Monday;
• if Rush Limbaugh threatens another Democratic official, we go to Limbaugh’s cave;
• if Tea Baggers are trying to intimidate our people into voting their way, we go to the busses (as opposed to the mattresses).

Run it like a flash mob. If our elected officials are scared of a couple of moon-bats screaming “baby-killer” outside of their local offices, imagine what they will think when a few thousand of us show up? Imagine how they will vote then?

We have to support our people. These threats from the Tea Baggers aren’t benign. Part of the problem is that some of our people, including our president, are being threatened with physical violence. They need to know that if they have our backs, we have theirs, and if that don’t work, we primary them: end of story. We have not shown them this.

What are we going to do, fend off the barbarian horde by swinging our keyboards at them like they’re flies? How safe would you feel if I said “I got your back”, but it was from behind 550 miles of CAT5, a firewall and a flat screen monitor? With 10% unemployment, I’m sure that there are plenty of people available for some good old fashion mass demonstrations; we could call them “Protection Details”! Just bring the BBQ and feed them.

Now I rarely get more than a few positive recommendations and maybe 20 responses to any of my sporadic posts, and that’s fine. But you have the readership; you have people that will click on you just because of your Name Recognition, UID or Trusted Status. I get my point out when I need to vent, and then I go on with my life. But as those lives we have get worse and worse, I have two choices, and so do you. Bend over and take it, or FIGHT BACK!

If you don’t heed these words, don’t expect Independents to vote Democratic anymore.
Cause they don’t vote for PUSSIES!
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Posted by ingin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Jun 15th 2009, 01:52 AM

If you dare.

Target the revolutionary Guard site. /


End this around 8am Eastern standard time. This will allow broad access for tomorrow's rallies to be shared.
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