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MinM's Journal - Archives
Posted by MinM in September 11
Wed Jun 30th 2010, 06:14 PM
According to Rolling Stone. So if he didn't want to clear things up then, I'm not sure that he would ever be willing to give the whole story...

E. Howard Hunt does have a couple of interesting tie-ins to stories that came out today though...

His old boss at the CIA Front/PR Firm - The Mullen Company - the recently Primaried Junior Senator from Utah, Robert Foster Bennett, came out swinging against the Republican Party:

Bennett: The GOP Is A Party Of Slogans, Not Ideas

2) Also today the family of Patrice Lumumba came out looking for closure in this 5-decade old case...

Murdered Congo leader's son seeks Belgian justice

The New York Times, with the help of people like E. Howard Hunt, have perpetuated the myth that JFK favored the use of "Executive Action".

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Posted by MinM in September 11
Tue Jun 29th 2010, 08:04 AM
NOVA is going to deal with some of the omissions of the 9/11 cOmmission tonight...
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Posted by MinM in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun Jun 27th 2010, 05:42 PM
The stuff that Russ Baker chronicles, in that section of his book at least, is basically Republican in-fighting... The Assassinations of JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, and RFK had already neutralized the Left and paved the way for a Nixon Presidency. Of course the in-fighting and subsequent Watergate Scandal paved the way for the Last Liberal President (Jimmy Carter).

BTW a better book on Watergate itself is Jim Hougan's Secret Agenda: Watergate, Deep Throat and the CIA

Jim Hougan: Strange Bedfellows: Deep Throat, Bob Woodward and the CIA
Zumwalt, Felt and McCord were by no means alone in their deep mistrust of the Nixon White House. Within the Pentagon, a military spy-ring was pillaging Kissinger's secrets on behalf of Adm. Thomas Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since 1970.

Within the offices of the National Security Council, and on secret missions to China, Kissinger's briefcases were rifled and his burn-bags ransacked. In all, perhaps a thousand top-secret documents were stolen and transmitted to Moorer's office (if not elsewhere, as well) by Yeoman Charles Radford, a young Mormon acting on orders of Adm. Robert Welander.

Here, matters become a bit incestuous.

Admiral Welander was an aide to Moorer. But he was also a mentor of Lt. Bob Woodward, whose commander Welander had been aboard the USS Fox. Reportedly, it was at the urging of Welander---who had yet to be implicated in "the Moorer-Radford affair"---that Woodward extended his tour of duty in 1969, going to the Pentagon to serve as Communications Duty Officer to then-CNO Tom Moorer.

In that capacity, Woodward presided over the CNO's code-room, reading every communication that went in and out, while acting, also, as a briefer and a courier. This, he tells us, is how he met Deep Throat, while cooling his heels outside the Situation Room in the White House. It was 1970 and, according to Woodward, Mark Felt was sitting in the next chair.

The Moorer-Radford Affair is not usually considered a part of the Watergate story, though it deserves to be. The Nixon Administration learned of the Pentagon spy-ring in late 1971, but the affair did not become public until almost three years later. By then, the Watergate story was almost played out.

While president, Nixon was determined to keep the affair secret, telling Kissinger aide David Young, "If you love your country, you'll never mention it." But the Pentagon's chief investigator, W. Donald Stewart, was more forthcoming. Asked how seriously the affair should have been taken, Stewart replied with a rhetorical question: "Did you see that film, Seven Days in May? That's what we were dealing with...

Read more:
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Posted by MinM in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Jun 26th 2010, 10:09 PM
Here's the best description of, and explanation for, the American Media...
It’s no coincidence that the American corporate media is the wealthiest communication systems in the world, yet also one of the worst in terms of educating its citizens. Extraordinary riches require extraordinary efforts to divert public attention from extreme inequality and the democratic deficit under which Americans suffer...

George Carlin, Who Controls America.
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Posted by MinM in Editorials & Other Articles
Fri Jun 18th 2010, 11:54 AM

Kevin Poulsen and Kim Zitter of Wired reported that a 22-year-old U.S. Army Private in Iraq, Bradley Manning, had been detained after he "boasted" in an Internet chat -- with convicted computer hacker Adrian Lamo -- of leaking to WikiLeaks the now famous Apache Helicopter attack video, a yet-to-be-published video of a civilian-killing air attack in Afghanistan, and "hundreds of thousands of classified State Department records." Lamo, who holds himself out as a "journalist" and told Manning he was one, acted instead as government informant, notifying federal authorities of what Manning allegedly told him, and then proceeded to question Manning for days as he met with federal agents, leading to Manning's detention.

On June 10, former New York Times reporter Philip Shenon, writing in The Daily Beast, gave voice to anonymous "American officials" to announce that "Pentagon investigators" were trying "to determine the whereabouts of the Australian-born founder of the secretive website Wikileaks for fear that he may be about to publish a huge cache of classified State Department cables that, if made public, could do serious damage to national security." Some news outlets used that report to declare that there was a "Pentagon manhunt" underway for Assange -- as though he's some sort of dangerous fugitive.

From the start, this whole story was quite strange for numerous reasons. In an attempt to obtain greater clarity about what really happened here, I've spent the last week reviewing everything I could related to this case and speaking with several of the key participants (including Lamo, with whom I had a one-hour interview last night that can be heard on the recorder below, and Poulsen, with whom I had a lengthy email exchange, which is published in full here). A definitive understanding of what really happened is virtually impossible to acquire, largely because almost everything that is known comes from a single, extremely untrustworthy source: Lamo himself. Compounding that is the fact that most of what came from Lamo has been filtered through a single journalist -- Poulsen -- who has a long and strange history with Lamo, who continues to possess but not disclose key evidence, and who has been only marginally transparent about what actually happened here (I say that as someone who admires Poulsen's work as Editor of Wired's Threat Level blog).

Reviewing everything that is known ultimately raises more questions than it answers. Below is my perspective on what happened here. But there is one fact to keep in mind at the outset. In 2008, the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Center prepared a classified report (ironically leaked to and published by WikiLeaks) which -- as the NYT put it -- placed WikiLeaks on "the list of the enemies threatening the security of the United States." That Report discussed ways to destroy WikiLeaks' reputation and efficacy, and emphasized creating the impression that leaking to it is unsafe:

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Posted by MinM in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Jun 12th 2010, 10:38 AM
Correct as usual, Octafish.

Scott Psymon probably resents the fact that, unlike Scott's support for all things neoCon, Daniel Schorr will be proven to have been on the correct side of History.

Probably not coincidentally Daniel Schorr was fired from CBS News shortly after that interview...
...Ford decided to use the 1975 murder of a CIA officer as a way to squelch and smear any further investigation. Richard Welch was the CIA station chief in Athens. The CIA and Ford blamed his death on the fact that his name had been exposed by an American journal called Counterspy. In fact, the leftist rebel group who killed him had issued a communiqué beforehand that revealed they knew his name then. (Schorr, p. 191) In a classic case of political propaganda, Ford and the CIA pulled out all the stops in using Welch's funeral as psychological warfare against the committees. Welch's body was flown into Andrews Air Force Base. But the plane circled the base for 15 minutes to time the landing for the morning news shows. (ibid) Ford attended the chapel service. But the press was barred in order to suggest that they were to blame for Welch's murder. Colby issued a statement saying that Welch's death was the result of a "paranoiac attack on ... Americans serving their country." David Phillips was interviewed by CBS and said, American agents are in less danger today from the KGB than from the "moral primitives" who "condemn my label". (ibid) Welch's body was buried at Arlington with full military honors. His coffin was carried on the same horse-drawn caisson that carried President Kennedy's. Colby gave the flag draped over it to Welch's widow. As Schorr wrote, "This is the CIA's first secret agent to become a pubic national hero." (ibid)

It worked. Henry Kissinger jumped on the committees: "I think they have used classified information in a reckless way ... " (ibid p. 194) Both committees closed up shop shortly after. Ford and the CIA held veto power over what could be published. When Otis Pike defied that agreement, Congress bottled up his report. A copy was smuggled to Daniel Schorr. As he was arranging to have it released, his boss, Bill Paley, lunched with Bush. (ibid, p. 201) The Pike Report was published in a special issue of The Village Voice. Forgetting his own use of classified material for his Oswald book, Ford now proposed an FBI investigation to find out who gave the report to Schorr. (ibid, p. 208) After Paley's meeting with Director Bush, Schorr was taken off the air by CBS. After a two hour impromptu interrogation – during which he was not represented by counsel – Schorr was fired by the network. He was later investigated by the House but refused to reveal his source for the report...

More »

Daniel Schorr interviews Fletcher Prouty on CBS News - (7/11/75)

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Posted by MinM in September 11
Sat May 29th 2010, 01:00 PM
This story is about a month old , but it is cromulent to this thread, and important anniversary.

Why the New York Times Deserves to Die
Jerry Policoff wrote his first essay critiquing the NY Times on the JFK case back in 1971. (James DiEugenio, Destiny Betrayed, p. 379) At the time, it had no effect. And in the following nearly four decades, the increasing barrage of criticism also went unheeded. And the worst aspect of this controversy is this: Those organizations do not seem to understand how their obstinacy led to 1.) The increasing public cynicism about both politics and the media, and 2.) The rise of alternative forms of media, especially on the Internet. That's arrogance for you.

The Times' latest outburst of arrogance forms the basis for this column. On April 14th, the New York Times published an essay, properly labeled an opinion piece, co-authored by Mark Medish and Joel McLeary. The title of the essay was Assassination Season is Open. The authors begin the piece by saying that "state-sponsored assassinations are back in season". They then marked this trend by referring to "targeted snuff jobs" from "Dubai to Dagestan, from Yemen to Wazirstan". As if somehow this had been dominating the news and American consciousness lately. Well no one has approached me lately and said, "Jim, what did you think about that political hit in Dagestan last month?" If they did, my reply would have been, "Where is Dagestan?"...

As I wrote in Part 8 of my review of Reclaiming History, the concept of "regime change" and the consequent murders that accompany it originated with the changes brought to the CIA by Allen Dulles. Which was seven years before John Kennedy even ran for president. But since the MSM had always been close with the CIA, and since Allen Dulles had actually started Operation Mockingbird-the attempt by the CIA to control the media-they were not going to readily admit this. Even if it was true. So during the 1974-75 investigations by the Church and Pike committees – when the crimes of the CIA and FBI were first given heavy exposure – these CIA murder plots were heavily publicized. And the CIA took a public flogging over it. Especially since, in their own Inspector General report, they admitted that they had no presidential approval for the plots to kill Fidel Castro, and that they deliberately kept them from the Kennedys. (The Assassinations, pgs 327-28) So when the NY Times says that Kennedy's 'executive action" policy targeted Fidel Castro in Cuba, this is ass backwards. And the CIA admitted it in their own report. And it is a primary document in this discussion. A primary document, which somehow, these two reporters failed to consult.

In fact, the Church Committee clearly demarcated the beginnings of these assassination plots against foreign leaders as beginning with Allen Dulles and President Eisenhower. And they blamed the eventual plot that took the life of Patrice Lumumba as being OK'd for Dulles by Eisenhower. (ibid, p. 326) Which again shows how stupid the Times is. Because, incredibly, the Times article also blames the murder of Lumumba on the Kennedys! This is so wrong as to be Orwellian. (Or, even worse, Chomskyian, since Noam Chomsky blames this one on Kennedy also.) The truth is the opposite. As more than one author has insinuated, Allen Dulles speeded up the plot against Lumumba in the interim between Eisenhower's departure and Kennedy's inauguration because he knew that Kennedy would never approve it. (John M. Blum, Years of Discord, p. 23; Jonathan Kwitny, Endless Enemies, p. 69) Therefore, Lumumba died on January 17, 1961, three days before Kennedy took office. Dulles turned out to be right. Because right after entering office, but before learning of Lumumba's death, Kennedy formulated a new policy for Lumumba's Congo. One that pretty much was a reversal of Eisenhower's. A part of this new policy was to free all political prisoners-including Lumumba. Lumumba was being held by an enemy tribe at the behest of the former mother country Belgium, which was in league with the CIA. If he had been freed, he would not have been killed. Dulles obviously knew Kennedy better than the New York Times does. Which, by the way, was opposed to Kennedy's Congo policy at the time. For another part of his plan was to oppose the breaking away of the mineral rich Katanga province from Congo. The Times supported that breakaway. Which would have helped Belgium and American investors but hurt the Congo. (Kwitny, p. 55)...

Read more:

Show #471
Original airdate: April 22, 2010
Guest: Jim Marrs / Jim DiEugenio
Topic: JFK Assassination Research

Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

# How the newspapers have been misleading the public and why they're failing
# CIA foreign leadership assassination plots and how the news tries to pin the history on JFK
# Jim cites the assassinations of the Diem brothers, Rafael Trujillo and Patrice Lumumba
# In fact, the Kennedys had no idea until they found out about the assassinations by accident
# The New York Times has held to the "Kennedys did it" beyond the evidence
# As Jim shows, The Kennedys had no idea the CIA was plotting these murders
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Posted by MinM in September 11
Mon May 03rd 2010, 11:28 PM

Admitted liar and plagiarist, Gerald Posner, made no reference to Marrell McCullough.

I was shocked!
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Posted by MinM in September 11
Tue Apr 20th 2010, 08:37 PM
Here's a good post from a couple years ago by Va Lefty...
I remember reading somewhere that future LAPD Chief Daryl Gates was one of the investigating detectives. I wouldn't believe anything that asshat said.

Some more Daryl Gates...

Daryl Gates, the Ruthless L.A. Police Chief Who Ran an International Spying Operation on the Side
When Daryl Gates ran the LAPD from 1978 to 1992 he also ran a worldwide political spying operation. And he lavished time on it, sometimes several hours a day, including all the dossiers and reports he got on the lawful activities of L.A. leaders, elected and not, as well as political and religious groups he suspected were up to no good.

To doubters reading this I invite you to carefully read Gates' 1992 autobiography, Chief: My Life in the LAPD, in which he boasts about some of this.

On page 72 Gates tells about Lt. Carl Abbott, who spent years undercover posing as a communist, including time in Moscow.

On page 231, Gates recounts how he knew every time Lew Wasserman, the head of movie and record company MCA, got on an airplane to Las Vegas. He says when he told Wasserman about this the mogul was astonished and wanted to know why. Because, Gates explained, you're important...

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Posted by MinM in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Apr 15th 2010, 02:56 PM

Photo: In July 1981, retired CIA undercover officer George Joannides (left) received the Distinguished Intelligence Medal for "exceptional achievement" from deputy CIA director Bobby Ray Inman. Among Joannides' achievements were concealing from JFK investigatiors his role in guiding and monitoring a Cuban exile group that gathered intelligence and generated propaganda about accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before President Kennedy was killed. (Credit: CIA)
Dead Spy's JFK Files Pose a Test for Obama's FOIA Order | TPMCafe

Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship

This stuff matters and these people shape current events...

CIA & Right Wing, "Nutcase" Paw Prints on Massey Coal Mining Disaster - The Education Forum

& R
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Posted by MinM in September 11
Wed Apr 14th 2010, 09:20 PM
Speaking of DCI Richard Helms and his rush to conceal evidence of the MKULTRA Program. Sirhan, in this video(7:05), gave a great description of how this manifested itself. You can actually see it in the face of Michael Wayne...

Pre-assassination he has sort of a sleepy look -- post-assassination Michael Wayne appears as though someone or something has flipped on a switch -- just as Sirhan describes.

YouTube - RFK Assassination: The Girl In The Polka Dot Dress (Part 3 of 3)

RFK Signing Poster In Pantry - The Education Forum

The Education Forum -> Robert Kennedy

II. The Coup
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