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Triana's Journal - Archives
Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Sep 05th 2009, 12:44 PM
...that she is NOT eligible for a colonoscopy and REFUSES to order one - even though Mom IS high-risk because she's had polyps (which can be pre-cancerous). Mom has Senior Advantage with them - basically Medicare gives K-P boatloads of TAXPAYER money to take Mom's care off their hands. And they are REFUSING to provide that care in this case.


Medicare ITSELF does cover colonoscopies - one every 10 years for normal patients, one every 2 years for high-risk patients - which my Mom is because of the polyps. Last she had one was 2003 or so, she said. (thank you folks from my other thread for providing this info).

HOWEVER - HER DOCTOR (who, mind you, works for Kaiser which is an HMO being paid by the government to provide her with care) REFUSES to schedule the test, claiming she's "too old" for it.

MEDICARE covers it.

MEDICARE is paying K-P to provide it to my Mom.

HOWEVER, K-P REFUSES to order/schedule/pay for a test that Mom NEEDS even though they ARE getting handsomely paid by Medicare to provide her with care.

SO - WHO is "rationing" health care? WHO is DECIDING THAT IF MY MOTHER GETS COLO-RECTAL CANCER SHE CAN JUST DROP DEAD because she's "old"? (can you say "death panels?") Oh Noooo. It's NOT Medicare doing this! It's NOT the "government" doing it. IT'S KAISER-PERMENENTE - who refuses to provide the care / preventive tests because they obviously want to POCKET the money they're getting from Medicare to do so -- instead of providing my Mom with the tests that Medicare would otherwise cover.

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ANSWERED MY OTHER THREAD, HELPING ME TO SORT THIS MESS OUT. Needless to say I am LIVID about this shit. THIS is a prime example of WHAT IS WRONG with health care in this country. It's FOR-PROFIT and not FOR CARE - and the goddamned HMOs/insurance companies (in this case) are TAKING PUBLIC money into their private coffers to provide care my Mom IS ENTITLED TO AND NEEDS - but then are REFUSING to do it - so they can KEEP the profit.

Let me make this clear: MOM'S DOCTOR does NOT work for my Mom. She works for the HMO - Kaiser-Permenente. I WONDER how much of a bonus she gets each year BY DENYING TESTS AND CARE MY MOM AND OTHER MEDICARE PATIENTS ARE ENTITLED TO AND NEED - thereby allowing Kaiser to POCKET more of that money they're getting from Medicare as profit?


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Posted by Triana in African-American Issues Group
Tue Jul 28th 2009, 02:17 AM
...when he sang "Ben" I was there - I know every song - the same pain he felt, being "strange", and "weird" and having skin problems (though not nearly as bad his his, bless his beautiful heart) - and being SO lonely as a child and adult, I felt his pain - AND his heart and his joy and his ecstasy when he sang.

Micheal was always - in a word - MAGICAL. I truly believe he was an Angel. HE didn't know that, but he was. And he IS and always will be. He was love embodied.

That we are the same age (year or so apart) has made his loss much harder. I was there all his life and he all of mine.

After he was gone I learned even more about what a precious gift we've lost and what pure love and beauty and passion and ecstasy was destroyed by our hideous, insidious, tabloid vulture-culture - and my heart shattered - and every piece of it went WITH him. It's gone. Michael has it.

What do I do now? That's what I'm trying to figure out. This is a loss whose pain won't go away quickly or soon. Michael Jackson changed my life - he sang straight into my heart, always. I never forgot that. How could I? There were no filters, no firewalls to block or disguise what he felt when he sang and danced - or what I felt. It was clear, and pure, and unmistakable.

And, I am forever changed again by his sudden death. He wasn't only ripped from my heart but it went with him over the days that followed, piece by tiny, shattered piece. It's all His now.

My inner World is forever changed by MJ - our outer World is forever changed by MJ.

It's a sad testament to a society that such an exceptional human being was SO utterly abused by a culture that likes to call itself "moral" and which pretends to value all that Michael was and did. Pretend as it may - it does not value those things: kindness, compassion, forgiveness, care for the sick and dying, the planet, and the suffering and the poor and oppressed. Heck, it didn't even RECOGNIZE those things in MJ. MJ was defined and seen not as HE was - but as our vicious, tabloid vulture-culture is.

It/we projected all of the worst of ourselves onto him and then punished him for it. How utterly CRUEL.

And now again, his message of Healing the World and Divine Union through Creativity is lost amidst the vile tabloid garbage spin machine.

We can't let this happen to Angel Michael. We can't let this happen to US.
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Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Jul 07th 2009, 07:24 PM

Beloveds, now we know that we know nothing
Now that our bright and shining star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind

Without notice, our dear love can escape our doting embrace
Sing our songs among the stars and and walk our dances across the face of the moon

In the instant we learn that Michael is gone we know nothing
No clocks can tell our time and no oceans can rush our tides
With the abrupt absence of our treasure

Though we our many, each of us is achingly alone
Piercingly alone
Only when we confess our confusion can we remember that he was a gift to us and we did have him

He came to us from the Creator, trailing creativity in abundance
Despite the anguish of life he was sheathed in mother love and family love and survived and did more than that

He thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style
We had him
Whether we knew who he was or did not know, he was ours and we were his
We had him

Beautiful, delighting our eyes
He raked his hat slant over his brow and took a pose on his toes for all of us and we laughed and stomped our feet for him

We were enchanted with his passion because he held nothing
He gave us all he had been given

Today in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana's Blackstar Square, in Johannesburg, in Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama and Birmingham England, we are missing Michael Jackson

But we do know that we had him
And we are the world.
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Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue May 26th 2009, 05:15 AM
...but for WHAT JOBS? It cracks me up to hear idiot politicians (of any stripe) babbling about spending money on "job training" in the US.




There ARE no jobs out there that require training. LACK OF EDUCATION / TRAINING ISN'T THE PROBLEM. The PROBLEM is that all our jobs have been sent ELSEWHERE - and I notice NO ONE is doing anything about THAT.

WHAT PLANET does our gov't live on? Job training? It's a ruse, a distraction, and as useless as a PLUG NICKEL. It's a "see we're doing something to help you!" ruse -- when they're really NOT because they're TOO TIMID and LACKING IN INTEGRITY OR MORALS TO REALLY DO ANYTHING TO HELP AMERICAN WORKERS. They are OWNED by the corprats who buy the cheap labor - ELSEWHERE. And they're not about to do anything to upset that status quo. No matter WHAT it costs American workers or the US economy.

It would be NICE if they would get a REALITY CHECK before spending tons of money on one that DOESN'T EXIST in an effort to convince us that THEIR reality is THE reality. IT ISN'T.

Spending stimulus money on JOB TRAINING is a WASTE. It would be better spent on STOPPING CORPORATIONS FROM SENDING US JOBS TO INDIA, CHINA AND MEXICO -- than on "job training" for jobs that DON'T EXIST.

The utter stupidity, nefariousness, and FUTILITY of the whole thing is mind-boggling. Ugh!

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Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat May 16th 2009, 11:18 AM
"But why then did Obama pick him for Afghanistan? In the wake of horrifying news of unintended civilian casualties, in a war where the US is already intensely unpopular, Obama has picked a leader who can be directly linked to the worst images and incidents of prisoner torture and abuse under Bush."

"In June 2004, Stephen A. Cambone, a top Pentagon official, ordered his deputy, Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, to look into allegations of detainee abuse at Camp Nama."
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Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue May 12th 2009, 10:41 PM
Have you asked the American people what they want in the way of health care reform? Or, does their opinion (they who are MOST effected by it) not count?

Why do you bother with it? Why not save your time and taxpayer money and just leave the broken for-profit (by denying payment for care) system in place?

Without a PUBLIC, Medicare for ALL option from which to choose - an option that it has been made clear is NOT even being considered - then we DO NOT HAVE HEALTH CARE REFORM and you are WASTING YOUR TIME AND TAXPAYER MONEY.

We've heard time and time again about "cutting costs, streamlining technology", yada, yada - for TWENTY YEARS we've heard this bunk. EVERY TIME "health care reform" is discussed these same plug nickels are tossed out there to protect the for-profit health care INDUSTRY -- instead of anyone doing anything to PROTECT THE HEALTH OF AMERICANS and to offer THEM CHOICE.

And the bottom line STILL remains:

Americans are collectively VICTIMS of a broken "health care" system that is primarily owned by greedy for-profit insurance companies who make their money by DENYING PAYMENT FOR CARE whilst collecting premiums and nothing about that has changed.

Americans are still collectively VICTIMS of a broken "health care" system in which greedy for-profit insurance conglomerates insert themselves between patients and their doctors, denying payment for care that is desperately needed, and most often NOT provided due to the patient's inability to pay and the insurance company's refusal to pay. Americans will still continue DYING in droves due to this broken system that the US Government REFUSES to change.

Americans are still collectively VICTIMS of a broken "health care" system in which they have NO CHOICE except to either have "health insurance" from one of these greedy corporations - or NOTHING - because a publicly-funded, government-run option that OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTED - is STILL not an option for them.

Why DO you bother?

Until and unless the US Government (that means YOU) can get OUT from under the control of the insurance industry and offer Americans REAL HEALTH CARE REFORM - including a public, single-payer government-run option - don't bother.

Yet again today, MORE advocates of a public, Medicare for All, single-payer option were THROWN OUT of the ever-arrogant and insurance- company-pwned Max Baucus's hearings on the matter.

You all up there have made it very clear that you don't CARE WHAT AMERICANS want or need. You only CARE what the insurance companies want or need and you only CARE about protecting and providing for their profits - NOT protecting or providing for the health of American citizens.

It's incredibly blatant and I ask you again: WHY DO YOU BOTHER if you are not going to truly REFORM health care - to make such a transparent pretense of it?

This is not "change we can believe in" - it's the same plug nickel that has been tossed at us for over 20 years and called "health care reform".


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Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Apr 17th 2009, 11:47 PM
The following index ran in this week's Facing South e-newsletter.

Estimated value of assets the IRS believes to be held in offshore tax havens, countries with nominal taxes and minimal reporting requirements: $5 trillion

Number of countries that aggressively market themselves as tax havens: at least 40

Percent of the biggest U.S. corporations that utilize tax havens: 80

Number of U.S. companies that maintain post office boxes in one 5-story building in the Cayman Islands, a notorious tax haven: over 18,000

Number of tax havens used by Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America: 115

MORE...(Including links)
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Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Apr 14th 2009, 09:28 AM
(NOT that I expect the majority of people in THIS society to ever grok that...)


I dread to think of how Susan would have left the stage if her voice had been less than exceptional. She would have been humiliated in front of 11 million viewers. It's the equivalent of being put in the stocks in front of the nation instead of the village. It used to be a punishment handed out to criminals. Now it is the fate of anyone without obvious sexual allure who dares seek opportunity.

This small, brave soul took her courage in her hands to pitch at her one hope of having her singing talent recognised, and was greeted with a communal sneer. Courage could so easily have failed her.

Yet why shouldn't she sound wonderful? Not every great singer looks like Katherine Jenkins. Edith Piaf would never have been chosen to strut a catwalk. Nor would Nina Simone, nor Ella Fitzgerald. As for Pavarotti But then ridicule is nothing new in Susan Boyle's life. She is a veteran of abuse. She was starved of oxygen at birth and has learning difficulties as a result. At school she was slow and had frizzy hair. She was bullied, mostly verbally. She told one newspaper that her classmates' jibes left behind the kind of scars that don't heal.

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Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Feb 28th 2009, 02:54 PM
John McCain ran for President beneath the phrase: "Country First", and lost, thank God.

So, our new Democratic President entered office with multiple daunting crises on his plate, created by the last administration, a Republican one, and left for him to clean up. There's the economic crisis, and the climate crisis, to name two. Then, there's Iraq/Afghanistan, and the healthcare crisis and yes, that's another damn fine mess Republicans made - starting with Nixon.

Our new President, only 30 days or so into his administration is however handling these crises adeptly, to say the least. The Republican response to his economic recovery package was no less than that of obstinate, spoilt children: "We hope he fails!" ; "We're not voting for THAT!".

We are in DIRE STRAITS here in the US economically. And it's worth noting at this particular time that no matter what the economic condition of this great nation (indeed, a mess they created themselves), Republicans were only concerned about themselves and their potential electoral standing in 2010 and 2012. No matter what suffering the American people are under due to Republican policies of the past 8+ years and no matter what the unemployment rate, number of newly homeless, the state of the banking and housing system, the state of our crumbling infrastructure, the state of healthcare, the state of the climate, or how much permafrost continues dwindling off Arctic ice shelves, or how severe and upredictable weather patterns are increasingly becoming, or how many more Americans and Iraqis are dead and maimed due to a rediculously expensive war-of-choice in Iraq - Republicans are only concerned with themselves.

Sort of like narcissistic six-year-olds. Spoilt, petulant ones, care about nothing but themselves, everything else be damned - EVEN their own country, it's people, and their own planet. Yes, THAT is exactly what got us where we are right now, as a nation - that Republican "ME first!" attitude.

"Country First"?

I don't THINK so! Like everything else these "Repetulants" claim themselves to be - or do - they make a lousy pretense of it - and that's about all. And the media, owned by their plutocratic, corporate counterparts, help them spin and fling their lousy, thin, transparent, pretenses. "Catapuling the propaganda" they have outright called it. They don't even TRY to hide the pretentiousness of it anymore because it's been so easy for them to sell to people.

For Reputulants, it's all about THEM and little else no matter WHAT. Just like any abusive spouse or partner or counterpart.

"We hope he fails!" - declared yet another one of them at CPAC recently, in regards to President Obama and his policies. Because for Gawd's sake if he succeeds, then the petulant, pestulant, Republicans will be kept out of power in our government for decades, possibly - after Democrats have once again cleaned up yet another monumental mess they've made.

Well, Republicans, YOU have already failed!

That's why we're IN this mess, far be it for anyone to point that out. And thus your resentment, anger, and petulance. You've no one to be angry at about your abject failures as a party but YOURSELVES. Period.

And you know, somehow, "Country First" + "We hope he fails" doesn't coincide, reconcile, or compute. The reason it doesn't add up is because the latter is Republicans' actual, true attitude about every dire problem this country faces right now, not the former.

When Republicans say "We hope he fails" what they're saying is:

1). We hope our COUNTRY FAILS. And our economy, and our people and their ability to survive and thrive in this country and on this planet, and our healthcare and housing system and yes, our military in Iraq and Afghanistan.
2). We don't CARE if it does. We ONLY care about ourselves in 2010 and 2012 and beyond and how much power and money and influence we'll have and that's ALL we care about.

Hardly impressive. "Country First" (?) Obviously not.

With Republicans, my advice is as per always: IGNORE THEIR WORDS and their propaganda and their pretenses and watch instead, what they actually DO. Or, what they DON'T do. That tells us all we need to know about true Republican values.

How DID they act in regards to the stimulus? WERE they COOPERATIVE? DID THEY show any support? NO! They did not. Their spokesperson, Rush Limbaugh, got on the radio and declared: "I hope he FAILS!" So there you have it. No matter what they SAID - THAT is what they DID.

If you strip out all their propaganda and ONLY look at what they DO - the story their actions tell is not a good one, and those Republican "values" are what got us into the mess we're now in. A mess that, as always, is left to be cleaned up by a Democrat who really DOES put "Country First" and who doesn't have to talk about it and propagandize about or get the corprat-owned media to "sell" it to anyone.

A Democrat just DOES IT. And that's the difference.

Democrats actually PUT country first. They don't need to run around squawking under the false pretense of it. They just DO it.

And Republicans? Well, THEY have already FAILED, goddamn them to HELL and they are DETERMINED to take us and OUR country and our entire PLANET with them. Hopefully, the people of this country and President Obama can SEE that and are too smart to allow that to happen.
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Posted by Triana in Women's Rights
Sun Nov 02nd 2008, 03:21 AM
A woman is not a pear tree
thrusting her fruit in mindless fecundity
into the world. Even pear trees bear
heavily one year and rest and grow the next.
An orchard gone wild drops few warm rotting
fruit in the grass but the trees stretch
high and wiry gifting the birds forty
feet up among inch long thorns
broken atavistically from the smooth wood.

A woman is not a basket you place
your buns in to keep them warm. Not a brood
hen you can slip duck eggs under.
Not the purse holding the coins of your
descendants till you spend them in wars.
Not a bank where your genes gather interest
and interesting mutations in the tainted
rain, any more than you are.

You plant corn and you harvest
it to eat or sell. You put the lamb
in the pasture to fatten and haul it in
to the butcher for chops. You slice
the mountain in two for a road and gouge
the high plains for coal and the waters
run muddy for miles and years.
Fish die but you do not call them yours
unless you wished to eat them.

Now you legislate mineral rights in a woman.
You lay claim to her pastures for grazing,
fields for growing babies like iceberg
lettuce. You value children so dearly
that none ever go hungry, none weep
with no one to tend them when mothers
work, none lack fresh fruit,
none chew lead or cough to death and your
orphanages are empty. Every noon the best
restaurants serve poor children steaks.

At this moment at nine o'clock a partera
is performing a table top abortion on an
unwed mother in Texas who can't get Medicare
any longer. In five days she will die
of tetanus and her little daughter will cry
and be taken away. Next door a husband
and wife are sticking pins in the son
they did not want. They will explain
for hours how wicked he is,
how he wants discipline.

We are all born of woman, in the rose
of the womb we suckled our mother's blood
and every baby born has a right to love
like a seedling to sun. Every baby born
unloved, unwanted is a bill that will come
due in twenty years with interest, and anger
that must find a target, a pain that will
beget pain. A decade downstream a child
screams, a woman falls, a synagogue is torched,
a firing squad is summoned, a button
is pushed and the world burns.

I will chose what enters me, what becomes
flesh of my flesh. Without choice, no politics,
no ethics lives. I am not your cornfield,
not your uranium mine, not your calf
for fattening, not your cow for milking.
You may not use me as your factory.
Priests and legislators do not hold
shares in my womb or my mind.
This is my body. If I give it to you
I want it back. My life
is a non-negotiable demand.

--Marge Piercy - from "The Moon is Always Female"
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Posted by Triana in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sun May 04th 2008, 12:53 AM
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Posted by Triana in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Mon Apr 28th 2008, 10:54 AM
After Edwards left the race (he was my choice) I was on the fence for a few months. Wasn't crazy about Hillary or Obama. I wanted to support Hillary because I'd like to see a woman in the Oval Office. But I was on the fence between her and Obama and I'm still am not really crazy about either of them. We had better choices but they're all gone now. I partially blame the media for that - but that's another rant.

So I watched for a while what was going on with Pastorgate, and Hillary Clinton right there on the bandwagon with the Republicans, M$M, McCain - using those GOP talking points to smear her opponent.

Disappointing to say the least. Had nothing to do with the real issues and is low and dirty politics and dubious alliances, IMO. (speaking of dubious alliances, bytheway - Hillary hasn't much room to talk about that)

After Pastorgate, Obama made a speech on race in March in PA that I was *very* impressed with - so that caused me to lean his way. Because of his vision, his ideas, the way he views things and the way he *thinks*.

I was still undecided though, because I WANTED to believe Hillary would rise above all that muck. Surely with her experience, she knew better than to go too far with that type of dirty lowdown politics.

Then, bittergate started and that disasterous "debate" on ABC recently. During all this Hillary sided with the M$M, George Stephanopoulos (who used to work for the Clintons) the Republicans, John McCain (she was using all the same Republican/McCain talking points) against Obama. I was VERY disappointed that she'd do this. That she would stoop so low.

She went too far. She didn't stop there, either. She did what I hoped she wouldn't do. The hypocrisy, the distractions, the GOP talking points - all there. Same as the Republicans. Same as what we've put up with for the past 8 years. *sigh*

I expect that type of divisiveness, foul play and distraction from Republicans but not so much from Democrats and particularly not from a Democrat -- against another Democrat - under any circumstance. It's just dirty and low and dragged this whole campaign to a level that isn't helpful - to ANYone. Not Hillary. Not Obama. Not Democrats. And not the country or our election process.

Hillary has continued on with her alliances, even going so far as to ally with Richard Mellon Scaife who spent the better part of the 90s going after the Clintons. I spent the better part of the 90s DEFENDING them against his and the Republicans attacks. That she is now cozy with him is rather a slap in the face to all who supported the Clintons during those years - with their votes and in other ways.

She is apparently NOT the graceful, principled, experienced, strong woman I thought she was. She's ruthless, divisive, and is apparently willing to toss any and sundry of previous supporters (many of them voters), friends, or whoever under her campaign bus to "win".

She has apparently lost sight of the big picture of what we're even trying to do here - choosing to only see what she can do for herself, rather than what's best for her party, or her country or the problems it faces. Anyone else would have bowed out of the race by now, for instance, to protect the integrity of the party and our ability to win in November. But not Hillary. I guess she figures if SHE can't win, then NO Democrat is gonna win, and she is trying to make sure of that.

Whether that is her intent or not, that IS what she's slowly accomplishing. That she can't see that or doesn't care, is further very telling about Hillary.

And, her campaign is broke and she has not managed her finances well.

The differences between Hillary's and Obama's policies on the various issues are pretty small.

The BIG difference between the two of them is in how they will work to get things DONE--how they will work to implement those policies.

I can at least partially gauge how each of them might do that by looking at how they each run their campaigns.

Needless to say I much prefer the way Obama has run his to the way Hillary has run hers.

Obama is a collaborator who will work with all parties involved in any issue to move forward and make progress on issues - and he manages his budget well.

Hillary is a divisive fighter who will use whatever sledgehammer is available to beat parties who don't agree with her agenda or who threaten her agenda into submission so she can 'win'. And her campaign has financial problems.

We've had eight years of "my way or the highway" rule under George bu$h. I don't want another eight years of that.

And then, there's the simple fact that the Clintons would be back in the White House again and all the inherent hatred and divisiveness and scandals (again) that would undoubtedly go along with that. Ugh. Not again. And that leads to the fact that I'm tired of having either a bu$h or a Clinton in the White House. This country needs someone new in there.

So because of all this I decided I prefer Obama. And the persons most responsible for my making that choice were both Hillary and Obama - as evidenced in the way they've run their respective campaigns, how they've managed their money, and their respective histories and backgrounds, both positive and negative, personal, legislative and political.
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Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Jan 19th 2008, 10:08 PM
...internet, clean clothes - if people weren't so comfy (and many aren't but those who are are too complacent) they'd get mad and get involved. It's all about me me me me me me me....if "me me me me" is OK - then "me me me me me me" thinks everything is OK and if someone ELSE isn't (the vet who sleeps under the bridge down the street) well bigga deal. On to watch Survivor and have another beer and hey! look! Britney's kid sister is pregnant and another pretty white girl is missing oh my! Sharks! Oh my! Distraction after distaction. Oh my!

And most folks aren't on the internet. They read the corporat-owned paper, magazines, watch corporate-owned teevee channels, etc. They're drowning in corporate propaganda and can't see or hear anything else. And - complacent - won't go looking at / for anything else either.

Americans - in general - are spoilt, lazy, complacent, and uncurious. LOOK at the president they have. Just LOOK at him. He's just like us (excluding the majority of DUers who are quite involved but we are a minority). Is it any wonder America cannot muster a more progressive, actual Democrat ( REAL Democrat ) into the White House? All they can manage are pseudonyms for one. Pretty, smooth-talking ruses, nicely packaged but when you tear off the wrapper, there's a shitload of corporate money and influence in there. And whatdya know it's the SAME corporate money and influence that IS ALREADY been in Washington for the last 30 years. Nothing different. It's just packaged to LOOK different on the outside. Because after all that's all anyone's gonna look at anyway -- Americans being as uncurious and lazy as they are - buy it whole without question. SURE the damn box is different. BUT DID ANYONE BOTHER TO OPEN IT AND SEE WHAT'S INSIDE before they decided it was REALLY "different"? NO.

And 'elections'? Again we don't have them. Megaconglomerate corporations choose our candidates and our presidents. The megaconglomerate corporate-owned media decides who can debate and participate and who cannot - they decide who they will highlight and talk about on the "news" and who they will not, narrowing OUR choices even more than stupidity, laziness, and complacency.

We have facsimiles of elections. We have ruses for elections. We have PRETENSES of elections. But do we REALLY HAVE ELECTIONS WHERE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE their candidates and presidents?!

NOOOOOOO... We don't and we haven't in a very long time and we may never again.

JUST LIKE our country has gone down the corporate shitter because not enough people were paying attention while the corporations took it from us, our elections went with it.

We SEEM to have them. I mean we go through all the motions - but WHO IS REALLY ELECTING AND CHOOSING OUR LEADERS?

It's NOT "we the people" certainly.

Now, there is ONE candidate that COULD HAVE remedied some of this. ONE CANDIDATE who is fully aware of it and who would and could do something about it. ONE candidate who has EVEN ADDRESSED it and WHO IS NOT part of it.

But his PACKAGING isn't different. It LOOKS the same but what's INSIDE is very very different.

Too bad no one looked in there. The corprats know what's in there and they ignore it or lambaste it. That ought to clue someone in -- but it doesn't.

That one is Edwards. The corprats don't want him so they sheister and ignore him. The lazy, uncurious, complacents just go for the status quo candidates - cause they LOOK different (but aren't) - oh and Survivor comes on in .30 and they don't want to miss it and they never bothered to look at or listen to anything other than MSNBC or Fox or CNN so who else IS there besides HillBama? GottagogasuptheSUVbye....

...and there goes the US of A right down the toilet.

If bu$hit, Inc. and the Republicans didn't destroy the United States of America as we've known it, the (DLC) Democrats and ignorant voters will certainly finish it off, won't they?

Yes. It hurts to see this. It damn sure does.

I'm really sorry.

I'm REALLY ashamed. Like John Edwards, I THOUGHT we were better than this.
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Posted by Triana in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Dec 14th 2007, 01:30 AM

...says she of her own constituents outside her home and the rest of us urging her to (God forbid) do OUR will since she is (supposedly) OUR representative "up there". Of course there is some debate that Marie Antoinette ever actually uttered that phrase, but nonetheless, her apparent self-important, bubbleheaded attitude certainly matches Nancy's, thus I give you Nancy Marie Antionette Pelosi:

Same attitude, different century.

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Posted by Triana in Environment/Energy
Fri Oct 12th 2007, 10:27 AM
It is a very proud day when we have TWO Democratic Presidents who have won the Nobel Peace Prize: Yourself and The Honorable Jimmy Carter.

You are in VERY good company!

President Gore, you are a true visionary and regardless of what some right-wing pundits and the media says or does - MANY MANY people around the World LOVE you and support you.

When the election was thrown to George W. Bush in 2000, you said to your supporters "I won't forget you".

NEVER forget that those same people and now MANY others support and love you and appreciate the extremely important work you are doing to save our planet and by extension ALL OF US.

THAT is certainly deserving of the honor given you.

It was a dark, dark time in 2000 when you didn't get the job you were elected for - President of the United States. There was NO ONE ELSE who was more qualified to lead our nation over the precipice from the 20th to the 21st Century than you, President Gore, with the wisdom and vision you obviously had then, and still do.

We understand if you have "fallen out of love" with politics after what the media and the right-wing has done to you.

As for me, I also understand that the work you're doing now is at LEAST if not MORE important than the job of President of the United States, and that being President might take your energy and time away from saving the Earth (and us).

NOT that I don't STILL think you should run again, and that you are STILL the best person for the job. That has NOT changed in my mind. But I understand why you would not want to after all that has happened.

And maybe, just maybe, the Universe had a bigger and much more important job for you, President Gore, than just being POTUS, and maybe that's why things turned out the way they did in 2000. Because now, not only are you the President of the United States (even though they wouldn't let you do the job you were elected for and gave it to someone else), but you are the President of the Planet.

And as the planet's savior, once again, YOU are the only person who could do the job you've been doing. You are unique, wise, and a great credit to the United States, The World, and all of Humanity.

Congratulations, President Gore. You didn't forget us. And we will NEVER forget you.


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