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FLyellowdog's Journal - Archives
Posted by FLyellowdog in Religion/Theology
Thu Oct 20th 2011, 06:36 PM
Administrators are in the position of leading their students/faculties but misinterpreting the Constitution to justify endorsing one religion over another (as this principal did) is a bit of a stretch.

However, even allowing organized religion on our public campuses in the first place.

It boggles my mind when people don't understand that silent prayers on an individual basis would be a simple way to "pray for" others if they are so inclined. Gathering groups together and issuing oral prayers is, IMHO, clearly a tool for promoting a given religion and has no place in our public schools.

But given where this happened, I'm not really all that shocked after all.

On more research, it appears as if I jumped the gun on this. Apparently "prayer at the pole" is allowed but administrators cannot endorse it. When they and their faculties,though, attend these prayer meetings, it can be intimidating to others who don't want to. Still a bad idea in my book.
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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion
Tue Jul 05th 2011, 11:44 PM
My three grandchildren who are vacationing with their dad (my daughter's estranged husband) here in NC narrowly escaped being killed in a car wreck tonight. Thankfully they are ok but will be very sore tomorrow. Their dad had pulled off the road so that the young son could pee (stupid stupid stupid)and a drunk driver ran into them...then the drunk driver jumped from his wrecked truck and fled into the woods. Looking at the car photo, it's amazing that the sweet 6 year old wasn't hurt. She was on the side that the truck sheared off.

I went and picked them up and they are with me tonight and will stay throughout the day tomorrow....the car was totaled so their dad will have a busy day filing reports and getting a rental. The kids ate when we got home and I've given them tylenol and cream for their bruised shoulders and they are watching tv.

I can't tell you how upset this has made me but I'm so grateful that they are alive. This could have been the worst night of my life, but instead, it's the best night of my life. My angels are safe.

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Posted by FLyellowdog in Florida
Sun Jun 19th 2011, 06:54 PM

Sen. Thrasher may or may not actually live in his district? Hey, it would certainly be difficult for him to know just where he lives...he has FIVE homes! Way to go, Republicans. How proud you must be that this rich State Senator is making life for the rest of us here miserable.
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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion: Presidency
Mon Nov 22nd 2010, 01:58 PM
HCR is going to be repealed..
DADT is going to be blocked.
START is going to be blocked.
All minorities are going to lose ground in their pursuit of equal rights.
Republicans are going to take over both the House and the Senate.
Creationism is going be the only science taught in public schools.
Religion is going to become a required practice in public schools.
The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and possibly Pakistan are going to escalate.
Sarah Palin is going to be elected president in 2012.

And this is going to be OUR fault.

I am so tired of the negativism on DU and having those who voted for Obama swear they will not vote for him again. This outrage is going to cause the fall of our country and allow the bigoted, self-righteous conservative fanatics to take over the government. If we donít rein in our misguided rage, we will only deserve what we get and itís not going to be a pretty sight.

Iíd much rather stand with President Obama and try to work with him on fixing what is wrong than to move away from him and guarantee that what is wrong will be magnified tenfold with no hope of reclamation in the near future.

Is that accepting the lesser of two evils? Maybe so, but the alternative is to allow an evil with far greater implications run rampant over our country, and thatís an option that will surely destroy us all.

Our strength is in our numbers. If we let them dwindle, we lose everythingÖall thingsÖ with nothing left to lose.

Itís true that whatever we draw attention to, increases. So letís stop the blame game, give the POTUS a little more credit, trust that he knows what heís doing, and support the man while he does it. Letís find the good thatís being done (and thereís a LOT to be thankful for now that Obama is President) and herald that instead of any real or perceived shortcomings. He promised us HOPE, not a GUARANTEE. If we who elected him desert him, who will stand with him? And who will stand for us? Not the Sarah Palins, not the Karl Roves, not the Rupert Murdochs, not a single shortsighted conservative.

I know President Obama hasnít done everything we wanted him to do. I know he has done some things we DONíT want him to do. But we canít give up before the race is over. Weíre still competing and we still have an excellent chance to bring the victory homeÖall the victories.

The things listed at the beginning of my post donít have to happen. We have the power and the strength to prevent them from becoming a reality.

President Kennedy said,ĒLet us accept our own responsibility for the future.Ē I think we can. All we need to do is to stand tall, stand firm, and stand with our President.

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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Nov 18th 2010, 01:49 PM
"We did not do frankly a very good job of communicating initially that there would be an exemption, if you will, from the thorough pat-down for children 12 and under. That was under review when the policy came out, and so we have clarified that. It does not apply to children 12 and under."

"We have to screen everyone, regardless of age (even babies), before they can go through the security checkpoint."
What happens if the child fails or pitches a fit during the screening? Does he/she then have to go through the thorough pat-down?

The whole thing is too confusing.

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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Nov 17th 2010, 03:54 PM
After all, he can't raise his arms up for the naked body scan. I'll just bet that any person of notoriety gets a milder form of the pat down than regular citizens. That's just my opinion.
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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Sep 23rd 2010, 03:07 PM
"We affirm that a right for one is a right for another and a responsibility for all. A right for a Protestant is a right for an Eastern Orthodox is a right for a Catholic is a right for a Jew is a right for a Humanist is a right for a Mormon is a right for a Muslim is a right for a Buddhist ó and for the followers of any other faith within the wide bounds of the republic.

"That rights are universal and responsibilities mutual is both the premise and the promise of democratic pluralism. The First Amendment in this sense, is the epitome of public justice and serves as the golden rule for civic life. Rights are best guarded and responsibilities best exercised when each person and group guards for all others those rights they wish guarded for themselves."

Doesn't seem to have sunk in very well will the general populous.
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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Aug 19th 2010, 05:14 PM /

I just couldn't help myself. When a friend posted a flag on FB in honor of opposing the Near-Ground Zero mosque, I had to respond with the following. Guess he'll be DE-friending me sooner rather than later.

"I thought our flag stood for religious freedom...the right to worship when, where, and how we choose. While the site for the cultural center does include a mosque and this is insensitive to Americans, if we allow the current sentiment to pr...evail, then we will have lost the very basis on which our country was founded. As such the terrorists will have succeeded in doing exactly what they wanted to destroy America and what she stands for, not the least of which is our religious freedom. Do I think the cultural center should be built eslewhere? Probably not a bad idea. Do I think the Muslims have right to build where they want to? Without a doubt. I am proud to stand up for America and her ideals."

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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Aug 17th 2010, 07:01 PM
"Slow ticket sales have bumped Sarah Palin's appearance next week in Jacksonville, FL to a smaller venue.

"An Evening of Hope with Sarah Palin" was moved from the 2,936-seat Moran Theatre to the 609-seat Terry Theatre."

I'm shocked, I tell you...shocked!

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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Aug 10th 2010, 02:43 PM
That's the question that was asked of me today when I was trying to find someone to wash/wax my car for me (I'm a 64 year old grandmother, so don't judge me). Anyway, I figured the tire dealership where I trade might be able to recommend a place or someone to help me. As it turns out, there was a man working there who does this kind of work. But the owner felt he had to ask first, "Do yu have a problem with a blck man?" After I caught my breath, I said "Well, of course not." So he introduced me to a really nice man named Keith who will wash and wax my car for me tomorrow. Oh, by the way, his skin is dark so he must be black. Who knew?
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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Mar 30th 2010, 12:17 PM
One year ago today we found out our adult son had a brain tumor. He's spent the last 12 months fighting unbelievable odds...before he could have brain surgery, he developed a severe case of e. coli and was in the hospital for a week. Then as soon as he recovered from that, he developed Hymolitic-Uremic Syndrome which shuts down the kidneys. After six blood exchanges via dialysis,10 days in the hospital,and almost dying, he was recovered enough to go back home.

In June he underwent 21 hours of surgery to remove a baseball sized benign tumor..a Vestibular Schwannoma. He was in ICU for a month...went to rehab for a month...back in ICU for two weeks, and finally home with homecare. He permanently lost the hearing in his right ear, but the paralysis in his face is improving, speech and swallowing have returned (yay, no more trach or feeding tube), balance is getting better,the drainage shunt has been removed, and he is finally back at work. He continues outpatient rehab.and will for several more months.

He will never be the same as he was before the surgery, but that just makes him a newer and better version of himself. We are so grateful...he will continue to improve and although doctors say he'll be back to his original self someday, we're just glad to have him alive.

I post this as a reminder to all about how important health insurance is. He has insurance...yes, his premiums went up 35% this year, but at least he's covered. Without the new HCR law, he would probably be dropped by his insurance carrier, and/or should he ever change jobs, his pre-existing condition would prevent his getting new insurance. Plus, I'm guessing he's pretty close to (if not already at) his life-time cap.Now he doesn't have to worry about that.

I tell this story to anyone who wants to argue about health care. This is personal to me, and no one has yet to have a comeback. My son's life and that of his dear family will be made easier by the new law.

We're glad this year is over...and so overwhelming glad that our son is happy and healthy.

Never stop fighting...never give up...and never forget what our President has done for us.
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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Thu Oct 09th 2008, 12:21 AM
I've been trolling over at the freeper weepers (I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself) and they've got a thread on there about Esther from the Bible being just like Palin. They're talking about Palin being "The Anointed One" and how God is on her side and people weep when they hear about her religious upbringing and values and such. They're praying for her continued influence in this election and are grateful that McCain listened when God spoke to him about choosing her as his running mate.

Now I'm not a complete atheist, but this kind of crap really scares the snot out of me. These people are on the edge of insanity, and fanatic doesn't even come close to describing them. How can they espouse the teachings of their Bible and then justify the hatred and bigotry that they're encouraging through their vicious and mean-spirited lies?

The McCain/Palin ticket has divided this country on so many more levels than Bush/Cheney ever even thought about. I know that the economic crisis, wars overseas, ecological concerns, terrorism, and health care issues are the most important problems we face today. But having said that, I'm afraid that the moral fiber of this country is being so destroyed by what the right winged conservatives are doing and saying, we may be pushed back decades and decades in our intellectual abilities to solve these problems.

The divisiveness is getting out of hand and right now the Republican party is the only group that can stem the flow of venomous bile coming from their constituents.Why are they not standing up and saying, enough is enough? Do they not remember what this country was like when intolerance and bigotry were the standard? The entire Republican ticket has taken us back to a time when people trusted only Caucasians, when women were valued solely because of their looks, and when the only moral way was the scriptural way of the King James Bible. I'm appalled and I'm ashamed, but most of all I'm frightened.

I grew up in the 60's and I remember the Freedom Riders, and Civil Rights issues, and the assassinations of three great men. Have we so lost our moral compass today that we can't see how far we've come and what a greater nation we are because of a more progressive way of thinking?

If Barack Obama doesn't win this election, I believe the country is in far more trouble than that of just running out of money. I think we will have run out of the very principles our country was founded on. I don't care whether I get another loan or not...if my grandchildren can't grow up in a nation that believes and practices the premise that all men are created equal, then our nation will be lost. All the money in the world can't secure our democracy or protect our freedoms if the supporters of the Republican Right are allowed to steal those very things from us.

I don't think that's what McCain and Palin started out to do...but in their frenzied efforts to get to the White House, they have sold their souls to the devil and they will ultimately drag us all to hell with them if need be.

This is not a pretty sight and this is not our finest moment. However, I do have hope that enough Americans, both Democrat and Republican, will see the dangers that confront us during these last three weeks before the election and that they will see how important it is to think carefully about what is thrown at us from McCain's campaign.

This country's ideals and promises for the future won't survive a McCain presidency...He is too dangerous. He is too deceitful. And he is too destructive.

Yes, I do have hope...and it's name is Barack Obama.
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Posted by FLyellowdog in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Tue Sep 30th 2008, 12:14 PM
I'm trying my best to understand the bailout issues and based on what I'd figured out, I contacted my congressmen yesterday hoping that they would vote against it. Apparently many others did the same and today we have no bailout. I think that was the correct move. I, like so many others, don't want to give any Wall Street millionaires a "get outta jail free" card for making wrong decisions.

HOWEVER,after watching all the news reports,particularly Anderson Cooper 360 last night, I'm convinced that bailing out Wall Street is not about the millionaires, but instead is about Main Street America. We do in fact need some kind of bailout due to the certainty that...
1. if the lending institutions don't get help, they will have little or no money to lend;
2. if there is no money to lend, (a)people cannot borrow the funds needed buy large expense items such as houses, cars, etc.;and (b) businesses will not be able to meet payroll obligations since many of them borrow these funds to keep afloat during slow months.
3. if people aren't spending/buying, businesses who produce products will have to reduce their payrolls and jobs are lost...unemployment goes up;
4. businesses that can't stay afloat will close and unemployment goes up.
5. unemployment numbers have continued to rise every month this year and any additional increases only adds to the problem of people losing their homes as well as other assets; medical insurance will go away for many, putting an additional burden on the taxpayer who will end up having to help cover the costs of the uninsured at emergency rooms; welfare rolls will increase as people are laid off which increases the cost to taxpayers; food prices, gas prices,etc. will increase which increases costs to all of us.

Anyway we look at this, the taxpayer is going to have to bailout somebody, sometime, somehow. I don't think there is any question about the need for a bailout...the only question is how and when.

I now believe we should support the leaders in Congress who are actually working on this problem and then when they arrive at a better solution, which they will, we should encourage them to pass it. This isn't about Wall Street CEOs; this is about you and me. There is no quick fix; we are in this for the long haul regardless of who's at fault or why. I don't care whether this makes the politicians look good or look bad. I don't care which side or which candidate gets credit for setting us the right course. The only thing I care about is that my children and grandchildren have the same advantages that I've had. If Congress doesn't get this mess fixed, neither my family nor anyone else's will have that chance.

Let's move away from wanting to punish the people who got us in this predicament and move toward finding a solution. I think Congress can and will.
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