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Tigress DEM's Journal - Archives
Posted by Tigress DEM in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sat Dec 13th 2008, 11:58 AM
Air America did not really include the option that he may be somewhat "left" of center but not likely to kill little children for sport.


Is President-elect Obama becoming centrist, or was he always that way?:

He's way more centrist now

He's a corporate shill, you fools!

There's nothing centrist about him (besides his recent hires)


>>>> LINK TO Air America POLL --- Lower Right Corner

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Posted by Tigress DEM in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sun Sep 28th 2008, 02:19 AM
Now Playing
80,000 Seats Needed For Obama's Rally
Oprah Winfrey's attendance at Barack Obama's rally in South Carolina needed a football stadium for t...

10,000 Cedar Rapids IA
18,000 Desmoines IA
29,000 Columbia SC
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Posted by Tigress DEM in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Sep 20th 2008, 03:09 PM

I was looking for some movie that is coming out about slave trading (in the US I thought). I heard just a snippet and Ashley Judd is supposedly support the cause against slave trading.

So I googled slave trafficking and who pops up but our resident villian Cheney's company Haliburton?

Halliburton sued for human trafficking
September 1, 2008

Twelve men recruited in Nepal died after forced transfer to Iraq, lawfirm says

((( Seems they got it from RAW STORY )))

By John Byrne

Thirteen Nepali men were recruited and held against their will for thirteen months in a human trafficking scheme engineered and perpetrated by Halliburton and its Jordanian contractor, according to a lawsuit filed yesterday in California federal court.

The Nepali men, each between the ages of 18 and 27, were allegedly hired as kitchen staff by the then-Halliburton subsidiary KBR and its Jordanian subcontractor, Daoud & Partners. Once they arrived in Jordan, however, their passports were seized and they were dispatched to Iraq.

..... (out of 12)

Only one man survived. After he was released by Iraqi rebels, he said he was assigned to work as a loader/unloader in a US military warehouse facility supervised by KBR. He asserts that he was held for 15 months against his well, before the firm finally allowed him to return home to Nepal.

Cohen, Milstein is suing on behalf of their families and the remaining survivor, Buddi Prasad Gurung. According to the law firm, their families went deep into debt to pay recruiting fees to Halliburton’s contractor in order to get promised jobs.

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Posted by Tigress DEM in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Sep 20th 2008, 01:43 PM

NOW, WE need to make sure they have an independent investigation into the abuses that went on during the RNC by the Police or by those other agencies that assisted the Police.

I have a personal suspicion that may be totally unfounded, but I think that those who acted out were not from Minnesota. I have protested here in my home state and some of those nuns that get arrested all the time are people I know and this has NOT been how Minnesota treats it's people when they express their rights to free speech.

My greatest fear would be if they used some of those "Minute Men" who patrol the borders or people like that who have no real training in crowd control for peaceful demonstrations.

SECOND --- There is a supposed "Independent Investigation" going to happen about the safety plan for the City during the RNC but it isn't going to address the arrests of reporters or abuse of people who were peaceful and ready to comply who got maced and hand police - or whichever designation of riot control party they were - put their boots on people's heads to keep them down while cuffing them. Something you could really only justify if the police/riot squad was surrounded or the person seemed violent.

You can see my journal for the Independent Investigation information I have found and if you know anything encouraging or have any real evidence of definite wrongdoing on the part of Tom Heffinger or Andy .... , please post it here. I would like to put together a letter for Mayor Chris Coleman and I may approach his brother Nick who is a progressive columnist for the STRIB to see if there is any way to approach Chris that will solve the problem without just making it DEM on DEM fodder for the news.

THIRD --- If anyone wants to contact Mayor Chris Coleman and demand/inquire about an independent investigation that addresses the wrongful arrest of journalist and abuse of peaceful protesters by riot squads, please do so.

I would ask that you don't mention the OTHER investigation and see if he puts that out there as a solution. I would like to know if he will be disingenuous enough to do so.

September 19, 2008
Charges Dropped Against DN! Journalists–Investigation Needed

The St. Paul City Attorney’s office announced Friday it will not prosecute Democracy Now! journalists Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar. St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman also issued a statement Friday that “the city will decline to prosecute misdemeanor charges for presence at an unlawful assembly for journalists arrested during the Republican National Convention.”

Both announcements come two weeks after the conclusion of the Republican National Convention where over 40 journalists were arrested while reporting on protests taking place outside the convention center.

Upon learning of the news, Democracy Now! Host, Amy Goodman said, “It’s good that these false charges have finally been dropped, but we never should have been arrested to begin with. These violent and unlawful arrests disrupted our work and had a chilling effect on the reporting of dissent. Freedom of the press is also about the public’s right to know what is happening on their streets. There needs to be a full investigation of law enforcement activities during the convention.”

>> more

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Posted by Tigress DEM in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Sep 20th 2008, 01:05 PM
We have a cancer that is spreading at a rapid rate that is threatening to destroy our lives.

I can agree with you that it sure looks like fascism and needs to be eradicated with no sympathy for the creeping crud that is spreading it.

But from what you are saying is that 100% of America is filled with this cancer and we are already dead.

THAT is a slap in the face at every DUer and DEM that has been fighting this fight and making incremental strides in taking our country back.

When a new person comes into AA do they welcome that person and share what they have to offer or do they yell at that person and say, "YOU FUCKING ALCOHOLIC, EVERY PIECE OF YOUR LIFE IS HOSED, SO JUST ADMIT IT AND GIT WITH THE PROGRAM, DUMBASS."

Maybe you're not an AA alcoholic in recovery, but let me tell you, I've never seen the corollary to your post at any meeting I've ever been to in the 12 step programs.

You make some really good points about a lot that is happening and how systemic it is and how we have to ratchet up our game, but it's JUST AS MUCH DENIAL to think AMERICA IS NOT AND POSSIBLY HAS NEVER BEEN A COUNTRY BASED ON DEMOCRACY because we're hitting bottom.

Lighten the fuck up and get some hope.

You don't have to beat this country up to make it better.

One thing I have seen is a hard and fast rule that AA's don't come to the meeting drunk. OK still a guideline and some exceptions might be made, but if someone can never sober up long enough to get to a meeting dry, then there really isn't any point.

THIS administration is part of a group that 30 years ago decided to trash this country and they have made great strides on their agenda, but what we have to do is remove them and prosecute them for crimes against our nation and war crimes against the world.

THEY have to GO so the rest of us can do what needs to be done to restore our country even if we have to rebuild it from the ashes. BUT as long as AMERICANs believe in DEMOCRACY it ain't DEAD yet and NEVER WILL BE.

YEAH, there is an elephant in the middle of the living room, give it whatever name you want and hand me the shovel so we can scoop him and his piles of shit out. Every thing done to move this monster out is part of the solution because there is a greater power than just you or me even if it's just all of us working together.

When someone is doing chemo to eradicate any traces of cancer they have to treat their body with kindness so it will survive. THINK about doing the same for your friends on DU. We are right in this with you. You don't have to rage against the machine alone.

NO MATTER HOW HARD IT GETS many someones in many somewheres will keep getting up one more time than we are knocked down. Some of us may have to give our lives to this cause in one way or another, but that will only make it all the more important for the rest to keep getting up and refusing to give in to allowing this creeping cancer to overtake our country.

You are right that this administration and their supporters want to turn America into a Neo-Royalist Fascist Regime, but THEY DON'T GET TO TELL US what America will be and every lie and cheat they have put in to trip US all up still isn't what America is about.

We may have to figuratively chop off an arm to survive, but if we think "KILL THE BEAST" then we're over reacting just a tad.



You did give us a lot to think about though.

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Posted by Tigress DEM in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Wed Sep 17th 2008, 07:44 PM
I did a quick peek at DU this morning before my hubby needed the pc for work and saw that The View had asked McCain some tough questions and did not buckle under the backlash from the McCain camp.

AFTER I wrote the letter I thought about my audacity of telling a Presidential candidate to PUT UP or SHUT UP. Then it occurred to me that if he gets elected he is a servant of the People, so therefore he will be working for me - well US.

Here's my letter to The View supporting their stand.

Dear Ladies of The View,

Thank You for standing up to the McCains and NOT backing down.

You may have varied opinions on today's issues, but as intelligent people you're aware that NO ONE is entitled to their own facts. A person can have their own "Version of Reality" where "I AM RIGHT and everyone else is wrong," but that doesn't make it so (not even in election season.)

The last perfect man (according to my faith) with 100% clear vision who was entitled to make that statement was hung on a cross by a small group of liars and cowards who manipulated the crowd to keep their own hands clean. AND I know my Savior; John McCain is not Jesus Christ.

Take the faith element out and it still works. We tell criminals, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime." Lying to the WE THE PEOPLE and expecting the press to be complicit so you can win an election is tantamount to treason against our American right to a fair and honest election. NO ONE, no matter how rich is entitled to have the Presidency handed to him on a silver platter.

I say to McCain, "The time is NOW to put up or SHUT UP. WE need to hear the specifics of your plan to restore Democracy and prosperity to America. And your running mate's credentials need to be vetted by the press and the public. Quit changing the subject."

And another thing, McCain, "There is no prostitute whipping boy with a press pass to ask you the easy questions and let your lies and record slide, so deal with it. Quit whining when you get a tough question. You want to be President; so grow a pair and give an honest answer or SHUT UP."

WE THE PEOPLE deserve a President that can face Helen Thomas in the White House Press Room with honest answers to the toughest questions and a plan for hope.

If McCain can't challenging questions from Joy Behar and Barbara Walters without crying to his handlers, then someone needs to explain to McCain that "handling the truth" has NOTHING to do with "spinning the right lie." Whoopi? Can you also tell him that handling the truth is about the facts as they are and coming up with a grown up plan.

The choice is clear. We need a President that can handle the truth. Obama for President 2008.

I would love it if other people would write in as well, but you guys probably already did September 12th. Ah, the disadvantage of not watching TV much.

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Posted by Tigress DEM in Minnesota
Tue Sep 16th 2008, 12:04 AM
What do I do? Who do I tell?

I was researching to do a possible face to face, kinda drop by the Mayor's office and at least get some face time with the staff about the whole Democracy Now (A) and other reporters unfairly and violently arrested during the RNC when I saw a "News Flash" about an "Independent Review" of the RNC public safety and planning.

I was immediately suspicious of Thomas Heffelfinger, J.D.
He's had 2 US Attorney Presidential appointments. One from Bush I and one from Bush II. (1)

Former United States Attorney for the district of Minnesota who left office in 2006 to go to private practice defending white collar criminals for Best & Flanagan, Minneapolis.(2)

My take on his career after having lived through Reagan, Bush I and Bush II is that he's the best guy to teach Rethugs how to have the "appearance of being ethical" so they can stay out of jail when committing white collar crime.

BUT I THOUGHT Maybe Andy Luger is the balance. He looked good to begin with - On the board of Amicus, Inc. DEMOCRAT who didn't get to Henn Cty Attorney although he had the party endorsement

KOS said good things about him in 2006 during his run (3) but it looks like Andy has Republican ties to Thomas Heffelfinger from 1991. (4)

So they both work to protect white collar criminals and supposedly Tom is the Republican and Andy the DEM, but it looks like another Hannity & Colmes match-up to me.

Can this produce a fair review of police actions that protected only embedded reporters and brutalized non-embedded reporters. Ignoring their press credentials and rounding them up as criminals sends the same type of message that reporters killed "by friendly fire" in Iraq got... "If you don't deliver the news we tell you to, it could be dangerous for you." (5)

(5) I put 5 first because if you haven't read this in depth report by William Rivers Pitt about the covert assault of our government on non-embedded reporters, you won't know why I'm so freaked out.

(A) Compare the pattern of coverup.

(1)Per Daily KOS:
Thomas Heffelfinger was a loyal republican who had a long career in public service. He served as a USA for bush I and bush II. So why "resigned" on Feb. 17, 2006, for financial reasons

(2)Per the Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal
His criminal defense practice will concentrate on helping individuals or organizations respond to suspected illegal activity and establish compliance and ethics programs designed to curb white-collar crime.

(3) KOS
Since moving to Minnesota in 1992, he has been busy, prosecuting big white collar criminal cases and building a private practice focused on the concept of complete democracy - every lawyer in the firm has a voice, including on the salaries distributed around the table. Now working hard to obtain more responsibility and less annual pay, Mr. Luger says that the campaign has been a real life lesson for his two kids about what is really important.

(4) Republicans for Luger
By Joe Bodell 10/5/06 1:05 PM
Several high-profile Republicans today announced the formation of the Republicans for Luger committee. As reported yesterday, Tom Heffelfinger, former US Attorney, was on hand to deliver remarks.

Former United States Attorney Tom Heffelfinger stated, “In 1991 I conducted a nationwide search to find the best prosecutor for the one vacancy in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Minnesota . Andy Luger was the result of that search"
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