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norepubsin08's Journal - Archives
Posted by norepubsin08 in Latest Breaking News
Thu Dec 11th 2008, 11:45 AM
floating around the capitol. Do you realize how much god damn money has been spent on litigating this much of your tax dollars go to procuring "holiday" trees and much of your tax dollars go to worker pay for assembly and take much of your tax dollars go to paying for electricity for lighted displays, not to mention the lost electricity that could be conserved for better usage? No more holiday displays at all on public grounds...that goes for Easter too and any other holiday that has a religious taint or association with it, such as Halloween. FUCK CHRISTMAS all it does is starts fights, waste the tax payers dime and, stresses people out and gets suckers to spend more than they can afford!
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Posted by norepubsin08 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Nov 29th 2008, 01:07 PM
What with the Wal-Mart employee being trampled to death, the shootings at a Toys R Us, having to listen to screwed up Christmas music, the Christmas wars upon us, having to buy more stuff than we can afford, extra usage of electricity for Christmas when that could saved, watching stupid Christmas specials on tv and the incredible phoniness of many who act like that they when during the rest of the year they couldn't give a shit about anybody but themselves...K & R here if you can't stand the XMAS Season!!!!
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Posted by norepubsin08 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Nov 15th 2008, 03:28 AM
The MICAH Project of First United Methodist Church in Tacoma, Washington stands in solidarity with our LGBT brothers and sisters. We are taking part in the IMPACT No H8 campaign by hosting one of the 275 vigils/rally's held nationwide.

Because we live on the west coast, ours is being requested to start at 10:30AM Pacific Standard Time with a moment of silence at exactly 11:00 AM

We are located at 621 Tacoma Avenue South..there will be free parking available one block south of the church behind the Tacoma School District Headquarters at South 7th and G Streets. Also limited disabled parking directly in front of the church. We have an ASL Interpreter present.

There will be a dessert and snack potluck held after the event. Folks are encouraged to bring respectful signs, banners and ribbons. Dress weather appropriate for the event...part of it will be outside. Clergy, please wear clerical collar if you are able.

We are excited to hear from the rest of the other events. Go equality in marriage.
For more info: email, Mike Collier @

Peace-Mike Collier MICAH Project Chair
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Posted by norepubsin08 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Nov 07th 2008, 01:50 PM
Please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. Just delete if it is in the wrong place. I have been reading Democratic Underground since August of 2005 and joined this year. I have loved being able to learn from the discussions and also add my two cents worth.

It is with such pleasure and a light heart that I write this as opposed to what could have been a heavy heart and another four years of being in the wilderness.

I have been a liberal all my life. A proud card carrying member of the ACLU and a beneficiary of one their legal actions on my behalf regarding the constitutionality of the use of political yard signs.

My beliefs did not come easy. I was born in Germany, my German father died before my birth and when I was two, my mom met the man who would later adopt me and marry her. He was a serviceman who grew up during the Roosevelt era and served in the latter part of World War II and then Korea, was shot over there, came home and died as a result of those wounds in 1964 when I was 7. My mom lived in Frankfurt and was removed as a child from the city by order of Hitler. The removal came with out transportation and as a result she walked for miles in the freezing cold and snow to an orphanage in the Bavarian Alps. This gave her frostbite and that turned to gangrene when she became pregnant with me. In order to save my life she had her leg amputated with just local anesthesia. She was sickly her whole life and died of a stroke when I was 14. So I learned very early on that a nations' policies can and does have a direct impact upon an individual. I became a firm believer in the peace movement.

I came to be cognizant of the world around me during the time of the civil rights era. When great progress was made, the excitement of new advances for our fellow man. I read about Gideon vs Wainwright and Miranda vs Arizona and saw how government and law can actually make a difference for the better and my first historical readings as a twelve year old was from William Manchester "A Brief Shining Moment" as a young adult "A Thousand Days" "To Set the Record Straight"

I was educated in Roman Catholic Schools with liberal nuns who showed how you can apply your faith to civic discourse in a dignified manner with always keeping in mind "Christ's Preferential Option for the Poor" With those things it was hard not become a liberal.

At fourteen I achieved my US Citizenship and then at 32 had the high honor of being able to run for US Congress. I didn't win, but did force our US Congressman to quit funding the School of America's.
Also took a yard sign case up to the US Supreme Court on a free speech issue and won it 9-0.

Along with all you, I have suffered these past 8 years watching our nation crumble. Before that having the indignity of Reagan turning our country from a Peace Corps ideal to a "me first ideal"
I grieve over the tatters of our constitution, over the loss of respect that has come upon us from the world community, over the devaluing of human life and coarsening of our civil discussion.

But on this 1,000th post, I see light at the end of the tunnel...I saw promise once again and I see hope.
As I said the other night..."We made it to the train station, now the journey begins"

As Democrats, as progressives, as liberals...we have an obligation and a joy to mold and shape that journey. This board has helped in the past few years, let us go forward together and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community.

Peace Mike Collier
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Posted by norepubsin08 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Oct 28th 2008, 12:17 AM
I posted this earlier, but wanted to again because there was more I wanted to tell.

On October 27, 1988 with the 9 electoral votes of Washington State hanging in the balance. George Bush came to Tacoma for a campaign rally. It was to be the last campaign rally by a Republican Presidential nominee inside the city limits of Tacoma to date.

What happened: George Bush was well ahead of Mike Dukakis, but wanted to run the table so to speak and had chance at the State of Washington. A week earlier Bush came to speak at Seattle University a Jesuit institution. At that speech, a Jesuit priest who had worked his whole life for the poor and for peace and justice had asked Bush a question and was dragged from the hall. One week later Bush wanted to come Tacoma and chose the University of Puget Sound as his backdrop. UPS informed him that to keep the intellectual integrity of the College, he would have to have a question and answer that point Bush took his show to the Bi-Centennial Pavilion in downtown Tacoma. A group of us working with the Jesuits found out about it and made plans to challenge the Vice President on his policies. We did phone banking and had 500 people protesting outside the pavilion that morning. During that protest I was spit upon, had my glasses yanked away from me and punched. Tickets were tightly controlled, but seven of us got in. Every few minutes one of us asked a question. When I was removed by the Republican security team, the national press wanted to interview me and they were told if they followed me, they would be under arrest also. After the fourth questioner was bloodied, Bush's handlers hustled him out of there 17 minutes early.

The upshot of that was, that from that point on, this military, blue collar, slightly conservative town has grown ever more progressive. This was the lead story on all three national news programs that night and Dukakis won the state by a couple of thousand votes. Washington has voted Democratic ever since.

For me, it radicalized me. I went from progressive to radical. I know longer feared to protest and began to see it as my duty to speak up when needed. I went on to run for US Congress from the left of our DINO, didn't win, but got more in the primary than anybody has in 28 years and made him switch his vote on the School of America's. Believe me, I was scared when there was just 7 of us in the midst of 4-5,000 rabid Bush fans. But we got through it.

Lastly I want to pay tribute to 2 of those that were with me, that are no longer among us that would love to have been alive on Nov 4th of this year. Sr. Beverly Bentley OP who in her Sister's habit pleaded with the police to arrest her to no avail and apologized to me after the event that she "failed" And Robert Gallucci a senior citizen who was roughed up speaking out for the poor that day.

To have taught me to have voice for those who don't...I am so grateful for your witness!! Mike Collier
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Posted by norepubsin08 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Oct 16th 2008, 12:22 PM
Fuck McCain and all the social mis-fit, anti-abortion fundies that are voting with him. Had it not been for the Supreme Court ruling dealing with the health and life of the mother, my wife would have died 14 years ago.

On News Eve night in 1994 my wife was 7, close to 8 months pregnant. She started to bleed and then bled more and more...she became lethargic and I took her to the emergency room. Long story short, her pregnancy went terribly wrong. It took a partial birth abortion to rectify the HEALTH problem that my wife was facing. She was ok and pretty much herself a week later, however with out that medical procedure, she would have died.

Thank God for those who stand up for a woman's right to choose...thank God for those who work hard to keep reproductive choice and protections in place. John McCain, you should feel ashamed of yourself. Before this campaign started I thought you were a better person than that. You are just like the rest of right wing psuedo nazi party. Had I looked deeper into your personal record before this campaign..I would have figured that out never have a good track record in regards to your treatment of women..this statement by you last night just confirmed it in front of 63 million others!!!
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Posted by norepubsin08 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Oct 02nd 2008, 10:12 AM
Yesterday, the MICAH Project and America in Solidarity of Tacoma, Washington launched the first ever NATIONAL GUARANTEE YOUR VOTE DAY. This was in response to numerous news reports of rampant voter purging and other forms of manipulation. We had asked that everyone verify the status of their voter registration by either getting online, calling your state or local elections officials or going in person to your auditors office. We also asked that you text, blog, email or phone all those with in your network to ask that they do likewise and spread the word in the same manner.

Thanks to you we had 108 congregations in 6 denominations, an NAACP Branch, the Central Labor Council of our state, 4 newspapers and 16 other organizations along with individuals in 46 states (we missed MS, AL, SC and UT) take part. We had roughly 1.1 million emails initiated (doesn't include those who responded to the call to action, which would be secondary emails) and about 1.4 possible reads on blogs or electronic newspapers.

We will continue to work on making this an annual national event.

To those at DU thank you so much for help and participation...on to November and on to next year and future years...may we turn this nation even bluer!!!!

Together in the Cause,

Michael S. Collier MICAH Project Chair
Todd Iverson America in Solidarity President
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Posted by norepubsin08 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Oct 01st 2008, 11:12 AM
What the fuck is wrong with people. I hear this shit on TV all the time..."he's an elitist"...good, I hope he least then he's not some ignorant fuck pretending to President.

"He's more personable" who cares, I'm not voting for the president to be my friend.

"I'd rather have a beer with him" We're not hiring the president to go sit at a bar and drink and make conversation.

The American electorate needs to pull it's head out of it's ass (not you at DU) but much of the public.

Look at what voting for stupid has gotten us these past 8 years and before that 1980-1992:

Deregulation: letting big business get even bigger and making life harder for you the little guy.

Confrontation: A doddering old fool who half the time didn't even know where he was.

Foreign diplomacy disasters: A snake of a man barfing on the Japanese Prime Minister at a state dinner.

And now we come Shrub Jr:

A fucking moron that can't even put two sentences together.
A party boy who fiddles while a major American city drowns
A spend thrift who has virtually bankrupted this country
An empty head who has morally bankrupted this country
A wanna be cowboy who has waged an illegal war

And most of all an idiot who has given rise to lessening of our National aspirations, who has raised cynical attitude to an art form, who has made us the laughing stock of the world community and most of all has squandered our promise in ways we won't even know for generations to come.

Not me, not this time...folks encourage others to VOTE SMART!!!

This county needs brains, not reactionary platitudes or knee jerk responses to real problems.

The alternative is frightening: McCain who's health is shaky at best, a crusty confrontational near senile old fool or a vacuous empty head of a near beauty queen who's like a chatty kathy doll, pull the string and you get six canned responses. The stakes are high-we have a lot of work to do!!!
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Posted by norepubsin08 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Oct 01st 2008, 10:04 AM
FL (27) OH (20) MI (170 NJ (15) VA (13) WI (10) CO (9)

These are the states most likely to be targeted for voter purges and other types of electoral manipulation by the Republican Party.

Please join the MICAH Project and America in Solidarity in it's call to action by declaring this NATIONAL GUARANTEE YOUR VOTE DAY. We are asking all groups, churches, unions, blogs, organizations, student groups and individuals who take part to commit to two courses of action.

1) to either go online, phone or check in person on the status of your voter registration. Just because you think you are registered to vote doesn't mean that you are.

2) pass this information along to all your members/readers/supporters/networks via text, blog, email or phone call sometime during the business day today.

We feel this is a matter of justice and vital to the electoral process. If our elections lack integrity then we risk sinking into anarchy and becoming a third world nation. This is a growing problem folks..just recently:

In Virginia: AFL-CIO has reported that students were deliberately being misled as to where they could register and vote.

New Jersey: 300,000 people who thought they could vote found out that they had either been stripped from the voter rolls or their names had never made it there in the first place.

Michigan: Republican County Auditors had stated that anyone whose home has entered foreclosure would be purged from the voting rolls.

Wisconsin: The Republican Attorney General has sued the states elections board to remove 20% of the voters from the rolls, the vast majority in Milwaukee.

Florida: We all remember what happened there in 2000...counties are reporting the same problems again.

Colorado: Reports are coming in that voters in other states are being asked to register in this state.

New Mexico: Statistics bear out the fact that a Native American is 8 times more likely and a Hispanic person is 5 times more likely to purged from the voting rolls.

Ohio: In 2006, 303,000 people were removed from the rolls in three major urban counties and this year another 600,000 have been threatened.

Wow! Each day the list gets bigger and bigger. PLEASE: Have this election be decided by the people and not machines, manipulation or voter witch hunts!!!!

What can I do to help? This may save a few folks from finding out on Election Day that for them, it is too late to be able to vote.

Endorse our project, take part in the action...check on the link if you're still registered and spread the word. For folks at DU k and r this so others see it.

This is endorsed by: The Center for Creative Journalism-Columbus OH, "The Velvet Revolution Blog"-Washington DC, The Washington State Central Labor Council, GRE Consulting Associates-Whitefish MT, The Tacoma Dominican Sisters, Tacoma Branch of the NAACP, Washington Public Campaigns among others...we also have various union, student groups, churches, individuals and organizations taking part in 46 states.

For more info or to be able to check on your voting status, link to: or

To schedule an interview: Mike Collier (253) 229-3737 Todd Iverson (253) 219-8717
email: or


In Peace & Solidarity,

Mike Collier MICAH Project Chair
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