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Posted by Blue_In_AK in Alaska
Fri Jul 24th 2009, 12:33 PM
Celtic Diva has posted an excellent legal analysis of Sarah's slush fund here:
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Posted by Blue_In_AK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Jun 11th 2009, 02:34 PM
Ohhh, this makes me so mad. EXXON, Governor? Is this why you couldn't remember Baker v EXXON when Katie Couric asked you about Supreme Court decisions you disagreed with? /

Governor Sarah Palin is sleeping with the enemy of many Alaskans. Her trip to Houston, Texas to discuss a merged project with TransCanada and Exxon Mobil flies in the face of anyone with a memory of 20 years. Exxon promised to “make Alaskans whole” and they never did; just another broken promise thrown out with all their other broken promises. We’re still waiting.

Last year, Palin’s AGIA (Alaska Gasline Inducement Act) passed into law, awarding TransCanada $500 million in state funds to build the 1,700 mile pipeline. Through the support of the Democrats she was able to pass the law, earning her the title of “socialist” from her Republican critics. The same Democratic lawmakers were thrown under the “Strait Talk Express” during the election.

TransCanada doesn’t hold any leases of gas or oil on the North Slope. Conoco Phillips and BP; an unlikely couple, birthed the “Denali” project. They want to build a gasline without the $500 million in state funds.

In January of this year, a huge reversal in the administrations stance with Exxon came. Let’s just call it foreplay. Exxon and its partners had been locked out after state regulators withdrew their leases on state land. They pulled them because Exxon had sat on the 106,201-acre Point Thomson for over three decades. Basically, you snooze, you lose.

Exxon came back and said they would really do it this time and start producing by 2014. Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin said “thanks, but no thanks”, saying he couldn’t trust Exxon to do what they promised. Well, the administration and Exxon had a Dr. Phil sort of make up session and flipped, allowing Exxon to keep their leases.

It boggled the mind. Why? Where was the new found trust with the company who strung Alaskans along with 20 years of litigation after the Exxon Valdez disaster? When the governor was quizzed by Katie Couric about what US Supreme Court decisions she hadn’t agreed with other than Roe v Wade, she blanked. I was stunned. Baker v Exxon! June 25, 2008! WHAT! Their initial $5 billion dollar judgment had been reduced to $500 million.

With the announcement of Exxon climbing into bed with TransCanada for the $500 million inducement to build the gasline, it makes more sense.

As someone who helped clean up the negligent, massive, environmental catastrophe known as the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, and fished her whole life take it from me: Doing business with Exxon is like letting the guy who date raped your daughter rent your basement.

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in Alaska
Thu Jun 11th 2009, 01:11 PM
This from Progressive Alaska. It looks like Sarah's doing a bit of that back room dealing that Frank was so famous for.

Progressive Alaska re-posted this Robert Dillon picture back in February. Robert took it when Alaska Gov. Palin was in Washington, DC, for the US Supreme Court arguments on what is known as the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill class action lawsuit.

The governor, posing then, in what some regard as one of the best proofs of Palin's late term pregnancy, is standing with Cordova wood sculptor, Mike Webber. Between them is the Tlingit "Shame Pole" that Bob Henrichs commissioned to publicly insult Exxon in the Tlingit tribe's traditional manner.

At the time, Gov. Palin characterized the movement of the case from the Ninth Circuit to the Supreme Court, and the lowering of the initial Anchorage jury's large award to plaintiffs, "a kick in Alaska's collective gut."

Since's Palin's selection to run with John McCain last year, she hasn't been successful in dealing with oil, natural gas or coal politics, in Alaska, or on broader scales. And those minerals' economic downturn have turned Palin's gas projects, especially, into something with many untenable strings attached.

The announcement today in the Texas media that Exxon-Mobil and Trans-Canada are working with Palin on a deal that might bulldoze Denali - BP/Conoco-Phillips' plan - will dominate Alaska media for a good week or so, unless the volcano blows again, or the "Feds," as Palin calls them, get back into doing what nobody else here seems to want to do - bust political crooks.

Many Alaskans will remember how the governor sided with plaintiffs in the EVOS case from the beginning of her term until the VP campaign. This open embrace now, of the company that has screwed Alaskans more than any other (it is a long list), will not go down well with coastal Alaskans. It may combine with the growing perception, especially among rural Alaska Natives, that Palin is selling out to slutty companies like Exxon and to the foreign-owned, Seattle-based Bering Sea trawling pirates.

Palin is under enormous pressure to get something going in the natural gas arena that makes next year's "open season" more marketable for her as a candidate. Palin is constructing a national campaign machine whose maintenance costs are rising faster than those of any other project in Alaska political history. Unless she gets something going soon that shows she's earned some top chops as a governor since the campaign ended, her marketing team will have to tell her she cannot run for a second term as governor.

Andrew Halcro predicted we might be visiting this Exxon territory. He also accurately predicted Palin's endgame scenario.

We need to get a group together to encourage another Alaska artist like mike Webber to make another Tlingit shame pole.

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in GLBT
Wed Jun 10th 2009, 03:19 PM
The Anchorage Assembly is attempting for the third time since 1975 to get an equal rights ordinance passed for the benefit of GLBT folks here. The history of this ordinance is set out here: . We are fighting the battle again this time with the same conservative megachurch, the Anchorage Baptist Temple, and their Falwell wannabe, Jerry Prevo.

Here is Mudflats' report of the spirited assembly meeting last night: /

Last night was the Anchorage Assembly meeting in which the public was invited to give testimony about ordinance #64, which ensures non-discrimination in housing, education and employment for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered persons.

Pastor Jerry Prevo of the Anchorage mega-church the Anchorage Baptist Temple was the one organizing those in opposition to the passage of the ordinance. We all knew it was going to be a dramatic evening.

As I was heading out the door, I remembered that I’d gotten something from Equality Works in an email saying to wear blue. So, I quickly ran upstairs and changed into a blue shirt.

I arrived at the Loussac Library a little late. As I drove down 36th Ave., I was reminded of a sunny day last fall when 1500 people had gathered here with Obama signs, speaking out and telling the world as best they could about why they were not supporting Sarah Palin for VP, even though they lived in Alaska.

As I approached, I saw a group of teens all wearing red. Some were holding signs that had a stick figure of a man and then a plus sign, and then a stick figure of a woman. There was a little blonde girl, about 7, who had a sign that said “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin.” I wondered what conversation her parents had with her about what she’d be doing this evening, and about what her sign meant. I wondered what part of “love” meant denying employment, education and housing.

On the opposite corner was another group of red teens, standing right next to a group of blue teens with letters spelling out E Q U A L I T Y. Dueling ideologies between teenagers who, under different circumstances, could have been friends. It all seemed very strange already.


A guy with a sign started walking back and forth on the street, leading a group of children and young adults in a chant. “Go straight! Straight is great! Go straight! Straight is great!” I stood there, and they passed by and several people made eye contact with me while they were yelling, as I stood there in my blue shirt. My inner voice yelled back, “I AM straight. You do not have to be gay to recognize injustice.” But I knew they were not in the mood to listen.

I wondered if any of the testimony I’d heard inside helped people to understand anything. Maybe there were a few people in the audience that all of a sudden realized that LGBT people are…. people.

I saw a sign that said:

We must live together like brothers, or perish together as fools.

- Martin Luther King Jr.

That was a good note on which to leave. The Assembly will meet again next Tuesday to hear more testimony. More hours made up of three minutes.


More here

here: /

and here: /

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in Alaska
Sat Jun 06th 2009, 11:31 AM
An excellent piece by Julia O'Malley in this morning's Anchorage Daily News re the upcoming antidiscrimination ordinance.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want Jerry Prevo to like me as I was driving to the Anchorage Baptist Temple on Wednesday afternoon.

Sure I was gay, and he knew I was gay, and he was a hard-line Evangelical Christian pastor who'd successfully led every Alaska anti-gay measure in my lifetime. But I looked totally normal in my church clothes. I was smart, I was funny, I was from his neighborhood. What wasn't to like?

My plan was to talk with him about why he was fighting an effort to add sexual orientation to the city's anti-discrimination ordinance. I promised myself that I would really try to listen to him. I crossed into the East Side, where I grew up, passing Value Village and Max's Beefy Burgers and the flower shop. Maybe, I thought, Prevo had some valid points about the ordinance being poorly written. Maybe we could find some common ground.


Driving out of the parking lot, my stomach hurt. How was it, I wondered, that in a town where people were uniformly respectful of me as a gay person, we couldn't make that respect part of city code?

I turned into my grandparents' old neighborhood and wound around to their house. The garage was open and I half expected to see their red Oldsmobile in there. But they've been dead for years.

I'd convinced myself the world had changed since 1975, that the forces of logic and personal connection had moved hearts and minds, that Anchorage was just as much my town as it was Prevo's. But for the first time in my life, as I stared at what used to be my grandparents' front yard, I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure at all.

I plan to be at the assembly meeting Tuesday night. I'm sure Pervo will be bussing in his minions.

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Jun 05th 2009, 01:04 PM

Lawmakers muster votes to override governor
STIMULUS: Palin makes Alaska the sole state to reject energy cost relief.


Legislative leaders say they appear to have enough votes to override Gov. Sarah Palin's veto of $28.6 million in federal stimulus money for energy cost relief. Alaska is the only state to have rejected these funds, and that's not sitting well.

"I would be surprised if we didn't override her," North Pole Republican Rep. John Coghill said Thursday.

Rep. Mike Hawker, another member of the legislative leadership, said that's his count too.

"This is just one of those cases where there is such a profound difference of opinion between the legislative branch of government and the executive branch," the Anchorage Republican said. "We could have one of those rare and difficult instances where we are actually able to override a governor's veto of an appropriation item."

It's so rare and difficult because it requires a 75 percent vote of the Legislature in joint session. But there's little support among lawmakers for Palin on this, and the debate is more about whether she could trump a veto override and manage to block the money.


Anchorage Republican Sen. Lesil McGuire said legislators should override the veto even if Palin continues to refuse to ask the federal government for the money. She said Alaskans want their representatives to stand up to Palin on this.

"We are the people responsible for carrying out their will and allowing their voices to be heard. So I think there is merit in overturning the veto and having the discussion with (Energy Secretary) Chu to see if there is still a chance."

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Jun 04th 2009, 04:17 PM
This from The Mudflats, who took one for the home team and attended an appearance by Michael Reagan and Governor Snowflake here in Anchorage... /

(**Warning** Massively long post ahead, in which you accompany me into the belly of the beast. Adult beverage or soothing music is recommended.)

When the call came a couple days ago, and my friend asked me the question, I immediately imagined myself in one of those ads that try to get you to join the Marines. “I wanted to see if I had what it takes. I wanted to prove to myself that I had the stuff.” You know the ones.

The question? “Hey, do you want to go see Michael Reagan? I got tickets!” Now, I had already recently been to the Anchorage screening of “Media Malpractice - How Obama Got Elected and Pain was Targeted,” {I'm not sure if "Pain" is a typo -- it seems oddly correct.) and I was still working out the toxins. If that was the obstacle course in my Conservative Boot Camp, then surely this would be the part where they take you into the back room for the waterboarding. Sarah Palin was presenting the opening words.

Last week when conservative talk show ignoramus Mancow said that waterboarding wasn’t torture, and then volunteered to be waterboarded, they gave him a little plastic cow to hold; his safety cow. If it got to be too much, they told him, he could just toss the cow and they’d stop. He lasted 6 seconds. I knew I could do better than that.

So off I went to the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. It was 70 degrees and the sky was blue. As I took a deep breath and headed in to the darkened theatre, I wondered why I was doing this. Thoughts of aborting the mission ran through my mind. But, I settled in. I looked at the crowd…a strange mixture of shorts, and suits, red blazers and tank tops. I spotted Lt. Governor Sean Parnell, and Rep. Bob Lynn who had also come to this dark room and bypassed soaking up the sun to soak up the words of wisdom from Ronald Reagan’s eldest son.


I got a call this morning from my history teacher sister, the one who actually broke the Palin nomination news to me on August 29th. “Did you hear Obama’s speech in Cairo?” she asked, almost breathless. She had visited there last year, and explained that the hostility and anger felt toward the Bush administration was almost palpable. “They gave him a standing ovation!” she told me. “And that was before he even spoke!” I thought with some sadness that while I, and 400 other Alaskans had been listening to the drivel above, millions of others had been on the opposite end of the political universe. They were listening to messages of healing and reconciliation, and a leader who spoke about tough issues realizing that diplomacy, and seeking common ground is what will move our world forward through the incredible challenges we face. This is what we need, not the sophomoric “we win, they lose” mentality.

I look forward to listening to the speech in its entirety tonight. And I’ll raise my glass and be glad once again for the outcome of the 2008 presidential election.

This IS a long post, but worth reading for a good giggle.
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Posted by Blue_In_AK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri May 29th 2009, 06:41 PM
This is pretty funny. /

Ziegler’s Folly

Conservative documentary filmmaker John Ziegler was in town to do a special screening of his new film “Media Malpractice - How Obama Got Elected and Palin was Targeted.” It’s been a while since I infiltrated a Palin event, so I decided to slip in and join the festivities.


Enter John Ziegler. It’s kind of funny to see people who come to visit Alaska in any sort of official capacity. Mostly they look like they have no idea how to act, or what to say. Sort of like they’re visiting a foreign country, and they’re on stage at the same time. Ziegler explained to us that his purpose in creating the film was (and I quote) “I decided to dedicate my life to constructing a story to correct the historical record.”

Then he proceeded to list all the media sources that were “in the tank” for Obama, and when The View was mentioned, there was a loud “BOOOOOOOOOO” which eminated from Eddie Burke. Ziegler told us how important this screening was, and that it might even be the most important one of all, and that “If anyone is going to get the truth it would be the good people of Alaska.” I tried not to smile.

The film was basically one long interview with Sarah Palin, snipped up into little bits, and interspersed with lots of clips of political commentary from various media sources during the campaign. Ziegler went out of his way to say that he wasn’t pandering to the base, but that he really wanted to convince people in the middle and on the left that the Obama coronation and the Palin hatchet job was something we all needed to rally around. So here are the talking points.

Obama is a crooked politician who was annointed in the living room of his BFF, “unrepentant terrorist” Bill Ayers. Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement made it possible for him to be elected and he is now “beholden” to her. He created his own “presidential seal.” Reverend Wright is evil. Michelle Obama is unpatriotic. The mainstream media was totally focused on undoing Sarah Palin, who is actually more qualified than Obama.

Somehow, we were supposed to believe that the media glossed over the whole Reverend Wright fiasco, and the Bill Ayers association. They supposedly never mentioned Joe Biden’s “Obama will be tested” gaffe and suddenly the heroes of the day for conservatives were Geraldine Ferraro, and Bill and Hillary Clinton who seemed to be the only ones brave enough to speak truth to power. We also revisited Joe the Plumber, and the dreaded “spread the wealth around” comment. Keep in mind that the premise of the movie is that none of this was covered by the mainstream media.

<snip - mich more>

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in Alaska
Tue Apr 14th 2009, 11:18 PM

Palin names three candidates for Senate seat (Updated)
Posted by Alaska_Politics

Posted: April 14, 2009 - 6:33 pm

From Sean Cockerham in Juneau –

Gov. Sarah Palin surprised state lawmakers tonight by forwarding the names of three appointees to the single open state Senate seat. Two of them, Tim Grussendorf and Joe Nelson, have already been rejected by the Senate Democrats.

Palin said the third, Alan Wilson, is a “successful small businessman and active in the community." He is involved with the Affordable Housing Commission and serves as co-chair of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center. He is a former president of the Alaska State Home Building Association and is currently president of Alaska Renovators, a remodeling company.

Palin said that the Senate Democrats can now choose from among the three.

Anchorage Democratic Sen. Bill Wielechowski objected that, under the law, Palin can’t appoint three people to the seat -- she has to pick one of them.

He also objected to all three of the names she put forward. “From my perspective, I’m not going to support any of those names,” Wielechowski said.

He said he has no idea who Wilson is. But he that he checked when his name started floating around and found that, at least until recently, Wilson was not registered as a Democrat. He was registered as undeclared, Wielechowski said.

(Update -- Palin spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said Wilson became a Democrat on March 4.)

The governor has to appoint a Juneau Democrat to the seat, and her choice requires the approval of a majority of the nine Democrats in the state Senate. The seat is open because Kim Elton resigned for an Obama administration job.

What the heck is going on here? I really do think she's gone a little bit crazy. Can we impeach her yet?

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun Apr 12th 2009, 02:31 PM
I'm posting this here because several of you showed interest in this trainwreck yesterday. This is follow-up on the testimony of Leah Burton regarding WAR's (Wayne Anthony Ross) disdain towards women. If it wasn't made clear before, Leah Burton is the daughter of former Department of Public Safety Commissioner Richard Burton who served here in that capacity for many years back in the '80s and '90s. According to Shannyn Moore, he has written this letter to Mr. Ross: /

From Leah Burton’s Dad:

Mr. Ross,

You may or may not remember the times when we met but I remember you very vividly. The purpose of this communication is over concern for my daughter first and your attempt to be confirmed as the Attorney General, a job for which I know you had long aspirations, as well as thinking you could be the Commissioner of Health and Social Services or the Commissioner of Public Safety, none of which you are qualified for.

I was told today that you deny knowing or associating with the Mad Dads group in Wasilla. Surely records of filings in the court must still be available so that you can produce proof of who your clients were. This is the same group that my daughter witnessed you addressing and making sexist and demeaning comments in reference to spousal rape and domestic violence, which as I see it means physical abuse of the spouse by the husband. Considering the group to which you were speaking that is the only logical conclusion one could draw from such remarks. I’m also assuming that you may have made these remarks in order to appear as a macho man in front of such a gathering. First of all, I want to caution you on what you say but can’t prove and to advise you that if this kind of slander and attacks on my daughter continue you may well meet a real attorney that knows how to win.

In over 30 years in law enforcement in Alaska, as a police advisor for the U.S State Dept and the Dept of justice, I have met and worked with many quality professionals in the field and let me say that you do not rank among this group. I worked the street as a young patrol officer starting in Ketchikan in 1954, joined the Alaska State Police in 1959 and ended my career by serving two separate terms as Commissioner of Public Safety for the 2 best Governors in Alaska, Jay Hammond and Wally Hickel. (In the interest of brevity I will attach my resume for you perusal as I want to establish my bona fides for the remarks I am about to make).

You sir, speak and act like the kind of bully I met many times when responding to domestic violence calls, some of the most dangerous situations police officers are often in. Over the years I brought many an abused spouse and/or children to my own home for my wife to care for, because there was no place else to take them. As the state matured such offices came into being on a scale large enough to expand their services, which we in law enforcement welcomed. This was especially true in the “bush” rural areas of the state in which I worked as a roving patrol trooper or where I was stationed.

Contrary to what you recently told the Judiciary Committee about the Child Welfare workers being hell bent on taking kids away from their families my personal experience was just the opposite. I had to take many children into protective custody, and even in the most dangerous of situations the welfare workers' attitude was that a child was always better off staying with their natural parents regardless of the circumstances. Not a decision that I could always agree with. Therefore I am totally surprised at your comments and I challenge you to provide actual proof that supports that allegation.

Shortly after retirement in 1995 I served on a committee, hired by the Department of Law, with a former Deputy Attorney General and Commissioner of Corrections. We were tasked to perform an investigation into the performance of the child protection unit, following a very unfortunate set of circumstances concerning the killing of an infant who was under the protection of the state at the time of his murder. The child should have been removed from the home but was allowed to stay there under very dangerous circumstances and was killed in a very bizaare and gruesome manner. The bottom line in this case we found that children were being left in home circumstances in many cases when the right thing to do would have been removal. This resulted in changes of the child protection statutes and policies of the agencies concerned which also included the relationship between children and adult probation sharing of information.

The only conclusion I have been able to come to concerning your remarks about the “frightening” case workers is that you really don’t know what you are talking about and are just talking to try to impress someone that you may have some knowledge about the subject.

In light of the strong reaction from the native and rural communities of the state and your obvious position and bias relative to domestic and children’s issues I find it hard to believe that you could be in charge of the department that is charged with enforcing laws in an impartial or effective manner. I think you should do the state a favor and withdraw your name from confirmation.

Richard L Burton
Commissioner of Public Safety (retired)


Dick: Thanks for writing. I’ll pray for you and for your daughter. Sounds like both of you have problems. My best to you old friend, WAR

WOW! Prolific, don’t you think?

Good grief. If this guy gets confirmed, pray for ALASKA, DUers.
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Posted by Blue_In_AK in Alaska
Sat Apr 11th 2009, 06:30 PM
Seriously, is she off her meds?

"Palin Denies Asking Begich to Resign" /

Hmmm. Tums or Advil…..Tums or Advil….

Now this is a good one. After confirming to the Daily News Miner, and then clarifying that confirmation, Sarah Palin joined forces with Republican Party Chair Randy Reudrich last week in asking Senator Mark Begich to stand aside so a new senatorial election could take place. In other words, she asked him to resign.

And now….she denies it. /

JUNEAU — Gov. Sarah Palin stepped back from an earlier call for U.S. Sen. Mark Begich to resign pending a fresh election after a federal judge dropped charges against former Sen. Ted Stevens.

At a press conference Friday morning in her Capitol office, Palin claimed she never said Begich should step down.

Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich issued a press release calling for Begich to step down and for a new election shortly after the news broke that Stevens’ charges may be dropped.

In an e-mail response to the News-Miner, Palin said “I absolutely agree.”

She clarified she agreed with Ruedrich’s call for a new election and for Begich to step aside until that happens.

A question on her call for a new election was among many posed at the Friday press conference.

“I didn’t call for Begich to step down, either,” Palin said. “I said I absolutely agree that Alaskans deserve a fair, untainted election for the United States senate seat. I’m not splitting hairs on how that happens. I’m saying wonderful, good. I want to see an election that is fair, that isn’t influenced unduly by some announcement that the sitting senator was facing a multi-felony count conviction. That’s what we were told. Now, come to find out, that wasn’t the case.”

Soooo….she wants a new election to take place for the senate seat. And she wants Begich to step aside so that can happen. Buuuut….she doesn’t want him to resign. And the Daily News Miner just kind of made that up.


That was my forehead coming into sudden and violent contact with my desk.

From the Anchorage Daily News: Gov. Sarah Palin and the head of the Alaska Republican Party said Thursday that Sen. Mark Begich should give his Senate seat up to a special election now that prosecutors have abandoned their case against Ted Stevens.

From the Juneau Empire: Gov. Palin calls on Sen. Begich to resign seat

Gov. Sarah Palin said Thursday that Sen. Mark Begich should step down and run again for the Senate seat he won last fall. The governor said there was “undue influence” in the campaign in which long-time Sen. Ted Stevens was ousted.

From the Wall Street Journal: Palin Calls on Sen. Begich to Resign

I could go on with this for a long time.

Sure it’s in Palin’s best interest to backpedal from this embarrassing, ridiculous, insulting statement. It doesn’t make her look very credible on a variety of fronts. But this is like if I asked you clear out your desk and step aside from your job so we could interview someone else for the position, and then tried to tell you I didn’t fire you. Nice try.

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in Alaska
Sat Apr 11th 2009, 03:15 PM
This is pretty funny. /

The “Good Friday Surprise Guest” on Eddie Burke’s radio show was none other than the governor herself. Eddie Burke has the #1 rated talk show in the Anchorage area on KBYR 700AM, and is the one who called the women who attended the “Alaska Women Reject Sarah Palin” rally “a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots” and then gave out their names and home phone numbers on the air, resulting in threatening phone calls. Who could have imagined THAT would happen.

But here is a transcript of most of the interview he had with the governor on Friday. This part came after he pretended to be surprised it was her, and like he had no idea who this “surprise guest” was going to be. I give him a C- for that performance.

The Mutual Word Salad Admiration Society

SP: I’m doing fine, and you’re doing very fine with your ratings and everything else. Congratulations!

EB: Well, thank you so much Governor. It’s an honor to hear from you. I really mean that, you know. I’m a big fan of yours, and I just…I’m not just a fan, I…really, I agree with what you’re doing and it’s been a long time since I’ve ever been this, um, I don’t know, happy about an elected leader like yourself.

SP: I appreciate that very much. Well, lots going on in Juneau so I wanted to call and touch base. But I did want to kick off the conversation congratulating you, Eddie. Your work ethic, and just the way you’re putting everything together on the show that so many Alaskans are appreciating, so congratulations on that, that appreciation being made manifest with your ratings.

EB: Well, thank you so much. It has been, it’s been pretty humble, and I you know I think the listeners out there as you know I know, you thank the voters in a way for our high ratings and being number one in the afternoon, so I appreciate that Governor for recognizing.

Who gets the Word Salad Award on this exchange? Sarah’s the defending champion. She’s proven herself over and over… but Burke’s response, especially that last part was pretty impressive. I think the judges are going to have to give this one a tie.

<snip> - much more covering all the issues

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in Alaska
Thu Apr 09th 2009, 11:48 PM

By the day, the Alaska State Government is beginning to resemble an episode of Survivor. There are 2 tribes; the Red Tribe and the Blue Tribe. There are reward challenges and immunity challenges. There is Tribal Council. People get voted off the Island. There are strategies and strange alliances; hidden agendas.

After Day One of Attorney General Hearings, folks in Juneau are looking around the room to see if it’s just them…or does everyone else realize Palin’s appointee, Wayne Anthony Ross, is not quite right. He’s better suited for an immunity challenge that would have him wrestling with Levi Johnston. Johnston, meanwhile, is on a tell-all media tour after he earned permanent immunity for fathering Palin’s grandchild. Instead of publicly scolding Levi, the governor should send him a thank you card for distracting the national tribe.

Many have already been voted off the Island. Former AG, Talis Colberg voted himself off the Island-in a sort of kamikaze hari kari act to save the Queen. Then there was Tim Grussendorf. He went before the Alaska Survivor Tribal Council and was voted off once it was learned he was a mole from the other tribe. Joe Nelson is the next player to appear on Survivor Juneau. His fate is to be determined. Everyone plays this game. The Governor, in fact, tried to promote herself to the Big Island and was voted off by the National Survivor Tribal Council.

But back to W.A.R. His own testimony reveals a racist, abrasive, interrupting bully, completely paranoid about the federal government. I imagine Wayne and Todd throwing back beers around a fire, trading secession strategies. I knew W.A.R. was a colorful character, and by that, I mean controversial candidate, but didn’t know the depth and extent of his pathology.

“Subtle like a chainsaw,” is a phrase my pop used to say. Palin’s pick must have had Husqvarna and Stihl for parents. VROOM! VROOM! Her choice should have her gender card recalled. The legislature, acting as the Alaska Survivor Tribal Council, need to form an alliance and reject Wayne Anthony Ross for Attorney General. Send W.A.R. back to his bunker…let him count his guns, and mutter about how the ERA took rights away from men. Time to vote him off the island.

My friend, Mudflats has meticulously dissected the words of W.A.R.

The following is a testimonial letter from Leah Burton. Realize as you are reading her words, she is talking about a man who would be, if Sarah Palin has her way, the Attorney General of our state; the highest law officer in the land. A man who condoned rape? WTF?

April 7, 2009

My name is Leah Burton. My father is former Commissioner of Public Safety, Richard L. Burton, who served under both Governor Hammond and Governor Hickel. I grew up in a law enforcement environment. Mr. Ross testimony today in response to Senator Hollis’ questions about domestic violence and sexual assault victims enhances my testimony as to his prejudice on this very serious topic, especially given that, “Alaska rates among the top 5 states in the nation for per capita rates of domestic violence.” (FBI/UCR 2007)

From 1989 through 1997 I lobbied on behalf of families and children in Alaska with regard to child support, custody, abuse, abandonment and neglect. In the course of that time my efforts put me in conflict with a group known then as the Dads Against Discrimination (DADS), and later renamed the Alaska Family Support Group.

Mr. Ross is one of the most successful attorneys in Alaska in his representation of the members of this organization and others who sought to avoid payment of child support through several means, not the least of which was to fight for custody.

In 1991, the DADS group held an area wide meeting at a Denny’s Restaurant in Anchorage near DeBarr & Bragaw. I chose to go and sit in the main area of the restaurant near the opening of the meeting room where they convened so I was able to hear what they had to say and find out what plans they had for the upcoming legislative session.

At that point they still did not know what I looked like so I was able to sit there unnoticed. The meeting was well attended, Steve Strube was the head of the group at that time and another known member, John Grames (who Strube referred to as his Lt.), was also in attendance along with enough other members to fill the room. They were delighted to have Wayne Anthony Ross in attendance as a guest speaker.

Numerous comments were made that were appalling, not the least of which were remarks by Mr. Ross which included the following; “If a guy can’t rape his wife…who’s he gonna rape?” and “There wouldn’t be an issue with domestic violence if women would learn to keep their mouths shut.”

Other members made their own contributions such as, “We have the right to discipline our wives and children without the interference of government in our lives!”

These comments were greeted with laughter and affirmative responses by the group. Given the fact that they had referred to me in recent months as a “femi-nazi”, the comments I was witness to at this meeting, while abhorrent, were unfortunately not surprising.

This announcement by Governor Palin is a slap in the face to all single parents who have no choice but to rely upon the State Department of Law to support court orders for child support, as well as those persons who need the Department to enforce criminal laws against sexual assault and domestic violence. Mr. Ross is the antithesis of the type of person that should be the Attorney General. This has been clearly demonstrated by his own words and actions in public.

In closing, I am not alone in my assessment that anyone who condones, and contributes to that type of hateful and harmful discourse clearly does not have the judgment necessary to represent the people of the State of Alaska as their Attorney General.

Given his other special interests and his stated opposition to subsistence rights and other Alaska Native issues, I have brought this forth as yet another dimension of Mr. Ross’ demonstrated inability to represent all the people of the State of Alaska fairly and impartially.

His clear racial and gender prejudice raise serious concerns with regard to his ability to represent all residents of the State of Alaska fairly and impartially as their Attorney General.

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in Alaska
Tue Apr 07th 2009, 04:39 PM /

Alaska Democrats are a funny breed. I’d like to say mavericky…but that’s been done. They have to be conservative enough to get elected and smart enough to make head way in a minority-all the while praying the board of game doesn’t target them for an aerial control hunt. Knowing where that line is and walking it, is, in itself, a full time job.

When an Alaskan Democrat is called up for duty in a position appointed by the President, we cheer. It’s like having a player from the Peach Leagues get the nod from the Yankees. Kim Elton, long time senator representing Juneau, is now working for the Department of Interior. When a legislative seat is vacated, there are “rules” that don’t punish the party or the district when their representative either resigns or gets promoted.

Hey Democrats!!! Stop nodding YES like a bobble doll! I know this is basic and obvious, but it’s gotta be said.

There are two stories here:

One: Sarah Palin is running the state like a power drunk sorority sister.

Two: The Alaska Dems don’t have to keep acting like a fat girl on a date! You know that girl-she orders a salad and then puts out ‘cause she’s just so grateful for the attention! STOP IT!

Dear Alaska Democrats,

I’m so proud of us. We’ve been the really unpopular girl; the one who carries a cello around, has cheetos in her locker and bought anti-cellulite cream in the 8th grade. We rarely got picked for a team, but won the seventh grade creative writing contest.

We’ve forever waited for that special someone. We’ve even circled prom dresses in the Sears catalog. We don’t look back - it’s a yearbook without many “we’ll be friends FOREVER” signatures.

The last two years have been different. When Sarah Palin came to Juneau, it was as though Captain Dreamy showed up in an I-Roc with Guns and Roses thumping. The old jocks and cheerleaders didn’t care so much…so we got the date. Sigh. We broke our backs making all of the governor’s dreams come true; ACES, AGIA, etc. And now we know love is fickle.

Sarah Palin’s I-Roc lost its turbo. She is spending her days spooned up with the classic mean girl club vice-chair, Meg Stapleton, who’s busy writing notes (on State letterhead) to People Magazine.

Palin has the audacity of rope, and she’s hanging herself with it. Her response to 18 year old Levi Johnston accused him of seeking fame and celebrity? That’s rich! Like he wanted to be the world’s best known sperm donor when she threw him onto the national stage as an icon of her family values?

Beth Kurttula stated the obvious when she said Sarah wasn’t qualified for the “Homecoming Court.” Her chances for a replacement appointment to Kim Elton’s Senate Seat were roasted like a weenie at a Wasilla Warriors tailgate party.

Sarah tried to change the rules last week to include the Republicans in the vote to seat former Republican Tim Grussendorf – DENIED! This week, she pulled another player out of some dark orifice. The Juneau Dems had already interviewed and eliminated her selection.

Joe Nelson may be a nice guy. A guy you’d like to have a beer with. Hey, Darling Dems, you don’t have to dance with him just because he was delivered by the governor! The governor has obviously misread the rules. She does NOT get to submit names. She approves someone from a list submitted by the Juneau Democrats!

Once again, Sarah Palin demonstrates that the rules don’t apply to her. Palin is Lucy with the football. Just because she wants us to kick now, doesn’t mean we have to. Charlie Brown never learned that lesson.

Joe is married to Mary Nelson, former representative from Bethel who now works for the Donlin Creek Mine. Nelson voted against defined benefits, putting herself in the camp of the Western Alaskan DINOs who vote with Republicans to get capital projects.

Joe and Mary were married aboard a boat owned by Bud and Paulette Simpson. Last August, Paulette Simpson, of the Alaska Federation of Republican Women, said of the newly selected Palin, “Sarah Palin for her entire political career has been underestimated. She’s tough, she’s tenacious. I believe that she does have what it takes to get out there. Again, her ability to connect with voters and make a case is very, very, very strong.” Well, Paulette, she’s not connecting with the Democratic voters in Juneau.

A source in Juneau told me Joe Nelson was asked if he would become a Republican to run against Beth Kerttula in the next election; he said he would consider it. Nice! How does that work for the long time friendship of Beth Kerttula and Mary Nelson? It’s part of the mean girl strategy; divide and conquer.

So if he pals around with Republicans, marries someone who votes with Republicans, is selected and appointed by a Republican…well, you don’t have to dance with him as a Democrat. Quack! Quack!

IT IS TIME TO BREAK UP WITH SARAH PALIN. She is not your friend. You are never going to ride in her car again. Nor will you get to sit at her lunch table. She won’t pick you for kickball, but she has picked a spoiler to play on your team. TWICE! She doesn’t like you. Deal with it.

Say NO to dictatorship and YES to Democracy! The Juneau District deserves the same policy and protocol that the Wasilla district was granted when Sarah appointed her church elder, Wes Keller. Palin broke up with Alaska…she’s packing for her save-the-unborn-babies speech in Indiana.

We have a two party system. One has no heart, the other no spine. Stand straight. Stand tall. Breathe deep and dump the Governor.

Face It Dems, she’s just not that into you.

Call your legislature - here are the numbers (at link).

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Posted by Blue_In_AK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Apr 03rd 2009, 03:29 PM
The freak show that is SP continues to amaze. /

Just when I think Sarah Palin must have gone off her meds…she demonstrates she has…

Months ago, she asked Ted Stevens “to step aside…to play a very statesmanlike role in this now.” RESIGN! This week, she asked Senator Begich to resign. Does she think if they all resign she can move to Washington? I wonder. Write your own rules, play your own game and you get a free wardrobe? Did we vote for best looking? Or best Levi’s? Or best smile? NO! Sarah Palin ousted incumbent Frank Murkowski in the primary and popular governor Tony Knowles in the general! She won because the People wanted change. The people wanted leadership. The people wanted Ethical Honest Government. The people did not want Mean Girl Snark!

Tonight she released a letter to Senate President Gary Stevens. Background: I’ll be brief. Juneau Senator Kim Elton-D received an appointment from President Obama to work in the Department of Interior on March 6, 2009. Alaska rules state that the district party submit preferred candidates to the Governor for an appointment. The Juneau Democrats gave Sarah Palin one name: Beth Kerrtula. Beth is currently a House Representative. She has been a member of the House since 1999. She has been the House leader since 2006. Kerrtula is clearly the most qualified candidate in Juneau.

During the campaign, Beth said that Sarah Palin was not qualified to be VICE-President…I know, shocking assessment. Sarah had a cow and named local Republican turned Democrat Tim Grussendorf to the seat.

Tim was a Republican 3 weeks ago…tadah! Now he’s a Dem. The rules state the Senate Democrats have to approve the appointment. They said, “Thanks but no thanks.”

More background…even briefer: Star Date 2007, Republican Representative (from Wasilla) Vic Kohring was convicted of bribery and corruption. Empty seat. Sarah appoints an elder from her Super Size Your Jesus church, Wes Keller. The Repubs approve…DONE, Keller is a House Representative.

My gosh, you’re all caught up! OH, Wait! The process is now UNCONSTITUTIONAL to Madam Palin. She has just released a letter saying she wants her pick; Republican Tim Grussendorf (sounds like a wizard from Harry Potter) to go before the full house for approval! And, Palin believes the historical process is wrong.

I only hope she has medicine for the drama she brings to the state of Alaska. Here is her letter:

April 2, 2009

The Honorable Gary Stevens
Alaska State Senate
State Capitol, Room 111
Juneau, AK 99801

Dear Senator Stevens:

On March 31, I nominated, under AS 15.40.320, Mr. Tim Grussendorf to fill the vacant senate seat for senate district B. On the following day, April 1, I received an unsigned memo from “Alaska Senate Democrats” to Senator Gary Stevens that the nomination of Tim Grussendorf, “did not achieve the needed support to be seated.” The memo also stated that “Today the nine Senate Democrats met to discuss Governor Palin’s nomination.” Based on various news reports, it is our understanding that the meeting of Senate Democrats took place behind closed doors.

The Alaska Constitution provides that “Each is the judge of the . . . qualifications of its members. . . .” Alaska Const. art. II, sec. 12. The Department of Law has opined that “confirmation by a political caucus is probably a legally deficient procedure. The confirmation procedure set out in existing law appears to conflict with the Alaska Constitution.” 1987 Inf. Op. Att’y Gen. 2 (Sept. 21; 663-88-0107).

Accordingly, the closed-door action taken by a minority of the Alaska Senate is without legal effect. Until the Alaska Senate takes action consistent with the Alaska Constitution, my appointment of Mr. Grussendorf remains in effect.

I respectfully request that the entire Alaska Senate consider my nomination of Mr. Grussendorf in open session, in the same fashion as the legislature would consider any other appointment subject to confirmation. The people of Alaska and Juneau are entitled to a public confirmation process that is consistent with the Alaska Constitution.


Sarah Palin

cc: The Honorable Johnny Ellis, Senate Majority Leader

Memorandum to Senator Gary Stevens, Alaska State Senate President.
File No. 663-88-0107, Subject: Procedure for appointment to fill legislative vacancy.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY….ISN’T “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” where you discuss such matters? It’s Alaska…all the doors are closed right now! It’s called heat retention. The political posturing is pathetic. Has anyone reminded the governor that her only friends for the last 2 years have been the Democrats? That is how she passed ACES and AGIA, the two sparkliest jewels in her “Miss Governor” tiara. Too bad those Dems are under the bus now.

With the GOP dumping Sarah Palin for Newt Gingrich, Wayne Anthony Ross a less than savory Attorney General candidate and Senator Begich NOT resigning, we may be witnessing the desperate gasps, rattling coughs, and grasping at ghosts of a lost political career.

More here "Palin Doesn't Get Way: Changes Rules" (The Mudflats) /

"Sending in the Clowns" (Andrew Halcro) /
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