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mimitabby's Journal - Archives
Posted by mimitabby in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Apr 19th 2010, 12:19 PM
Dear best friend that I have had ever since we were 13 years old,

The conversation started innocently enough, we were talking about traveling to take the train to visit our adult children, yours lives in Tallahassee and you live in Orlando, mine will be moving to Vancouver, Canada and I live in Seattle.

I had mentioned that Canada has started some new train lines so I have more choices and you mentioned that they shut the train down to Tallahassee and they do not intend to ever run it again. We talked about infrastructure failing.
And that’s when you said it: “…we pay for health care for Illegal Immigrants but we can’t afford to have train lines.”

Aghast, I quipped, “oh, yeah, and the war too.”

And you agreed with me, but I quickly changed the subject because I really value our friendship and I knew we could get into an ugly place. But I was stunned. I know that you get your news from a more conservative news source than I do, but you (against your husband’s wishes) voted for Obama (because your children promised you that he really was the right choice for our country) despite the fact that you were terrified that life as you knew it was going to change forever because of him. It really didn’t, I hope you noticed. But I digress.

Right now, in this country, if a sick felon walks into a hospital, he gets medical care. Murderers can get heart surgery, rapists can get their hernias repaired and their diabetes maintained. But you would deny medication from someone because he/she is an illegal immigrant? Or the infant child of an illegal immigrant?

I am absolutely devastated to discover that you feel this way. Our friendship from the beginning has had to do with the fact that we were both independent thinkers, with morals and ethics.

Can you explain to me how you could deny health care to any child, no matter where it was born? Can you look me in the face and tell me that this child is less deserving at life than you or I, or, any common criminal? We were both raised Catholic, and although I do not any longer consider myself one, I still hold the basic tenets to heart. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”

Last night we watched a movie about Padre Pio. He was a priest who lived in Southern Italy whose life’s dream was to build a hospital to treat the sick. Not just rich sick people, or sick Italian people, but sick people. He would have been devastated and given up the project if the authorities had told him; “You can only treat these people in your hospital, but not those, because they are illegals”. Can you really, in your heart of hearts believe that this is just?

I am not suggesting that we take people who entered this country illegally and roll out the red carpet for them. I know that there should be limits to how many people be allowed to cross our borders, and that for most of them, probably the smartest thing we can do is to send them back to where they came from. But there should never be limits to kindness and respect in the way we humans treat each other.
It’s not like most illegals bear us malice or even hurt us in some way. They do jobs that not one of us wants to do. And most of them are just here because they want to do better for their families.

They want the same things we want. They love their families, their children. Most of them pay taxes and then send huge percentages of their salaries home to their families who stayed behind. Most illegal immigrants are good people, just like most citizens are good people.

I did take the time to do some fact checking before I said anything stupid, but here’s what I found out. We have already been paying for the health care of illegal immigrants. They go to the emergency room, where doctors treat them compassionately.

I have a doctor friend who quit working in the emergency room because it was such a broken system. He found it devastating to constantly be treating people for life-threatening chronic illnesses. These illnesses started out as simple things that should have been fixed with a doctor’s visit and a prescription months or years before they ended up in his care in the emergency room. To him, the major problem wasn’t that some of his patients weren’t legal citizens, it was that most of his patients legal and illegal, couldn’t afford basic healthcare. That’s why he quit.

The fact is, we already pay for them. And we probably always will.
I really don’t want to lose your friendship. We have been there for each other for almost 50 years now. But I have to say these words because I still can’t believe that in your heart of hearts, you meant what you said.

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Posted by mimitabby in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Fri Jun 26th 2009, 03:53 PM
No, I try to stay in touch every day, but i haven't kept a list.
I'll bet you haven't either.
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Posted by mimitabby in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sun May 31st 2009, 04:11 PM
Thanks to DU, my painting is now famous. That's right, some time back I posted HERE a painting of OBAMA that I did.
HERE on DU, I sold about 2 dozen copies of it. And so because you guys liked my painting so much, I put it on my blog
and then this NYTIMES reporter interviewed me.

here's the link:

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