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CitizenPatriot's Journal - Archives
Posted by CitizenPatriot in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Dec 16th 2009, 04:07 PM
Obama Administration Cleaning Up Bush Email Scandal Mess

Remember just after Obama was inaugurated? Yes, the day after…when liberals were screaming that Obama was continuing Bush policies with DoJ obstructionism. Liberals were justifiably upset that the “Obama DoJ” dismissed a lawsuit filed by CREW and the National Security Archives regarding their attempt to retrieve over 22 million “lost “ Bush era emails.

However, it turns out, that decision had been made before Obama took office. in fact, the original dismissal was made under the Bush DoJ and was supposed to be released the week before Obama took office, but suffered some "delay" (perhaps like Laura Bush’s suddenly unavailable guest home).

Good news for liberals; it's OK to support your President again, we got it all wrong! But believe us NEXT time when we tell you that he is Bush...because next time...It will be true! Series.

The good old right wing knows how to play the left's principled concern over justice, truth and transparency! Oh, I’m sure the unplanned delay of the announcement wasn’t politically motivated. I mean, just because everything else in the Bush Justice Dept was politicized is no reason to assume anything. Sure, many of the same people who were illegally appointed under Bush are still in the DoJ. But I’m still sure it’s all Obama’s fault.

Fortunately for justice, it turns out that both parties (CREW and NSA) were able to re-file after Obama took office and resolve the problem to their satisfaction.

In spite of the federal law to maintain an email archival system and the Clinton administration’s implementation of just such an archival system, the Bush administration couldn’t keep track of those pesky things. Emails got mislabeled, misfiled, and sometimes just vanished! I’m shocked, I tell ya’. Shocked.

Maybe it’s because the Bush administration disconnected the Clinton archival system around 2003. I hear those things need to be on to actually work. I''m sure it was just an accident. I’m thinkin’ you don’t want to hunt or email with The Dick, cuz he seems super accident prone and forgetful.

The good news is that the Bush emails which were “lost” during the period of March 2003-Oct 2005 have been restored and the Obama administration has agreed to restore another 33 days worth of missing Bush era emails. That whooshing noise you just heard was the collective sphincter tightening of Chimp, Rotund One, and The Dick. Gee, I hope they have good healthcare.

I’m sure teabaggers everywhere are shouting that anyone can lose an email or 22 million and this partisan research must stop! But according to Meredith Fuchs, general counsel to the National Security Archives, case law clearly states that every email should be saved and archived.


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Posted by CitizenPatriot in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Mar 13th 2009, 05:52 PM
I’m posting here my response to one of those annoying internet trolls who are being paid by the GOP to spread lies and worship at the feet of Rush Limbaugh. You know who I’m talking about. Their rantings are liberally peppered with “Socialism!” “Marxism!”"Communism!” “Acorn!” “Nancy’s Mouse!” etc.

In an effort to avoid these people, I was hanging out on Facebook at the “Ban Rush Limbaugh’s Sponsors Group”, where I got smacked right in the head with what I can only assume to be Rush Limbaugh’s butt boil come to life.

Here’s my response to him:

You said, “Like I said. Listen to his show for a week - find out what he is really about. Otherwise - you are not qualified to chime in.”

Since when did you own this thread on an anti-Rush Limbaugh group’s board? See, it’s that attitude and the arrogance and presumption that accompany it which turn people off.

As for listening to him, we have a group here who monitors him. I actually thought your first post was a transcript from Rush’s show.

And I think that says everything.

But, no — it seems you’ve inspired something in me, because frankly, I’m sick of suddenly seeing this nonsense all over the internet. The birthers have invaded and are trying to take us all to Freeperville, but I won’t go and you can’t make me. This is our country, now, friend. And we’re going to see how our policies work out for a few years, whether you like it or not.

You, with a narcissistic flair reminiscent of your leader, are eschewing any effort toward establishing empirical facts. You lecture everyone on here about a vast majority of things with the confidence of a triple Rhodes scholar. My, your expertise knows no bounds!!! From economic guru to how government operates best, you are there. Might I remind you that a wise man suggested that only a fool thinks he knows everything? Sadly, it’s obvious that you do not know enough to be making such confident proclamations.

Want to know how I know? Because if you were an expert, you’d be getting your info from many different sources. The Fannie and Freddie thing, for example? If you bothered to look past the “facts” being slipped to you, you would know you are missing 3/4 of the puzzle. In fact, you are missing so much of the puzzle that I can just come out and say you are dead wrong.

We don’t need or want to be lectured to by a condescending person who assumes they are the morals police. I refer to your effeminate disdain for swear words, as expressed so daintily upthread.

Swear words are the LEAST of our problems. And if you think a swear word is as dangerous as the words that come out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth, you are a nothing but a pouting Poujadist who refuses to accept that the majority of the country does NOT want you people in charge anymore.

We don’t want to hear your hate. We don’t want to hear your foul, racist-driven nonsense on the public airwaves. We don’t want the bigotry and the stupidity that come along with listening to Rush.

After reading your failed arguments, I realize there will be no debate with you, as you are getting facts from cherry-picked sources.

Do start reminding yourself to keep you nose and your religion out of our business. We know you call us Libertards and worse, and guess what, that’s fine. Just keep it in your corner. We’ve got important things to do…like fix this country after 8 years of dictatorship under a President you voted for twice, whose DoJ memos have lawyers all over the world saying “Fascism” and “dictator”. Lawyers, not talk show hosts with golden microphones. And if the DoJ memos weren’t enough, we have the signing statements: double the amount of all other presidents combined.

So take your “Socialism!” “Communism!!” and “Marxism!” chants and put them where you stored “Drill, baby, Drill”; They’re just about as relevant and accurate as that tired, failed chant. See, jingoism as an ideology is over. Epic FAIL. We got the interwebs, now, friend. And that means every citizen can look up the lies you people are spreading and do a little fact checking for themselves.

I know you’re going to whine back at me, but don’t bother. Our country has been forced to listen to this crap for years now, and I’m all stocked up with crazy. Go sell it some place else.

Also, if you’re so worried about communism — I can’t believe you guys are dusting that tired, failed fear-mongering tactic off and giving it another go — keep it up, because I’m starting to think we need to investigate all of the conservatives in office to see if they really love America! Sure looks like they don’t since they just want to use tired, failed policies in order to protect their egos from the EPIC failure of the last 8 years. Anyway, if you’re so scared, please move. I hear Somalia is the perfect place to go Galt, so live it up. They share your beliefs and I’m sure you’ll get used to the heat.

FYI: the CYA “I want Obama’s policies to fail but America to succeed” is not working. It’s a pathetic attempt at backpedaling. Rush may have convinced you that is what he meant, but I heard him say it. He said, “I want Obama to fail.” That means he wants the country to fail. The same country his party ran into the ground and brought to the cliff of disaster, while we are fighting two wars you started based on a lie. Furthermore, I’ve witnessed the Rushublicans actions as they obstruct and obfuscate every single issue and I’m not impressed. It was only a few months ago when the same words uttered by a liberal would have opened the gates to Gitmo. And here’s what really gets me: When Bush was appointed/selected/ anointed (take your pick), I supported him even though I didn’t vote for him and he was not duly elected.

But, we now have a duly elected President. As in, he won by a landslide. He won the popular vote in what can only be described as A Mandate to the Millionth Power (since Bush claimed a mandate when he had, in fact, not even been elected). The American people REJECTED every single one of the talking points you keep trotting out for us to marvel over. WE do NOT want them governing us anymore. We worked hard to get this man elected and now you and your fellow Rushublicans are saying you want the country to fail. clearly, you are NOT Americas who value the electoral process. It’s called an ELECTION. The will of the people. Heard of it? You think you should still be in charge, even though we already had the election and you lost.

How American is that? It’s just sad that you can’t get on the bus and try to be part of the solution.

Good luck to you — clearly you’re taking a big hit humiliating yourself like this on the internet for your messiah. You should know that from where I sit, you look very unpatriotic and I think the Repbulicans of Reagan’s era would be ashamed to see what a vulgar, sick little machine the GOP is now.
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