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An Ex-Pat American Liberal in Asia - Archives
Posted by Suji to Seoul in Health
Mon Jun 06th 2011, 08:11 AM
My father has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Renal Failure. It was not brought on by disease.

It was brought on by a bladder that stopped functioning and there is a backup of urine that is surrounding his kidneys.

We will put in a cathater (sp?) to bypass his bladder to drain the urine and allow the free passage of urine into the bag.

The kidneys still function, but at diminished ability. Can this help alleviate some of the issue and maybe retard the development?
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in The DU Lounge
Sun Jun 05th 2011, 09:32 AM
People here drink warm everything. Tea, milk, water, beer, soda. Everything is either room temperature or hot.

My students see me sucking down a milk tea with icebergs in it (I put it in my freezer).

"Teacher, cold things bad for you."


"Cold things bad for body. You no should drink cold."

"I'm 32. I haven't died yet."

Then I see one student in the group eating an ice cream cone. I point to it.

"The ice cream is frozen and cold."

The students shake their heads.

"No, teacher. We only eat warm ice cream."

I stood, mouth open for a couple of seconds at the absolutely idiocy of that "face saving" statement.

"Ummm. . .warm ice cream is called milk."

Then I continued drinking my "bad for my body" iced milk tea and walked away, laughing.
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Sun Jun 05th 2011, 03:39 AM
As stated in a recent post, my father has developed the beginnings of Chronic Renal Failure. It led to a mild heart attack on Thursday and a trip to Beijing to the International Hospital.

He returned home and we found a specialized Kidney Hospital here in Shijiazhuang.

He emailed them his test results while talking online to them. After getting the results, they demanded he come in immediately. He was instantly admitted.

The hospital takes a holistic approach to medicine. There are three medical tourists (two Americans, one Greek) there now. Because of my knowledge of my city and my ability to speak and understand Chinese, he gets an added privilege the others don't (he can leave the hospital without escort so long as I go there first).

His room is the size of a studio apartment, complete with private bath facilities, wide screen plasma screen, kitchenette and living room furniture.

Patients are allowed to leave at will, provided they are escorted (since most don't know the city).

The battery of tests are amazingly simple and done quickly.

The attitude is one of keeping patients' spirits up as they struggle through diagnosis and treatment. The hotel plans events around town, shopping trips and a vareity of other "quality of life" things to coincide with the treatment.

The bed is a regular hospital bed with a normal mattress, so comfort is not a problem. All towelries are provided and the atmosphere is one of big windows, trees and starbucks style paint and decorations.

All staff speaks English (or as best of English as they can), but translators are available.

Those with kidney problems I recommend looking into being a medical tourist.

On a lighter note, one of the Americans, a 52 year old man from Boston, asked me if I knew where he could find a girl since he was lonely and that is very common here. I snickered and told him I had some phone numbers. Problem is, it's a hospital, not a hotel, but I told him ways around that problem too.

The diagnosis is looking good, but there is too much liquid around my father's kidneys right now. It needs to drain first.
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Sat Jun 04th 2011, 07:36 PM
I just want to say that socialized medicine does not work. It is an horrific failure. I should know. I lived in the world country in the world for socialized medicine for a year, as my screen name shows: The Republic of Korea.

Here is my story:

I have a pinched nerve in my back that is affected by the weather, namely the colder it gets, the more likely i am to be unable to stand or walk. Winters in Suwon are not fun.

One morning, I had a major issue with the back. I called my employer and informed him i could not walk or stand. He told me to go to the "rationed" state run hospital located in a private plaza.

Fear took me over as I arrived. What will I expect? My fears were justified. There were hordes of people suffering while the inept bureaucrat began to deny people because they weren't serious enou. . .

Okay, I can't do this with a straight face. I can't really make a sarcastic post.

My experience, really:

There are doctors and pharamcies on every block. My premium for my state run medical care ran bout 45,000 w0n a month and when i went the hospital, they treated me the best they could without so much asd worrying about payment.

In fact, they never even discussed payment.

Overnight in a hospital, three squares, four shots of morphine for pain, physical therapy, Somas for the muscle spasming and a perscription for brand name medicine at the pharmacy: Total out ot pocket = 17,000 won

Socialized medicine never works, right Ronald?
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Sat Jun 04th 2011, 06:49 AM
Okay. . .I'll begin. I am starting to examine health care here in China (because I live here) from a personal point of view.

Three days ago, my father had a minor heart attack at 12:00. At 4:00, in the hospital, he had another. At 5:00, he had a third. He is at the beginning stages of renal failure. He'll be 60 in August.

Here's how it worked.

I called 110 and the ambulance arrived. There was no insurance check (we have insurance anyway). There was no calling the insurance company. It was just "medical check and go."

He instantly got to #2 Hebei Medical University Medical Center and was plugged into every machine imaginable. Blood tests, urine tests, cultures. . .the works. I'm glad I can speak Chinese.

Once my father was stabilized, that's when the bills started. Medicine here is "here is the diagnosis, pay the clerk and we will proceed when ready." Most of Asia is pay as you go and a cash-and-carry society.

After all tests are run, the hospital determines we need to transport him to Beijing. Ambulance gets paid and off he goes.

Today, he sent his test results to the local kidney hospital. They admitted him immediately. They saw a medical emergency and worried about his ability to pay for it after he was admitted. He was not denied care because of his inability to pay.

Watching the medical services here in a hospital, few are denied, no matter the cost. Those that cannot afford the hospital use the neighborhood clinics that are partially subsidized by the local (not national) government. The urgent care facilities we call in the States.

I am now talking to the insurance company. There are no pre-existing conditions with PICC, there is no pre-approval. File the claim, provide the necessary documents and because it was all in-patient. .. PICC will reimburse 85% of the total costs of the hospital, along with 100% of the Shijiazhuang - Beijing ambulance and the local ambulance too.

Total out of pocket after the insurance = 870 yuan
Total before insurance = 5800 yuan

It's 6.5 to the dollar.
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Sat Jun 04th 2011, 06:32 AM
My brother's wife is extremely high risk pregnancy. I will not go into the details, but she is close to bedridden.

My brother lives with his wife in the house left to them by my parents when my parents moved to China with me. My brother is building up a car mechanic's business.

They are, right now, as poor as church mice, and refuse any montetary help from my parents. My brother wants to do things on his own and stand on his two feet "like a man is supposed to," to quote him.

But they are struggling. And they have no health insurance.

They went to a local clinic in Vail, Arizona. . .but were refused medical treatment for my sister-in-law's high risk pregnancy because they are without insurance and Arizona's ACCHESS (how ever it is spelled) refuses to grant them even the minimum of coverage.

Just as he was about to leave with his wife, a male nurse confronts my brother, accuses him of being a bad father and begins to berate him.

To quote the guy: "how could you knock up your wife without in. . ." I stopped at "in" in "insurance" because that's how far this guy got, as my brother hauled back and clocked the guy.

I am not happy at the violence, but in a way, it does seem a little justified. Insult a man's honor, family and ability to provide and things like that happen.

BTW, the pregnancy was unplanned. My sister-in-law was told she could not have children ever, just like my mother was told.
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Sat Apr 30th 2011, 07:58 PM
never has so much been spent by so many to give to so few who provide so little!!!
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Sat Apr 30th 2011, 07:52 PM
"I like my presidency like I like my Bridge: NO TRUMP!!!"
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Sat Apr 16th 2011, 12:43 AM
Hitler. I own a copy of the book (I am a historian, so I consider it a book of extreme historical importance).

The book is the ravings of a lunatic, full of non-sequitirs and paranoid delusional of grandeur. It was one of the hardest three chapters I read, even if you do not measure into the equation that I am Jewish.

I also tried reading Atlas Shrugged. I got six pages into it and never attempted to read it again.

Am I the only one who thinks this is strange?

Ex-Pat in the PRC
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Thu Feb 17th 2011, 06:12 PM
If I was president, the Federal government would follow Wisconsin's lead, and encourage other states to do the same

I can't pass up lambasting him, so I fire the first missile.

thank god you're not president. would you sic the national guard on peaceful protestors the way that clown in WI is threatening?

Now, we all know Freepers never back down, so out he comes with this turd of wisdom!

No, with all-do respect to the National Guard, I prefer state troopers in full riot gear. Seriously, the people of Wisconsin voted the way they did because they are sick of the union running things. Frankly, I'm glad NC is a right-to-work state.

Unions running things? Hmmmm. . .someone's been listening to Beck too much. But, I want to be an ass, so I reply:
so much for the first amendment right to redress grievances. what other rights do you feel like destroying, Mr. President?

I bet you the 2nd amendment he wouldn't want taken away by the cops. So, he replies:

It's just to keep the peace. If they want to gather, fine, let them. But if they start picking fights and trying to disrupt the debate, then that's a crime. Now see, if they were arrested for gathering, that's a 1st amendment violation. But just putting the NG there is merely preventative. If anybody here is destroying rights, it's Obama and every other Democrat that passed the healthcare bill. Requiring prison time and fines for not having health insurance is tantamount to excessive fines/cruel and unusual punishment; it also violates the interstate commerce clause. Wow, and the Dems call themselves the "people's party".

Quick little jump back into his safety zone, then back with the accusations with little, if any, proof behind them. See how it works? Police to keep the peace at a peaceful protest? Anyway, I see the flaws in the argument and I reply:

actually, most bills like that are part of the ICC. 21 drinking age, Civil Rights Act, FMCSA, FDCPA, FDRA, NCLB. . .most were in compliance with the ICC. Since the HMOs and PPOs are interstate, then there is a compelling Federal case to use ICC.

Cruel/Unusual punishment was designed for torture. And your argument would be laughed out of court. It was with most other fines and teeth for Federal laws that passed.

{name redacted}, I don't know why you have strayed so far to the right, but you used to be able to talk to and have a rational discussion. Right now, I'm talking to a teabagger convinced of his own self-importance.

Finally. . .the protesters in WI are being peaceful. Full riot gear police would be used for intimidation, which is illegal to begin with. Other people used the police to intimidate protesters: Stalin, Hitler, Mugabe, Mubarak, Karimov and Kim come to mind. You would lump yourself in that category?

Thank God I left the States. This is not the country I was brought up to believe in. My country has changed and morphed into something I cannot recognize anymore. And it saddens and frightens me.

Rather logical argument. What these Freeper teabaggists want scares me to death! Here he comes back swinging:

Then how come a judge ruled it unconstitutional Aram? Seriously, can the government require people to buy health insurance (by the way, they are trying to tax and demonize the health insurance companies into bankruptcy, oh the irony)? Once it starts, where does it stop? Next thing you know, the government would be telling us what we can and can't eat (They're already starting in the public school system). I want to make those decisions on my own. Can a government that's two hundred miles away make better decisions for me than I can for myself? The answer is "fuck no". As for being called a teabagger, I'd rather be a teabagger that makes my own decisions, as opposed to a sheep that lets the government make his.

Thank you! There's the opening I was waiting for! The libertarian, Reagan argument that government can't make decisions better than me! Let me reply (clearing my throat). . .

. . .judges get over-ruled all the time. Remember Plessy V. Feruguson? Betts V. Brady

And, let's look at what you just said. "Can a government that's two hundred miles away make better decisions for me than I can for myself?" I would believe this would apply to all governments, not just Federal Government, because State government inhibit your freedom more than the Feds will ever do?

Does that apply to:

Speed limit laws: I can make the decision to drive 100. Why should the government 200 miles away make that decision for me?

DUI: I can make the decision to drive after 18 beers. I probably won't hurt anyone, but why should the government tell me I can't drive because of what might happen?

Abortion: I can make the decision with my body. Can a government that's two hundred miles away make better decisions for me than I can for myself?

Drugs: I can make the decision to put into my body whatever I would. It's my body. Can a government that's two hundred miles away make better decisions for me than I can for myself?

Pornography: I can make the decision to watch it or not. Can a government that's two hundred miles away make better decisions for me than I can for myself?

Gay Marriage: Does that also apply to gays getting married? You know, they can make their decision better than the government can 200 miles away! Should we allow the government to make their decision for them?

Your argument of "Can a government that's two hundred miles away make better decisions for me than I can for myself" is sophistry because you want the government dictating to you what you can and can't do on those things!

However, the answer is simple. ANARCHY!! Everyone is a free agent with nothing holding them in place.

BTW, I don't want my tax dollars (yes, I still pay US taxes overseas) going to your roads. I want the NC section of I40 to fall apart. I only want my money going to Arizona's section of I40. If you were a true libertarian (which you are not), you would agree.

I think that is game, set and match. He just opened the door to saying coming back saying "well, those must be regulated" which will blow his "I can make my decisions better than the government."

And these are the people who vote! Hooligans of the world unite. . .you have no one to burn except your intellectuals! These are the boobs that make our laws. . .it's a Democratic society! But, I just love playing with these clowns!
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Tue Feb 08th 2011, 12:08 AM
His website "" and his new book, "Debtsmanship," has been profiled in Mother Jones.

There are alot of Credit Industry reps screaming how evil he is in the comments, but I decided to post responses to them as the poster "Home in Asia."

Latest on the Magic Jack phone line is that WGN in Chicago is planning to do a Skype interview with my father from here in Shijiazhuang.

I always told my father: "Right concept, right book, right website, right tactics. . .right time."
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Tue Jan 11th 2011, 12:53 AM

Bill Ayers, communist provided Arizona shooter's curriculum?
High school part of learning community funded jointly by Obama and domestic terrorist

Nice tortured degrees of separation and logic, eh? Following his logic. . .Mao and Mandela are the same because they all breathed air.

Keep in mind, I lived here Mountain View HS for the better part of 12 years and my brother is a graduate from the school (2006). So, this is all news to me.

BTW, I feel dirty.
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Sun Jan 09th 2011, 01:25 AM
The kid in HS used to pick fights with my brother because my brother is Jewish.

Jared was a Limbaugh listener! Confirmed by my brother.

Jared graduated Marana Mountain View HS in 2007. My brother in 2006.

My brother remembers his anti-Jewish comments and my brother going medi-eval on him.
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion
Sun Jan 09th 2011, 01:09 AM
1: Who advocates killing doctors who perform abortions?
2: Who advocates blowing up pre-natal clinics?
3: Who advocated "bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran?"
4: Who advocates "second amendment solutions?"
5: Who advocates assassinating Julian Assange?
6: Who advocates war against any country with a different opinion?
7: Who advocates "Operation Chaos," Limpballs?
8: Who advocates dissent against the President with racist, jingoistic and violent filled vitrol?
9: Who advocates showing up to political rallies armed?

Finally, who advocates tolerance, understanding, compromise and tries to use logic, facts, figures and intelligence in all political discussions with people who scream first, shoot second, try to win on emotion and never think of the consequences?

Give you a hint. . .you can find them in Freeperland and on Fixed Noise!
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Posted by Suji to Seoul in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Nov 13th 2010, 11:32 PM
I am sorry. I will be more than happy to thank President Obama for all those accomplishments. Allow me to add a few more to the list please.


01. Compromising your principles and taking single payer and the public option off the table in order to appease Olympia Snowe so she will vote against your watered down Health Care reform.

02. Giving into Wall Street and demanding weak sauce Wall Street Reform that will do next to nothing.

03. Appointing Rahm Emmanuel as your Chief of State, allowing a DINO triangulator to snuff out your base's input on your election.

04. Appeasing Fox News and the Right Wing noise machine and firing Shirley Sherrod without so much as investigating claimings, thereby allowing yourself to look weak and inept.

05. Appointined Timothy Geithner, thereby allowing the fox to guard out financial chicken coupe.

06. Appointing Arne Duncan and establishing all-out, total war on our teachers and public schools with a ramping up of NCLB with your education destroying "Race to the Top."

07. Selling out our public schools to corporate and private interests.

08. Having your mouthpiece, Robert Gibbs, tell the "professional left" to grow up, quit whining and shut up, thereby turning them off so they would stay home for the midterms, as they did in record numbers.

09. Failing to understand that the American public is a short sighted, forgetful "Ends-justify-means" people and blindly working for bipartisanship, thereby enabling good Democrats like Russ Feingold and Allen Grayson to be defeated in the midterms. And on a side note, thank you for allowing 31% of the gay vote (normally in the bag for Democrats) to go to Republicans by giving gay people only lip service and fighting against them. Oh, and thank you for not only using Bush era tactics in the "War on Terra," but ramping up Afganistan and actually expanding some of Bush's illegal, immoral and unethical tactics.

10. Finally, thank you for doing everything in your power to enable yourself to become a one-term president. You are being blamed for everything and you have no legs to stand on. You compromised your principles, positions and party for one Republican vote. Overseas, you have lost the respect of leaders like Lee-Myung Bak, which should NEVER happen if anyone knows anything about the Republic of Korea. . .here, your party views you as poison and you still forward ahead trying to work with people who want to politically and personally destroy you, all the while ignoring your base, insulting your supporters and alienating the ones who put you in the White House.

So, thank you for all the small accomplishments. . .thank you sincerely. They are duly noted. Now, how about fixing the 10 major mistakes I have mentioned to enable me, and other like minded people who will never vote Republican, to get excited about a second Obama term?
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