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dotymed's Journal - Archives
Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Mon Nov 21st 2011, 07:29 AM
I purchased it through Democracy for America, quite a while ago. I decided that if I just put it in my front yard, it would not last long. Either the wind or a rethug (big military post here) would trash it. I gave it to my daughter and told her that in my estimation, this would be a piece of history. She is currently student teaching H.S. history to complete her H.S. teaching credentials. She was so excited to get this lawn sign. She remembers, beginning as a pre-teen, helping out "at the local," making protest signs and accompanying us to demonstrate for Union projects. She plans to use this OWS sign as a teaching aide in her (very own) first class room.

I know from reading her essays and just from being the young idealist that she is, she will be a great history teacher. It is her passion. Especially the struggles of the American people through-out history. We live in Tn., and despite being a straight "A" student, I worry that she will be black-balled because of her Progressive beliefs. OTOH, she is an actual Christian. A "WWJD", what you do to the least of us, Christian. She spends at least 1 day and 3 evenings a week helping people. From teaching Sunday School on Sundays, to working the food kitchens that serve the hungry, to whatever way she thinks she can help people the most. Her husband begins the Seminary next year, for all of the right reasons. Poor guy never stood a chance. He was a republican when he met my daughter. He is waay over that. He understands, and he really gets "it."

Yes, the OWS sign will, I suspect, survive for quite a while. Next year, Tn. will get one dynamic H.S. teacher and a future Pastor, who understands that Religion is about helping those in need will begin his journey. 2012 should be a great year.
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Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Thu Nov 10th 2011, 09:44 AM
I did not want to write this until she had her 6 month check-up with her Dr. He says she is cancer free and the plastic surgeon did a great job on her nose. Thanks to the wonderful people, here on DU, we were able to raise the "up-front money" to get the cancer removed and her face restored. Thank all of you. The prayers, well wishes and the contributions were IMO, the reason she is well and still beautiful.

After the surgery, she applied for forgiveness of her remaining medical costs and she got it! It is a tragedy that in America of 2011, people have to beg in order to survive. universal health care is a right (promoting the general welfare) that all Americans should be guaranteed. Even though I have medical insurance, I have been putting off medical bankruptcy.

While the wealthy of America are obscenely so, the average American cannot afford to live if they have health problems. I know (or read) that many of the wealthiest Americans agree that they should pay more taxes to help the 99%, the corporatism that has taken over our country is all about greed. That is why we must protect and support OWS. We need our country back.

Nope, I won't rant. I just want to thank and bless every DU'er that helped Debbie in so many ways. She is a great person and we need all of those that we can get. Honestly, I never dreamed that my fellow malcontents would be so generous. You taught me a lesson and I try to help people now more than ever.

THANK YOU from me and Debbie. Moderators (Skinner) thank you for allowing me to post and ask for help.
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Posted by dotymed in Latest Breaking News
Fri Sep 16th 2011, 03:59 PM
The MIC will NEVER admit to causing our (mainly) young people these life destroying injuries. You must be un-patriotic for even suggesting this.

Honestly, my Father WAS (Died at 53 from heart failure) a soldier in Viet Nam. He spent most of his time near the front lines because as a helicopter pilot, he had to fly his missions there. He told me stories of the constant spraying of

defoliant, near his "hootch" and being totally soaked by this stuff (Agent Orange) on most days. During "down time" he was even responsible for aerial sprayings. he said it was incredible how fast it worked.

One day they would be in a lush, green jungle and the next, a barren "alien landscape" with absolutely no greenery in which the snipers to hide. (Oh God, these memories just overpowered me, he died in my arms.)

I will never forget going with my Mom to pick him up from the Airport in Nashville,TN, when he came home. He was so pathetic. Thirty-three years old (an "old man" during war-time), he weighed maybe 120 lbs. (when he left he was closer to

200 pounds), he had the "thousand yard stare", dark, dark circles under his eyes and open ulcers all over his body. At the time they called it "jungle rot" and were told that the sores were from living in the humid jungle

because their bodies were not prepared for that. He left home as solid as a rock. he had been a Drill Sergeant for 12 years. Then he went to flight school and OCS for the year or so before 'Nam. Man, he was solid.

It took months before most of the (we learned later) "chlor-acne" from the agent orange to subside into his tissues. They were permanent scars, pitted skin, lesions abruptly appearing, pus-filled, leaking and then

subsiding. All of this on his body that was expanding slowly and displaying the bullet wounds. One in his chin, strafed down his arm, another in his chest. Saved by the "chicken-plate" that pilots wore over their hearts.

They sat on their helmets because their "birds" were not armored, in fact, more often than not, after a battle or setting down in a "hot LZ," having the men and bodies thrown on while under fire, all they could hope was that

the "hundred mile an hour tape" would hold til they were back at base. It usually did, even repairing hydraulic lines to get them out of hell and back to the relative safety of their hooch. After many years, the MIC and

Monsanto (yep) finally admitted to poisoning our bravest. By then, his heart was 50% gone and his glory days behind him. He never stopped though. he earned 2 masters, this eighth grade drop-out who left the farm at 15

and lied his way into the Army. So much more..., Hey he finally was told that he was "exposed to agent orange" in 'Nam, "They gave him" three $500 payments. He lived to collect two of them. After he died at 53

the V.A. rep. told my Mom that she could not collect that last $500 payment. He did not know my Mom too well...

Hell, it had only taken about twenty years before monsanto and the MIC fessed up to that much. I was a Nixon worshipper until my Dad came home to me. Between us, we became pretty pretty jaded when we were told to believe and obey.

It has been a long time since I have missed him this bad. Good luck Desert Storm Vets. Just wait until they finally tell the truth about depleted uranium.

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Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Thu May 26th 2011, 07:56 AM
She is 55 years old. Debbie is a mother of 4 grown children. She is unemployed and uninsured.

What a way to sum up a (great) persons life. God, it makes me mad.

She has had a lesion (about 3 inches) on her nose for over 10 months. Being uninsured, she kept using OTC medications and praying for it to go away and staying home a lot, because she was embarrassed.

We live in TN. When she finally went to the "Health Dept.", they told her of their suspicions and performed a biopsy. She got the results a few days ago. Basal cell (it could be worse) carcinoma and it is pretty advanced. The Dr. at the Health dept. is (IMO) a hero. I knew him when he had a very successful practice and made lots of money. Even then, he donated a few days a week to people who could not afford a Dr. and had no insurance. He is now a full-time "peoples doctor." He said the roots of this cancer are very deep. Debbie will need an oncologist ad a plastic surgeon to reconstruct her nose. If there are any Oncologists or Plastic Surgeons who would donate their skills or reduce their fee, please "PM" me.

Anyway, because Debbie does not have either Breast or Cervical Cancer, she does not qualify for TennCare. I applaud the fact that, at least, women with those cancers can get treatment. It is better than having no care for any cancer victims.

My sister is a special person. She is nice (a little withdrawn), ironically, she was always the "good girl." She would never smoke, drink, do drugs with us while we were young. She still doesn't. She is always there for someone when they need help or just someone to sit quietly with. She has done this for me and I appreciate it beyond words.

Through all of my "dumbass years" she has been there. She would "bail me out" and never mention it again. When I started having heart attacks and complications. Debbie was always mothering me and telling me to "move home." I have had a "wandering gene" along with many others..., and she wanted me to come home and be near, so she could help. I love her very much.

While she has always been a very pretty girl, she never took advantage of it. I always thought that was cool. She loved deeply, never for personal gain and she has had a few "comfortable" guys try to "hook up" with her. Not her style. Freud would have a field day with me. I have married twice. Who knows, maybe the third Both of my wives were named Debbie. If they were as tolerant as my sister, maybe they could have put up with me?

I am asking anyone who can and who wants to; to Donate whatever you can afford. In these times, every little bit will help. Debbie does not know about this. She called me last night to thank me for contacting St. Thomas Hospital on her behalf. They sent her paperwork to see if they can reduce their FEE.

I think we all agree, we all deserve (as do our future generations), Universal Health Care, as a RIGHT. I have railed, posted, contacted politicians (whose health care we provide) and been so thankful that I belong to a Union that has kept me alive by providing health insurance even after I was unable to work.

I am not going to rant right now. I might cry though (I am) and I don't want my damned heart monitor to go off... Ilsa will call and give me hell...

Please donate if you can.
Thank You. I love you All.

copy the link above into your web browser and hit enter

Required disclaimer: The administrators of Democratic Underground have given permission for one discussion thread on this topic. The administrators of Democratic Underground make no claims regarding the legitimacy or illegitimacy of this fundraising effort. Permission was granted by Skinner on 5/25/11, and the moderators have been notified.
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Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Sat Apr 23rd 2011, 09:22 AM
because my son tore his ACL and I have spent a lot of time in Hospital waiting rooms with even sleazier gossip mags.
I have noticed that there has been a lot of publicity given to the use of pain meds in America. As a person who used to misuse these meds I have found these reports interesting but very biased, depending (IMO) on who is influencing ($$) the report.
I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years. Fifteen of which were as a Union Carpenter. During this time (and my days as a "street racer" with a few bad accidents survived) I have received some serious injuries including arthritis and degenerative disc disease, resulting in multiple pinched nerves and sciatica.
A decade or so ago, I found myself, after years of spinal taps to relieve the pain and allow me to keep working, ( counting on the eventual SS disability which keeps being denied) on opioid pain meds because the spinal taps were no longer working. I hated them at first, they made me sick and stoned, which interfered with my work. I preferred a few shots and beers after work... Then I found myself addicted to the pain meds and I became pretty worthless compared to the "84 hour a week" carpenter that I was used to being. So, I went to rehab and determined to never take another opiate based pain med again. I was successful after a lot of suffering and determination. I began taking non-inflammatories. Celebrex helped the most, and it also caused (IMO) my first heart attack. This was before the study between celebrex and heart disease was released. My (terrific) Dr. at the time, advised me to stop the celebrex after I confided that it did give me chest pain whenever I took it.
So now, I was sober (alcohol and heart meds do not mix for me), adamant in my refusal to start taking opiate based pain relievers again and eventually, almost a cripple. Years earlier, I had refused suggested spine surgery because I had witnessed many tradesmen suffer even more after their "cures" and I did not want to (could not afford to) miss months of work while I recuperated.
This Dr. was responsible for creating a a program designed to get people off of drugs and he spread "the gospel" of being drug-free throughout 3 counties. He set up free clinics and was (he passed on from an accident) tireless in his help for the chemically addicted.
After one visit, when I was obviously in a lot of pain and I had slowed way down on work because of the pain, Dr. Patton spoke to me "man-to-man." He said that he could not stand to watch me suffer and there was a way that I could get relief, return to most of the hours that I previously worked and (most importantly) not be an addict.
We spoke for over an hour. He wanted me to return to using opiate based painkillers. I was amazed and a little mad. Then he defined the difference to me, between being "addicted" and being "dependent." I could easily relate to much of what he said because my Cardiologist had me on over a dozen pills a day to control my heart disease. But I was determined to never be an addict again, and my conviction was as strong as my pain. Eventually, he convinced me to go back on my painkillers and take them only as prescribed. He explained how I would become immune to the effects of the painkillers eventually and instead of taking more, I should go on a "drug holiday", and stop taking the medicines for a while and my body would lose its tolerance and then I could safely resume the prescribed amount. Only because of his compassion and and work in the community to stop addiction, did I agree to this, even though it hurt to even walk or sit. I have 4 children and I did not want to become an addict again. Inwardly I cried, despaired, you name it. I felt I had lost a long fought battle.
Amazingly, shortly after I took Dr. Patton's advice, my pain decreased substantially. I only took the prescribed amount of medicine and the (stoner) side effects were minimal. I still take "drug holidays" (which produce "flu-like" symptoms, that are bearable) and since his passing and my having to find a new Dr. (it took me a few different tries to find one I was comfortable with) I have had some Dr.'s tell me that I "have to come off the narcotics" and others try to increase the type (to thanks) or amount, based upon my MRI's and prognosis from specialists. They tell me that now my sciatic nerve has been pinched off for so long that surgery and the returning blood flow would not help, I waited too many years.
IMO, if everyone could find a true, Dr. that was not in his occupation for the money or prestige, and was really knowledgeable about pain meds (and of course, a patient who knew that he/she did not want to be an addict), then all of this (very detrimental) bias against patients who take pain meds and Dr,'s who prescribe them could be avoided. A lot of very good Dr.'s could be spared prosecution (there ARE many who prefer to PROFIT even at the expense of their patients lives)and many informed patients that truly need the pain med's would not be seen as "drug seekers" and often ostracized and refused employment, fired from their jobs or imprisoned (not in
Education, for the Dr.'s and the patients, is the most valuable tool available, behind compassion and mutual respect. Still, when I have to go to a new Dr. or Specialist, I occasionally hear about my "drug abuse" (which shows their lack of knowledge) or they will sometimes blame my symptom's on my use of painkillers (much easier than actually trying to diagnose). Fortunately, my Cardiologist(s) have always understood the need to not add extra stress to my heart and they have always told me to make sure I take the meds as prescribed. Of course, in America, they are afraid to write you a prescription for those meds. because they do not want the DEA to target them. I had one Cardiologist when I was working post-Katrina to help clean-up and re-build, write me a prescription for my pain meds because he realized that I had not been able to fly home that month and get my prescriptions. He told he was worried about the consequences but he knew that I needed and was "dependant" not "addicted" to them.
I believe that government definitely has its place. I do not believe that its place is arresting and prosecuting innocent people who abide by the law. Nor should those same people fear their governments actions.
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Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Sun Mar 27th 2011, 10:22 AM
that ordinary citizens must be able to live a fulfilling life. Not one of suffering and sacrifice for their(the elite's) benefit. Yes, types of "governments" have changed but along with that change is the needed change that puts ordinary citizens in a class of people who unquestionably are allowed to enjoy their lives. Not in the "hereafter" but NOW.
Honestly, who knows about what happens when we die, it is at least a "crap-shoot."
This is the only life that we KNOW for certain that we will ever be able to "exist."
We must demand the changes for this life time.
Carpe Diem (seize the day), all citizens of the world and put an end to the Diefication of the "haves" and the way over the top, indulgent, lifestyle they enjoy.
They are not better than us!
They are more ruthless and do not respect (for the most part) our RIGHT to enjoy this life as much as they are able to.
Can't you see the insanity in that?
WE ARE ALL EQUALS. Not some more "equal" than others, based on their money, power, contacts or anything else.
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Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Sun Mar 27th 2011, 09:35 AM
It works well in almost all other civilized nations (they have universal health care also)
Any realistic, viable, non-violent idea on how we might start multiple parties? It would probably mean an end to the "Electoral College." I'd bet there are many people here who have no clue about the "Electoral College", that actually picks our President (unless the SCOTUS does). We have to have an, at least nationwide "Constitutional Congress" (for lack of a better term) to strategize and implement actions as well as to decide (through compromise) what path our NEW party will take (people before profit, I hope) and how to completely change the current paradigm.
Skype is one tool at our disposal. Revolutionary elected citizens (NOT OFFICIALS), ideally would conduct and compromise per their constituents requests, on this new paradigm. Whether or not SKYPE is used, we must realize that we will constantly be spied upon. There are too many ways available to the status quo to realistically believe otherwise. Even (often especially) the most peaceful organizations are. Maybe some of our young IT citizens could hamper this.
The American Revolution had a great advantage by not living in the "communication age." England was accessible only by long sea voyages, which gave our founders much needed "clueless" time to implement decisions.
We ALL must decide for ourselves whether we will remain loyal to the status quo, or seek a new direction (as outlined in the constitution), either way IMO we can only resist peacefully, (some covert shenanigans always happen), because our America has the most powerful military in the world. We are clueless about many of their technological advances.
We are also a "police state" although after a time we will gain converts.
I am NOT trying to subvert our government. I am hoping, through citizen participation, to improve and expand our political choices.
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Posted by dotymed in Editorials & Other Articles
Sun Mar 13th 2011, 04:53 PM
I have been saying, as usual, that our prices for oil and commodities have been artificially inflated, FOR MORE PROFITS, for the last few weeks. OPEC has not raised their prices, they actually increased output recently. In a truly "free market", this would drive prices down. Watch this video from TRNN (The Real News Network) and see for yourself.
After watching the new documentary "Inside Job", I am no longer amazed, just really disgusted that we do not Unite and stop our corporate masters since obviously, their paid politicians will not.

"Inside Job", is THE most disturbing Documentary or even film, book,etc..that I have ever viewed. It lays the whole pre-meditated worldwide financial crash, out in understandable format. Very disturbing...
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Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Sat Feb 26th 2011, 11:41 AM
have to be informed.
I spent many years working as a carpenter, hearing all of the non-Union propaganda and believing it. At 35, I joined the Carpenters Union and realized how many years I had been duped.
My oldest Daughter will get her teaching credentials this year. She is so worried about the attacks on the teachers Unions. She should be.
Every since Reagan fired the Flight Controllers (Unionized) en masse, there has been an eradication of Unions and a huge and growing disparity of wealth in America. They started with the "blue collar" workers and turned worker against worker until we saw that what so many brave Americans had died for (collective bargaining, a living wage, etc...) was almost gone.
"They" have now become blatant (following their triumphs) and now their target is white collar Unions. The Educators and government employees Unions. We are seeing a strong (so far) resistance to the current Union busting. We need to realize how many of our citizens have already lost so much in the past 30 years. Hopefully, after we win this current assault on our Unions (and the increased disparity of wealth that it causes), Americans will realize just how much we have lost in these last decades.
Our Unions should represent every working man and woman in America to insure that we can still have "an American dream."
Many great Americans (not necessarily from America, but still great Americans) gave their lives and suffered horribly to get us to the prosperous times America enjoyed in the 1950's. Sadly, those things are hardly taught in our current education system. Maybe, after this is over, these heroes will be recognized again.
The wealthy, most of them were born into their wealth, must be made to pay taxes in relation to their wealth. The poor should never have to worry about health care and the basics needed to live and hopefully contribute to our society.
Maybe I should post this in the Science Fiction forum, because in the sci-fi movies, society has evolved enough to realize everyone is equal and there (usually) are no impoverished.
The young people are faced with a decision that many generations ago were faced with. I pray they fight for humanity and not greed.
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Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Fri Feb 25th 2011, 09:59 AM
I realize that A LOT of news has been happening worldwide. Some of it is even touched upon by the MSM. Has anyone seen any MSM reports of the illegal actions that Clarence Thomas has committed. I would say "accused of", but his tax statements and his wife's employment by neo-con movements are facts, undisputed by anyone that I am aware of.
Have there been (at least) any "investigations" of these facts or their unethical implications by any arm of our government? Has the "justice" department issued any statements?
The facts were released about Thomas and his blatant illegal acts, weeks ago. Since then, I have not heard or seen any action at all from our government (of laws) regarding this SCOTUS member. This IS a huge deal and Americans deserve action and information.
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Posted by dotymed in Political Videos
Sat Feb 12th 2011, 09:18 AM
An Apocalypse (Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted. (wikipedia)

Demonstrations and peaceful revolutions are sweeping the world. The wealthy/elite, ruling class have kept us in the dark and robbed the citizens of the world for way too long. I hope that soon, these demonstrations spread to America, so that ultimately "the veil will be lifted" and the citizens of the world can see how we have been manipulated and deceived. IMO, if Reagan had not started this raping of the worker and began the process of allowing the wealthy to further repress us and deny us our civil rights, the scenario sweeping the world may have been postponed indefinitely.
While I despise "Reagonomics" and the subsequent rulers (in America) that have expanded his policies (D&R), we may owe all of them a "thank you."
I do not ascribe to the Christian definition of Apocalypse (the end of the world), but I do think that we will soon witness the "lifting of the veil."
I believe (and hope) this will result in an entirely new paradigm. One that does not measure a persons worth by their capital assets.
The Mayan calendar calls for this "Apocalypse" in December of 2012.
Hopefully, this date will usher in a new period in our existence and not as the Christians claim: an end to our existence. Perhaps an end to the existence of repression in the names of money, religion, politics, beliefs, etc..
All one can do is hope.
I do believe that the PTB know what is happening and are attempting to insulate themselves from whatever it is, by whatever means necessary.
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Posted by dotymed in Editorials & Other Articles
Sat Feb 05th 2011, 09:11 AM
We in America, have been repressed, stolen from, impoverished, lied to and denied health care.
These are but a few injustices we have had to suffer as we have become enslaved by the "Corporate Person-hood" that our corrupt (as hell) SCOTUS has betrayed us to. IMO, DU (which is US) should lead the charge in demanding and orchestrating mass protests that cripple our country until corporate serfdom is defeated, progressive tax rates restored, PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS become the law of the land, the citizens are allowed to vote on Universal Health Care, CEO's and banksters are paid according to their contributions to America,,,and so much more is put "on the table."
Now is THE time. People, worldwide, are standing up to their oppressors, and winning. We can not afford to lose that momentum.
Now is the time, we are the people and our country has been taken over by thieves and scoundrels.
Let's hear some realistic ideas about how to accomplish this, please.
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Posted by dotymed in Latest Breaking News
Wed Feb 02nd 2011, 09:24 AM
"unfettered" speculation. These laws were enacted by FDR when he realized how negatively this profiteering was hurting common people.
Unfortunately, under Bush II, these laws were "set aside" for many companies (like Goldman Sachs who currently compromise most of this administrations cabinet positions).
This unchecked speculation has affected gas, oil, food, anything that people need, so that these obscenely wealthy corporate "persons" and their "troops" can profit obscenely while destroying the lives of billions of people. Of course, with their "tax cuts" entrenched, they will continue to be masters of the universe while we die.
We need to follow Egypt's lead and demand an end to this needless suffering so these elites can can live beyond description.
We all share this world and to allow greed to destroy it and the majority of the people on it, is an insane "race to the bottom."

Walk like an Egyptian...
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Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Sun Jan 30th 2011, 12:57 PM
Almost every American (except maybe the top %5) will acknowledge this.
That is why I am hoping that the revolutions going on in the M.E. that have already benefited much of South America, will come here.
We must demand an end to profits before people. Return our society (at least) to pre-Reagan regulations and tax structure.
I am not advocating disbanding our government, but re-structuring it to benefit the people. Corporations are not people.
Of course, I stupidly expected an FDR when I worked for Obama to become President. Afterward, I realized that both parties were corporate subsidiaries and the average person did not stand a chance.
We have to change this and to not take advantage of the recent revolutions would be a missed opportunity of epic proportions, IMO.
Complaining is getting us no where. We must act. No "armed revolution", just a peoples movement that can not be dismissed.
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Posted by dotymed in General Discussion
Thu Jan 27th 2011, 09:55 AM
This competing with the world to be the #1 capitalists is so destructive to everyone except for the elite. It is a "race to the bottom" and they are well aware of it.
Our world should not be about competition, that is just more of the same viscousness that has caused so much suffering. Fuck competition, this is not a game, it is our lives.
"They" want us to "compete" against other impoverished people so that they can get more wealth. FUCK "THEM." Let's make this about "US," the citizens of the world. We are tired of being disposable pawns in this multi-national competition. Instead, lets introduce a new paradigm. One of mutual cooperation and benefit. Let these bastards compete all they want. We know better. If we said "no", they sure as hell would not get their hands dirty, so they could compete.
It is time for world cooperation not more destructive competition.
This helps to prove what so many people already know, Democracy and capitalism are not compatible.
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