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Manifestor_of_Light's Journal - Archives
Posted by Manifestor_of_Light in Religion/Theology
Wed Jun 17th 2009, 11:54 PM
She came over to see me. Belongs to a holy roller church. She told me about another woman that comes over and bugs her all the time, and said that other woman was a real Jesus freak.

So I asked my partner if I could scare off the other woman with my Medicine Buddha & Shiva statues. The neighbor said, "Yeah I guess so. That's voodoo.".

I immediately said, "No they are not. They are ancient religions thousands of years old."
I also explained that Buddha is NOT worshipped as a god. He is a person that became enlightened, but he is NOT a god. I said that Buddhism is not about a god, it's about doing the right thing for other people. I didn't get into the doctrine that reality is an illusion and all suffering is caused by desire.

She didn't say anything. I guess she wouldn't read a book about religions instead of taking the word of her preacher as the last word on other religions. Anything they don't understand is labeled as "voodoo".

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We have a system called trial by jury, with appeals if one party doesn't like the verdict. Or it could be tried in front of a judge. Or the judge can tell the jury how to vote with a directed verdict.

The insurance companies pushed tort reform, telling the doctors their malpractice premiums would go down.

The doctors' rates were based strictly on their specialty, NOT on whether they had been sued numerous times or not.

The real problem is that the state medical boards do NOT discipline bad doctors, or yank their licenses. The malpractice is caused by a few bad doctors, who don't care, or have a drug problem, or whatever.

I know of one OB/gyn who got to the hospital too late ...the baby had permanent brain damage, and would never progress past the mental age of a six-month old.

Did the state yank his license? Hell no. He moved to another state and started practicing again.

That is not right.

I've seen lots of trials and the bad cases get dismissed before trial. It's called a motion for summary judgment. That's the proper remedy for a dog case. If it goes to trial, and the defendants did not cause the plaintiff's injuries, the plaintiff gets nothing as the proper remedy. We have mechanisms in place to make sure the case is tried fairly. We don't need tort reform.

Tort reform is a sham. The insurance companies are still screwing the doctors out of their premiums. And often times, a truly disabled plaintiff is not granted a judgment against the doctor and hospital who injured him. Then the taxpayers get to support the disabled person. The doctor and his insurance company should have been held responsible, and the doctor should have had his license revoked.

That never happens, from what I have seen.

I spent years working at the courthouse, and know whereof I speak.

I am a non-practicing lawyer as well.

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The owners want to make money, the players want to make money, and the way to do that is to get the fans emotionally invested and identified with their team. You are right, it's all about money.

I remember my dad (a lawyer) griping about the baseball players and the ruling that they were exempt from anti-trust legislation due to some sort of sophistry.

I can thank my father for that insight about emotional identification. One of my uncles was a rabid Aggie. He had grown up in College Station and his dad had been the head of the education department back in the Dark Ages. He and his wife and kids went to ALL the football games, for decades. Dad said, "Why would you base your mood on something you can't control - the score of a college football game?".

In fact this uncle was a rabid right-winger and was so dense that he thought Aggie jokes were insulting. IOW, a humorless wanna-be soldier maroon-draped asshole.

I got the message.

I was born and raised in Houston, and have lived there all my life except for a few years in college in San Antonio. Now I live in East Jesus, Texas, in the middle of nowhere.

I hated the damn pep rallies in junior high and high school. I never went to a football game in high school. In college I went to ONE football game b/c I was on a double date and it was in the Dome. Something called the Bluebonnet Bowl. Whoopee.

I did not care about anything but classical music in high school, so I was in my own little world. Classical music kept me from going any crazier than I would have otherwise as a teenager.

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1) It's boring.

2) Pro teams have nothing to do with the city they are in.

3) They are overpaid jocks.

4)Why does our society spend billions on sports stadiums and sports teams, instead of using that money to feed the hungry, and house the homeless?

4A) Why do universities spend so much on sports instead of academics? And we wonder why smart people are ridiculed in America? Why does a first-rate school like Rice University need a football stadium that holds 60,000 people? Oh, for alumni money......

5)I was picked on in school relentlessly. Great big stupid girls used to hit me in the head with a basketball. That hurts. That's when they were not threatening to beat me up after school.

The uh, um......very masculine teachers would gripe at me too. I refused to catch a ball because I was in orchestra, and didn't want to break a finger. I told the PE teacher that too. I was a year and a half younger than everyone else and small anyway. I hated PE. They would put me in the outfield in softball, and I would sit down. Then the stupid team captain would threaten to throw me out. I would say "Good, I can't stand the damn heat out here anyway". The crap in the locker room was horrendous. I tried not to get bruised and got banged up anyway. Basketball and volleyball HURT.

6) People identify with a team and feel like they are part of the team. It's all about money, and the players have no real attachment to the community. Why do people base their mood on whether or not their team wins, when they have no control over the outcome? They pour their emotions into it and it has no effect on winning or losing.

7) I would never go out with a guy who liked sports. Fortunately all the guys I have dated were engineers and techie types, and they got picked on in school too and hated PE just as much as I did.
They have even worse traumatic memories of gym class.

However, I will join in on jokes about how awful a team is, like the classic about the Washington Senators: "First in the hearts of their countrymen, and last in the American League".

8) I think people should get some form of exercise they like. P.E. class did nothing to help me in that way. I can't stand the heat. I get sick and vomit in the heat. Some years later I played volleyball a lot with church singles groups when I was trolling, but we only had six people on a side. I wore batting gloves, wrist braces, elbow pads and knee pads so I wouldn't get banged up. And all the other women would gripe about their cracked hands and purple bruises, and wouldn't get protective gear.

It's too damned hot and humid to go for a walk six months out of the year here.

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Carrying the autistic baby around like a damn sack of sugar.

I assumed Dave was talking about the oldest one that had the baby -- so did most other people.

And I thought the "slutty stewardess look" was a funny line, because she DOES try to play up her sex appeal as a bimbo. And I'm female. I don't like brainless women who use their looks to get attention.

I thought the A-Rod joke was funny too. And the Eliot Spitzer joke. Those were more about the faults of two famous men.

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Sounded like a live orchestra backing her. And she has time to do ALL the verses!!

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Flapping their gums about how "government run healthcare has been a disaster everywhere it's tried" and "people don't like it".

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Posted by Manifestor_of_Light in The DU Lounge
Thu Jun 11th 2009, 09:27 PM
All of 17. With enough hair for three people!!! (Thanks, Mom!)
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Posted by Manifestor_of_Light in The DU Lounge
Fri Feb 09th 2007, 12:21 AM
And when I was in high school we went to the opera for a couple of years. I didn't get it. It was pretty, but I didn't understand what was going on.

Then, in 1990, for no particular reason except to expand a young person's mind, I took my baby sitter's teenaged son to see "Samson and Delilah".

They had Surtitles (TM) in English, and I GOT IT!!!

Surtitles totally changed my understanding of opera, and now I really dig it. I even took voice lessons for a couple of years, and learned to sing in foreign languages. I found out what my range is. I'm more or less a mezzo and lyric soprano.

I get unhappy at people who say they don't like opera, and I ask them if they've ever seen one and they say "No". I explain about special effects, and lighting, and surtitles and how spectacular they are now, and they just don't get it.

They think opera is Porky Pig in a Brunnhilde costume with horns, apparently.

My fave opera is "Don Giovanni". My favorite aria to sing is "Non so piu" from The Marriage of Figaro.

I would recommend Mozart or Puccini to anybody, although Puccini didn't write anything for mezzos. Grrr!!!

And yes, Nessun dorma is the Pavarotti National Anthem.

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