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Posted by Jkid in General Discussion
Tue Sep 27th 2011, 12:38 PM
Democrats usually want a balanced government with the Federal Government taking action if the States refuse or are unable to for any reason. Republicans want a limited Federal Government, with State Governments doing most of the governance.

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Posted by Jkid in General Discussion
Mon Sep 26th 2011, 11:21 AM
For all intents and purposes, we are in a second Great Depression. Despite electing a Democratic president that offered HOPE and CHANGE, instead we get political theater and football. Instead of solutions that get to the root cause of the problem, we get band-aid solutions because itís politically cheaper than taking action. Instead of private business actually taking action, we get business as usual.

In the meantime, people of all walks of life are suffering, unless youíre rich or well-to-do. People who had jobs canít find any. Even if they get one, it will have wages that will not be able to make ends meet. College graduates face the worst job market ever in our lifetimes. Instead of getting a job, their future is a hopeless set of dead-end part-time jobs where they wonít be able to get a job that will enable to have their own living. Why is that: Because the private business leaders figured out how to make more profit, by hiring less people.

They already got huge cash reserves of all the profit they make, and they are willing to hire more people if they want to in order to reduce the already inexcusable unemployment rate. Instead they found out you can make a lot more profit by hiring less people. The rest of the reasons why companies are truly not hiring, like rejecting unemployed people from the start, or adding bullshit requirements are on top of this.
Well let me tell you the root cause of the economy problem. ITíS THE INCOME YOU FAT CAT! The reason why the economy is in the dumps is because people are not spending enough money! The economic stimulus has worked, but it only applied for providing funding for works that were planned to be completed but didnít had the money. The best way to jump-start the economy is through both sides: infrastructure and the consumer side.

On the infrastructure side: President Obama needs to create a massive public works program aimed on repairing our already weakened infrastructure and building new ones. Bridges, roads, buildings, railways if it needs to be repaired, repair it. If it needs to be built new, build it new. That would be a great opportunity to electrify our already pathetic railway system to make it useful and more powerful. Electrify the railways, then add more trains, then build more railways to almost every part of the country that can facility it. Thereís no need for this high speed railway bullshit. The railways part alone will build millions of jobs and revitalize communities, even remote ones to tourism and business!

On the consumer side, we need something more radical. Why not implement income support, why not give people 2,000 dollars a month to allow people to pay rent, buy food, utilities and other necessities of life and some left over as disposable income! It can easily replace section 8, food stamps, utility assistance programs. If you make under $25,000dollars a year and have savings of less than $10,000, over 16 years of age and you are currently in some kind of education, training, vocational, or employment, you should be eligible! With income support to pay for the necessities, they can use the wages from their job as disposable income! This will get people to buy stuff and drive our economy!

These two solutions will get to the heart of the economic crisis and possibly end poverty and homelessness once and for all, and possibly this Second Great Depression.
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Posted by Jkid in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Jul 06th 2010, 09:45 AM
This is the first time I've written an email to a Maryland state delegate for my own issue. This issue, waiting nine months to even take a driving test for a provisional license is a undue burden for low-income people, people with special needs, and people who live in areas without decent public transit. This was the end result of speaking to the MVA which I basically said that the law is a undue burden for me and they told me "I can't help you" when I asked "How am I supposed to get around while waiting 9 months to take the driving exam even if I did all the requirements?" and calling Maryland State delegate B. Daniel Riley, (which, surpise and as I expected, is not here so I had to leave a message to him with his secretary which I will expect be ignored (read: voice-mail/ written message jail) or the by the best give me a form response or a useless reply).

Dear Delegate Riley,

I'm Ndubuisi Okeh, currently living in Harford County Maryland. My mother kept nagging me for years to get a learners permit so I can start driving. I do have that learner's permit problem is that this learner's permit is practically useless after I gain 60 hours of driving experience and pass a driver's education course. Currently, Maryland State law requires everyone irregardless of age has to pay for a driver's education course and to gain 60 hours of driving experience. This law is meant for teenagers under the age of 18, but this is an undue burden for the following people: Low-income marylanders who are over the age of 18, people with special needs, and people living in areas where public transit is limited or nonexistant. I fit both of the latter categoires.

First, low-income Marylanders are affected by this law because they have to pay possibly upwards to $4,000 for a provisional license. That is the real true cost of getting a provisional license because Maryland law requires you to pay this amount of money, even if you're over 21 years of age and have a minimum wage job. It is a undue burden because they have to find time outside of the workweek to do the classes and they have to find money to pay for a driving mentor. Even if a person want to find ways to save money on one by finding a driving mentor on the internet, it leads them to a dead end, because none exist in the state. In many cases, these people live seperately from their parents as their parents are in another state outside of Maryland.

Second, people with special needs, for them this law is a undue burden. I'm a person with special needs, and in particular, people like me are perpectually unemployable for various reasons. It is a undue burden for them to even afford the money for a driving courses and for a mentor driver as well. This is specially a burden for if people in special needs live in areas where public transit is lacking or inaccessable to them.

This leads me to my third and final point this letter of how this law is a undue burden: It does not help people who live in areas where public transport is lacking or non-existant. Whoever wrote this law did not took at the long term impact of people who are not teenagers. I'm 22 years old and where I live, you have to have a car to go anywhere, especially on the weekends unless you pay through the nose for a taxi everywhere you want to go. People like me are particually isolated because I can't afford a car because I don't have a job. And despite looking for a job, it will be high difficult due to the recession which is will not end anytime soon. Learner's permits are useless to people who live in such situations. Even if they complete a driving education course and attained at least 60 hours of driving experience they have a nine month waiting period before taking their driving exam.

Whoever made this law did not even took the time to ask this question "How do adults who live in areas where there is little or no public transportation after passing a driving education course and gotten 60 hours of driving experience supposed to get around for the next nine months?"

The best way to resolve this problems is to let persons who are over the age of 18 or 21 be exempted of the graduated driving requirements and be allowed to get a provisional license from the get go. This will allow people if they live in a part of maryland who are forced to get a car to study for their driving test and get their provisional license so they can start driving. The graduating driving laws are great for teenagers because they have parents who can afford them, but for others, it's a undue burden. Especially for a State, like most states lack reliable or decent public transit options.

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Posted by Jkid in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue May 04th 2010, 05:25 PM
I was surfing around 4chan for a bit and found these never before seen photos of the disaster in high-rez.

This excerpt is worth reading alone for the thread:

Katrina and Deepwater should be seen together as a consistent pattern of behavior, of ignoring the needs, health and safety of the people in order to further enrich the wealthy. (BP and Halliburton are just part of the oligarchy.)

And while we should absolutely go after the people (not the corporations, the people who own them) who were responsible for this, in general as long as we keep looking around for someone other than ourselves to blame and for someone other than ourselves to fix things for us, we're fucked.

But we may be lucky - this may just be bad enough that people won't be able to deny it any longer, and enough of us will do something about the way things work in the world that things will change.

It's like drug addiction at the level of an entire country. An addict only ever commits to change when they're faced with their own death. The trick here is hoping we get close enough to killing the country (if not the whole planet) that we can no longer deny it - but not so close we actually kill ourselves.

Say a prayer for all the animals who are going to die so that we might see.

And then wake the fuck up.

---Anonymous 05/03/10(Mon)22:42 No.983965

Source: (Caution: Adverts Not Safe for Work)

The actual source of the photos can be found here:
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Posted by Jkid in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Apr 21st 2010, 08:20 PM
To mark my 1,000 post on Democratic Underground I decided to make a commentary on American Politics in general from my observations since I was 15.

Ever since I started having in interest in Government and Politics I realized one sad truth about politics in America. That sad truth is that most American politicians are that they do nothing or they do little. To explain this further, they do either two things: they either go for band-aid solutions to the problem or keep talking about the problem without actually doing anything.

The first thing they do is to just talk about the problem. In this do-nothing response they either talk about the problem in a variety of ways. They either talk about the problem in general but they donít offer any type of solution. They can talk about the problem in general but do not talk about the root cause of the problem. Finally, they talk about the problem but they provide a solution that is worse than the problem.

Now, name an issue. Like now with the current occupations. They pulled the same crap, with Afghanistan and Iraq, and now they doing the same shit with Iran. We are seeing the same solutions like financial or economic sanctions or worse: Outright war. Theyíre doing the same crap with as they did with Afghanistan and Iraq.

With Earth Day on the way, we are hearing talk about clean energy and the environment without talk of the root causes and the solutions. We all know the real solution for the potential energy crisis. But all we are hearing is either nuclear energy, natural gas, or more drilling for oil. But the real solution is a crash course in real clean energy and conservation. But are we hearing that? NO
The second is the band-aid approach. The band-aid approach is where they treat the symptom of the problem but do not go after the root cause of the problem. The problem with this approach is that it either hides the problem until it happens again or it makes the problem worse. The recent Health Care Reform Act in my opinion is a good example of a band-aid solution. And why is it a band-aid solution? Because it does not truly control costs via insurance premium limits. There is no provision for the Federal Government to regulate insurance rates even for basic care in the Health Care Reform Act that was recently passed.

Why politicians do either of the two ways of problem solving? If they did their actual jobs, like going after the root causes of problems via legislation they would eventually be out of a job because they have little knowledge of new problems that face them and will be effectively voted out by newer people who know what problems they face. American politicians in general are less motivated by public service and they are more motivated by political careerism. Essentially how much more money and influence they get, and the more they will serve their real masters: The corporate and wealthy funders (instead of their actual constituents, THE PEOPLE)

That is the sad truth of American politics; most politicians do not actually go after the root causes of the problems we face.
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Posted by Jkid in The DU Lounge
Sun Mar 28th 2010, 04:47 PM
When I was at school Iíd never participated in an after school club. I did not want to go to an after school club because of the fear that my mom will say no. Iíve never been to such a club until college. Even then the club that I usually visit the most is the Terrapin Anime Society. However for some reason or another, I tend to skip those meetings. Even when I attend the meetings, no one talks to me. And as if I have to come over to a person and talk to THEM. But I don't feel like it. Unless a topic is related to the club like the anime or the otaku culture.

I never had any close friends for YEARS. This is because I never had any mainstream interests (such as mainstream TV shows, music, fashion and such) and I kept things to myself. In some cases things that I hate that everyone liked at the time made me the subject of severe bullying that lasted for YEARS. Itís like some people will not let things go. Despite the fact that I go to the anime society, and made a few friends, they never contact me.

I never had a girlfriend; I had little interest of one since a incident at middle school.

I had little interest in American television. When I was a teen, I was too old for PBS Kids, too dumb for teen nick, and too self-aware for Disney Channel. I had no interest in primetime TV at the time. I had little interest in sitcoms, reality TV shit, and various crime/murder dramas. Playing video games wasnít an option because I had bad grades as a result of the constant harassment I had from high school. So I ended up on the internet. For years internet forums and for some extend instant messaging were my primary forms of socialization because Iíve gotten so much negative socialization in middle and high school. I ended up using the TV as background noise, a practice that I still do today.

I've gotten into some American TV shows, but the rest of the programing do not appeal to me. Most of the good stuff are either late at night (I have no DVR.) or on subscription channels (my university only has extended cable so no Nat Geo Channel or HBO) Most of my TV shows come from Britain and Japan via bittorrent.

Even today, I don't play much video games as a result of my father constantly complaining that I play too much video games, even when I don't play them as much.

I had little interest in sport. I used to like football and soccer, and later I grew disinterested after thinking to myselfÖ what the point of men being interested in sport? At one time I was dragged to a baseball game during the summer of 2006, a game where that I actually enjoyed. But when my dormates watch football or basketball I just look away. I still do play a game bowling once in a whileÖ

I do go out, but I donít go out much because the fear of spending too much money.

I donít do much clothing shopping. As matter of fact I donít care about fashion sense at all. I donít buy much new clothing.

I do have friends, but I never had any close friends. I have a Facebook and a Myspace but my friends never contact me at all. Even ones I meet at school. Itís as if I have to contact them myself.

I never had a car. As an end result I was effectively trapped in a neighborhood were a metrobus runs from Monday-Friday and does not run on weekends. I will be forced to pay the price for it in the form of $6,000 bucks for driving course and for 30 hours of extra driving lessons I have to get from the state.

Iím perpetually unemployable. I quit two work-study jobs because I had to concentrate on school work one month before finals in college. I tried to get another job but one of my stupid cousins decides to walk out and forced to leave UMD for three weeks. I had lost any interest in getting a job at all. I realize even finding a job is a farce, you have to be fucking aggressive in finding one, calling the employer yourself even if they ask you to not call me. And when do get an interview you realize the your job skills are nothing compared to personality ďteamworkĒ, and how kiss ass and donít complain. Even if I get a job, if I graduate, it will most likely be a shitty service job. The only other job experience I had is from working at my dadís office for a period of time.

Then you have the years of severe bulling and name calling I was forced to endure until I ended up with two suspensions (the idiots at school did not realize that I needed help instead of given out fucking useless advice. If they really did not care, why did they had the balls to do that. The end result to this day, I became more aggressive when someone is being an asshole or treats me shit. Even though I was transferred to a non-public school, the damage has been done.

The end result is because of this Iím socially disconnected from mainstream society. I donít have any real close friends, my socialization is mostly online, I have little interest in mainstream pop culture,I have no car, I have a pessimistic view of the world , perpetually unemployed, and a recluse. And to be honest, Iíve became so self-aware of how society really works that I refuse to reconnect to it. Even if for some reason I get a job I refuse to socialize under their terms.

And to be honest with you, I'm actually happy that I'm disconnected from mainstream society. At the same time everytime I see a group of people walking together, I long for companionship yet at same time, because I'm used to becoming a anti-social recluse that feeling goes away after a while.

And it does not help that I'm African-American and have Asperger's.

Don't tell me to put in the past, the past can find me. Don't tell me to GET over it, because the only way to get over it is to get through it, which I'm still doing. And especially don't tell me to deal with it, if you're not actually tell me to HOW to deal with it.

Do you feel the same way?

(I posted the same message in the Asperger's and ADD forum, but I wanted to post this in the Lounge and my Journal too because there has got to be some people who are socially disconnected and became reclusive, as a matter of fact I may post this at the reclusive forum too.)
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Posted by Jkid in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Oct 03rd 2009, 09:17 PM
Please pass this to anyone who have seen Michael Moore's film "Capitalism: A Love Story", because there are plenty of people who will be enraged after the film, but don't know what to do.

American politics, by it's design, is made for two purposes: to turn you off it the first change they get, and to allow as many old white wealthy men to participate to the exclusion of everyone else. Some examples include even trying to read the a basic statue from a state code without getting carpal tunnel syndrome, because in most websites where they have the code, it's made that instead of reading the statue in one page, you have to read the statue, section by section, in each page. Another example is that most political coverage in America focus on the gossip, the horse-race, and the drama of the issues and governance instead of of the backstory of the issue or the actual bill they're debating.

Coverage of local and state politics and government is MUCH worse. Your local television broadcasters, the same ones they get licenses to serve the public interest, even though most of your lives are regulated by state and local laws, cover little day-to-day politics. That is the root cause of many people who know about federal government politics, but little about state or local government and politics, except during elections, when they get coverage of the horse-race between a Democrat and a Republican.

In the end, you might have to give up, and that's what they want you to do. But it does not have to end this way. A possible reason why they don't bother with government or politics is that they do not know where to begin. Thus here's a list that you as an average Joe Sixpack can get involved in politics and government.

1. Start small by going to a government website of your town, city, or country. Virtually every government in the United States has their own website. Check out their executive and legislative councils there, read the jurisdiction's charter, and the jurisdictions code. A code is essentially a list of laws codified into topics.
2. Check out your town representative in your area and get to know him by meeting that representative in person.
3. If you have an opinion of what your government is doing or any concerns about your community, attend a town meeting to voice them. They won't listen unless you're there.
4. Write and phone your representatives, at least once a month. You may have suggestions for bills, or concerns you may have, or something that only he can do.
5. Do the same thing at the county, state, and if possible, the federal level.
6. To know what is really happening in your community, stop watching the local TV newscasts, and pickup a local newspaper. They do a much better job than covering local and state issues than television.
7. Donate money to organizations that support your political, or social point of view.
8. Get involved in activism through community organizing, union organizing, or cultural organizing.
9. Volunteer for politicians and movements you support.
10. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.
11. Correct misinformation of social, political, and economic issues in informal conversations
12. Finally, please even if you are fully aware that the candidates in elections are one and the same and the third party is unelectable in your area: VOTE. After the election and after that candidate won, contact him as much as possible to make sure that your he will fulfill his promises.
13. If that candidate-elect stonewalls ANY of your correspondence while in office, tell them about it to the media.
14. If that candidate refuses to budge to your will, since YOU elected the candidate, run for public office yourself. Plan your campaign, get some contacts to start fundraising, and write out a rough campaign platform.

Those are just some of 14 things you can do to be involved in your community politically.
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Posted by Jkid in Editorials & Other Articles
Mon Sep 14th 2009, 04:47 PM
Itís been well known that Americans want single payer health care. About 70% of Americans support health care reform that offers single payer. Labor unions support single payer, progressives support single payer, and even there is a bill known as HR 676, The US National Health Care Act that is introduced and is just waiting to be passed, with some 70-80 supporters. But despite the support for single payer, our representatives in Congress, the ones who vote for, along with Barack Obama (The Change President, who also supported single payer at one time), instead opted for an insurance reform bill with a ďpublic optionĒ. Itís called the Affordable Health Choices Act.

When I first read the bill, I just could not read it. It was too long and complicated at 615 pages, how does the average American read a bill this long. So I jumped towards the public option section of the bill. And it says ďPublic Health Insurance OptionĒ on page 111. I was expecting all the detals of the public option, instead I got this ďĒ This is not when the farce begun.

The farce truly begun when Republicans and insurance company Astroturf groups fill in the details of the public option. First is the classic public option equals socialism. Itís really amazing that to this day, most Americans do not know the actual meaning of the word ďsocialismĒ. Socialism is when the workers own the means of production. The public option does not mean theyíll take over hospitals, and while the US government or state and local governments can build public hospitals, they donít have to. Then they build various arguments against ďsocialized medicineĒ, like ďsocialized medicine weakens competitionĒ, or ďsocialized medicine results in waiting listsĒ, ďdeath panelsĒ, ďgovernment bureaucrats deciding your health care decisions.Ē

But seriously all of these are just obvious lies. We already have waiting lists with our current system, we already have death panels, we already have bureaucrats deciding your health care decisions. And the answer is right in your face: The insurance companies.

Oh yes, the teabaggers, the people who disrupt the health care town halls. You have to ask yourself, if these people do not support government run health insurance plan, even if itís separate from the private health insurance plan, do these same teabaggers have health insurance? Because there are many Americans who work full time and still canít afford health insurance. These teabaggers donít care about others who need health insurance, and what are worse the teabaggers are average American people, which is really disgusting and possibly hypocritical as well. The pundits, who donít support any kind of health care, possibly have health insurance. (American Individualism and social Darwinism hard at work, ladies and gentlemen.)

(If people do pull up their bootstraps and just work hard, they would still fall down by the plenty of barriers outside of their control.)

But the farce just gets worse, the public option is will not set to begin until five years when the law is signed by the President. Five years, thatís about 50,000 deaths that can be prevented by people without health insurance, and hundreds of thousands more bankruptcies that can be prevented. Currently, we donít know what the public option even covers. But the cost, even though there are subsides for people 130% over the poverty level, you still have to pay if your income is over $45,000.

And the biggest farce of all in the health care ďdebateĒ: The bill is based on a already failed Massachusetts health insurance law, fines and all.

Itís really disgusting that the United States Congress has a solution that can end the problem of getting Americans affordable health insurance, but rather do it the easy way via compulsory private health insurance than single-payer insurance. Republicans, the Blue-Dog Democrats, the teabaggers, and the health insurance industry would rather see people die than allow any alternative to the current broken system of employer-based health insurance.

But there is a light in the tunnel. The Affordable Health Choices Act may be replaced by HR 676 anyway. Rep. Anthony Weiner already has plans to do that and Nancy Pelosi has promised him a single payer vote on the House of Representatives sometime during this session, hopefully before Christmas. Itís the best option to save health care reform. And probably the name ďAffordableĒ in the bill will be truly affordable, as single-payer will allow many workers a raise because they will not have to spend any money for health insurance. The money would come from existing sources of government revenues for health care, increasing personal income taxes on the top 5% of income earners, instituting a progressive excise tax on payroll and self-employment income; and by instituting a small tax on stock and bond transactions.

Single-payer is the best option, all that Congress has to do is grow some spine and stand up against the insurance companies and their lobbyists, and pass this bill. America canít wait any longer, the more time we lose; the more people will die just because they donít have health insurance.

tl;dr: Pass Single-Payer health care and be done with it, this farce has gone long enough.

P.S. If you meet a teabagger who opposes any kind of health care reform, ask him/her this question: ďDo you have health insurance other than Medicaid, Medicare, or VA (Veterans Affairs)?Ē If the teabagger says no: Then you oppose health care reform if you donít have health insurance?
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