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nc4bo's Journal - Archives
Posted by nc4bo in General Discussion
Wed Nov 02nd 2011, 08:01 AM
The OP wanted specifics and questioned the movements perceived lack of focus and how this protest intends to make policy changes. Our little group hasn't even met for any type of GA meeting as of yet so there's not much I can tell him from that stand point. The only thing I can do his refer him articles referring to these meetings in other groups in various cities.

Here's my response:

No one wants to crash the system, they want to change the way corporations and Wallstreet, the politicians who are beholden to Wallstreet create legislation to protect themselves and their interests over that of the people who consume, work, use and live with it.

How will it occur? Deal points? Okay - right now the movement is in its infancy. There are multiple issues that the movements wants to address (signs say it all in one form or another) see above. The issues affect majority of Americans and crosses political party lines and it's meant to do just that. The movement, from what I can see, is attempting to harness its energy and is still in the process of sorting out ways to do this. In some ways it has begun when you see Republicans, for example, begin talking about JOBS (LOL yea).

The movement is still growing and is in the process of building momentum by reaching out to a wide swatch of the American populace by NOT being for or against a particular party (more like if the shoe fits, wear it) or politician. I think the movement needs to grow to a critical mass/a tipping point in its numbers.

No one person leads the movement but many are trying to co opt its message without taking any action which benefits the majority of Americans. Obama has tried but failed and anything coming out of his mouth seems more like lukewarm, halfstep measures to keep both sides of the aisle happy and both corporate and populous support. It's failed.

We have 2 parties corrupted by money. 2 parties wooing sources of money and 2 parties unwilling to make bold changes that benefit the majority of the American people. At the same time, we have corporate/wallstreet influence that is already well entrenched within our democracy making any changes that much more difficult.

OWS, as it stands no will not allow itself to be coopted by the typical status quo supporting politician. All I can say to that is to wait until an attempt is made before coming to any hard conclusions.

I personally can only go by what I've seen (and probably will give you the creeps) what I feel that (going to use the term 1%'ers to make it simple) if the 1/%ers see that their cash cow (us) has found its enemy and begins focusing on the enemy and the tactics, perhaps the 1%'ers will be forced to acknowledge that the system, they are ones who are responsible and begin to rectify it.

I'm thinking specifically about the new fees the banks were intending to place on debit cards and ho now many of them are backpedaling on the issue. Why? Because 1 or 2 people called to complain about it? No, I think they are very much aware of American's feelings on the matter and are reconsidering the move.

I predict that eventually, OWS can create political representation of the movement of politicians who are willing to protect the interests of the majority of American people over those of corporation/Wallstreet.

I think that with time, those on the sidelines will begin to witness the growth of this movement from infancy to maturity. It's going to take time and (hate to say this) faith and support of each other to make it grow into a focused, powerful political force capable of governing with fairness and equality.

I don't know all the answers, hell, I don't even know most of the answers but I can hope that the movement succeed where no one else seems to be able. We've got nothing to lose staying on this disastrous course we're on now.

In the meantime, the movement will have to fight off those who are trying to define it as anything other than pro-American people.

If anyone visiting this thread has any other opinions or comments which people like me can use to persuade those on the sidelines, please take a moment and share your thoughts. I have a feeling there are many people just like the person who engaged me and I'd really like to be able to be more focused myself when responding to these types of people. We need them!

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Posted by nc4bo in General Discussion
Wed Jan 12th 2011, 12:13 PM
This has been the entire right-wing's modi operandi for years. It's going to take an enormous amount of pressure from not just Democrats but all citizens across our entire political and societal spectrum to be able to put an end to it.

When we post about the grifter, which should also include the entire body of grifters; Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly, Coulter, as well as the M$M and those who do the work of the M$M and of course, the politicians who remain silent. Even the advertisers who profit by hitching a ride on the hate bandwagon share blame and we all pay the price.

All play a role here. All profit from the vitriolic language. All profit from the actions of hate whether it be the breaking of windows, cutting of gas lines or the assassination attempts and murderous rampages of those who are directly or indirectly influenced by what they hear regardless of the source. All work hard to keep us blinded and divided.

I don't want any one of us to be afraid of expressing our opinions (I've come to the point where I actually told my husband to stop wearing his Obama knit hat) whether it be a hat, a silly paper bumper-sticker or OP ED in a newspaper, just because some weak/sick minded individual decides that maybe Limbaugh or Coulter or Palin or Boehner may just have a point or because the teevee tells us that the craziness and bigotry and hatred we bear witness to is such a minor little detail with very little meaning. Worse, the constant barrage of hate seems to make some become immune to the evil inappropriateness of it, comfortable with it perhaps even so comfortable that telling someone needs to reload instead of retreating begins to blur the line between right and wrong of even the sanest amongst us.

Vitriolic speech erodes our society just as a water can erode a mighty mountain.

It's not all just about her. She, personally, is really not so important in the grand scheme of things, it's what she says that's important. "They" want us to narrow our focus onto an individual or onto the action of an individual and that's not the point.

Sorry DU, but unlike some of you here, I'm not educationally gifted nor am I a creative writer and I'm definitely no a political expert. I'm more like the silent, one-line posting little mouse that tries to show her support in the only way I can. Probably some will call me an ass for wasting my time posting this, that's fine, really.

Thanks for being my personal sounding board and forgive my naive ignorance.

Honestly, all I have is my heart and gut instinct and it's telling me that now is the time to speak up loud and clear. That awful screeching and squealing you are hearing in the media is the sound of hitting a red hot nerve that goes straight to the problem.

Please continue to call them ALL out.
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