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PuraVidaDreamin's Journal - Archives
Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in General Discussion
Thu Oct 06th 2011, 05:55 AM
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Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Dec 23rd 2008, 08:32 AM
You will find yourself dancing in no time!
Catchy tune, FULL of Hope!

available on Franti's website
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I'm surprised they did. The Times endorsed Bush x's 2! But this was such a back handed endorsement.
They took no pangs dredging up Wright, Ayers etc... It's unfortunate but all the usual suspects will add their
hate filled comments all day. But they did endorse Obama, and for that I'm grateful.

>McCain has moved to the right in order to satisfy his base, but in doing so, he has moved far away from the candidate so many moderates came to like. Sadly, this is what it takes in today's national politics, but it has undermined who he is.

McCain's selection of Sarah Palin was both symbolic of this pandering and fatal in his judgment. While she energized the GOP base, it is clear she is not ready to be the vice president, never mind president. She is a talented politician and very likely has a promising national future, but she is well out of her depth in this arena.

Yes, Obama's experience is underwhelming as well. However, he has been tested by this campaign and has proven a quick study on foreign policy issues, among other things. He has grown over the two years running for president and has made smart strategic decisions at nearly every turn in the final months of the campaign. There have been times when McCain has appeared agitated during the campaign that's who he is and it's not fair to criticize his temperament. But he is contrasted with Obama, who has consistently demonstrated a calmness that has helped him appear rock steady at even the most difficult of times. He acts presidential and he projects an image that is easy to envision in the White House.

Finally, one cannot underestimate charisma as a quality of leadership. We saw it in John F. Kennedy, and we see it again in Barack Obama. Just a few months ago, we were a nation simply in need of change. Today, we are one in need of transformation. We are sinking into a malaise and the times demand leadership that can inspire. On this point, Obama's charisma certainly matches McCain's credentials.<

Member since: 04/24/2007

On October 29, 2008 at 7:41 AM
, DoogieRat said:
It won't be 'socialism' until after comrades Obama.... Pelosis.... and Reid throw free market enterprise under the bus by taxing business and retirement savings to excess to support their 'spread the wealth' agenda.... The only jobs left will be w... Full Message

Member since: 04/25/2007

On October 29, 2008 at 7:37 AM
, AJ1812 said:
For the Times to invoke the name of John F Kennedy in the same breath as Barack Obama makes me want to puke. How little history is learned in the public schools and journalism schools. Kennedy said "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask wh... Full Message

Member since: 10/29/2008

On October 29, 2008 at 7:23 AM
, Blue51 said:
Do the right thing,vote for the person who has the best chance to fix our ailing nation...Obama.We have seen John McCain before...and really,who in their right mind wants Sarah Palin anywhere near the white house???? Full Message

Member since: 02/02/2008

On October 29, 2008 at 7:20 AM
, ItWasAFumble said:
Throwing the word "socialism" around does nothing but show the ignorance of Republican puppets who, like lemmings to the sea, are willing to repeat any old buzz word the McCain campaign throws out there. Thank you, CCT, for getting it right this ... Full Message

Member since: 10/29/2008

On October 29, 2008 at 7:19 AM
, LouEd said:
"Be careful what you ask for". How true.Yesterday Biden was talking about tax increases for anyone making "$150,000". Obama can't possibly pay for all the promised welfare programs he has presented without raising "YOUR" taxes. It is economic suic... Full Message

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Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Mon May 29th 2006, 05:02 PM
Over the canal,there are two big gateways to Cape Cod.
Many of you know I spend my holidays on the Bourne Rotary-
(just a spit away from the Bourne Bridge)
As I did for a few hours this morning. And some of you
may remember I got kicked off last Mar.19th by the
state police.

When I told my fabulous state rep. Matt Patrick, he did
some great follow up for me- sent me an e-mail detailing
his detective work and told me the rotary was mine for
the using.

My good friends from Cape Codders for Peace and Justice
were to meet me there at 11am- but as always happens
on Cape during the 'summer months', they got stuck in
traffic and were a bit late. So me, feeling emboldend-
slightly empowered- since my arrest- hit the rotary
by myself... And sure enough

Here comes Trooper Cooper, pulling up to curb, lights flashing...
He steps out of the car and I gave him a "Hey, how ya'doing?"
He asked me if I knew I was supposed to have a permit.
So nonchalantely I told him "I don't need one. I have first
ammendment rights." proceeding to tell him that I looked
into this since being kicked off by state troopers only
recently. I then told him I had a letter from my state rep
that told me I had every right to be there. He asked to see
it... so I showed it to him.

He tells me that I'm causeing a 'curiousity slowdown' I told
him that no, it wasn't me-( the line of cars was now backed
up as far as you could see) I told him that he was with his
flashing blues. Then I smiled at him and asked him if he
might consider staying as it really gave folks a chance
to see my message. I asked him for his name and then badge
number, because as he could read in my letter, my rep had
asked me to make sure to get that info. He then got
back into his squad car to leave telling me that if this
didn't pan out he'd be back. I said, "I'll be here"

Not too much later my support showed up, we stood vigil
there for a while, then moved onto Rt 6, the other gate
to and from the Cape. The following photos are from
the exit 2 rest stop where the traffic crawled at a max
5mph, And I'm so stoked to tell you- The response was
overwhelmingly positive!

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Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in Massachusetts
Thu May 18th 2006, 11:35 PM
An overwhelmingly emotional experience. It is the women
who will bring peace to the world. Enjoy the color

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Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in Massachusetts
Sun Apr 23rd 2006, 12:22 PM ...

BARNSTABLE - Six anti-war protesters pleaded not guilty to trespass charges yesterday, one day after they refused to leave the Hyannis office of U.S. Rep. William Delahunt, D-Mass.

The defendants, wearing broad smiles and sweatshirts enumerating the American soldiers killed in Iraq, were arraigned in Barnstable District Court.

Judge Joseph Reardon told each of the protesters the Cape and Islands District Attorney's office did not plan to ask for jail sentences should any of them be convicted. ''At worst,'' he said, ''you'll face a fine of up to $100.''

Four of the defendants - Robert Brown, 68, of Orleans, John Hopkins, 57, of Provincetown, Sarah W. Thacher, 71, of East Dennis and Debra McCulloch44, of Cataumet - appeared in court after having been released from the police department on bail the night before. Two others - Dianne Ashley, 62, of Eastham, and Diane Turco, 52, of Harwich - spent the night in the Barnstable police station lockup and were led into court in handcuffs.

All six were released on personal recognizance and are scheduled for pretrial conferences May. 4.

The members of Cape Codders for Peace and Justice were arrested late Tuesday afternoon after gathering inside Delahunt's office on West Main Street. For an hour they refused to leave, chatting among themselves as Delahunt's staff tried to work around them. Earlier in the day, they stood in the lobby outside the office.

More at link..

Karen Jeffrey can be reached at .

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Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Sat Apr 22nd 2006, 08:32 AM
Went hiking with my two boys who at the time were 5 and 9 years old.
During the hike I told them we were celebrating earth day, and
we talked about being kind to mother earth.

Stopping for a picnic lunch, my 5 year old was starving and frantically
yanked his sandwich from the wrapper. But in his quest to cure his hunger
pangs, he threw the wrapper on the ground.

I immediately called him on it. "Hey, pick that up.
That's called littering- When you do that
you make the world an ugly place."

Soon after lunch he tells me he needs to pee.
Pointing to a tree I tell him to go behind there.
He quickly runs to the tree, pulls his britches down,
and I watched while a curious glow lit up his face-
He yells out to me, "Hey mom, am I making the world an ugly place?"

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Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in Massachusetts
Fri Apr 21st 2006, 10:20 PM
It was quite an experience. Yesterday the newspaper focused on
our group haaving 'broad smiles' during the arraignment and snapping
photos in front of the court house after. I felt that had a nasty
undertone to it so wrote this LTTE today. Hope they print it.

I'd like to respond to Karen Jeffrey's 4/20 article about Cape Codders for Peace and Justice arraignment at the Barnstable Court House . She writes we wore 'broad smiles' while being arraigned, and took photos of ourselves after leaving court. Oh you bet we did.

First of all they were smiles of relief as two of the six arrested for trespassing by sitting in Congressman Delahunt's office had declined bail as a matter of principle. We had been told the two peace activists had been transported to the courthouse in handcuffs and ankle shackles. Those of us who opted for bail were very relieved to see our friends, true patriots and heroines had made it through the night in jail okay.

As for the shackles,we understand it is standard protocol and the police were just doing their jobs, I'd also like to take this moment to state that the Barnstable Police force were very professional and I'm proud to know they are protecting us.

Also one does not take the step of committing civil disobediance lightly. Inaccessability to and lack of communication from our elected leaders is just unimaginable in the United States of America. Especially in frightening times such as these where we see our civil liberties eroding daily. What else can one do without stepping outside of normal methods when 5 months of continued legal means of communication such as letters, phone calls, and petitions don't get a single response? The average AMerican no longer feels the system is working.

When hard working members of the community, tax payers, with jobs and families put their butts on the line to fight to get our troops out of the quagmire that is Iraq, and are willing to go to jail for preserving democracy- well you better believe we felt good about what we had done. I've included a copy of the photo we snapped of our group in front of the courthouse. This isn't just fun and games folks- this is our very democracy at risk.

btw- here is one of us in the reception area of Delahunts office

Looks like we are going to have a reunion in Crawford this August! YEA!
Miss you, and Dan, Kat, DA, FrictionlessO, (who you still need to meet)
Tsuki/RaginArcadian- You guys give me strength
Peace and Love
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Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in Massachusetts
Wed Apr 19th 2006, 03:10 PM
Well, I'm no longer a virgin. I'm now officially a troublemaker.

Yesterday a group of eleven patriots gathered inside Congressman Delahunt's (D-MA)
Hyannis office to hand him signed petitions supporting Congressman Jim McGoverns
HR4232 that would stop funding for further deployment of US Troops to Iraq.

It has been 5 months since the inception of Both McGoverns, and Jack Murtha's own
bill (calling for redeployment of troops) in which time Cape Codders for Peace and Justice
have written numerous letters and made just as many phone calls urging Delahunt to
sign on to McGoverns bill. In these past five months, 300 more American soldiers
have died, and heaven knows how many thousands innocent Iraqi's while nothing has been done
to change the status quo. And in this 5 months not ONE of our letters or phone calls
have been returned by Mr. Delahunt.

Although the good congressman works for us, he doesn't feel the need to communicate
with us to help clarify his position. In his defense, he has done some very good things
for example voting against the initial invasion of Iraq. He also receives major kudos for
working with the democratically elected president of Venuezula, Victor Hugo Chavez for
securing affordable heating oil for this state poor.

Delahunt's chief of staff Mark Forrest was in the Hyannis office yesterday and told us that
although the congressman has signed on to Mr. Murtha's bill ( a bill that is a beginning, yet
still very hawkish) he felt that McGovern's bill conflicts with Murtha's plan. He was not able
to articulate how. CCPJ does not feel these bills conflict, in fact we feel they serve to compliment
each other. These are just Mark Forrests words I will caution, as we don't know Delahunt's
true position, for the simple reason that he does not communicate with us.

We intended to stay in the office until we heard from Mr. Delahunt OR a date was given to us
to hold an open meeting with his constituency on the latest Iraq issues in the very near future. We
also would have appreciated a short conference call.

Since our arrival we had been in a "shared" conference room that Mr. Forrest made a point of telling us was part of a 'private building' that houses the Hyannis office. The non verbal inference being to us that we would be trespassing. He was quite cordial throughout the day, stating he understood where we were coming from, but it became apparent to us as the day ticked on that his patience was waning. About an hour to closing time we made a tactical decision to move into Delahunts office reception area. (The part of the office we pay for) We sat close to walls, and did not block pathways. (We did use the restroom a lot) Mr, Forrest then told us we were interfering with business activities and that the area we were in was used for confidential/private matters and meetings.

I hope they don't really use the reception area for private matters. He told us he would call the police and asked if that is what we wanted. We again told him we would leave as soon as we had an answer to our question, 'Will Mrl Delahunt sign on to HR 4232, and if not WHY?". "So you want to be arrested" he re-stated. We just sat there quietly.

Diane then contacted the Cape Cod TImes, who showed up within minutes. About 30 minutes later
the police did too. I heard the K-9 dog barking loudly and couldn't help but make a comment about Abu Ghraib. They left the dog in the cruiser.

The Barnstable police we dealt with were very decent and professional. They stated the facts to us as they understood by them and then told us we were to be arrested for trespassing. We told them they had to do what they had to do, as we were doing what we felt we must do.

One by one we went peacfully. They took the guys first, John a VFP member and then Robert, both in metal handcuffs. 1/2 hour later they took we four women. Three in the paddywagon. Me, well I was transported in the back of a cruiser- and got special handling as they couldn't miss my knee as red as an apple and a big as watermelon. I was 4 days postop knee scope for a meniscal tear- memories of a mountain bike and then surfing incident. They did not cuff we women folk. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

John told us at our reunion this morning he overheard the cops at the station saying, "We have the women and you won't believe how many bags the have with them" We come prepared.

Do they no longer finger print the perps? Our processing contained only pat-downs and mug shots.

The cell was cold, hard and lonely. A metal bedframe attached to brick walls. A sheet of safety glass covered the outside of the steel bars. Only one officer in the jail was kind of a dick. I got the feeling most were sympathetic. They were just doing their jobs.

I turned to meditation and focused on my comrades, or as Robert named us (on the fly)in front of the judge "The Hyannis Six" sending them each white light. Even sent some to Mr Delahunt and Mark Forrest, although the light was noticably smaller- Could anyone out there shed some insight on this phenomena-

Both the Diane's and Sarah urged me to post bail b/c of my knee. I had also received a cell call from my kid at UMass, during the middle of the sit in. "Mom, I'm sick".....

Both Diane's declined to pay bail as a matter of principal. They did state they were treated very well and the staff at the jail brought them big juicy burgers, which they also declined for vegan reasons. So they let them eat the food we brought along for the sit in and gave them granola bars.

We were quite anxious to see our heroines this morning. They were brought to the court house in
real handcuffs and ankle shackles (trying to make up for no handcuffs earlier?) It's crazy times
when the peace peoples get ankles shackled.

We did get great press coverage- 1/4 of each the front page and 1/4 ofthe back page! 3 photos.
We all plead not guilty and have a court date of May 4. We will be asking the ACLU for advice,
but representing ourselves, and draw things out. (Could we subpoena Delahunt to ask what
Mark Forest told him about our visit, and if he told him) UMmmmm the possiblities...

Any way
#1 we overheard Mark Forrest tell the cops that they may have to prevent us
from vigiling in front of Delahunts office now. Guess we better test that out asap.

#2 Delahunt is having a town meeting in Woods Hole tomorrow night discussing civil rights.
Bob Barr is a guest presenter. Mr. D has made it known he does not want the discussion
to be about the war! ???? Huh???? We can't talk about the war at a civil rights forum?

We are hammering out a few question for the good congressman.
Anyone have anything specific they'd like asked?

Peace will post photos later
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Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Sat Mar 25th 2006, 10:44 AM
Some Mr.Jack Crowley, saw my Code Pink page and
decided to send me 'information' to help me change my views on
this illegal and immoral war that we are waging in Iraq. He also
has decided that enrolling me to recieve Ann Coulter's daily poison
would help me see the light.

Here is his little e-mail to me-
After reading this, I hope that you realize that you are contributing to the suicide of our country by advocating your anti war policies. Are you also against self defense??? Jack Crowley, a Normandy invasion veteran.

Little River, SC

So do I leave this poor old guy alone? He did invade Normandy after all, and
probably won't be around too much longer.
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Posted by PuraVidaDreamin in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Wed Mar 22nd 2006, 10:55 AM
What should be my first course of action?

Seems that on the Bourne Rotary where I have stood vigil
5 times over the past year decrying the illegal and immoral
invasion of Iraq there is now a new NO TRESPASSING sign.

Here is a link to the report on Sunday's blogging to give you
a better understanding.

I've gone to my town by-laws on-line and everything is quite vague.
Have also sent a letter to my state rep (as this will affect future
candidates for office whose supporters stand out there every election

Suggestions, input, advice would be truly welcomed.
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