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SoutherDem's Journal - Archives
Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Tue Nov 08th 2011, 06:46 PM
I know it pisses many off for someone to say we need to support President Obama because he is the lesser of the evils. But, does it really matter who is President? I mean I realize the President has the bully pulpit, can veto nominates Supreme Court Justices and can issue executive orders. However, if we focused on the Senate and House and get a 60 plus majority in both wouldn't that be more powerful than the president? And, if we could get that super majority plus a Democrat President even one who doesn't alway do what progressives want mean even more power? I know I am pipe dreaming, although if the 99% would stand together it would be easy there is no way they would. My Congressperson doesn't even campaign anymore he is so assured of being elected.
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Sun Nov 06th 2011, 04:41 PM
Today I started looking for a new bumper sticker. I went to a company which I used before to purchase my "Republicans 2012: Keeping Millions Out of Work, to Get One Man Out of a Job." But, this time instead of looking for a specific saying I used the topic search engine. The ones posted as an example showed all anti-Democrat, Liberal and Obama selections. I entered Democrat which produce mostly anti-Democrat saying, Liberal which gave me mostly anti-liberal, Obama and guess what anti- Obama. I noticed the following search topics, Republican, Conservative, and Campaign number stickers these showed pro-Republican, pro-Conservative and Campaign stickers which were pro-Rebuplican/Conservative, or anti-Democrat/Liberal. Don't get me wrong, if you know a specific saying it will provide what I want along with those I would never want.
Has the Republican/Conservatives so overtaken the business world that even when looking for bumper stickers the search engines promotes there beliefs? Or are we so silent that it only makes business sense to promote the Republican/Conservative beliefs?
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Wed Nov 02nd 2011, 07:54 PM
Today in the McDonalds' drive-thru I saw a van with the following bumper sticker "Don't share my wealth, Share my work ethic". I don't mean to judge or stereotype, I realize it may have been a work van, but the van was well over 10 years old and had a few dents and scratches, hardly the van of a wealthy person.
Two questions;
1. How has the Republicans convinced so many middle and lower class people here in Alabama that the Democrats want to take from them and give to others? I know of no "share the wealth" program which would take from some one like this, but may actually give to them.
2. How has the Republicans convinced so many people that it is a lack of work ethic which is causing under/unemployment?
Has my state had so much inbreeding that many have lost all common sense to the point that if it is said by a right-wing conservative Republican talking head it is believed?
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion: Presidency
Fri Oct 28th 2011, 07:52 PM
Although I didn't expect anyone to run for the Democratic nomination against President Obama, I would think they would have stepped up by now, so I am assuming he will be the nominee. That said, shouldn't Democrats now start supporting him, even if they haven't been pleased with all he has done. Also, shouldn't they start working to get as many Democrats in congress as possible and get as many of the party of NO out?
However, I keep hearing new stories of how people who supported him in the past aren't supporting him now, because he couldn't fix all our problems over night, while the Republicans stated up front there main goal was to make him a one term presidents. I fully understand many are disappointed but would any of those prefer Romney, Perry, Cain, Bachman, Paul or any of those we see at all those debates?
I am not talking about DUers who state their disappointment on this website, I am talking about those who worked so hard for him in the past, I am talking about those who the Republicans forget, I am talking about the famous "swing voters" who we are told always decide elections. I feel the winner of the elections in 2012 will shape this country for the next 20 plus years. I have no doubt if we have a Republican President and Congress the gulf between rich and poor will grow even more. Class warfare? We haven't seen anything yet.
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Thu Oct 27th 2011, 08:31 PM
Those conservative Christians who flock to the Republican party do so often because of their belief that “Every Life is Valuable”. Both are against abortion and euthanasia because life is precious, or though they say. With a philosophy that every zygote must be born and every dying person must endure to the bitter end, one would think they would be the ones who are marching in the streets to support medicare, medicaid, assisted housing, and all other forms of the social safety net. Yet, they seem to enjoy seeing suffering because from 30 seconds after the birth they totally forget about those precious lives until they are lying in a bed racked with pain hoping for death to get a little relief, then once again they step in and tell us once again how precious life is. Those years in between those same precious lives are a drag on the economy and they don’t give a care what happens. They feel if they don’t make a sufficient income to pay for food, housing, and health insurance all while saving for retirement which should be enough to cover the possible long term illness toward the end of life, they have made bad choices and they deserve what they get.

To me, this is insane! Would it not make more sense for those conservative Christians who feel life is a gift of “god” demand that those precious lives have a minimum standard of living, including good housing, food to eat, health care and the other necessities of life? Shouldn’t they pull the bible off the shelf and read some of those words in red? It seems Christ had a word for those, Hypocrites!

Before those of you who are Christian reply with "not every Christian is that way", I realize not every Christian who votes Republican feels this way, but I know many who can forgive all other evils as long as they are voting for candidates who are pro-life. May be it is time for them to form the Christian party who really supports life, the beginning, end and that big chuck in the middle.
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Sat Oct 15th 2011, 12:56 PM
A few weeks ago I posted the pic of the bumper sticker which said "Republicans 2012: Keeping Millions out of a work, to get one man out of a job" on Facebook.

A friend replied asking why I felt Obama should be reelected.

I replied, that I posted the pic less to support Obama but to oppose Republicans, pointing out some of my displeasure with the Republicans. May be a 400 word post.

He replied with a 300 word post, with 22 questions and statements as to why Obama has been a bad president.

I answered all 22 statements and questions, the reply was 22 pages including his questions and statements restated and was about 8000 words and took me about a week to write.

His last reply was I had more time than he did, that he would try to reply, when he gets a chance.

He is a Realtor and the housing crisis I am sure has cost him a bundle. He basically blames Obama and the Democrats for ALL of the problems our country is facing, he feels if they would simply capitulate all problems would be solved instantly.

Do any of you face the same problem of Republicans who like to debate as long as they are in control stating the latest FOX/Conservative Radio talking points and asking multiple questions at once but not expecting or wanting a real reply?

How do you respond?

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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Thu Oct 06th 2011, 04:33 PM
I posted on Facebook the "Republicans 2012; Keeping millions out of work to get one man out of a job"

A friend asked why I liked Obama.

I replied:
Although I do support President Obama the reason I posted the pic was less to show support for the President, but to show objection to the Republicans. I personally feel congress is acting more like spoiled brats rather than the elected officials of our country. I have seen opposition before but not like we are seeing now. Compromise has disappeared and yes I place this on the shoulders of the Republicans. Compromise is give and take, so far all I have see from most Republicans especially the Tea Party is all take and no give.
I described it to a friend like this; It is like two people want to get together for lunch but they live 100 miles apart. They each insist on the other making the full 100 mile journey. Compromise would be bartering back and forth and reaching a meeting point so each will travel around 50 miles. To the Republicans compromise is meeting 1 mile from their house while the Democrats travel 99 miles, then making it sound like they worked so hard to travel the 1 mile (and made the Democrats pay for the gas the 1 mile cost).
Yes, I feel President Obama is a good President, and can be great, but as long as Congress insists on reaching their number one goal of making him a one term President rather than looking after the needs of all Americans, except for the rich, we are doomed to fail.
One last thing, all of those who are running for the Republican nomination scares the living daylights out of me, with the exception of Romney, but I am not sure if the Republicans will nominate him because he is Mormon, also he has shown he is for whatever the group he is wanting their vote want. When he was governor of a liberal state he was for a health care law, now that he wants the conservative vote he is against it, but if he found in the general election it did have popular support he would be for it again. I like a politician who can say “I was wrong” but not one who flips positions based on the latest poll.

He replied:
Good points but I didn't see why you think Obama has been a good president. What has he done to be considered good? Why I think he's been a poor president...He has been anything but transparent. He campaigned on bringing hope and change and he's brought none of that. First instead of making our private sector one in which businesses what to invest, his policies have driven business away. Just two examples are Boeing who was blocked from opening a plant in South Carolina that would have brought hundreds of jobs to that area. A second example recently in the news is Gibson guitars was raided for having rosewood which our government says is illegal to import. Only Gibson guitars was raided but no other guitar makerwas and the justice dept says it was not for political reasons. Secondly, a health care bill was rammed down our throats when the majority didn't want it and much of it was negoiated by Demoocrats behind locked doors. All of that was during Obama's two years when he had a democratic senate and house which never passed a budget which also lead up to the negotiations you're were describing. The republicans held fast because Obama doesn't understand that at some point he has to stop spending us into oblivion. None of his stimulus plans and other ideas/experiments have worked for this economy. The proof is everywhere you look. Stores are closing right and left, businesses are afraid to hire because of the coming health care law and banks are unwilling to loan because they see little chance of getting a return on their investment. All of this is due to the economic climate that Obama's policies have created and the massive debt. I believe you spoke about "rich people". Stats show time and again that the top earners in this country pay far more than their share of taxes. So why is it that if someone has worked their butts off to achieve success that somehow the government is able to take more of their money to give it to someone who didn't work to earn it. One of our major problems in this country is no one wants to take personal responsibility for where they are in life or how they turned out due to the choices they made or didn't make. I'm by no means a rich person monetarily but if I were, the decision about giving/sharing should be up to me and not forced upon me by the government that time and time again proves it can not manage a single dime it receives. Now that I've said some things why I think Obama's been a poor leader, I will say that he's done some good with taking out terrorists who think of nothing more than finding new awful ways to kill americans. But, any president who is going to sue a state i.e. Arizona and Alabama for trying to protect itself against illegals is no president I could or would ever support. Just my .02 worth.

How would you all reply?

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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Mon Sep 05th 2011, 10:07 AM
With every debatable issue involving science there always seems to be a relatively small number of scientist (1-5%) who go against the general consensus and speaks out.

We have seen this with the evolution and climate change debates which give the right-wingers the “evidence” they need to stand firm on their opinions. Usually the way to counteract this is to point out the fact that although their 1000, 5000, 10,000 or more sounds like a lot it is usually just a small percent of all of the scientist in the field.

Recently I saw a post which stated 1500 Engineers and Architects wanted a new investigation into 9/11 followed by several who’s replies were basically “about time”.

My questions is why are the vocal few wrong with evolution and climate change, even to the point of being discredited, yet they are praised on the 9/11 investigation?

As I have stated before I am a 9/11 agnostic, I haven’t made up my mind. When I feel one side is right I will read/hear something which puts me back on the fence. Although, I am to the point that I feel even if there is a new investigation it won’t be enough. If a new investigation confirms the 9/11 Commission Report the Truthers will once again claim it is a government cover up and if the new investigation agrees with the Truthers claims will be made that it was bad science, or a witch hunt just to get Bush.
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Sat Aug 06th 2011, 09:40 AM
I am going to AGAIN write my elected officials, all Republican.
Before I send it I wanted some thoughts so I will paste it below.

You won! Or, at least as Mr. Boehner said you got 98% of what you wanted. You listened to the right-wing fanatics of your party and ignored the American people. Poll after poll stated the American people wanted the corporate welfare to end, such as that given to oil companies making billions in profits. Those polls also stated that the American people wanted to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. After President Obama asked the American people to contact Senators and Representatives phone lines were jammed and servers crashed. You totally ignored the American people in favor for the most wealthy, but that is no surprise, your average voter can’t afford to make the donations the corporations and wealthy 2% can make. You showed who you care about and it wasn’t people like me. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LOST!!!
Since you got your 98% for the 2% you care about, the stock market has dropped and S&P has dropped our countries credit rating. I know you say the corporations and wealthy create the jobs, if that was the only factor in job creation the Bush tax cuts would have generated tens of millions of jobs instead of the 3 million as reported by The Wall Street Journal, far less than that of Clinton’s 23.1 million.
Isn’t it time to do the right thing and start thinking about those who can only give you one vote instead of those who can give you thousands of dollars and fix the problems you and your party has caused quit blaming the people who inherited your problems.
Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind shared sacrifice but not if you continue to protect the wealthy and multi-billion dollar profit corporations while hurting the middle and lower class.
Unfortunately, I don’t see much hope. If you and your fellow Republicans do as I expect you will first blame Obama and the Democrats for not giving in the last 2% claiming that this caused the drop in the stock market and the credit rating decrease. Then you will raise the retirement age, cut medicare, medicaid and other things which help the elderly and poor because we are in crises. And, to stimulate job creation you will then give a tax credits to the billion dollar profit corporations tax cuts to those who make a $1M or more.

Should I take something out? Should I add something?

Edited for spelling.
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Sun Jul 31st 2011, 10:25 PM
Last weekend when we were just over one week out, I heard the reason we couldn't wait till the last minute was a "72" hour rule. I don't know if that was on just the Senate or House or both, but that legislation must be public 72 hours before it can be voted on. We passed that yesterday. Is the rule a suggestion or did I hear wrong?
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Sun Jul 31st 2011, 07:02 PM
Boehnner is now holding out because the Defense cuts in the back-up plan is too high. He is the one who doesn't know how to accept YES.

At this point, if this is true, every Democrat needs to finally grow a back bone and walk away, let Boehnner see what it is like.

I don't care if the nation does blame the Democrats, they will be blamed anyway.

Obama need to call an emergency new conference carried by all the networks with every Democrat in the back ground and DEMAND a clean bill or he will declare a national emergency and pay the debt. Impeachment be damned!
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Sat Jul 30th 2011, 10:56 AM
Today since I was off work I was going to send an email to most if not all members of the house. I was going to start with the Tea Party telling them my total disgust, then the rest of the Republicans telling them to quit listening to the extremist of their party then the Democrats giving support not to give in to the wealthy and crackpots on the other side of the isle.

BUT, every website that has the email addresses ultimately directs me to the same site, the official site which requires you to enter your mailing address and prevent you from contacting any rep but your own. Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with this but since I am being held hostage by reps who I can't vote for but certainly cast votes which impact me I am rather pissed.

Do the members of congress have real email addresses as you or I do?

Does anyone know where that list is, if it exists?

I know I could probably enter wrong address to fool the system (if the system isn't somehow designed to detect this). Plus, there is probably something in the Patriot Act which makes it illegal and I don't want to spend the next 20 years in prison.

But, it isn't right that if I had $1M to give to the Rep I could contact them, but since I don't even have a vote to give these people, I am not a person. I have contacted the one Rep I am allowed to contact multiple times this week and haven't even received an auto reply.
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Posted by SoutherDem in General Discussion
Thu Jul 28th 2011, 05:19 PM
No, I am not making a ironic jab at congress and the president. I am serious!

We DON"T have a democracy, we have a republic.

We elect a person to fill a job, the whole nation gets to vote on one president, each state gets to vote on two senators and each district get to vote on one representative. Once they are in office they swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but how they do that is up to them. Despite what some say they are not required to vote the will of the people that sent them to office. They are to vote their conscience, convictions, or whatever you wish to call it but they are NOT required to ever listen to one word spoken by those who elected them. Sounds, good right, we choose good people we get good decisions. Our only recourse come every two, four or six years when we once again get to vote on who will be making the decisions and unfortunately the American people have very short memories. We forget about what they have done, and we keep voting in the same jokers over and over.

We DO need a new amendment to the constitution, but it needs to be one that on some subjects we have a direct vote. Let the elected official vote on the big things like declaring next Wednesday Cucumber Day, but those mundane matters such as the Debt Ceiling let that go before the entire nation. I know we would be taking a risk, I mean I know we have some real crackpots in this country, but think of the things which may happen. Based on polls I have read, if the American public voted the same way in those elections as they did the polls, we would be out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, we would have gay marriage, we would have real abortion right, and the debt ceiling issue would be solved, while social security, medicare, medicaid would all be secure and the rich and many major corporation would be feeling that belt tighten in the same way we middle class have been feeling it for the last 30 years. Of course to make this work we would need to modify one of those pesky amendments in the bill of rights, The first amendment would need to state that free speech for the press is only legitimate press which reports both sides fairly without bias, not things like Faux News which is just the propaganda machine for the extreme right, and free speech is granted only to those who are living human beings, not corporations.

Look at it this way at least if major corporation wanted to buy votes we would all be getting paid.
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