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socialindependocrat's Journal - Archives
Posted by socialindependocrat in Latest Breaking News
Wed Jan 04th 2012, 09:44 PM
You set up a committee and the opposition blocks every candidate until
the committee becomes less effective.

Elizabeth Warren should be in the spot now.

Without a doubt - VOTE THEM OUT

Repubs are a dying breed!!

Freedom in the United States should be freedom of choice!

I am against these people who say that "I" have to do what they believe.

What do you call it when one group of people requires another group of people
to follow the leaders without freedom of choice?

I will plant my garden and grow what I choose to be tastefull!

What is the life of a person who grows old and dies
when all they have done is "follow the rules"?
Isn't that why we came to America!!??
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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Fri Dec 09th 2011, 11:31 PM
1) Any new requirement should allow for time for voters to
acquire the necessary credentials (not required for
current year's election)

2) If the state wants photo I.D. they should be ready to
provide or have the Registry of Motor Vehicles provide
a state photo I.D. that would meet the requirements

3) Why does the government allow for changes in rules
without allowing public reviews so people can point out

All this crap that requires people to meet some requirement
under some sort of unreasonable time limit is a sign that
something is amiss and should be more closely scrutinized!

In fact, the way things work in our current "society", if there
is a requested change it should be assumed that the change has
been requested in order to provide an advantage to some group
that is motivated to make the change. We need to make a revision
to the old adage "There's no such thing as a free lunch". We need
something like, "Freedom is granted by the government and always
at a cost."
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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Sun Dec 04th 2011, 07:31 PM
When they said they didn't want us for a full career
I say, "Fine, then we need a floating pension so I
can take it to my new job."

They told me they couldn't do that because too many workers would leave.

and that's the way they left it. They hold the power.

We need to have the government step in and balance things out
or we need stronger unions. Without anyone to fight for the
middle class we will continue to get screwed over and over

If you want to change the balance of how money is earned and how raises are
given and how retirement is accrued, fine, but there needs to be a balance.

Right now every change a company makes is designed to benefit the company
and the worker ends up getting screwed out of money to live on and to retire
on. That's why the 1% are not making any money. They screwed the worker out
of income they used to buy and now they find out they are screwing themselves.

Let's go back to the 80s, when people made a lot less and were still able to
afford a house and a car and put two kids thru college. My father did that on
$13M a year and retired comfortably. Let's look and see what grew so fast that
it threw off the balance. Let's look at health care and what the hospitals charge
for tests and what doctors pay for malpractice insurance and what the insurance
companies charge for coverage and the bonuses the banks give their people and
the spread between what the rank and file earn and what management earns. Once
we look at where the money went we can start to get things back into balance again.

The middle class incomes have been slowly chipped away since 1980 and the wealthy have
amassed quite a healthy sum in their bank accounts. Now is the time we need to say
it's time to restore the balance because if they don't, they won't sell their products
and it's all their fault.

Let's get people working and let's restore the balance.
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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Sat Nov 26th 2011, 12:21 AM
Since the 80s there was a drive to have workers move up the ladder....

What this was, was getting unskilled labor to take on jobs that had
been filled by PhDs. This raised the salaries of the rank and file but
also, lowered the salaries of the jobs in question.

Then, more work was piled on and if you complained, they brought in two
people to replace you rather than raise your salary by $2,000

Then, the combined the cost of living wage with your merit raise
and the total didn't cover the COL increase for the year - So you
lost there, too.

Then they started to tel you, you were lucky to have a job so you started
to work 12-14 hours a day to see if you could get the next promotion.

Over time they had lower pay with people doing more work. That's why our
productivity is up and the salaries are going down.

And the money that was saved didn't go back into the company -
it went to bonuses for the CEO and the board members.
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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Fri Nov 25th 2011, 10:46 AM
retire at $60,000

retirement pay ~$2000/mo ($24,000/yr)

ins premium 325/mo ($3,900/yr)

deduct - Dr/Hosp $1,000/yr 500/yr each person

deduct meds $ 700/yr 350/yr each person

23.33% premium and deductible for health care

now we're down to $17,500 minus income tax.

The company used to have employees pay higher rates to offset the retirees premiums
then they discontinued the practice. I would have paid higher premiums, while working,
in return for a little help when retired but they changed it - why??? I didn't say
anything because we had been taught not to cause problems. The company made the decision
and it wasn't going to be changed back.

We learned that every time they changed something, we got screwed and they got the benefit.
And the savings went to the hierarchy - in bonuses.
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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Mon Nov 21st 2011, 01:09 AM
At a time when we see so many articles about bullying and suicide
it is strange that we see bullying by our leaders.

Maybe that whole idea about kids needing to bully because they feel
powerless is proving itself in the treatment being meted out by
the "authorities" - police, college officials, governors, mayors
and the list goes on.

How dare we piss off those in charge when we are the one's who are
footing the bill to pay these people. We are paying these people to
abuse us.

This is truly the beginning of the awakening of the unappreciated!
We are paying the tab to create someone else's utopia!

No more!!! It's our turn now!!
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Posted by socialindependocrat in Health
Sun Nov 20th 2011, 11:50 AM
I have asked my optometrist about the test that can be done to detect
b-amyloid in the eye and he said they didn't have the equipment for it yet.

I had my MIL ask when she went to a laser clinic about the same thing
and they said it was still experimental and the didn't have the equipment.

My concern is that we joke about forgetting things and having senior moments
starting in or 40s and the physicians don't worry about anything until we're
in our 60s or start showing distinct signs of the disease.

We were thinking that my mother was reaching the point where she would not be
able to live by herself for safety reasons and when she was tested the physician
said she was showing signs of mild Alzheimer's. MILD! MILD!!

What in the crap are these people thinking!!???

I wrote a letter to the Alzheimer's Assn. and asked what they were doing
regarding treatment of people in their 40s and 50s as preventative measures
and they just gave me the answer that the b-amyloid research was still in
the early stages. Now I need to go back and push harder for early testing.

If you have any concerns at all, please write to these people and to your
physicians to get them to start thinking about early/preventative treatment.
This disease is very scary and the amount of money and dedication it takes
to be a caretaker and bring your parents into your home and take over their
bills and take over with power of attorney is massive.

I need to find out what the costs are that are related to costs for home care,
medication and nursing home care. This is one major drain on money and time
not to mention the terror that te patient goes thru popping in and out of reality
until they finally just sit and stare into space.

Thanks for your ear! Please think about what I've said...

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Posted by socialindependocrat in Editorials & Other Articles
Sat Nov 12th 2011, 03:39 PM
We should elect the most qualified candidate.

This follows from the post (through a public campaign finance system
that provides sufficient exposure to all candidates.)
We need to be able to understand what each candidate believes and is
qualified to do if elected.

The whole idea that the candidate who wins is the one with the most
money gets to post the greatest number of ads and the person who uses
the most underhanded smear campaign against their opponent, is way
off course!!! This is not a high school debate! This is the selection
of the people who will decide what needs to be done to make life better
for all Americans.
Politics are just games that are played - they're all smoke and mirrors.
We need honest, honorable people who will make America a better place to

Let's start looking at how to get rid of all the games!
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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Thu Nov 03rd 2011, 09:29 AM
Vote out the incumbent shit heads and give Obama a Democratic majority.

Then - don't try to make friends with the Repubs - they did nothing
but give Obama a hard time and did NOTHING for the American people.

Let Obama and the Dems do whatever "WE THE PEOPLE" ask them to do!!
The Banks
Clean up Congress

Congress needs to have a mission statement that says,

The GOP has acted like morons for the past 3 years.
Anyone who votes for them is a total moron, too.
We need some political ads that list all the negative things the
GOP did that hurt this country and continue to show it for all to

Finally, let's have more "people input" into the issues that
"WE THE PEOPLE" want congress to make decisions about.

Let's create a priority list!!

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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Sat Oct 29th 2011, 08:37 AM
This is totally stupid.

No matter what logic you use the GOP is paid for their stubbornness

The system is broken!

The American people are suffering!

We need some sort of process to vote out or overrule
elected officials who are causing damage to the people.

We need to have the ability to move the economy foreward.

The GOP is only supported by people against abortion.
Their support doesn't have anything to do with finances!

Their lack of action is going to have a negative effect on our rating again!

Why do we pay them a salary for 1) No work and
2) costing us more money for the debt we already have.

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Posted by socialindependocrat in Latest Breaking News
Fri Oct 28th 2011, 01:57 PM
I would say that people pretty much know who their neighbors are.

If I knew the new people next door were insurgents


I knew there was a high probability of a drone strike


I would move my family in with a neighbor for the time being.

I think these people wat to support the insurgents but they don't want to get killed
so they scream about civilian casualties to protect the bad guys.

I say we take our money and leave to show we have concern for the wishes of the
Afghan people. Then we can open talks with them when they start chopping off
the appendages of the Afghan people when they re-institute Sharia law.

Then go back and send in the drones!!!

Can't have it both ways, people!!!!
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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Thu Oct 27th 2011, 12:03 PM
You put in your dollars and the company matched your "contribution"

Then you have a finite amount when you retire.

You figure how much a year to pull out.

When your money runs out - if you haven't died yet -
then you end up a ward of the state and the tax payers
have to take care of you.

Some people will have a great 5 years and then
3 meals and a cot for ever after.

This is very scarey way to play "the senior lottery"!
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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Thu Oct 27th 2011, 10:58 AM
They see that peole can change their own break pads and they raise the cost of pads
from $12 (1980) to $27 (2000) and to $57 (2008)

AND - if you go to get a dealer to change them you get whacked for $230

Then, the make it hard to get to certain things - drain your radiator

I believe that mechanics should be able to earn a living
BUT there is a certain amount that the home mechanic should be allowed to do.

Someone (2o yrs ago) counted up all the costs for parts and the car
would cost a third more to build yourself than off the line.

Today the cost would probably be 2X

It's a crying shame what they do to make it difficult for home repair.

So the answer is to buy a car that will allow you the simplicity to do home reapir.
I don't think there is a beast you can say that about.

Then, they add all these electronic extras and ABS and computers
just so they can charge you $19M for the car.

I want a commuter like that Indian car for $2500
I'd buy one this weekend!

But will they allow it the U.S. for competition?

Then, Fiat and Mini and the VW bug. They are all $19M now.

That's also what OWS is about.
Artificial inflation of prices for stuff we don't want!!!!

We need more Elizabeth Warrens!!!!
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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Thu Oct 27th 2011, 09:44 AM
The CEO has learned dome tactics from the Tali ban

If you hide your insurgents along with civilians,
you can claim collateral damage when the bombs hit!!!



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Posted by socialindependocrat in General Discussion
Thu Oct 27th 2011, 09:31 AM
Granted you may have wanted to give a rounded picture of what was going on...


I have friends like you who say the same stuff!
"But these are the rules"
"But the company has the right"
"But these people can't expect"

What people want is the right to get a job and if they continue to do a good job,
to have continued employment.

By saying that this is the way things are, does that mean that you are happy
that you can loose your job and have to work at Home Depot for half your pay?

People want stability and to be able to say . "I will have a job making a certain amount
of money and THEREFORE, I can afford to buy a house."

I think that if the CEO makes cuts in the company and looses emloyees that this is a failure
on his part and should have his bonus decreased.

What we need are people who are willing to come up with solutions to the current problems
so that the American worker can have some security in their life and not listen to some
bullshit about "WHO MOVED THE CHEESE"!!!!!

Every decision our government makes should be focused on making life better for ALL the people.

CEOs are employees of the company - they know what they're doing!
There isn't a CEO who wouldn't take a raise when offered.
Someone needs to regulate the 275% increase in salaries !!!!

This country is having trouble rebuilding the economy because "out leaders"
have cut the wages of the middle class to the point where they have little
or no "disposable" income with which to buy products.

Start to think "for the people" not - Well, those are the rules!!!!
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