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democraticinsurgent's Journal - Archives
Posted by democraticinsurgent in Indiana
Sun Jun 13th 2010, 04:30 PM
In the 5th Congressional District primary this past May, a teabagger type named Tim Crawford won the Democratic nomination to challenge longtime pain in the ass Republican Dan Burton.

This was a huge surprise, because Crawford mounted no campaign at all. He did have a website, but that's it. His opponent, a medical doctor named Nasser Hanna, actively campaigned and was widely expected to win easily. Instead Crawford won 61% to 39%. More here:

Indiana bloggers attributed the surprise to Hanna's middle-eastern sounding name, which seemed somewhat plausible at the time and may still be the reason. The Dems are not very well organized in Burton's back yard.

Now, though, with what's happened with Alvin Greene's inexplicable capture of the Democratic Senate nomination in South Carolina, there is a pattern emerging. The 5th CD is heavily Republican and although Burton was challenged hard (but foolishly, by FIVE republican opponents) he is likely to win no matter who the Dems would have nominated. Yet, as some think, this may have been a quiet, under-the-radar test of nominating a plant by manipulating voting machines. That, and a bit of an insurance policy in case Burton had been upset in the primary.

And yeah, Indiana uses DRE's too.

In SC, the favorite (Rawl) won the absentee votes handily but lost the election day vote in a landslide. Anyone know how the 5th district absentee ballots compared with election day?
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Only in Washington DC would an escort service set itself up with plausible deniability in mind. Seems that the clients would agree to pay $275 per hour for an escort, with the clear understanding that anything sexual was between two consenting adults and outside the monetary agreement. With Palfrey busted, she is holding to that line as her defense.

Net result: clients like Tobias can say "no sex" and they are backed up by the "DC Madam" and her staff, because that's their defense strategy.

Ironically, now Tobias and his soon to be outed cohorts will be called to testify as witnesses for the defense.

Plausible deniability? Yeah, baby.

Here in Indiana, where the Tobias family recently roamed as quasi royalty, their demise is not entirely an unhappy event. Randall's role as the Bush administration's "abstinence czar" has to be one of of the most hypocritical performances of late, which is saying something given the massive hypocrisy of the Bush reign as a whole.

Those familiar with Mr. Tobias will recall that he disliked formalities. When introduced, he'd always say "Call me Randy".

Now we know what he really meant.

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No doubt this election was tampered with, no doubt that all the votes will never be counted, no doubt that somewhere, perhaps many somewheres, races have been stolen by the Republicans.

The difference between the last three elections and 06 is largely this: there's too much awareness of electronic vote insecurity that they couldn't steal it this time.

No high-profile races flipping from the our side to theirs, late at night.

No major exit poll discrepancies (so far as I know).

No inexplicables.

Not enough to keep us from running the table.

They couldn't steal it this time. No doubt they wanted to. They certainly knew how.

But if they gotten caught doing what they did last time, the bright light of a new day would have exposed their sorry asses, because you never stopped digging, sharing, yelling, writing, posting, working. You dragged this elephantine beast out of its dark dwelling, kicking and screaming.

The elephant is in the room. And now they know that we know it's in the room.

Our nation owes a huge debt of gratitude all of you: BradBlog, TIA, Autorank, heiderheid, gary beck, land shark, mod mom, althecat, bill bored, and so many more that I can't think of. To Andy Stephenson, who gave his country his best years. To even Bev Harris, who started the ball rolling and then she herself veered sadly off course.

To all of you: YOU are patriots.

We owe you so much.

Thank you can only be the beginning.
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It can be found at:
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Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy.

Today is a good case in point. With Rove's attorney's letter indicating that KKKarl is off of Patrick Fitzgerald's hook, what's the first response here?

For some, it's to demand the hide of Jason Leopold, Will Pitt (of all people!), and Truthout.

For, at worst, making a mistake.

Let's assume the worst case scenario, that Jason Leopold didn't do his job, didn't doublecheck, didn't multiple source.

That puts him in the category of nearly every journalist who ever lived. He ran with a story that didn't pan out.

Remember when the corporate media ran with the "live miner" story, only to find out they were already dead?

Did America shut off their TV's as a result? No. Did the corp media lose any credibility? Maybe a little, but I can't remember any mass hysteria over it. Their ratings didn't plummet.

Remember when Drudge tried to take down John Kerry with the made-up "mistress" story, which was quickly refuted? Does Drudge lack support among his faithful now?

We progressives want truth, more than any other people, perhaps. And when we are let down, we are angry.

But I think a lot of this anger is misplaced in this case. We are angry for untold reasons that I don't need to list. Today we are certainly angry if Rove is off the hook here.

Let us remember that in our search for truth, we have to wade thru a lot of chaff. I for one look at all sorts of sites that aren't sanctioned by DU, in my endless quest for information. I don't believe everything that Alex Jones says, or Rense, or Wayne Madsen. However, I'm glad these sites exist, because amidst the UFO stories and the anti-semitic rhetoric, there are nuggets of great information.

Let us also remember that even the biggest and best liberal/progressive sites have their truth filters set according to management preferences. I believe that 9/11 was an inside job. But DU admin does not, so we 9/11 truthseekers are relegated to a "special" room. Kos doesn't allow "conspiracy" discussion on his site despite massive evidence that the Bush adminstration is nothing but one big conspiracy.

Many of our best sites, including Salon and MyDD, don't support that the 2004 election was heisted, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

If you are really interested in the truth, you must keep an open mind and be willing to go places where the filters are set to "off".

This is not to complain about the above sites. Each of these sites has its place and each performs a valuable service. We wouldn't want them to go away.

My point is that the search for truth is perilous, fraught with frustration, red herrings, misleading information, lies, disinformation, and yes, mistakes.

No one has a monopoly on truth.

That Jason Leopold's story of a Rove indictment didn't prove to be true is a shame.

But let's keep our powder dry. No more circular firing squads.

We need every truthseeker we have, and we need to pursue that truth, relentlessly.

Let's put down our weapons and move forward. There's work to do.
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Posted by democraticinsurgent in Election Reform
Fri Jun 02nd 2006, 08:49 AM
The 2006 election will be here in a mere 5 months. 5 months. 20 weeks. 150 days.

Following considerable thought and a few down-topic posts on this subject, I am ready to propose what could be our one fighting chance to create a real check on the 2006 vote.

An independent exit poll.

I applaud all the citizen activists who are generating plans for pollwatchers. But we need something more, something systematic, and something statistically impeccable.

I also applaud all of the hard fought battles over the elimination of touch screens and other machines. But we can't win that battle in enough places to make 2006 safe. Especially not with the NSA data mining and the theft of 26 million veterans ID's. There's a lot of loose and valuable data that Bushco is sitting on, I guarantee that. Unless he's in prison, KKKarl will be there flipping switches on election night.

I'm told that Edison-Mitofsky will conduct exit polls this year, but after what happened in 04 they are likely not going to release data uncontaminated with mixed-in "actual" vote tallies, that questionable technique that ensures their totals ultimately match the official results. I am convinced without a doubt they are complicit in the theft and will never be trustworthy again.

No, we need an alternative. We need a consortium of locally and regionally based market research firms, coordinated and paid, to conduct statistically significant exit polls in key states and key districts. It doesn't have to everywhere, not in 06. Pick ten key Senate races, maybe 25 to 50 House races, and forget the rest.

Yes, it's a huge task. Yes, it's very expensive.

But it's doable.

It's doable if we as a community make it a priority. It's doable if an independent organization will step forward and lead the fundraising charge, whether it's MoveOn or even better, a coalition of groups that encompasses those beyond the left of center. Bring in the Libertarians, the moderates, the centrists, even real conservatives, not these pseudo-conservative corporate fraudsters. Get money from anyone who will give it. Get the coalition endorsed by anyone, ANYONE who wants to see free and fair elections.

It's doable if we start now. And when we're done with 2006, we roll it out nationally for 2008.

The data will be valuable. The coalition can sell it to any media or group willing to pay for free and unfettered, untainted data. My bet is there will be a nice market for the data which will help to defray the costs. Maybe even make money.

I am no expert. I am just a citizen with ideas.

I did, however, work as an exit pollster for Edison-Mitofsky in 2004. So the subject is near and dear to my heart. I did the job. I was well-trained and the process was clear and straightforward. So I was pretty offended when Mitofsky made excuses for poorly trained pollsters. BS. They did great. There was NO WAY an exit pollster could not have known how to do their relatively simple job.

I digress.

Let's do this. Who's with me?
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Posted by democraticinsurgent in Ohio
Wed May 03rd 2006, 08:43 AM
So today begins the general election campaign.

It's Blackwell vs. Strickland. Strickland leads in the polls but Blackwell leads in control of the polling machinery.

That's where Bob Fitrakis comes in. As the Green Party candidate for Governor of Ohio, Fitrakis will be right there watching the process and affecting it. Hopefully not by "spoiling" the race for Strickland but by insuring the cleanest possible elections given the presence of Blackwell.

Fitrakis delivered over 10,000 signatures to Blackwell's office on Monday in order to get on the ballot. Here's to the kickoff of one of the most important races in our time.
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Longtime Senate President Robert Garton (R) conceded defeat this evening in a startling primary loss to challenger Greg Walker. This upsets the Republican apple cart in the wake of Gov. Mitch (former OMB in Bush first term) Daniels' mounting unpopularity.

Even more encouraging is the resurgence of Democratic voters in three districts believed to be competitive: the 2nd, the 8th, and the 9th, all currently held by Republicans. Check these numbers out:

Democratic Joe Donnelly 22347 Steve Francis 4335
Republican Chris Chocola (I) 17018 Tony Zirkle 7198

Democratic Brad Ellsworth 16483
Republican John N. Hostettler (I) 11744

Democratic Gretchen Clearwater 1391 Baron P. Hill 10766 John (Cosmo) Hockersmith 537 Lendall B. Terry 420
Republican Sam Schultz 1709 Mike Sodrel (I) 7641

This isn't even close. If the election were held today, we would win all three of these seats!

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great dkos diary by "clammyc" on the long and tangled relationship between Neil Bush, Carlyle, UAE/Dubai...

Is Neil the link between Bush crime cartel and Dubai ports deal?
by clammyc
Sun Mar 26, 2006 at 01:55:12 PM PDT

Since the Dubai Ports World deal was announced, there was lots of speculation as to the motives behind it. More specifically, many people (myself included) thought that this reeked of cronyism and that there was obviously something that would be a direct benefit to the Bush crime cartel.

It was reported how there was a connection between Dubai Ports World, Treasury Secretary John Snow, Carlyle and others.

But now, the dots seem to be connected right back to the Bush family via Carlyle and little brother Neil and his educational software company, Ignite!

I'll try to connect the dots in a cohesive manner below. It's a bit long, but hopefully not too long winded....

rest of story here:
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