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LynneSin's World - Archives
Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion
Tue Sep 27th 2011, 04:09 PM
And these people show up for a few hours toting along their law chairs and wearing their hats with danging teabags and holding their misspelled signs. After 2 hours of lame speeches everyone would pack up and go home.

is with our cable channels ignorning what is happening on Wall Street

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Posted by LynneSin in The DU Lounge
Wed Jun 29th 2011, 11:32 AM

I love the customer suggestion lists. Look at what was suggested for those interested in Christine O'Donnell's new book of crap made up.

Goliath Labs Ejaculoid, 60 Capsules
Pipedreams Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator
Summoning Spirits for Money
Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation
The 40-Year-Old Virgin (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

Here's the entire list of recommended items
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Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion
Fri Jun 03rd 2011, 03:07 PM
Damn, truth hurts doesn't it

Republicans demand TV station yank ad claiming GOP plan would `end Medicare’

Posted at 12:10 PM ET, 06/03/2011
Republicans demand TV station yank ad claiming GOP plan would `end Medicare’
By Greg Sargent
Attention, people, this is important: The battle over whether it’s true that the Republican plan would “end Medicare” is about to play out in a critical way in New Hampshire.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, which oversees House races for the GOP, has written a sharply-worded letter demanding that a New Hampshire TV station yank an ad making that claim. Whether the ad gets taken down could help set a precedent for whether other stations will air Dem TV ads making this argument, which is expected to be a central message for Dems in the 2012 elections


The Budget Resolution as approved by the U.S. House of Representatives does NOT end Medicare. In fact, the Budget Resolution makes no changes at all to Medicare for current or near retirees, as none of the Medicare-related provisions in the Budget Resolution would even take effect until 2022. This fact makes the Advertisement especially misleading, as the woman featured in the Advertisement is a current Medicare beneficiary, and would not have her Medicare benefits ended, or even changed in any way, under the Budget Resolution...

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Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion
Fri May 20th 2011, 11:18 PM
Matthew 24:36

Seriously, why do these idiots ignore what Jesus said?
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Posted by LynneSin in The DU Lounge
Tue May 03rd 2011, 01:37 PM
I do everything online so I rarely need stamps. When I do it's usually for greeting cards and it's annoying. Post Offices make you wait in line and grocery stores make you buy the entire pack (which will never get used since I really need about 2-3 a year).

Today looking at mother's day card - a second with postage already included.

Hell yes!!

They should do this for all the major seasons because seriously, you know there's a chance the card is going to be mailed, why not make cards with the postage included.


Thank you Hallmark!
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Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion
Wed Mar 02nd 2011, 02:06 PM
A unionized public employee, a member of the Tea Party, and a CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table is a plate with a dozen cookies on it. The CEO reaches across and takes 11 cookies, looks at the Tea Partier and says, "Watch out for that union guy, he wants a piece of your cookie."

I'd like to thank my friend Sandi T from the DelDems who sent this out.
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Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion
Thu Feb 24th 2011, 01:43 PM
Honestly, I can't even fathom owning BILLIONS of dollars. I mean I get happy feet when I see that I have just a thousand in my bank account and I know for many working families they don't even see that much.

I mean you could spend a million dollars every single day of your life and you'd STILL never see an end to all of your money. But for many families, every single day they're checking underneath their sofa cushions and inside their pants pockets just to find a few extra dollars to help pay the bills. And this just isn't the homeless, the unemployed or welfare cases - this is working families who want to give a good, safe home to their families.

What I don't understand is why you begrudges us having healthcare. You realize that no matter what somebody pays for the healthcare whether or not we have a healthcare plan. The difference is this - if our country had a solid, affordable healthcare for every person then the cost of healthcare overall would go down. Why? Because for the poor, they can't afford to do things like yearly checkups and PCP visits when they are sick so for them their main form of treatment is over-the-counter remedies, expensive emergency room visits and a prayer that it's not life-threatening or bank-busting.

I also don't understand what the big deal is about giving families a livable salary. While you live in the lap of luxury where no extravagant purchase is 'too much' for your billions of dollars, we working class folks have to give up alot just to keep a roof over our heads. Vacation and fancy cars are no longer a reward for hard work when we are living month-to-month keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table. And the idea of saving for a child to go to college is now a luxury for the working class.

And seriously, what is it with you and the environment? I can't imagine any environmental regulation so outrageous that it would render the 2 of you broke just to get into compliance. Those regulations ensure that we can keep our environment clean, the air & water we need healthy and the working conditions safe. Seriously - splurge a few million and keep in compliance. Trust me, that's probably a days earning in interest for you.

And Unions are not the enemy. To the millions of working class in this country , they have made a difference when it comes to working conditions. My Stepfather, a Steelworker Union member, once showed us the spot at his local steel plant where they would take the bodies of those who died while working. His body is crippled from years of working the line but his work with the Union have ensured that future generations no longer face these kinds of conditions. I know I'm not Union but I can thank a Union for the decent salaries, healthcare and reasonable working hours that I have with my job. But you'll bust the Unions just so you can add to your billions of dollars, shame on you!

Jesus once said 'It is easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than a wealthy man to reach the kingdom of Heaven'. That quote wasn't geared towards us working class but for people like you - Charles & David Koch - and any other filthy rich gazillionaire who would try to squash the working class in order to boost your profits. Sure, people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckenberg are billionaires but at least I see them giving money back to the community with massive donations to help make this world a better place. Like you 2, they probably couldn't spend all their money if they tried but at least they are doing good with it and not just making themselves a fat pig.

So shame on you Charles & David Koch. May your time in Hell be painfully hot and forever eternal and may the faces of the people who you squashed in order to reap in your billions haunt you every single day. I would suggest you read Dante's "Inferno" for surely there is a hell like that for you.


Lynne Sin
In solidarity with the Unions throughout this great country!
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Posted by LynneSin in The DU Lounge
Mon Feb 14th 2011, 02:50 PM
17. Best Hard Rock Performance
New FangThem Crooked Vultures
Track from: Them Crooked Vultures

Them Crooked Vultures is a rock supergroup formed in Los Angeles in 2009 by John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. The group also includes guitarist Alain Johannes during live performances. The band began recording in July 2009, and performed their first gig on August 9, 2009 in Chicago, followed by a European debut on August 19. On October 1 the group embarked on a worldwide tour titled Deserve the Future with dates going into 2010. The band's first single "New Fang" was released in October 2009, followed by the group's self-titled debut album the following month, debuting at number 12 on the Billboard 200. The group won the the 2011 Grammy Awards Best Hard Rock Performance category for "New Fang" by Them Crooked Vultures.


So Plant finally won one 2 years ago and Jones has one. Has Page won one yet?
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Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion
Tue Dec 28th 2010, 03:38 PM /

The former president of Shell Oil said he believes Americans could be paying $5 for a gallon a gas by 2012.

"I'm predicting actually the worst outcome over the next two years which takes us to 2012 with higher gasoline prices," John Hofmeister said in a recent interview with Platts Energy Week television.

Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst with Oil Price Information Service, agreed that Americans would see $5 a gallon gas but told CNN that he did not believe it would happen in 2012. "That wolf is out there and it's going to be at the door...I agree with him that we'll see those numbers at some point this decade but not yet."

"The demand is still sluggish enough in some of the mature economies," he said.

I remember when I was house shopping back when gas was $4/gal. I knew that this was going to be the future so I was smart and I bought my house 2 miles from where I work. I also bought in the city because, god forbid, I have to find another job I'm right there by the Amtrak/SEPTA station and I could take the train to Philly and other points north for a job if need be. (they say it won't be until 2015 until we get SEPTA connected to Maryland and MARC). Today I fill up my gas tank about once a month and if price got too out-of-control, I am right by a bus stop that I could use to take the bus to work each day.

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Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Jul 14th 2010, 02:39 PM

While the media have given the impression that tea party supporters are angry independents who are very unhappy with the health care bill and the Obama administration generally, a new Gallup poll shows otherwise. The poll shows that 80% of the tea partiers are conservative Republicans, 15% are Democrats, and only 6% are independents. This is not entirely surprising since the initial organization and funding for the tea party rallies came from FreedomWorks, a group run by former House majority leader Dick Armey (R). In particular, comparisons between the tea partiers now and Ross Perot's supporters in the 1990s have no validity since Perot really did draw from supporters of both parties. It is probably a given that nearly all tea partiers will vote for Republican candidates in November, but that's hardly a surprise if they are indeed nearly all Republicans

Talk about a Captain Obvious moment with that poll. Those Tea Baggers weren't fooling any of us with their "We're Independant voters" bullcrap. Put a Fox in Sheeps clothing and you still have the Fox watching Faux News and spewing off mis-aligned talking points.
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Posted by LynneSin in The DU Lounge
Tue Jul 13th 2010, 01:36 PM

Panthers to Debut on 'True Blood'

As this season of HBO's True Blood has debuted the werewolf characters, it seems they won't be the only new edition to the hit show.

TV Guide has revealed that a panther has been spotted on set and will make an "on-screen debut in mid-August".

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Sookie's brother Jason Stackhouse, was quoted speaking about working with panthers on the show. It is implied that his character might be taking on the role of a werepanther on the show.

"I've been working with the panthers and they're a lot cooler than the wolves," he said.

As for creator of the show, Alan Ball, he only commented that, "We have shot some scene with actual panthers in the same way we have shot with actual wolves."
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Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Mar 23rd 2010, 11:41 AM
American Airlines 2141

Act fast! Only 4 tickets left at this price! Select $970 + $39 taxes & fees = $1,009 USD per person

Tue, Mar 23 American Airlines 2141
Depart: 8:00pm
Arrive: 8:50pm Miami, FL (MIA)
San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)

Non-stop Business 2hr 50min Boeing 757 View seats

Actually I think it's business class, first class was sold out. But I think $1009 is pretty darn good price for a last minute one-way flight to Costa Rica!

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Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Mar 17th 2010, 10:29 AM
For those what don't know who Emily's List is - they are an organization that helps elect pro-choice democratic women. In 1998, Blanche Lincoln was one of those women that this organization helped get in office.

I have donated on and off to Emily's List candidates for 10 years and regularly get their email. I was concerned about whether or not Emily's List would continue to support Ms. Lincoln. I know that Emily's List was constantly promoting the passage of the Health Care Bill, something which Blanche Lincoln point-blank refused to do. And with Ms. Lincoln dealing with a serious threat with a pro-healthcare progressive running against her in the primaries, I wasn't too happy at the thought of Emily's List piling money to help get her re-elected.

I guess I have no need to worry:
Surprised about Blanche Lincoln's fight for survival? I'm not.
By Ellen R. Malcolm on 03/04/2010 @ 09:13 AM

Tags: 2010 Elections, U.S. Senate

Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln is fighting for her political survival. Republicans are in full attack mode, and polls indicate she's the most vulnerable Senate incumbent in the country.

Frankly, I'm not surprised.

As I travel around the country, I've been asked repeatedly about Senator Lincoln's political troubles and what, if anything, EMILY's List will be doing to help her win a third term in 2010.

My answer? Nothing.

In 1998, EMILY's List helped elect Lincoln to the U.S. Senate. We believed her when she told us that that, if and when the Senate took up right-wing Senator Rick Santorum's bill to ban what he called "partial birth" abortion, she would insist on a health exception that protects women.

Our members gave generously to her campaign, believing that she would steadfastly stand by the pledge she made to us to protect women's reproductive freedom.

She took our members' hard-earned money to get elected. Unfortunately, when the Santorum bill came up for a vote, Lincoln voted for it even though it provided no exception to protect women's health.

EMILY's List members are deeply committed to electing pro-choice Democratic women whom we trust to stand up for our rights, treat us honestly, and make us proud. Our candidates fight for us every day. Blanche Lincoln failed to hold up her end of the bargain.

Since she wasn't there for us, we won't be there for her.

I didn't realize this went back to a few years ago, but I'm glad that Emily's List stands for it's values and won't give another red cent to this democrat.

I know Emily's List will not raise money for male candidates but not helping Lincoln with her re-election will make it that much more difficult.

BTW, if you are as angry with Lincoln as I am - then I suggest donation to Bill Halter: / . Let's get a real democrat in the senate!

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Posted by LynneSin in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Feb 04th 2010, 10:12 AM
So what doctor in the Phillipines would have suggested she have an abortion?

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad May Be Based On Falsehood

A commercial featuring Tim Tebow and his mother Pam that is likely to air during Super Bowl XLIV may be rife with inaccuracies, according to power lawyer Gloria Allred.

The ad, which is expected to promote an anti-choice message, will be based on the theme "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life." The Christian conservative group Focus on the Family has paid for the spot. James Dobson, the group's founder, has a history of inflammatory statements and once said that gay marriage will "destroy the earth."

Despite resistance from women's groups, the ad is expected to air during the Super Bowl. It is believed that the commercial will focus on Pam Tebow's 1987 pregnancy, during which time she fell ill in the Philippines. According to reports, doctors recommended that she abort the pregnancy, but she chose to go through with the birth of her son Tim.


Because abortion under any circumstance has been illegal in the Philippines since 1930 and is punishable by a six-year prison term, Allred says she finds it hard to believe that doctors would have recommended the procedure.


So who recommended an abortion to a woman in a country where abortions are illegal. I would suspect it wasn't any doctor certfied to practice medicine in the Philipines? Just so you know, Tim Tebow and mom - Lying is considered a SIN in the bible. Not only did it make the top 10 by being included in the Ten Commandments, but even JESUS solidified the importants of the 10 Commandments (oddly enough Jesus never talked about any of those other bizarre laws that were in Leviticus - I defy ANYONE to find Jesus himself condemn homosexuality).

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Posted by LynneSin in The DU Lounge
Tue Dec 15th 2009, 10:47 AM
I lofe Alfre, she's a very talented actress and I think Lafayette's mom will be a hoot on True Blood

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Meet Lafayette's mom: It's Alfre Woodard!

The Emmy-winning actress will guest-star on the HBO vampire drama "True Blood" as the mother of Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis), the cook at Merlotte's who got busted for selling vampire blood and held captive and tortured by Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). Since Lafayette and Tara (Rutina Wesley) are cousins, it means that Sookie's best friend would be getting a visit from her aunt.

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