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Byronius Dangerosity Stuffage - Archives
Posted by byronius in General Discussion
Tue Aug 02nd 2011, 10:29 AM
Lots of progressives sat on their hands in 2010, EXCEPT IN CALIFORNIA, where I live, and where stuff's getting better all the time.

So here we are, reaping the benefits of that poutrage, and DU is full of "Obama's A Traitor!" BULLSHIT today, and I'm just amazed.

You gave him less tools in 2010, and now you're bitching that he didn't do a better job? Good god. We suck.

Randi Rhodes went through everything yesterday, and was proud of Obama for what he was able to accomplish. Talking Points Memo had a succinct echo of her logic --


"Let me get this straight. The President kept revenues on the table, did not touch the sunset provisions in the Bush tax cuts, ensured that military cuts keep the GOP honest, protected Medicare by adding in only provider cuts in the trigger, made the reduction apparently enough to stave off a debt downgrade, got the debt ceiling raised, wounded Boehner by demonstrating to the world that he is controlled by the Tea Party caucus, took out the requirement that a BBA be passed and sent to the states and got the extension through 2012? What exactly is wrong with this deal?"

Things are tough all over, but a lot of people seem to be panicking, and the accusations that Obama is a traitor are OVER THE GODDAMED TOP, and completely false.


The most powerful newspaper editor in 1920's Germany was a progressive who spent all his energy savaging the fledgling Weimar Democrats for being weak and unable to fully marginalize the fascists and communists. He didn't bother with commenting on the fascists and communists; just viscerally accused the liberals of being traitorous and weak.

He and his entire family were among the first to be carted off to the concentration camps, WHERE THEY ALL DIED.

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Posted by byronius in General Discussion
Sun Jul 17th 2011, 02:58 AM
I thought today: I would like to give ten million dollars to Democratic Underground.

No strings. Maybe a share of stock, just so I could say I owned a little piece.

New servers, and bigger digs, and a secret fund for deserving DUers. Sounds good.

Yes. Someday I will do this thing. Because Skinner is Skinner, and this place is what it is, and that's how much I love it.

A mere pittance for survival paybacks, because this place shapes me, and I've grown strong from it.

Soon enough.
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Posted by byronius in General Discussion
Wed Mar 09th 2011, 07:15 PM
Small business owner, here, twenty years, still sorta standing. United Healthcare just jacked up our rates 25%; this after about 300% increase over ten years with an incredible decrease in benefits. Usually it's a five percent a year increase, every year for the last few years. But I can't afford this one. No way. We're going to lose our health insurance.

My family's health insurance premium is now officially twice our mortgage. The plan we're on is the cheapest, bottom of the barrel PPO with an extremely high deductible and copays, through Costco. But -- that's over.

I know they're gouging before the 85% rule takes effect. Still, I'm panicked by this. I'm thinking of approaching some young doctor personally, and paying them directly -- we'd get better care, at least until some huge crisis hit. Anybody got a suggestion? Whatever happened to not-for-profit HMO's? I guess I know the answer -- United Healthcare ate them.

My broker said their own rates, for an office full of twenty-somethings, just went up 32%. She's going to try to look around for us; I already know the answer.

This is a criminal act by a hugely profitable organization that uses my premiums to cement their stranglehold on the nation. Perhaps it's good in the end; at least I'll feel good about not giving my money to The Evil Fucks.

The Rich are eating the Middle Class. I find myself thinking about Robin Hood a lot today.

For now, I'll scramble to find a solution.
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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Dec 10th 2010, 08:47 PM
Listening to yesterday's podcast -- a South Carolina veteran, 51, talked about unemployment. He broke down in tears. Randi was compassionate and patient, talking to him until he regained his composure. She asked for any listener who could offer employment to call in. It was gripping to hear.

I don't care what dark opinions anyone has about this woman. She's an important and powerful force for good. She has an unerring moral compass, a hyper-quick mind, and an addiction to hard fact.

Moments like the one with 'Mike' reveal that she has an emotional intellect as well. I found myself holding my breath. Very intense radio. Wow.
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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Nov 26th 2010, 11:45 AM
From the excellent and most progressive Devolution Band's lyric Wiggly World:

They say the fittest shall survive
Yet the unfit may live
Let 'em wear gaudy colors
Or avoid display
Hey it don't matter
It's all the same

So I do this and I do that
So I do this and I do that
So I do this and I do that

It's never straight up and down
It's never straight up and down
It's never straight up and down
It's never straight up and down

Oh you got a nickel
I got a dime
I'd like to get to know you
But I haven't got the time
You gotta walk like a mannequin
Roll like a tire
Act on reaction
Dodge the big spud fryer
So wiggle on the bottom
Wiggle on the top
Wiggle up the middle
And laugh a lot
Cause I've been living in a wiggly world
Wiggly world, a wiggly world
I got to tell you
I've been living in a wiggly world now
Wiggly world, a wiggly world
Well I've been living in a wiggly world
Wiggly world, a wiggly wor/d
I got to tell you
I've been living in a wiggly world
WiggIy world, a wiggly world

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Yeah I've been living in a wiggly world
Wiggly world
Oh I've been living in a wiggly world
Wiggly world
Well I've been living in a wiggly world
Wiggly world
Well I've been living in a wiggly world
Wiggly world
Well I've been living in a wiggly world
Wiggly world
Well I've been Iiving
In a wiggly world now
Wiggly world
Well I've been living in a wiggly world
wiggly world
Oh, I've been living in a wiggly
Wiggly world

I've got tickets to see them play New Year's Eve, but Bob cut his hand, so it's postphoned to March.

I'll wait. This band saved my life.
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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Sep 21st 2010, 03:35 PM
A friend of mine, Bob, who owns a small business, just told me this story.

He has two employees, Nathan and Vera. Nathan imprints items that Vera assembles; both are long-term, hard-working, nearly irreplaceable employees. Nathan has always been a Republican, but recently has veered rightward into Tea Party territory, as a daily listener of Beck and Limbaugh. Bob and Nathan used to be comfortable talking politics until the 2004 election. After that, they just worked together, and both now keep their politics private.

A note about Nathan, that will tell you why Bob doesn't bother tussling with him -- Nathan is a single-issue Republican, one who pays child support to a woman he slept with only once. Nathan seems to be certain that Republicans are opposed to child support, and thinks that they will eventually give men the right to force abortions on women they've had sex with, instead of allowing the women to make the choice.

Got that? He's weak-minded, confused, and a little weird. In other words, perfect Teabagger material.

So Bob feels more sorry for Nathan than disliking him, and as long as he keeps his politics out of the workplace, leaves him be. Nathan can be apparently quite friendly and personable under most circumstances, as long as ideology is kept off the table.

Bob arrived at work the other day to greet a sobbing Vera, tears streaming down her face. Vera is a grandmother in her fifties, an immigrant from Laos putting five children through college without help from her husband, who was laid off last year. Vera told Bob that Nathan had yelled at her, that he hated her, thought she was a bad person. She said she felt that she did not deserve to be treated in this way.

Vera's 'crime' was showing up to work fifteen minutes early.

Bob told Vera he would make things right. His company is small, only eight employees left after the recession, and there's just no room for that kind of discord. Bob feels like he runs an enlightened company, pays a living wage, and pays for eighty percent of his employee's skyrocketing health insurance -- even as the company barely skirts bankruptcy.

Bob asked Nathan to talk to him outside. From Nathan's characteristic shit-eating grin, he could tell Nathan was expecting something. When he asked Nathan what had happened, he admitted to yelling at Vera, but then suggested that he was justified.

Bob, stunned, asked why it was ever justifiable to make a hard-working grandmother cry, and asked Nathan if he hated Vera.

Nathan replied that he did hate Vera. Why? Nathan replied that it was because Vera's an immigrant. And because she hasn't learned to speak English more fluently during her employment with the company.

Bob counted to ten. Then he tried to clarify -- surely Nathan didn't mean --

But he did, repeating his Teabagger-implanted opinion quite clearly, in terms that Bob recognized as parroted Fox News-speak.

Bob lost his temper. He said he was just too shocked by what he heard to maintain.

Later, all was shakily patched up. Nathan semi-apologized, and was notified that Vera had generously suggested that Nathan be allowed to keep his job under the condition that the behavior never occur again. Nonetheless, everyone in the company was shocked, and the event really altered the tone of the workplace, permanently.

Bob feels like it's just another nail in the coffin for the business.

Beck and Limbaugh make a lot of money, and will never experience the harmful consequences of their awful mouthings, and the terrible poisoning of weaker-minded folk who carry their hate-mongering lies into the real world, where it hurts people's lives, and damages the nation.

Tea is expensive. For everyone.
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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Apr 19th 2010, 07:36 PM
Brave little kid. Wonder where his parents are?

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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Mar 15th 2010, 08:06 PM

Gotta love that little bellhop murderer...

Witness the mindfuck mastery.
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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun Mar 07th 2010, 07:13 PM
TruthIsAll brought me to DU. I followed him religiously, along with AutoRank. In 2005, the Election Reform Forum was front and center on this site.

Some may argue that the issue is dealt with. It is not. Not at all. The United States suffered an electoral coup in 2004, and the principal conspirators are still out and about and doing the Sunday talk shows.

No, I haven't gotten over it.

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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Dec 19th 2009, 06:15 PM
I wrote a post last night on the film 'Idiocracy' that was deleted, and it's a good lesson for me. It was deleted from DU for my using the word ‘fag talk’ as it was used in the movie — I suddenly realized I had been too slick in my inference that the people of the future refer to any intelligent-sounding sentences as ‘fag talk’. But really, that word is just as awful as the n-word, isn’t it?

I thought Idiocracy did a great job carrying out certain human behaviors to their absurd conclusion — the idiots of the future use ‘fag’ in the same list with ‘balls’, ‘ouch’, ‘fuck you’, ‘buttfuckers’, ‘we know he’s guilty’, and many other Palinist-plus-five-hundred-years quips. ‘Fag’ means ‘Smart’ in the future — and it is ‘Smart’ that is feared and disdained, not gayness.

A post banned from DU. Sigh. The ‘fag-talk’ capital of Earth, in my opinion, and my second life. I should have been more careful — but I had forced myself to drink several glasses of wine with dinner, and hereby blame the alcohol. Ahem.

Perhaps there is some sort of program one can use to filter one’s posts for wisdom, or even just a series of questions hard to answer while weaving. I don’t know.

The movie was funny as hell.

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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Dec 17th 2009, 12:25 AM
I didn't believe it until I read the poem:

One thin September soon
A floating continent disappears
In midnight sun

Vapors rise as
Fever settles on an acid sea
Neptune’s bones dissolve

Snow glides from the mountain
Ice fathers floods for a season
A hard rain comes quickly

Then dirt is parched
Kindling is placed in the forest
For the lightning’s celebration

Unknown creatures
Take their leave, unmourned
Horsemen ready their stirrups

Passion seeks heroes and friends
The bell of the city
On the hill is rung

The shepherd cries
The hour of choosing has arrived
Here are your tools

New Worlds

Is it really Al Gore? I have no way of knowing. But I consider the poem excellent, and worthy of the man.
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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Nov 19th 2009, 07:54 PM
Sent to my Senators, Congresspeople, and the President:

Small business owner, here. Ten employees, twenty years in downtown Sacramento. We sell mostly outside the state and internationally. I just wanted to relay a few hard facts to you.

1) The SBA is broken and useless. No bank is interested in helping with debt consolidation, and no bank is interested in the ARC loan program. We’ve always had a good credit history, but all historical precedent and apparently all logic has disappeared. I continually read articles about how small businesses generate most of the jobs in the U.S., and how the focus should shift away from helping massive financial institutions that produce nothing and benefit only a few, towards helping small businesses cope with the disastrous crash of October 2008 – and I will tell you frankly that it is all too late.

The ARC program is a joke. If you qualify, you’ve already been out of business for a year. Even if you survived, and you still qualify, absolutely no financial institution is interested in providing ARC loans. It’s a useless program, a fool’s game for small-business owners already working 80 hours a week, who divert time and resources to pursuing debt consolidation, only to find out that the whole thing is a complete waste of time. So, worse than a simple lie, it is also a destructive lie. You should know that down here in the nitty-gritty real world, the SBA is absolutely powerless and dysfunctional, useless and fake – score one for Big Finance. Speaking of which:

2) Financial institutions are now engaging in rapacious practices that will doom the surviving small businesses for the purposes of protecting short-term profits. Even the venerable Bank Of America has turned to cannibalizing its oldest small business customers, raising fees, freezing credit lines, and hiking credit rates, taking actions that will damage job growth for the next decade – while taking billions from our taxes to do so. Short-term profit; long-term national devastation. Not too smart.

From down here, it looks like nothing is working. No one is paying attention to us on any functional, local level. I do not expect that we’ll survive the next year, so count these ten jobs lost. We’re an honest business, and our word is our bond. We work hard, we’ve survived the worst, and now comes this wave of profit-taking by an oligarchic financial industry that has no wisdom, no judgment, no guidance – only an insect-like propensity to defeat sensible regulation, destroy the best programs, and consume people’s lives.

If you can’t figure out a way to make the SBA work, there will be no true recovery, and the misery index for the average citizen will continue to rise. If you can’t get help to small business like us, then Republicans will be returning to power sooner than later, because they’ll be able to claim that the Democrats failed. Of course, they created the problem, and are blocking all solutions – but the American Public thinks only in sound bites these days, and no one seems to have time for the facts, only for the false narrative -- what a heavy price we’re going to pay for that in the end.

We don’t command the financial power necessary to play politics; therefore we are the prey of those who do. How very nineteen-thirties. The Robber-Barons ride again.

I know you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. But you need to know – it can’t go on this way. If you can, find a way to fix the SBA. Right now, it’s worse than useless to everyone that really needs it.

Bank Of America froze our company's credit line last week without warning. No letter, no call, no nothing -- The 'Risk Department' decided we were a bad bet after twenty years with the bank, with not a single late payment, no bankruptcies, no defaults, and relatively good credit.

I've been reading this story over and over everywhere, so I'm not surprised. Still, it stings. Bad.

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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Oct 30th 2009, 04:34 PM

Radical Rules

“Ryan Radic starts his first year in college by being dumped, humiliated, and kicked out of school for something he didn’t do. Hiding out in the physics department basement, he makes a discovery that will change his life – and his love life – forever.”

This is my sixth screenplay, based on a kid I knew in high school named Christopher Gecik. He was the only Jewish kid (and I was the only Atheist kid) in one of the top Catholic prep schools on the east coast. We were both there on scholarships, and we used to sit out in front of the chapel during mass and talk science. He worked in the cafeteria every day, and cleaned hallways in the afternoon.

Christopher Gecik, and a little Tom Swift.
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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Sep 30th 2009, 03:22 PM
A Republican operative named Martin Eisenstadt was hired by the McCain campaign, having heard of his bare-knuckles, no-holds-barred success with other campaigns.

As the campaign wore on, CNN, the LA Times, and many other news outlets, especially Fox, began quoting an ‘unnamed McCain adviser’ who was responsible for starting multiple stories about Sarah Palin and John McCain, including the Palin clothing scandal, the ‘Africa is a country’ scandal, and about five or six other major news stories that helped torpedo the McCain campaign.

Among the stories: ‘Unnamed McCain campaign adviser says Governor Sarah Palin is “going rogue”; says that she has been the hardest candidate to bring up to speed in presidential campaign history’ — from which comes the title of Sarah Palin’s new 400-page book.

Martin Eisenstadt is the completely fictional creation of two shy liberal nerds, who employed a large staff of volunteers and a professional actor to create not only a fake person, but also a fake foundation that he had purportedly started, complete with a huge fake staff contact list (with phones that were always answered by real people), and impeccable conservative social credentials. The paychecks were never cashed (that would have been illegal), and ID was never requested; ‘everyone’ knew about Marty Eisenstadt, the conservative whiz kid.

I believe these two gentleman helped change the course of history. And to see their creation’s phrase become the title of Palin’s book is Supreme Irony, especially after the hoax was revealed last year in an MSNBC interview with the two creators.

Here’s a completely fake BBC documentary Martin Eisenstadt appeared in called ‘The Last Republican’, still claimed as legitimate by confused conservatives everywhere:

OMG. Stupendously rich. These guys are my heroes.

Marty Eisenstadt rules the world.

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Posted by byronius in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Sep 18th 2009, 02:12 PM
The original let people post photos of themselves with signs apologizing to the world for electing Bush. The archive is heartbreaking: Sorry Everybody

I bought the coffee-table book. It's great. Hard not to tear up, though.

The new stuff is thrilling: Hello Everybody

People from all over the world post messages of approval:

-- and US citizens express their relief.

It's a great site to click through. I'm posting mine this week.

What a hard road we've been on. And thank the universe for Barack Obama.
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