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Underground Panther in the Sky's Scratching Post - Archives
Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Tue Nov 01st 2011, 06:19 PM

What is Marriage?

Is marriage a religious institution?

Or is it a legally binding contract?

If marriage is a religious institution...

Then the government has NO jurisdiction over the marriages process in any way or who considers themselves married by their own religious convictions.
Thus the government should have no grounds to differentiate between individuals and married couples.

If marriage is a legal binding contract...

Then the government cannot denounce any two people from negotiating or drawing a contract between themselves.

If marriage is a religious conviction, then only the churches would have any say about who was married and who can be married. Divorce would be as simple as changing your religion or church.

At present,marriage appears to be a religious conviction with a legal binding contract which is why lawyers and courts are involved in divorce.
At that point the governments interaction with marriage, separation, and divorce is the government mandating a religious ideology. * And it is unconstitutional.*

There are only 2 ways to rectify the situation.

1:Allow marriage between ANY two individuals provided they are capable of making the decision and of legal age to bear responsibility.

2:The government would have to renounce all involvement, enforcement and entitlements of married couples.

(Kudos go to Mike my roommate for questioning what all the fighting was about).
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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Fri Oct 28th 2011, 05:49 PM
On top of the pathological levels of sociopathic indifference they have twords the pain of others,the horrors they perpetrate against others,against the environment and everything else that exists. Despite the fact they want to OWN and CONTROL the world and if they cannot have it all that they'll make damn sure nothing else can live on/in it either. Even regardless of that zero sum ass holiness bullshit they foist upon everyone by hanging price tags on everything but themselves, to make us all pay the rich MORE..Despite their attempts to own or destroy the commons.On top of their systemic abuse of this entire nation cradle to grave. Or the intrusions their fucking companies make into our lives,and the petulant demands found in all levels of the hierarchy they whip into submission via lies,debt and free market bullshit,and the damage to our collective well being that is done to make sure the rich shall never do without a desire unmet,..

I hate them for even more,

They get to have have time,
Most people have NO time because they have been taught they must PAY to EXIST.So they must run to work and to work,school,home eat fast,go to bed late,get up early to get back to work,because wages are 1970's wages and costs have gone far past the 1070's prices.
The rich don't only get time,they have meaningful time, time to enjoy art,theatre and music,time to go socialize in a pleasant place,(Like huge homes with everything you could want in there,money to entertain and be entertained,and country clubs),without being hassled by mall cops or sales people demanding they BUY something to occupy the space. The rich live in ESTABLISHED neighborhoods not atomized suburbs.They can develop a social life.A social life is built up by having free time to enjoy being around others,do fun or interesting things,have a meaningful relationships.The RICH have made sure many of us are so alone. /

I hate the rich they always have the means to go places I will NEVER EVER see.They are never without transportation,food,medicine, heat.They aren't late on bills,they have a never ending supply,so it is NOTHING to them and because of the disgusting wealth they have they will NEVER be haunted by debt.

The rich get to go to quality schools with low teacher to student ratios that have time to challenge them if they are smart and the motive to pass them if they are not.. The school I went to besides being a hellhole bored me to death.And because bullies took their toll on me unfettered by teachers trying to manage 40+ kids in a class, I never got to aspire to anything, I was too busy trying to survive abuse everyday .That took away my dreams for the future in about the 5th grade. My school never bothered to notice there was something terribly wrong in the school they were obeying some "higher authority" and brown nosing some rich pigs in high places..But if a rich kid if he ever set foot in a public school to begin with ever suffered a bully's cruelty that would have been attended to pronto,a rich kid with political ties in a situation like I faced would have had the entire school bending over backward and sacrificing who knows how many poor students dreams to please those rich connected parents holding power by the purse..

I hate the rich because they never feel the faceless cruelty of poverty,and they are so removed from the consequences of their lifestyles and greed they can see people like you and I as cattle,as disposable,as inferiors.. and they can deem the homeless as lazy .The rich can pretend the homeless want to be homeless,and that they deserve to suffer,for the rich won't suffer one bit,they will sleep at night regardless of how the 99% lives. The rich sleep in the best of beds in the softest of linens,security watching over them like surrogate parents.

The rich,they never have to do without anything or do anything they don't want to do once they are adults,.They have soft perfect hands because the rich have staff to cook the food,wash the dishes.They won't fuck up the budget because they have top notch professionals to manage the paperwork,manage their fucking companies for them,workers to make or do the jobs,as they see the money pour in like never ending manna from heaven. The rich never even have to manage the hassles in maintaining their lives. No budget to speak of,health care,and all the other really insane time occupying BULLSHIT that the 95% of us deal with day in day out (Like repeating over and over your name/dress/date of birth etc. to a fucking machine,or going up a phone tree trying to put you off,to get a number to call to go up ANOTHER damn phone tree until you find the person that can really fix your reason you called.They don't have to worry about forgetting to go wait in line for 3 hours at the DMV to get a little fucking sticker,with 2011,12,13..on it to put on a corner of a license plate to avoid being charged 70 or 80 bucks,or waiting in a ten mile line at a store.They hire people for pennies to do those unsavory tasks.And should that peasant forget to do that task,they can have fun firing them,and that 80 buck fee won't even be noticed.An 80 buck fee over a stupid sticker for many of us might mean no food next week.

I hate the rich because THEY get their organic pure healthy meals DELIVERED to their kitchens where staff cooks it up into beautiful culinary delights.A dinner of mac'n'cheese and tuna mixed in it isn't a culinary delight.It's survival.
A dinner out for the rich can cost 1,000 bucks a shot,a dinner out for me is panera or chinese once a while.

I hate the rich because they'll never experience trying to stay dry in a storm at a bus stop with no shelter hoping the lightening does not hit YOU today.The rich think public transportation is a waste of money,because to the rich it IS. They never need to take it,their drivers are always on call..or they could just take the new benz for a ride.
They'll never have to do the laundry,mow the most stupid thing on earth, the lawn. They'll NEVER be forced to tolerate being in our presence very long,but somehow despite their callous and cruelty aimed at us they get people like us to fawn over them to,cover their ass,and they never ever are called out for being the wastes of skin they really ARE.They never go to REAL jail or have to admit their child is a fucking bully.Why? Why do the rich deserve such velvet glove treatment from the 99% Is it because they have hired other people to make your life more miserable than they've already made it?Why do you never tell them,fuck you I'm not paying you one more dime..because you are aware the pigs will come with guns and take you away? fear losing necessities of life like heat,food medicine to mitigate the damage of pollution on your body,or stress of living in the empire built of exploitation and abuse only they the 1% ever truly enjoy, because it is designed to make you do what the rich don't want to do?

Their houses are beautiful refuges, places they want to live in,and they give the rich a sense of security we wish we could have too. Because they are rich their housing security will never be threatened by a bully landlord, taken away due to taxes they can't pay, or foreclosed by a fucking BANK,unless they want to dispose of it.They'll never have to live next to a abandoned property with boarded up windows and half dead crackheads inside screaming,and guns a blazing all night,or hear some desperate couple that were once so in love tear each other's hearts apart over debt unable to ask what are we gonna do? So terrorized and frustrated by the demands of those with too much money and control operating through a faceless thief called a bank.. The rich,their places to live are THEIRS they will never be evicted.The rich people's houses, all of them,are NEVER left un-repaired from lack of money to fix them. But in poor neighborhoods there is no money and no one that fixes it.The rich can have whatever pets they want,who's gonna tell them they can't have a cat in their own home? But the rich can demand in that special faceless and cold way a desperately lonely and heartbroken person they can't have a cat.No cat for you,poor, to love and purr against your touch starved skin,it's in a lease,break it and you are not only left without a sweet furry face that loves you,you are now without the cat,you are homeless,and still desperately lonely & heartbroken.

And if the rich feel a teeny bit stressed they can call a chauffeur and go to a spa and get massages and have a wonderful meal,go home and cry to their ever attentive staff or go do yoga with a private physical therapist, or go to a PRIVATE shrink who does not have to report,as in fork over everything you said in your "private"therapy sessions to the insurance companies or the state.

I hate the rich because the rich will NEVER be treated like I have been,despite stress bad enough to destroy me.I was depressed threatening nothing,not even speaking loud,I answered the questions,But despite EMT's saying I was ok,and my own counselor, the pigs handcuffed,frogmarched me out of my house and forced me into the back of a squad car with lights and all.I was laying down in the back seat due to a broken knee,the hand cuffs were digging into my the wrists,and I despite being called ok by my counselor and the EMT's I was delivered to a ER scared wondering if I was gonna be sent away.I went though this Because the rich people, are skeered by people who are poor or suffering,and because they encourage reporters to spread this bigoted shit about mental illness and PTSD through the news.Where the 'middle class' hears it over and over gets spooked and I get to be assumed to be DAAAAaangerous,for being so damn sad inside. WTF!? Imagine if a senator's adult son,or a koch brother's niece was treated that way,I bet heads would roll and backs will bend into pretzels to appease such barbarity..The story of that poor man might run on faux news for a week.And all those letters and prayers pouring in from the stupid republican sheep to soothe his tiny troubled heart.

All this happened because because a program that is part of the mental health services for this county has to obey selfish stupid corrupt ass-wipes,in congress falling over themselves to obey wishes of those who are stinking RICH,commanding they cut costs,to enrich themselves,so since congress doesn't want their asses pinched they pass it to the states,The state not wanting to stop sucking the ass of BUsiNESS,and blowing money on highways,instead leave it to the counties to cut the social safety net.The counties upper crusties don't want to feel a pinch so they cut the poor, the rich think we are just cattle and we can't do anything to stop them.So the social safety net is cut more and more so the rich NEVER have to face the fact the greedy create the needy,So the county has to give money to"job creators" to appease the middle class. So the county finds it cost effective cutting funds available to MY county and those cuts made mental health caseworkers working for the county/state take on client loads so huge, they have no time to go visit clients in crisis and help clients in crisis they are hired to help out of a crisis.

I hate the rich because they are NOT at all better quality of people than I am.Not one iota more deserving,fortunate or hardworking or even noble than I or you,yet they get treated as if they were..

I hate them because they assume we should suffer more so THEY never have to suffer at all.
They get to live in a beautiful world because ours is so terrible to endure.

I HATE THE RICH.Why? Because they make me Suffer so they never will have to!!

The 1% ARE the source of 99% of the PROBLEMS the 99% suffer through!

I have -0% pity for the rich.
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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Thu Oct 20th 2011, 04:06 AM
Being Transgendered,a Female to male ,I can tell you first hand that male privilege exists.Some guys DO talk about women like a piece of meat to fuck.They do get off on depictions of female degradation. It's disgusting how arrogant some guys are strutting around like little roosters,and hollering a sexual slurs,or harassment to a woman happens to be near or touching her when she does not want to be touched,that is bullying and a disregard of her humanity and her power over her own body.No male would tolerate it if a woman the male did not like groped him he would stop the groper.If a woman punches a groper she's a prude a harpy,in reality just like the man,she's defending the boundary of his body.Everyone has a right to defend themselves from unwanted gropes,touches or cruel comments.Sadly women have forgotten they have a right to defend themselves as much as any guy would. This is about POWER and the abuse of it.
... Rape can permanently damage a person for LIFE. I have seen guys joking about it, in private,looking at women tied up in ropes.It was a mental circle jerk to the idea of gang raping a helpless person. It was a terrible thing to witness but these guys didn't see it that way because the power dynamics of abuse they were doing was invisible to them..They didn't know I was not always a guy,so they were disarmed around me. I have the testosterone level of a normal guy, my blood tests prove it and yes some things changed ,but I have not become cruel.I see a nice looking person I don't have to yell anything about her body in public to appreciate her seductiveness or beauty. In reality There is no need to ever believe any guy says MUST have sex, or needs to look at violent porn to get off or cannot control his sexual drive ,he is a liar 100%.A guy who yells shit at women about their bodies is a man that likes to scare/intimidate/humiliate, or abuse power with women,it's a lust for POWER not lust or love, or even lust at all motivating that,it is reinforcing rank of power.. It may very well be a learned behavior or a sadist problem it's really a distortion of power some men have.A gender based DISPARITY OF POWER is what's defined as male privilege.Along with abusing power and the desire to make a woman feel bad,or be intimidated.Stuff like looking at porn is not a victim-less act,men may very well be looking at pictures of slaves.Confront them and they go denying the women in the pictures could be a fuel for sex trafficking,a huge profit maker for criminals. To some men who behave this way or apologists for it are unaware of the other's point of veiw,reinforcing the invisibility of privilege.Rank is a drug. The more you have, the less aware you are of how it effects others negatively.

All that shit like porn,dehumanizing women,violating boundaries that certain men defend like an addict claiming his heroin use is not hurting anyone, has NOTHING to do with having testosterone in your bloodstream ,love or sexuality at all.It has everything to do with POWER and the abusive dynamics of power that privilege provides a place for.The more conscious we are of rank and privilege in all it's forms and seek to SHARE power and strive for more equality the less conflict privilege will cause for people.
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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Thu Oct 20th 2011, 01:29 AM
I was recently hospitalized for trauma based issues . This time inside,it was on a unit specifically designed for my sorts of issues.During treatment there I opened things inside in therapy because it was safe to do so there.I went through emotional hell too. I could not keep up with the schedule of therapies,I never knew what time it was,and remembered no names and could not connect names to faces.I tried to but it was futile. I had lots of headaches,switching rapidly,depression,and my meds were changed there ,and I was at wit's end wanting to die. Then in the midst of my overwhelmed confusion suddenly the Insurance company,the bean counters and a few indifferent rich people who will NEVER talk to me or consider me as a real person,and the states attorney who grants licenses for insurance companies and what they must do(Scary to think one guy controls my health via letting companies who care nothing but for profits get in as hmo's under MA which is being overrun by the cruel and indifferent corporations.The company that forced me out was United Health care of Mid Atlantic/MA,They cut my stay in the hospital trauma disorders unit suddenly short. I was in no way prepared to go home to this lonely overwhelming hell and getting prepared to suddenly go myself seemed almost impossible.I was scared shitless.

I was told I was leaving on a Friday.I had two days before I was supposed to get discharged. Now realize I do not drive, in a world built for cars while public transport languished years ago because of the robber barons long ago. ..There is NO public transportation connections from my county of shit, to the county the hospital was in.Luckily my sister was in the area.She is frantic never stopping to breathe because of how busy she makes herself,a workaholic to the core.She was hurrying me up as I signed papers I rapidly said goodbye to peers whom I bared parts of myself to.We rush to get in the car,and the staff didn't give me medications I need they were left in a bag in the nursing station.We went back to get them.My sister was frustrated,and when I came back it was too late for her to pick up my niece,she had to get top work,even tho a bus was available it made her late and because I had to get my meds back,my sister tells me my niece will lose her job.I felt horrible like it was my fault.I just wanted to die after hearing that.I tried to tell myself it was staff's fault, or my sisters fault because she overextends herself to insane proportions or my nieces boss for being such an unreasonable arrogant asshole..But It's a nasty thing to hear when you feel like a problem in a human suit,wanting to die.

Harford County Maryland is a horrible place to live when you are poor and car-less,real estate developers run the show here,and the state turned bloodthirsty red,so no funds were there for public transportation and the social safety net here is nearly gone. Section 8 has been closed to applications in Harford county for YEARS.
Which brings me to another injustice. In 2005 I applied for section 8 in Baltimore Co.
A few days ago in the hospital I find out the rules have changed regarding section 8 application portability, Because I don't live or work in Balto.County .My application I put in almost 6 years ago is now void,I found out there is a 6 YEAR wait list,and I had maybe at most 6 months to wait left.It was like an arrow in my heart to find out that long,long wait was was a person working for the dept. of social services itself who filed that application too.If I was able to get section 8 in my county my choices would be limited to Harford co..There are no places to rent section 8 here.This county likes to pretend no poor people exist here,no homeless or mentally suffering people that are never safe to live around. if I had section 8 in Harford County My option would be in ONE area of a neighborhood so bad it has ranked one of the most unsafe places to live. I hate being around fucking assholes drunks and addicts.Anyway Harford County's section 8 list is shut down for who knows how long.

The so called BRACK funds everyone thought would bring decent public transportation here did NOTHING to help the poor get around here or make our lives better,no it was wasted on making rich geniuses with no consciences feel comfy and wasted on car related crap...and it probably lined some well fed pockets too of course.
here are millions being blown here making accommodations for cars,more road remodeling, fucking roads,houses that don't sell,for a town too small for so many people.This town grows in a very stupid way,attracting well off families,in big honking SUV's that you cannot see past in a parking lot. It has no places to gather without alcohol except starbux.During the day the place is dead,after five is when people go there and the bus here shuts down at 5pm.God forbid poor people here have access to talk to other people.

I grew up here when this county was a violent,bystanding old boy network of bullies in hick-ville,there were no ticky tacky houses covering miles making life here so monotonous and full of roadkill.I grew up here,was tortured for many years of my life,here so there are triggers everywhere. I am trapped,Today like back then for similar yet different ways I am overwhelmed and isolated.It is slowly emotionally killing me inside.So over this last weekend,when it's less likely to get a hold of anyone, I frantically called everyone I knew who had a car,(a very SHORT list),and tried to find a ride.

Last Friday,
The Hospital all of a sudden declared me fit for discharge ,but I was not,I was still having severe symptoms.Monday came,no callbacks regarding a way home,I waited and as I was drawing to try to deal with it.The intercom went off,I screamed and my pencil flew,the intercom went off again and I startled again(one of the problems of having traumatic psychiatric injuries.)After being startled like hell again waiting for call backs Sunday afternoon, I had my first panic Attack,Never had them before.This was so bad, so painful even the staff thought I was having a heart attack,I didn't want to think that but the pain in the chest had me screaming,it was radiating to my arm,to my head,neck,jaw ,the nausea waves,the headache and difficulty breathing was pretty convincing to me,but I was scared to think it was a heart issue.Anyway after awhile of this I was on an ambulance admitted to the ER,And the cardiac unit while tests were done,well,the good news was my heart is in perfect condition. I came back to the psych hospital after that,so it WAS a panic attack. The intercom ,the staff doing rounds,sometimes even if it was quiet someone coming over to ask me something would make me jump out of my skin. That startle thing has not stopped.nor has the panic.I got home hugged my kitties pet my snake,and started to unpack,a huge welling up of sadness hit me and I cried for a very long time.My insomnia is as bad as ever.
My body aches &my back is fucked up badly with neuropathy,I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia,so the miles I walk to get anywhere,and carrying 40 pounds of groceries home are fast ending for me. I dunno what to do,mom says move in with seniors,find a group home,what she fails to realize is I would get kicked out of senior housing in this conservative hell,my lifestyle,looks,and differences,and gender issues,and ptsd/DID symptoms which are not always quiet or subdued for senior conservatives tastes or senior housing expectations.Some elderly are sheep so ignorant and so easily scared...Many places in the community to help people with problems like mine have been shut down.This town is ignorant and scared of mentally suffering people and anyone else not like themselves.

I dunno what to do about my situation anymore I can't stay here,Mom is ambivalent about selling this house, I am overwhelmed and feeling like death might actually be the best option for me.I don't see a way out anymore.I don't think I will ever get better anymore,I have tried hard but with the psych system corrupted and rampant with narcissists and authoritarians it has been made harder. I feel I'll never have a life worth enduring more of this.I have busted my ass trying to recover from what OTHER PEOPLE CHOSE to do to me, it is not fun.add in the issues of transport,distance and small town shit helping ensure my misery.When what life you have is overwhelming with responsibilities,I can't keep up, so lonely,isolated,impossible to manage,painful,devoid of meaning or joy.Why should I endure more days, waiting just to die,what is worth a life alone and torn into a billion pieces,triggered,heartbroken? My hope is gone it left long ago,and I can't believe in anything anymore,there is no gods,nothing anywhere like that that,it's just a cruel barbaric society,in a world made of life that gets born,eats/destroys others lives, life gets exploited by commerce created by rich parasite narcissists,sociopaths and assholes if human,and we get old weak,losing eyesight mind,strength,beauty then we all die.It is the tolerance of abuse and futility the indifference around me to the horrors I see that gets to me..Maybe if more people breed more humans on a world unable to sustain us,in an environment that we are killing along with a fiction called the corporation are destroying without any repercussions.While the poor are demonized as all lazy and should blame themselves for being poor,regardless of HOW and WHY they are poor.I am sick of this destructive ,selfish society.

I'm sick of impatient bully people with trucks that look like hillbilly armored vehicles revving their engines at me to maybe force me to walk faster at crosswalks while I walk across the road to Walgreen's for pain meds while the light is still red.Assholes in cars tossing bottles and other shit at me or other people walking then zooming away ,yelling shit out their windows.Seeing close up in technicolor all the carcasses of so many dead animals hit by cars who have less and less places to live as real estate developers go wild with this mindless greed driven growth sucking dry the remmnants of the housing markets,building more as more places as more places become and remain vacant.And this town sees all poor people as addicts parasites and thugs,while the re-thug bullies here,salivate for the day they can shoot some of those poor varmints messing up their utopian angry white guy delusion..Like this..


i used to be a marine corps sniper and you would NOT own my street. what you punks don't realize is that there are a lot of us so-called "squares" that aren't on anyones radar that are organizing to take back our streets from punks like you. we aren't afraid of the law and we definitely aren't afraid of you. so just continue on doing what you're doing because OUR fun is coming to a theater near you.

Than this gem in response to those two above,

Real Gs and fake Gs alike, they all die just as easily as any other person. Heh I know people in Meadowood. Their guns are larger than their vehicles.Hell, give me any weapon, I'm set. I actualy know how to aim.What the problem is, is that they run their mouths before they even determine who's side we're on.
the police are gangs too. they do home invasions and if they find cash, they steal it. i don't trust the cops anymore than the street corner gangs.

It's enough to make your mind crack.

Meanwhile surrounded by idiots that talk trash like that, I'm overwhelmed with flaky slob roommates who think I'm a maid service,giving them free razors,toothpaste and washing detergent,as if that was included in rent.My budget is carefully balanced,to make bills and make it here.

These assholes never realize my rent is VERY low because,I'm not a greedy pig. But they take advantage.Sick of people who are nice,considerate before they room here than they get as charming as a bunch of monitor lizards after they move in here.. It happens like this,they seem to be a good person,capable and able to handle rent or take care of themselves and all than they get in and they are assholes.than I have to kick them out,and try to get another roommate asap.The stress of this is awful.It's torment for me because the people I offer to live here do not help,they're oblivious to the fact if the floors gotten a little dirty is because you smokers track dirt in all the time going out to smoke and never wiping your shoes off and because my body won't let me do everything to maintain this place all the time with 2 times more dirt you all add to what I made and it's impossible to clean up after two grown lazy adults who could pick up a mop too .Hell they'll never dirty their hands with a mop and a little compassion.I hate maintaining mom's house/cage.I can't afford to live here without roommates because SSI is not enough money to survive here even with NO rent!

No wonder desperate people out here do desperate things & talk back to the overabundance of assholes. We got thugs threatening jar heads and jar heads threatening thugs.. While the poor and mentally suffering are stuck between this shit,hated and exploited by both the thugs and the crazy wing nuts.. Daily, with this kind of mentality in politics and people here it gets to be just toxic. There is a palpable bigotry against the poor,access to help and a social safety net dwindles as it gets more and more to the right out here.More and more people here are being betrayed by the market and jobs game,they cannot do or cannot please a sadistic boss,they're abandoned,left out,and screwed over by the county and state because of the greed and hatred of the barbaric right wing people out here and the culture full of bullies in this country.

Today with my counselor signed a safety contract so I would not kill myself tonight,it's a 24 hour promise/pact. that is all I can promise her today...Yep I was so ready for discharge,Monday,I ended up leaving the day after a panic attack that sent me to the ER, it's scary. You can't make this shit up,it would be hilarious if it didn't hurt me so bad.
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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Mon Sep 05th 2011, 05:30 PM
Abuse of power& people and the tolerance of it by too many of us..

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot
exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will
continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they
can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.
From that moment on, the majority always votes for the
candidates who promise the most benefits from the public
treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally
collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed
by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest
civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about
200 years."
-- Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor 1787


If the fascist assholes don't get what they want out of us they'll just set up this system they've imposed on us all for centuries by using a wall street collapse as a tool to make us suffer and die. Until we give up..They'll make us homeless,humiliated,poor and do it to anyone they choose.And the already poor will cushion the blow to the middle class unaccustomed to poverty.Because the poor are our culture's pariahs and nobody likes being on the bottom.So the poor will be hated,even more.
Our country and the world has been overrun with fascists,authoritarians and bullies.
Too many people still believe the bullshit abusers and fascists tell them.Abusive assholes are the ones who WANT power and will do anything to have it..So they can ABUSE it.They blow the taxpayers money on each other without concern or shame..Telling US to tighten OUR belts when we can barely afford to live..

OTOH I think the excess cost of maintaining the decadent lifestyles and perks of the rich and ceo/governing class is way too costly to the people,evident because people are fast becoming more poor).Notice they never mention the upkeep costs of the buddy buddy systems of wealthy corporations,the military,the churches, and our government, senators who can vote what their own salary will be,corporate welfare and the costs of other top executives lifestyles of excess and perks denied the rest of us,and the wages of those staff serving them....
(to the wealthy the truth is right here)
"If your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep will
be your downfall."
-- Bill Earle
"The State is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live
at the expense of everyone else."
-- Frederic Bastiat
The ones in power and those with wealth=power..cling to it voraciously.They have no shame,remorse or doubt that what they do is wrong.They exude certainty which makes them charismatic.If we don't do something to stop them that affects THEIR interests,they'll pretend to care say something that inspires hope then ACT otherwise still abusing power. These assholes want & encourage us to hate each other rather than seek out the true source of our misery,the authoritarians,the financial abusers,the sociopath over-rich,the control freaks,bullies, power abusers,that are in places of power over us.The assholes look after each other in thier good ole boy network found in country clubs and exclusive venues.We are getting more atomized and disconnected.
The same abusive pattern is there be it from a capitulating cowed bystander president at best,a complicit in abuses president at worst.Either way many people are being hurt,crushed emotionally, abused a billion ways everyday.

We are seen as inferiors,suckers and prey to the abusers of power,because of the beliefs ABUSERS OF POWER USE TO CLAIM IT'S OK TO ABUSE power!!
everyday we face betrayals and lies and hypocrisy and MANIPULATION and CRAZY_MAKING this assholes say we get duped into TOLERATING and DENYING it because we feel there is no options that are safe enough to DEFY or ESCAPE them.

"There is a war that makes us adore our conquerors and despise ourselves."
— Arundhati Roy (The God of Small Things)

Far too many people think they HAVE to put up with it everyday.We can complain all day go through the authoritarian layers of human roadblocks(mangers etc.) Just to talk to the pig running the outfit and ask them WHY?..They made the system so it's a hassle to face the cause..We can complain,yell and carry signs just as long as we never challenge what the abusers think is a divine right they alone are entitled to have to rule.IT's a LIE. How many recycled rich boys are in our government for generations,who price out any citizen outside their club never gets heard,or Mammon forbid elected to senate or house.If you look at the genealogies of the rulers of this country it's like reading the history of a DYNASTY. And abusers of power will keep it that way because they think they have a divine right to CONTROL the people's lives.

So many people are coerced to tolerate it from generation to generation,they obey,let themselves be misled,and duped by bigotries,propaganda,inherited beliefs along with a avoidance of unpleasant feelings,dilemmas,questions,and changes required in your own character raised by what you learn and realizations that cause cognitive dissonance.So to avoid the truth,they live their lives never questioning why things are this way .Instead of doing the work it takes to find out why this abuse?. Abuse is being perpetuated by the president, congress,a mean boss at work,or a tyrant asshole dominating at home, they are all doing the same shit,abusing others.. The ones with power,they are the abusers of all of us.Along with untold millions just doing their job,obeying the chain of command tying them into knots,even if it means ruining another's life ,with hunger,humiliation,'laws' made to inflict,powerlessness,suffering,pain or death to others..

When will we fight the corrupt abusers on OUR terms? Why do we limit ourselves to THEIR ways of confrontation? Their SYSTEM,Their Rules? Their ways of life they imposed on us for generations back to the very first asshole who declared himself king.

"Charles explained that there was a doctrine called the Divine Right of Kings, which said that:
(a) He was King, and that was right.
(b) Kings were divine and that was right.
(c) Kings were right, and that was right.
(d) Everything was all right."

Will we ever get the righteous anger to stand up to defend ourselves and each other to eliminate abusers and abuse from our lives,stop the abuses against the ecosystem,educate others about sociopaths and how reject them,Teaching people to question the purpose of their job and what they are being USED for.Why do we fail to bully them back for the sake of our human rights including our own,and run them OUT of power and into the gutter,kept poor,and powerless as they need to be kept lest they try to seek power again.We cannot trust abusers of power~ever~ Do not shy away from hating those who abuse you.Be it a snotty manager,an abuser spouse or parent,an abuser of power a congressman,media mouth or a president. We are supposed to be the governing class.NOT THEM.

Because of this treasonous role reversal we end up tolerating ecocide,fascism,harassment over something as dumb as walking down a road by a cop,financial abuse by corporations banks,and financial abuse by the rich,lives of poverty,hunger,hopelessness,no affordable housing,foreclosures,to rely on cars and no good public transport,crumbling infrastructure,schools that can barely afford life,to neglect our own health while the power abusers get all the health care and perks humanly possible on the CHEAP..What is lawful about this kind of abuse of us? These pigs cherry pick what parts of the Constitution they tout,and neglect the other parts important to US.

They deserve to be hated and they must have no power over anyone ~EVER~. They'll never change,they can't be trusted,but they need to be taken out of power..And we need to TAKE power back from them.Take their ill gotten fortunes AWAY from them so they can't buy congress.Expose disgusting hidden crimes & activities.

Do anything we can to RIP the MASK off of them completely regardless of their national security excuses,proprietary information, and fear propagation bullshit.They will never stop hiding behind flags,religion, fake virtue,promises they never intend to follow up on,fake town hall meetings,the world must see WHO they really ARE to feel the rage as the massive injustices they do that make our lives so painful..This isn't about redistributing wealth it's about stopping ABUSE of POWER.

We need to accept these assholes will never share anything with us,help us,be fair,or leave other countries alone,or stop gambling at the wall street casino with taxpayer money like a bunch of addicts,or make pay fair or fire the corrupt even if they tank the economy because they're racists and rich.
They love to watch us fight each other, be incarcerated to be exploited,kill ourselves in despair,face humiliations and be unable to stop it,they want to restrain us,abuse us,sicken us,rob us,drive us insane,rob us of a way to live,rob us of our home,our meaning,our food,time,opportunities,dreams,and the ability to escape their iron fists pressing us into atomized,lonely,dependent, helpless hopeless individuals so demoralized,overworked,scared and abused they cannot trust one another to be able to form the social bonds that can lead to solidarity and fighting back.

Who cares if the abusers are on the Right/Left.Fact is if they perpetuate abuse of the people or if they capitulate to fascists,and fascist policies they are COMPLICIT in this abuse of billions of people.And that makes them as fascist as the fascists themselves.

"Of course it will be difficult to solve the big problems of humanity. But can you, or I, or anyone justify directing all our efforts toward solving trivial problems -- just because the ones we all really need to face are difficult?"

What will happen to ME?,my stuff,my job, or my Familiarity? the worried narcissist or cowed citizen will moan,They demand to be led,kept out of harms way,and exempted from change if talk of standing up to abuse enters the discussion of what to do about this.

We need to stop letting these scared people make us fear and either tell them they are being complicit in keeping this injustice the status quo,to help and be courageous,get out of the way,or STFU.

Why do we listen to those who would give away our rights to not be abused to people who's only interest in anything is to protect themselves and family,to hell with everyone else?

A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.
Benjamin Franklin
They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin

When is enough,enough? Do we still want a real democracy or simply 'friendly fascism window dressed as a democracy?

A question people should be asking is:
How many of us say we are willing but end up refusing do anything about it?
How many are willing and ready to do what it takes?
How many are willing and angry as hell but are restrained from doing anything by circumstances imposed upon them,
(like poverty,sickness,disability,injury,incarceration in an institution, or lack of transportation.) but still do what they can..?
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“My problem is not with police protecting individuals from harm by anti-social types. My problem is with police who blindly support the status quo, and who protect corporations which are killing the planet, killing communities, killing all of us. Why aren’t CEOs arrested? Why aren’t CEOs executed for murder? It is insane and despicable that they are not. That is my problem with police.

Combine their paranoid, hostile perspective with the fact that they do not mind intentionally, consciously manipulating those with whom they come into contact—indeed, they are trained to intentionally, consciously manipulate those with whom they come into contact—and combine all of that with the fact that they have guns and we generally do not, and combine that with the fact that they have the full power of the state behind them to use those guns in ways that would cause the rest of us to be killed or imprisoned forever, and it becomes pretty damn clear why so many people hate cops: it’s not very fun to have someone hold power over you, especially when that person quite possibly does not have your best interests at heart, when that person has been trained to manipulate you, when that person can detain you or worse over misunderstandings, when that person, in larger cases, can destroy your life.

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We have a government of gangsters...

Why do they give war criminals,corporations,white collar criminals,dictators that do our corporate bidding and keep our criminal secrets a get out of jail free card.
Why are they allowed to do whatever they want,things that would send most people to jail? Why are certain wealthy and politically connected people allowed have no restraints on what they do? Why are they a immune to consequences for their criminality?

This country is operating like a gangster government..The powerful are living in a bubble where they via wealth are insulated from the results of their actions or lack of actions? Why are millions of people reduced to numbers, seen as these inconvieniant things intruding upon their 'beautiful minds'. Our government always looks out for that small circle of allies,and defend those allies even if it is crazy. The allies in the bully club of psychopaths at the top. Why do they get golden parachutes, healthcare that most of us dream for,they get their rent subsidized,they get other costs paid for or complementary when they have more than enough money to pay, is it because they are somehow more special than the rest of us.Sad truth it seems they believe they are superior and we accept this huge lie and still submit,do what they demand of us.

They can plow a highway through beautiful old growth woods,put a industrial park next door rendering your house worthless,steal your home via fraud,render your well water unfit to drink or even destroy you and your life and your loved ones,because the posse running this country only cares about their interests alone.and those interests are psychopathic .They push the failed economics (trickle down,free trade etc.)on propaganda channels they own as if they were 'independent 'aimed at stirring up the disenfranchized rage to be as tools because it favors the people like themselves..They want the poor to die because we clutter up their streets and are unwashed and not pretty,reminders of their failure to govern...They want the middle class,minor criminals,whom are not violent,immigrants,to be like slaves working away for free.But we must not call it slavery.

These exploited people must kept out of awareness so these wealthy criminals can do whatever they want to them..I mean whatever they want,rape a kid,they will suffer no consequences,they want to kill the people they victimize,unless they can be exploited. In their minds women exist to serve them,as mommies,maids,and whores, men boy toys or slaves.The people are for the most part even now are powerless.they are so scared of the power they could have,because they've had it drilled into their heads as bad.The people have forgotten the duty to revolt.They think loving and tolerating a den of normal appearing criminal sociopaths will make them play nice. This method of resistance has failed.Why do people in India HATE Ghandi? maybe because Ghandi was not so saintly in real life.Every charming asshole can spin a mask of goodness to dupe others and get what they want.

As human beings in this empire we are being abused,financially abused,emotionally abused.The abuse is hidden from conscious realization so it can be denied,and that just lets us be abused in a billion overt and covert ways. Until our perception of resistance is educated it sounds more just like a tortured soul in one of the secret black sites playing kind ,and non-violent in a desperate need to survive placating a vicious monster in a human suit to avoid more pain from his captors,and his captors try to convince the victim that HE CHOSE to put himself through torture.
Every time I hear,you can't fight city hall,or what can you do,or some other resignation statement that a sociopath would see as consent it makes me feel so sad for all of us that can care... We have become so fragile,so passive,so unwilling to give up comforts and cars for having scary freedom,self actualisation,resourcefulness and power as a collective and individually.

We are being abused,and dis-empowered to the point we think fighting for freedom from abuse can be done by waving signs yelling, showing up in numbers completly passive ,getting arrested, paying a fine to feed the very system abusing us and taking everything from us so they can profit and going home.Workers stand around complaining to the co workers with the same status but never really walking off the job. We go on signing petitions,if online probably get deleted,if on paper most likely end up shredded put in a staffer's trash can and you get a form letter with a computer printed signature.And feel a feeling of success,that is as fake as their caring.
The government and it's corporate buddies have become so brazen,manipulative, bigoted,theocracy tolerant,cruel,murderous,world killing,thieving,secretive,money controlled and corrupt,it is truly a den of sociopaths there just for the POWER.. So we wave signs at it? Send letters? How dis-empowered is that?

And who convinced us as human beings suffering under these psychopaths that signing petitions,writing emails& letters,waving signs with no sticks or anything pointy, showing up in numbers yelling or doing carnival acts outside the white house or some other place that harbors enemies to our well being.They may answer about the problem acting as if they even cared enough to pay attention to the hubbub we make,while hoping to get the press they own to report our problems with their system.
Who taught us yelling, chants,writing letters,signing petitions,and carrying signs was the only option available to us to fight corruption?
What do we do about a corrupted posse of rich and political assholes who outgun us as we yell,waving harmless signs,making sure we don't dare hint at violence as we protest. Deny we have rightful violence in our hearts directed at those who don't care abusing power? The authoritarians hiding under the curtain of "democracy" have used those guns before on protestors and innocents.(think Kent State& Leonard Peltier) We are up against sociopaths with power to abuse us without consequence to themselves! What can one do to STOP psychopaths exploiting of our government structures to abuse the people?
Karma will not stop them because karma is a wish of violence and harm dressed up to comfort people facing abuse telling them someday the tables will turn...,nor will prayers or curses do anything.Embarrassing them with a pie in the face is not going to make them care either.. We have to threaten their well being,their position,that is why Anonymous is such a threat..telling their dirty truths they want to hide from us..we have to make them face justice at our hands for the state will just slap their wrist because they are the bosses of the system they made to serve themselves. Eventually we will have to stop by-standing,risk being harmed,we have to jam the gears of profit.We have to throw ourselves against their bubble world until it pops,and they are forced to stand defenseless, face the rightious wrath of people they abused and horrors we live with that they imposed on us,to take from us our means to survive,account for what they have done,and very possibly have a fate like Mussolini or Marie Antoinette.

People do not like being abused,cheated,hassled,lied to,betrayed and told what or who they are by others dominating them,yet they tolerate it from corporations and a dysfunctional culture and state apparatus we all know is corrupt to the core..IF they can remember or imagine a life outside this empire of shit, life for them is intolerable because other people dis-empowered them, not knowing or facing up to the fact sociopaths are not like themselves.Love is not the answer..People have GOT to stop assuming all people are good deep down or everyone is like us.Reality is some are not like us don't care and like to see us suffer.
People go on hoping the sociopath's promises,promises to end the problem promises never to be fufilled.In the end promises were lies. But before you knew they were lies, they were HOPES.

The People are almost like the wife of an asshole.When he shows up with a dozen roses and crocodile tears promising ,Baby, I won't beat you up again,I did you wrong,don't leave me,I'll do better,give me another chance I love you!! And then the next Friday she is nearly beaten to death .Was it her hope that kept her believing in what he says or her obedience to someone that manipulated her into powerless?
We vote for the candidate that gives us hopes,hopes he never intends to honor.And we vote in the same type of liars,knowing they are assholes,Why?
There are absolutes in psychopathy and the main absolute is a literal absence of empathy. It’s just not there. In higher-scoring psychopaths, what grows in the vacant field where that empathy should be is a joy in manipulating people, a lack of remorse, a lack of guilt. /
How long will we not see the sociopaths hellbent on using us,robbing us,running our lives,and basically dominating us and determining how we must live through layers of little Eichmanns just doing their jobs, never realizing what doing thier job and keeping their head down and never making waves as their pay shrinks the benifiets are stopped ,and the threats get more shrill and they keep silent and work more and harder for no gain for their efforts,in the face of obvious abuse on the job does to other people's will to fight an exploiting abusing corrupt corporation.. /

Capitalism is a FAILURE because it rewards psychopathy. This is why poverty exists pollution is so bad and the earth is dying. It's the greed the theft called profit,the growth imperative,the games,the gambling.
It leads to a ruthless monopoly and aristocracy that's good for the rich without care and bad for those suffering and poverty to those who can't hack the ruthlessness of this insane system,or for various and very VALID reasons including they are sensitive caring souls that are beat up for existing.. People cannot stand living under a purely capitalistic country because the abuse for profit scheme becomes unmasked and the gears of profit get gummed up by those that CARE.Republicans and the rich HATE the social safety net because it prevents so much joy to psychopaths,by easing the suffering that they love to inflict and exploit.The social safety net puts a LIMIT on who they can make suffer and cause to die by poverty.

America has the HIGH rates of mental illness,suicides,
National Survey Reveals 45.1 Million Adults in the U.S. Experienced Mental Illness in the Past Year Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA)
According to new results from a national survey, 19.9 percent of American adults in the United States (45.1 million) have experienced mental illness over the past year. The survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicates that 11 million adults (4.8 percent) in the U.S. suffered serious mental illness in the past year – a diagnosable mental disorder has substantially interfered with, or limited one or more major life activities.
SAMHSA’s 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reveals that 8.4 million adults in the U.S. had serious thoughts of suicide in the past year, 2.2 million made suicide plans, and one million attempted suicide.

Exposure to other people’s pathology (and the corresponding emotional, physical/sexual abuse) can, and often does, give other people stress disorders, including PTSD. Our psychological and emotional systems are simply not wired for long-term exposure to someone else’s abnormal psychology.

Those who opt for isolation are usually principled believers in moral codes, who have faith in the final victory of good over evil, and, even if they consider splendid isolation to be an unrealistic dream on a social scale, still believe that it is achievable for them as individuals. According to the level of their optimism and courage, they either distance themselves from any possible relations with the gangster system, at any cost, or escape or withdraw from the world dominated by gangsters (including giving in to addictions, becoming workaholics, or submerging themselves in religion).

Those who opt for play attempt to discern not only the rules of the various system-games but their loopholes. In this respect they are realists who lead a kind of double life in which they are at once insiders and outsiders, managing the tension implicit in a contradictory multi-system universe

Calling for a world without crime means calling for a world not only without police and prisons, but also without many insurance companies or devoted social workers and charitable organizations that now deal with social pathology.

In verbal abuse, the abuser often manipulates the conversation by using all kinds of distracting techniques that keep the victim off balance. These techniques include half truths, distortions, targeted and vicious sarcasm, jokes at the expense of the victim, name calling, trivializing the victim’s thoughts and feelings, abusive anger, blocking and diverting attempts at clarification, scapegoating, blaming the victim for the abuser’s anger, manipulating information and more.
Some therapists describe these behaviors (in psychopaths)as “crazy-making”. What crazy-making does is keep the abuser in control. /
Something in our lives has made our lives so bad we have ceased to do what it takes to care about each other, some are even assuming control over=care about.

As we struggle to emotionally and physically survive,there are some in this society who cannot turn off the pain and take it day by day,or live with denial,believe in a popular fantasy,or exploit others..To them the world is a horror,a lonely,futile fight for what could easily be, if those exploiting,robbing,dominating taking from us would change. Truth is they'll never change,the zero sum games and the broken souls in it's wake are all they live for.They are unable to care.

At this point, I call this a theory of Predatory Leadership. My theory is that many people in positions of power were able to attain those positions because, possessed with an abusive or sociopathic personality, a combination of determination and drive, and exceptional expertise in exploiting and manipulating human nature, they were able to out compete (or eliminate) any competition that stood in the way of their goal.
Isn't that the goal of a businessman? or an election?

Sociopaths can fake caring very well,but he never changes.Why because as a nation we have accepted you can't fight city hall, you can't stop the gears of progress, boys will be boys, you cannot put genies back into bottles,the company is too big,and can hire lawyers and stay in court until you are bankrupted so why bother...

It's like everyone is awaiting permission to act. To stop the people harming them,permission that cannot be granted by another,or initiated by another for you, it must come from within.
Congress and state legislators have been contacted by many people. They know this program exists and are allowing it to continue. They are unwilling or unable to stop it. As already demonstrated, congress is subservient to the Think Tanks. "They just won't intervene," said McKinney, regarding efforts to contact state representatives about this program.

I don't have an answer, or a solution to this problem that we are immersed in.I can't suggest ideas that would feel good or safe in changing this country's power structure. I have no solutions that would give the adult children among us the candy coated reality they expect to hear.Changing the way thing are is not always narcissist friendly,it can bruise a childlike ego. A revolution can be painful,difficult traumatizing ,and the outcome of it all cannot be predicted,it might not have room for bullies and adult children or their opinions or their wants.Or the same old shit would charm their way back to the top.To retool a culture is a risk to life and limb and will change your lifestyle..So the question is how much abuse can you stand to keep things as they are,how long can things stay this way,as resources dwindle and more power, money and options are sucked out of our hands?"
Narcissists, by contrast, and for reasons no one has sorted out, get stuck in a post-infant, pre-adult stage of development, usually forever. For their entire lives the typical narcissist exhibits some traits that are normal for a six-year-old, like a naïve reliance on the views of authority figures, while secretly resenting the power of those authorities. But adult narcissists show behaviors that are brought on by their having gotten stuck in infantile behavior while simultaneously being pushed into adulthood. Adults are expected to possess some resilience toward reasoned disagreement, and by so doing derive benefit from the knowledge and experience of other adults. Unfortunately, people discover about adult narcissists that they can't lift themselves above a deadly cycle of fantastic claims and a pathological inability to listen, followed by rage, over and over, forever.

“Those who know the least obey the best.”–George Farquhar
All I know is when we stop being so TOLERANT,of the intolerable and stop thinking psychopathy is contagious,(killing a murdering corporate criminal raping Iraqi kids,for profit makes us turn into sociopaths.) We need to let go of certain beliefs if we are to empower ourselves. People have to start standing up for ourselves and each other,relearning pro-social skills and sharing what we have even if we feel scared we might have to do without,giving up on that person might not give anything back, as if sharing has anything to do with what more YOU get out of it.

Scarcity can be a lie that those in power create to keep us dependent upon the very corporations killing everything to make a buck..We have to learn to relate to each other,realize we can get along without the sociopaths or"leaders"that take power away from us..Or believing we can trust them to perform justice for us while slowly warping what justice is and means..

Could we abandon the empire we never consented to? Could we let it and the soulless capitalists dream world shrivel up and die? Could we begin to not care about sociopaths as if they can care,never cared for anything? Assholes without remorse like the posse of sociopaths abusing this world to death. Hopefully there will be a realization, so sociopaths get easy to unmask as more people educate themselves as to what a sociopath IS and see the danger of their presence.
Will enough people give up on the notion sociopaths can change if you heap extra care upon them. Can they accept sociopaths do not CHANGE when appeased,that appeasing a sociopath will destroy your character if you trust them, engage them,or pretend they won't hurt you as if you had magic power or some special intellect to be safe around them as long as you keep pretending they are nice people..
The qualities that make for great leaders, who have a strong sense of conscience and compassion for their fellow humans, work against them if they treat an abusive personality with equal respect.

And maybe that misplaced respect is why Obama is having trouble. Bi Partisan has become a term for RESPECTING abusers.Giving assholes equal due as you would a person that cares is dangerous.Republican psychopaths who have no problem destroying this country to get themselves and their allies/posse what they think they are entitled to have.

It is important to understand that in most cases, these operators do not act alone. In some cases they are able to charm people into believing and supporting them.
You cannot negotiate with psychopaths.
Obama if you are capable of caring,and anyone alive that has empathy truly do not OWE any respect to ABUSIVE or psychopath people.Trolls that stir up crap on DU don't deserve respect anymore than an abusive boss or spouse.
But from a comfortable distance, the impression given off by a psychopath is often highly positive. The same absence of inhibitions and honesty that makes psychopaths so dangerous also gives them unusual powers of charisma through self-confidence and fabricated flattery.

The reasons we look up to these conscience impaired people are unclear. Most likely it has something to do with the confidence they exude, the ease they seem to feel in any situation—a trait that comes easily in someone essentially incapable of fear or anxiety. /

We have to get awareness spreading fast among non-sociopath people because the damage being done by sociopaths and their capitalistic exploitation of resources is making the means of creating alternatives to this system and surviving without the help of corporate psychopaths impossible.Resources are going fast,ownership is making pristine sources of water and food inaccesable. There won't be any way to survive if we never tell them NO and back it up with enough force that they'll be forced to stop killing everything..

The sociopath that never gets caught gets more abusive and brazen, until eventually the sociopaths will make having your own life impossible on a barren world sucked dry of life and sustaining resources and non-poisoned enviroments, keeping you stuck in the lie of paying a corporation to exist.Sociopaths are abusing us through a carefully crafted dis-empowered culture and through our ignorance of sociopathy,our beliefs about the way things are, 'human nature' ourselves and each other,and the pathetic desire some have to be parented by authority figures like we are still kids and we can't lead ourselves,or defend ourselves must be abandoned.. .
A desire on the part of the average person to want someone else to be in charge, someone to take care of them, etc. As a result they are more open to accepting the outright lies of their leaders. When a sociopath says to his constituents, “Your problems are the fault of those ‘others’ and when I get rid of them for you, your world will be all right”, enough people support and believe the leader to the extent that dissenting voices are easily marginalized or eliminated.

An ability to create confusing environments in which truth is obscured and false premises are accepted as truth.

One of the paradoxes of modernity is that the biggest threat to the power of the rich comes not from the poor, and not even from the deepening of differences in wealth. Rather it comes from the effects of marginalization...

The Disempowering Workplace

We need to understand that the very nature of the way that the workplace is set up is inherently disempowering for workers and reinforces notions of worth-lessness. Although we are here in the 21st century, the places where we work are set up along the same lines as the factories of the 19th century. Do you ever wonder why there are managers and workers? Why your job consists of a handful of simple tasks? Why you have to clock in and clock out? Why people are constantly measuring your "productivity"? These are industrial management concepts from over a century ago when the popular management theories of the day held that it was necessary to have a managerial class to direct, control and "do the thinking" and a worker class to obediently carry out simplified tasks. Control means disempowerment.

Most citizens of modern democratic societies are much less interested in discussing systemic or ideological alternatives, which they leave to their political leaders, than in having an effective influence over matters related to their daily life.
There are assholes the ones who will exploit and take without ever realizing they have ENOUGH.Or they are undermining their own means to survive.. They will not stop never aknowlegeing the millions they abused and twisted into insanity or pseudo-narcissists playing make believe.They have no capacity for empathy caring or any other internal limits that would tell them they are doing wrong..
Those who chose collaboration with the gangster system did not necessarily consider it a free choice, but rather an adaptation imposed on them by circumstance.

Psychopathy is usually untreatable. Most therapists won't work with them because they often end up damaged in the process. Dr. Hare explained, "Such counseling would be wasted on psychopaths." Some of them will even reflect the wishes of the therapist and pretend to be getting better.

The(psychopath's) need for absolute power over others and the wish to inflict pain for the enjoyment of watching others suffer, are almost never apparent to the casual observer. The reason for this is that another core trait of the psychopath is disguise. So unfortunately, these individuals usually mask themselves as good-natured people. If they have tremendous wealth, you can bet that they'll create charitable organizations as part of their mask.

They are well aware that their mental makeup is drastically different from the majority. They have a sixth sense for detecting and exploiting any weakness you may have. At a very early age they learn that they can inflict mental and emotional harm on others with ease. They also learn how to detect others like themselves out of a crowd of normal people. Beginning in their childhood, most of them learn to mimic normal emotional reactions in order to blend in with society.

In a civilization made up primarily of law-abiding citizenry, the theory goes, an evolutionary niche opens up for a minority who would exploit the trusting masses
Are psychopaths here because of evolution,or because they are promiscuous,liars,and able to charm?
What is charming about..
“Do I feel bad when I hurt someone? Yeah, sometimes. But mostly it’s just like… uh… (laughs). I mean, how did you feel the last time you squashed a fly?” –Unnamed rapist/kidnapper.
As an American author, who also thought the sociopath was epidemic in our society, Kurt Vonnegut once said " . . . from time to time polite society needs to cull the herd.
(of psychopaths) Is Vonnegut "evil" or just HONEST?
One of the paradoxes of modernity is that the biggest threat to the power of the rich comes not from the poor, and not even from the deepening of differences in wealth. Rather it comes from the effects of marginalization..
—and the new politics which accompany it—on those who, because of their initial success, expected more than neoliberalism(Tea party types) could deliver. Some political scientists perceive such growing class-like differences to be a natural outcome of globalization, with multinational corporations taking the place of nation-states.

However, the members of newly marginalized groups and societies appear to have a radically different perception. They see their countries unable to pay interest on debts incurred decades earlier; they watch the erosion of the opportunities that the free market was supposed to provide, and they react with bitterness, frustration, and apathy, but also with anger. In order to deal with this new and unexpected reality, they often not only subscribe to gangster values and patterns of life, but also accept the hegemony of the gangster system in its entirety. In extreme cases they may become terrorists or provide a social base for terrorism.....
I cannot stress the point enough: we are not talking about poor desperate people who in order to survive always employed ruthless and unprincipled methods. Now similar attitudes spread to new social groups. Among disillusioned populations there is a new generation of young, energetic, and dynamic people from relatively well-to-do backgrounds, who no longer believe that weakened family values or the old bureaucratic system can satisfy their needs and those of their societies. They increasingly turn to the gangster system and its methods, not because they are exposed to it in the media, but because it promises a possible solution to problems that otherwise seem unsolvable. It is precisely because of this situation that we now find ourselves in a new revolutionary situation, only now it is a gangster revolution. What way out is there? /
Doubt the gangster nature of this government..
When capable people of good intent are asked to run for office, they often reply that they do not have the stomach, much less the interest, to do what it would take to succeed. By refusing to step forward, they leave a vacuum easily filled by self serving opportunists whose lack of conscience makes for a strong stomach for the dirty work ahead. /

Maybe..I'm not holding my breath for change to happen peacefully.Every good leader gets asassinated.
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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Wed Feb 23rd 2011, 04:16 AM

“AFTRA Union for entertainers that negotiates salaries, enforces safe working conditions, sponsors employer-paid health and retirement benefits, provides scholarships, and generally makes your life easier. Performers or journalists in television, radio and the recording industry can join. This includes actors, soap opera actors, singers, game show hosts, newscasters, audio-book narrators-just about any person who is seen or heard in the broadcasting world.”

Glen Beck voted on pages 5, 7, & 14

Glenn Beck is a member of AFTRA, LA Local 2010

Here is the votes of these hypocrites..: ...

I await the day when it's Glenn and Rush taking a pay cut, loses the right to negotiations or forced no-pay furloughs
for the good of the company!!

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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Wed Jan 26th 2011, 10:54 PM
This is why I think sociopaths and the symptoms of no conscience and no empathy and addiction needs to be put in a separate diagnostic category and defined separately from the usually non-violent manifestations mental illnesses.

First, what I look like,I have a mowhawk,it is usually some bright unnatural color.I have huge tattoos covering my arms,pierces, and my gender is mixed and I wear a lot of dark and punk/goth stuff some times I appear very different than how others look out here where I live.

A few years ago I was feeling really bad,and overwhelmed by the shit going on at that time. So I called my counselor left a message, it took a long while until he called back. I cut my arm to cope waiting on his call.I told him I was really having a bad day& I did a few shallow minor cuts on my arm.

My therapist at the time had worked out with a mutual treatment 'contract' that if I cut i had to do it a certain way,and I was to call my counselor,at the program and tell them what was going on I was not to be sent to any hospital because we agreed it was not useful.But contacting someone to talk was important and part of the agreement...Since he was out of town he said he could not do an off site with me but he had to call the EMT's to verify it was not a serious injury.

So he hung up ,called the EMT's to check me out to cover his butt,which I understood and was ok with. Later he apologized for the fiasco that follows, he told me later when he called the ambulance to come to my house,the dispatcher was all on alert asking does he have a weapon etc,He said no and said I was not dangerous. He called me back told me the EMT's were coming over and it was procedure to ensure I was safe yadda yadda. So I talked to him as I waited.

Then the knock on my door. My counselor told me to call him back after the ambulance left. I hung up the phone ,I answered the door, the EMT's came in first. Than,2 cops.I told them everything about the situation, my counselor unable to do an off site,this is why he called you guys etc, I sat down and showed them the cuts.I said it was minor, they agreed it was minor and that I am dealing with it with my counselor & I was talking to my counselor before you came and I am gonna call him back when y'all go.. The EMT's declared me OK not injured and able to handle things and left.

But the 2 cops stayed. I told them I was ok. Pointed out the EMT's said I was ok too..The cops seemed to have decided I HAD to go to the ER. I was not violent,or talking about suicide or anything,I was if anything more passive than usual.,

One cop acted like an authoritarian ass while the other cop was a bit less hostile. The asshole one began to trigger me with his authoritarian attitude began looking around my house. I asked the nicer cop to tell the other cop to stop talking at me that bullying way and tell me why he's searching my house for? I said this calmly.

Than based on these two cops opinion I was told I was going to the ER anyway.?? I asked why,The EMT's said I was ok? Why? I'm not threatening suicide or hurting anybody nor do I intend to,so Why??
they did not answer that.

So I knew I had no choice or voice in this. So I told the decent cop I was not going to the ER without my insurance card and wallet with my medications list and info in it .It was in my bed room, I told them where it was at in my room. Nicer cop sent the asshole cop to go get my wallet. I was not threatening at all. I was more passive than usual.

It was cold out so I told the nice cop I needed a coat if I was going to the hospital.I got my trench put it on and sat down.Asshole cop gave me my wallet I put it in my pocket,then I stood up to go,and they told me to turn around,they actually cuffed me, I asked why they cuffed me, did I break the law? Why..Nice cop said they had to and again I asked why,because I wasn't being loud rude or dangerous and I never been cuffed to go to a psych evaluation in my entire life.

I was told it is 'procedure'.They led out of my house both cops grabbing my upper arms by that time I was scared triggered and dissociating. They paraded me past two neighbor's houses on the way to the police car.I asked why they didn't park in the driveway? They said they didn't want to 'embarrass" me. I thought to myself,WTF? It's more embarrassing to be cuffed and paraded past my neighbors.. They opened the car door,I could not bend my knee far enough to sit in the back seat as the front seat was wedged very close to the seat and my knee would be forced to bend back further than I could bend it.I was still recovering from a knee injury .My knee's normal range of motion was not there after having it in a brace for over a month..

So I asked them if I could lay in the backseat. I had to ask them to help me get in car enough to use my good leg to push myself in far enough,to fit my stiff leg past the door as my hands were bound. I laid there in the car in a lot of pain having my hands cuffed. It was killing my back to be laying that way and since I have carpal tunnel that runs down both my arms from the nerve in my neck that's compressed by bone spurs it really fucking hurt to be cuffed. When we got to the ER I was unable to get myself up out of the car so I asked them to pull my good leg so I could get leverage,than to help me stand up..They grabbed both my upper arms and it hurt so bad being jerked like that,I gasped and I almost passed out.

I sat in the ER in a waiting room like place,with a couch..I waited in cuffs for at least an hour. I asked the cop to ask staff to un cuff me because of the pain and my hands were totally numb. I asked like 4 times. I waited in that room guarded by cops including being 'escorted' to the bathroom..for around 24 hours.I saw nursing staff 5 times no longer than a few minutes once to ask for info, to move me to an ER bed the wall had no nurse pull,strange I thought,and once to ask if I wanted food. last time I was seen was to sign a voluntary admission paper.I hesitated,cop told me it would be involuntary if I didn't sign it.

I signed it because if you go in involuntary you lose all of your human rights literally.. Not just most of them when you go voluntary..And then after many more hours I was sent to someplace in Delaware a state away. I was again put in restraints I was so triggered by this time I just numbed out. I was not told I was going out of state,I was riding in an ambulance for I dunno how long,still in restraints. Restraints are another big trigger for me .At no time during all this was I violent or threatening to anyone.I felt threatened,and a horrible dread on top of being depressed and frustrated.The guy with me in the ambulance was kind enough to loosen the restraints as my arms were tingling and had shooting pains due to the tightness .Loosening them eased it up some.

But what I really hated the most was being treated like a criminal,my physical well being ignored and not being told where I was going.

When we got to the psych hospital they took everything from me,went through my clothes etc. But what I found strange is they photographed me, in the stupid gown from the ER.They said it was for the chart.I asked if I could take my photo home because I didn't want them to have it on file as if I was a criminal. I NEVER had on any admission to any hospital in my life did a psych hospital ever take a photo of me on admit before.I told them I didn't give permission for them to keep the photo in my chart on my waivers to share my files with my therapist and such ,after I left the hospital.
They kept the photo against my wishes and gave me a copy of it instead when I left.

I swear if you suffer a mental illness you become a criminal by default and I fucking hate it.

But that's not all..If you are declared mentally ill and have a serious non- psych related health issue ,they ignore that and deny the pain present hurts. I think it's because is a belief all psych patients are addicts to drugs.I have NO history of addictions~ none.I rarely take meds for pain.when I do it is because I hurt really BAD and I cannot easily tolerate the awful side effects of feeling drugged that pain killers cause. But if I am in the ER for unrelated to anything psych ,like falling down stairs ,they assume I am dangerous and keep me restrained even if I ask them to come off because I am in pain..If you got a psych history you are = addict/criminal.
Once it was known and a flag for psych was in my chart,all my physical problems were ..suspect..ignored or minimized,and my gender identity became a 'delusion' and they called me a she..and to this day I hate going there because it becomes a struggle to be heard..
So when I fell for hours I got nothing help stop the pain which I go to a spinal neurologist for, which is in my chart,even when HE tells me to go to the ER,it's all different ever since that incident with the cops.. Because I have psych history I am suspect. Suspected I must be an addict/criminal. Because this belief is institutionally reinforced on staff's part I am treated with disrespect and ignored as if. So I'm reluctant to go to an ER for anything anymore.I feel dread if I do.

Before I ever was in the ER for any psych issues they treated me very differently.
They checked my spine,they treated the problem,and took my pain as what it is,pain and gave me medicine that were effective to stop it..And they respected my identity as male gender. I had gone there twice before the psych crisis was put in my file.
So I noticed the difference right away.It was disgusting.

Reality is most mentally ill people are NOT violent. But because of the violence of sociopaths and addicts being labeled as a 'mental illness'..Non sociopath/Non addicted psych patients get assumed to be criminals,addicts and violent. This is WHY I think sociopath/addiction issues need to be defined as as a different kind of issue and seen as an adjunct clearly separated from mental illness because this assumption that mental illness= sociopath/addict and people with OTHER mental illnesses get treated like sociopaths/addicts when they have no history or diagnosis of either problem.And it is wrong and it's everywhere.

Sociopaths,and substance addiction is still being fused with mental illnesses in the publics mind. By public I include hospital administrators, ER staff nurses doctors and cops everywhere. The writers of the DSM have failed to create important distinctions between the mental illnesses. This thoughtless merging of sociopaths,criminal/addicts = mental illness and equating it as all as the same thing really does affect how different people with different problems are treated.
A VERY clear distinction has to be made understandable for lay people too. One that is easy to grasp in identifying dangerous or addicted mentally ill people from other people who suffer from mental illness/psychiatric injury .

I know staff and other people are stuck between the very real risks posed by people with addictions and sociopaths and other people's needs. So the assumptions get made anyway.

But what about the mentally ill person whom staff are afraid to treat like any other patient? Hospitals will always act to minimize risks,even if it is totally unwarranted or harmful to the patient in question. I think it is because of this lack of clarity between mental illnesses and the piss poor job the DSM writers do distinguishing mental illnesses from dangerous people's mental illness. .This mandatory suspicion and hostility of the mentally ill in general by health professionals and cops is also assumed by so many non-mentally ill people assuming a mentally ill person is criminal ,addicted or dangerous,and the media repeats that lie and so the mentally ill are treated like a danger, criminals/addicts in ER's or on the streets by default.

Non- violent mentally ill people will be suspected wrongly, as long as the public believes mental illness= dangerous and if the fear gets too bad people with mental illness to avoid the bigotry may avoid seeking treatment during crisis,if they are mistreated by ER staff and cops who do not bother with making distinctions because as far as they are concerned there are no differences in how the hospitals or police handle mentally ill sociopaths/addicts and the non- addicted,non-violent persons with psychiatric injured and mental illnesses.

When I hear people everywhere calling addicts and sociopaths mentally ill,
I have had the results of that failure to distinguish impact me,personally. So I have to say something..

A lot of people call others crazy, as if it isn't a stigma put upon already suffering people. So many non-mentally ill are called crazy,For example,furries are called crazy, people with full body tattoos or facials are called crazy,ed has his "Psycho Talk "segment on his show, gays were once called crazy,and anyone who disagree with a right winger's politics gets called crazy too.. This means there is blurring the distinctions between mental illness/difference and qualities in people with or without a mental illness history.

Obviously,the public isn't savvy enough to see the problems with calling non- violent manic depressive,the non-violent creative appearing tattoo buff nuts ,having a regular commentary on stupid politics called "Psycho Talk",calling the non-violent person disagreeing with a defensive conservative crazy..while also calling a serial killer,random shooters , who really can be dangerous/violent and a risk to everyone else around them, crazy or mentally ill..

They are not only repeating ugly stereotypes of mental illness, they are reinforcing the wrongful implication that people with depression are dangerous,people who look very different or behave different (but not dangerously)than John Q Publick must be crazy therefore are prone to be violent and must be retrained handcuffed and treated differently in a hospital then "normal people" whom are assumed to be sane and reasonable...

Add in the false beliefs and bigoted attitudes people already have about the poor and homeless, beliefs like they're criminals lazy ,all addicts or faking mental illness/pain.. Bigotry aimed to make the poor suffer more inadvertently reinforces the same lie that all psych patients are addicts,manipulators crazy,violent,etc. It really does effect the way people get treated in the hospital.Especially when they pull out an MA or medicare card regardless if they have mental illness or not,regardless if the have a home or not,regardless if they are dangerous or not,or addicts or not..

All that suspicion and assuming makes it less likely in the mind of those helping the,poor,unusual but not dangerous people or mentally ill that the patient complaining of pain might be telling the truth,have actual physical problems separated from any psych diagnosis or any other issue feared by the stupid public that causes real genuine pain and actually need relief from that pain.. beyond two tylenol, and it's all in your mind,or here's a ham sandwich get outta here ya bum.

How would you cope if you were treated like a criminal or a liar if you called an ambulance for something like say,dehydration,an allergic reaction, chest pain or some serious injury or sickness ? What if 'procedures' aimed at criminal people that share your diagnostic category and presenting symptoms like yours are assumed to be bad people. Because some heart attack victims are dangerous to others or might upset someone else ,so you have to be handcuffed or restrained in the ambulance and restrained in the hospital,and imagine because some people suffering pain like you have, are really manipulators wanting to get high, what if your pain and symptoms are minimized or not treated regardless of WHY you went there for help for? You'd be lucky to get out alive.

Distinctions ARE very important aren't they?

So why can't mentally ill people who are not criminals ,sociopaths or addicts be seen as having a DIFFERENT kind of disorder that has NO clear connection to possible criminal behavior or addictions by default so they too can be treated like they're innocent until proven guilty, and treated like any other suffering human being in the ER too?
As long as SOME violent killers are declared mentally ill people,
all mentally ill people will be assumed violent or addicted
by the people scared of them and special procedures will apply..
regardless of differences, it's all mental illness and mental illness is Daaaanngggeeerrrooouuuss.
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Posted by undergroundpanther in Religion/Theology
Fri Jan 21st 2011, 06:07 PM
Against Christian Fundamentalist...Addiction.

The real issue with these people is not their specific faiths. It's their addiction to thinking they are right. It's an addiction to believing they have a corner on the market of truth. In other words, it's an addiction to a "made-truth," that is, to a belief that the truths they've created in their minds are indeed absolute truths and that everyone else must be made to believe in the same truths lest they perish.

The real issue with these people is not their specific faiths. It's their addiction to thinking they are right. It's an addiction to believing they have a corner on the market of truth. In other words, it's an addiction to a "made-truth," that is, to a belief that the truths they've created in their minds are indeed absolute truths and that everyone else must be made to believe in the same truths lest they perish.

...They are addicts. And like other addicts, they do not respond to logic or sound arguments. Like other addicts, in order to feel good, they must believe that their made-truth is the only reality, and they must, therefore, defend that truth against any outside influence. Like other addicts, anyone who threatens to keep them from believing their made-truths is seen as a threat to their own good feelings - or in other words, to be opposed to their brand of made-truth is to be a threat to their personal value as humans, and thus they will attack with ferocity anyone who even questions their veracity. If you don't believe as they do, you are considered "lost." If you oppose their political positions, you are considered "blinded by the Devil." And if you have the gall to argue against their made-truths, you will be called nothing short of "demon possessed" or a "tool of Satan."

But, as with any other addict, you should not take their attacks personally. These people are not to be feared; they are to be rebuffed. They are not to be taken seriously; they are to be pitied. They are not to be counter-attacked with anger; they are to be helped out of their addiction by replacing their need for made-truth with the healing touch of human love and kindness.

Yes. It's true. Fundamentalists can escape their addiction to made-truth the same way an alcoholic can escape the appeal of a stiff drink. Just as there is Alcoholics Anonymous, there is also Fundamentalists Anonymous. But two things must happen in order to break a Fundamentalist's addiction.

I put some links here that point to useful info.
(Christian addiction also is a form of narcissism & inverted status seeking and putting others down and making them inferior triggers a reward centers in the brain)

Research in the area of religious addiction is deficient, however there were a few older related studies found in the literature. There is some evidence to indicate that "religious people in general tend to exhibit dependency on some external source of gratification".(rewards,status,approval of narcissism,competition(winning souls). / /

So many of the social justice,financial,criminal,poverty,bigotry/racism,etc.etc.issues that we face as people trying to get by,as a society we also face in this country.Issues like bigots,zealots,bullies,injustice,inequality,wall street,jobs,child abuse,domestic violence,guns,abortion rights, All of it eventually boils down to the problem behaviors of narcissism,authoritarians and psychopathy and addiction and the addicted to power,status,control etc.types who abuse& twist the original purpose of the biology of our own brains and our social needs and biological get what they want,no matter the damage and pain it causes others. These personalities are both toxic and addicted.they are the biggest sources of most of the suffering,crime and mental illnesses inflicted upon the non-psychopaths, the survivors of abuse,& upon minorities, women and kids in general.They are not to be trusted because they'll do and believe anything to get high.

If you think about most every issue and injustice we face boils down to the actions of toxic people and their unchecked,unidentified pathology and addictions. Their beliefs,habits and secret lives are harming everyone else around themselves.Never mind concerning people yet again with ekeing out a narcissistic addicts motives for being that way,we as a society have spent centuries trying to figure that out desperate to help what this toxic asshole 'suffers'from. For this post forget the perpetrators and the just world belief system. Try to be honest when looking at the terrible costs of misplaced tolerance and pity for the addict and toxic personalities..has done.

And really do consider all the corruption,crime, victims and immense amounts of suffering these addicted narcissists inflict upon everything and everyone else..We must try to educate each other(non-sociopaths/non-addicted& victims of such people) about pathological personality traits,how to protect oneself and each other from further relational harm.The next question is what do we do about all the toxic people out there? Reality is, therapy does not help psychopaths,prison does not help either,appeasing & ignoring this problem just gets us hurt..A relationship with toxic people using our caring and pity for them gets us traumatized more and our lives destroyed..what do we do than?

This problem is the most important issue because these bad personalities affects the well being and very survival of people who are not addicted assholes. Pretending that these pathological toxic people are like non-pathological people it makes us sick and it compromises our integrity.

Does not matter if it is the abuse of an individual person, the abuse of our systems,our very thinking and thoughts,language or values,our culture and humanity in general.. the pathological &/or addicted personalities among us has damaged so much..They have to be separated,stopped ,discerned,contained or something before we can be safe in our own person-hood ,our identity and regain our voices to say what must be said and do what must be done so we can begin to recover & heal as individuals making up the society of this nation from the damage already done..
Our very survival depends on resolving this issue.
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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Mon Jan 17th 2011, 03:33 PM
Ever wonder why everything is shifting rightward? It's not only because of the Repub -lite Dem's have bought into the sick belief systems on the right.This pro-sociopath inversion of status values happened a LONG time ago,like soon after the founding of this country.They who own, they who are "merchants" have no loyalty to anything but making money.
It has gotten to the point psychopath behavior directed at others is what rewards a person with status in this culture~literally. A non-psychopath can't ever negotiate anything with psychopaths.Because as soon as you do your integrity is gone,and it further dies with each little encroachment the abusive little fuckers take from you with their forked tongues and threats to status they blackmail compliance with..Those on top want to "win" the hearts and minds of anyone who feels vulnerable socially and make allies of those ruthless heartless ones below them.. But what these politicians and corporate /religious,military,bully THUGS DO to us and whom they cater to speaks more about the pursuit of STATUS in THEMSELVES than most anything else does.When you hear people saying they "EARNED it" Whom gave them permission to have it or do it is what to ask yourself.When you hear "earned it" for human rights like speaking out or the right to do__ that is harmful,deprives or harms another,ask youself,who rewarded them with the reward they sought, and now enjoy,who or what gave this reward to them? Was it someone"higher up in status?" or was it THEMSELF giving themself permission because they CAN.

Why does Status matter in this unseen but socially very real mess we live our lives inside surrounded by it from birth? Because truth is the lower down the pecking order you are at, means you have less power,less social support,less of everything you need to live & lots of what destroys your life, a bad/dangerous place or no place to live,abusive demeaning treatment from others,stress,financial abuse,other forms of abuse,a bigger burden of costs, less opportunities,and many dreams deferred and potentials wasted and even social abandonment.

Being higher in status means that a person can achieve and maintain security,healthy homeostasis or thriving as a living organism much,much easier,and they are well respected by others,more easily believed as telling the truth,perceived as being better ,wiser,more worthy,and always have people that are seeking a boost in status that the high status person can go to for help or exploitation without fear of repercussions or responsibility.High status people are treated like they MATTER more to everyone else than they really do,so they tend to believe their own bullshit philosophies that reinforce and keep them in their own high place of STATUS.

The ABUSERS of the biological function of Status seeking itself have inverted the means of achieving status and have corrupted it and inverted it.It has become a self propelled destructive system of reward for those who reinforce this status inversion.It punishes those who do not reinforce it. abuse DO deserve to be blamed, shamed & raked over the coals for their schemes,but to do that with any kind of effect one must know shit from shine-ola and present it in a way both elitist psychopaths ,the two faced pwned Dem's,and joe stupid out there can grasp what and who gave the country this status based mind-rot that is hurting the poor and working poor the most. There has to be a change in what gives a person STATUS in this world.

To some tribal cultures being the most giving and caring the most about others well being was what earned you status in your community.

I dunno if this is true about totem poles in general,but as an analogy to illustrate what I'm getting at it works..
I was told before the envied place for the people in the tribe,was the least.It was reflected on the totem pole.
The real place of status wasn't represented the winged being perched on the backs of all the other beings carved in the pole. The place of honor was at the very bottom,the ground level it represented the most valued people,those who's compassion ,caring and giving earned them the kind of strength to give it all,and uplift the community as a whole so everyone thrived.Not just 1%.

Humanity would not have survived to this level of sophistication without a natural tendency to ALTRUISM.
When the shit hits the fan,altruism makes hero's of those who give all to others.In these times inverted status is abandoned and the forgotten truth is revealed about non-psychopath human beings.For those times of crisis status seeking values are restored to what they are instead of what we are abused into believing and are taught by the people thriving in this inverted status,that socially destructive lie..thought of by most as 'normal life', business as usual.

And little people's altruism to their fellow human beings so often in this twisted culture is invisible.Only when a high status person gives is it so lauded even though in reality considering what they HAVE already,it's a drop from an ocean compared to the less than wealthy who DO give more.Why is this? STATUS inversion!

In our country's culture we think the jackass on the top of the pole is the place to be, this inversion of the original purpose and most healthy altruistic place that status should be honored to keep everyone thriving,has been inverted status is now placed at the top of the heap and if you are not on top you are nobody and so mental illness is rampant,people suffer despite wealth available,and abuse is so common and normalized.Because to deny countless others status and make them pursue it by climbing over others is the root of what capitalism calls "competition".Once you are secure on top the status you gain by dominating the lives of millions is,you become like a king.And for kings to keep status they abuse others,build a posse,hoard wealth and step on any"little people" that dare break the chain of"command"
Those outside the status seeking crap who see through it are by default marginalized ,outcast.Because they are the most dangerous to the status quo the high status assholes maintain over others so they can thrive at everyone else's expense. The means of gaining status and health in our culture has become INVERTED.That's the problem.And as long as people see life in a zero-sum way,they will never stop climbing over the backs of others as they have been taught is the only way to get status they know.Status seeking is biological.So either it can be earned via altruism or by ruthlessness.Ruthless people that are psychopaths will never be altruists,so they build empires glued together through classes, divine rights of kings etc.etc.

It's a similar feeling to walking alone at night and sensing that someone is about to attack you from behind: perhaps not as intense but it's the same fear response. This discovery about the brain explains why people sometimes react with the human equivalent of a dog baring its teeth and growling when you tell them they've done something wrong: their brain thinks someone is about to hit them. Because of the intensity of the status-drop experience, people go to great lengths to avoid situations that might risk their sense of status. This includes staying away from any activity they are not confident in, which, because of the brain's relationship to novelty, can mean avoid anything new, impacting quality of life.The threat response from a perceived drop in status can take on a life of its own, lasting for years. People work hard to avoid being "wrong" in a situation, from a simple typesetting mistake, to an error of judgment about a major strategy. Think of some of the big corporate mergers that have gone bad, and the executives involved avoiding any responsibility. People don't like to be wrong because being wrong drops your status, in a way that feels dangerous and unnerving.
And only in a culture that has values and beliefs that elevate the psychopathic over the non-psychopath do people respond with fear of abuse for being wrong.We are not brought up in a pro social way,we are brought up in an authoritarian model.This primes us for living in an empire,instead of a community of equals.It keeps us anxious and afraid to act, it keeps us over obedient and unwilling to give or share with others if it harms our status..

Soon if things keep going as they are..the middle class will be poor and as soon as they realize they cannot"elevate themselves" out of poverty by will or positive thinking,they will go through the vain hope the rich care about their lives and realize they don't care and are not going to care because our cultures elevate high functioning psychopaths as an ideal.They will explode in frustration,take it out on those they perceive as less then themselves or 'other',because they are becoming what they are taught from day one is "bad".So desperate to have a higher status they'll become more like the psychopaths on top,in an attempt to regain the status they lost.They won't admit the ways to social status are inverted until those with status lose their place.

Some people faced with a loss in status may even blame themselves and deny they are worse off for not being able to make it.Those that lose status are going to be behaving as if confused until they too accept they "lost".

If we want to change maybe it has to come from our hearts and minds, teaching discernment of psychopathy from non-psychopath,our sharing,our attention given,our place to be that offers them a new way to get status that HELPS the whole..If more could learn to reject inverted status zero sum bullshit and reach out to each other as people include the the downwardly mobile,and the poor as part of the community as valuable as anyone else is.We need to reject the culture of psychopathy,and relearn the original way to get status again sharing what we ALL crave deep down,non-abusive,non-exploiting relationships,acceptance ,a community of allies that accept them,filled people that care, carefully weeding out psychopaths from the community and anyone who excuses or spouts the self serving"philosophies" of the status inverted.

The culture of empire not only financially abuses most people in this country it emotionally abuses ,physically abuses (health"care"policy) sexually abuses..If a tipping point can be reached in the numbers of people in this country who can be brought to understand how they are complicit in their own abuse by seeking status in an inverted way hurts the world and themselves without blame or abuse.We can release hearts and minds that were once spoils of the winners...While we blame forked tongued abusive assholes peddling excuses in the form of ideas and beliefs they hold that reinforce this inverted status quo they benefit the most from because they are high functioning sociopaths..Maybe after things get bad enough for most people they'll be forced to question those values espoused by those equals they are forced by inverted status seeking to see as their betters and reject their values and system of status seeking that is killing life..

Maybe who's left can salvage something from the ruins that this country . Things may very well become worse as long as corporations pretend they're people and money creates status that is more valuable than life itself. One day people might realize status has been used against life,it is a problem beyond the profit system that is holding them hostage and prisoner in the twisted empire..When will people realize the prison is in their own MINDS because of what BELIEFS they hold onto that have been instilled into them because of the inverted status that harms everyone?

There is a physical phenomena of REWARD the brain sends people when they screw over others...I think the author of the link below is stupid in how he frames the facts,because this STATUS problem affects everyone not just politicians or right wing fuck-wads or dem fuck-wads,it effects all people..and the only way to overcome status is to destroy the abuse and beliefs underpinning it and offer a BIGGER emotional reward which is FREEDOM from the fears and other evils that come from the pursuit of STATUS found only in an egalitarian close knit abuse free community of equals who openly & fearlessly share ourselves without profit motive that is FREE of abuse and psychopathy,authoritarians and narcissism..

Whatever framework you think is important, when your perceived sense of status goes up, or down, an intense emotional response results. As a result,people go to tremendous extremes to increase or protect their status.
"What we found is that when people were excluded, you see activity in the dorsal portion of the anterior cingulate cortex, which is the neural region that's also involved in the distressing component of pain, or what sometimes people call the "suffering component" of pain. Those people who felt the most rejected had the highest levels of activity in this region." Exclusion and rejection is physiologically painful. A feeling of being less than other people activates the same brain regions as physical pain.

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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Mon Jan 17th 2011, 12:49 AM
The shit the wealthy ruthless and right believe in IS to blame just as much of what they say and do...

What is the true cost of right wing governance

$12,500 of my money every year to the richest 1 percent,
and $600 more to pay my share of their tax cuts!
/why_you_should_feel_cheated%2C_deceived_and_sickened_by_america%27s_stunning_inequality%2C_even_if_you%27re_doing_well/ <[br />
What the rich impose on us..
Wealth or money must be able to purchase labor power. But as long as people have access to the means of production — land, raw materials, tools (e.g. weaving looms, mills) — there is no reason for them to sell their labor. They can still sell the product of their labor. For the capitalistic mode of production to exist, the tie between producers and the means of production must be cut; peasants must lose control of their land, artisans control of their tools.

What rich people want us to believe... /

Reality: Changing your money mindset will change the flow, volume, and impact of your income.
Continue reading on Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? - St. Paul career coach |

This guy rationalizes elitism but there are good insights here about elitists,..even though I think he is an ass.
Part of the problem is that our contemporary elite class is lonely and bored. Very often the members of our elite have failed – whether by design or neglect – to forge those close human connections which are the preoccupation of the majority. Personal attachments and loyalties can impede the kind of “success” our elites tend to value. /

What do the right wingers believe that is so harmful to humanity?
I wrote this awhile ago.
And...check these.. /

Third way "democrats"
Third Way does not collaborate or share information with other progressive organizations. Collaboration is supposed to be a progressive value, but you wouldn't know it watching Third Way. /

Leo Strauss philosophy was based around his hatred of the modern world, his belief in a totalitarian political/social system, run by "philosophers," who rejected all universal principles of human rights,law,and justice. At the same time saw their own mission as absolute rulers, of humanity..who lie and deceive the poor lesser classes and liberals or populists using corporations,religion and politics as a means of engineering public perceptions with lies that kept the general population in clueless slavery(to the job,the family,the dollar etc.etc.)

The wealthy elitists,the rich right wing and their so called "philosophers" are to blame for a sizable part of the suffering of the less than rich,as well as those assholes on the left who forgot what being a liberal means and believe such "philosophies" of assholes ,like all bad people do,to gain control,power and money.You cannot negotiate with psychopaths who think lying to you is justified,even if they seem to 'get it'. They will use manipulation,philosophies and ideologies made of pure bullshit to convince you of anything. What they do say and believe reveals they really don't care about anyone not like themselves.Fuck the elitist POS and the psychopaths on wall street.
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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Fri Jan 14th 2011, 03:59 PM
"There were no real demons, no talking dogs, no satanic henchmen. I made it all up via my wild imagination so as to find some form of justification for my criminal acts against society.”

-”Son of Sam: serial killer, David Berkowitz

They SAY criminal courts will be only for Non-Violent offenders. If it was someone busted with a bag of pot,someone caught dui fine..But from what I have seen the courts are not as careful as the state says it is.Mental Health Court sounds great on paper but in practice it puts the truly mentally ill who are vulnerable, into very real danger.

A program I used to attend had violent offenders in it. I was NOT informed,I found out on my own.Pedophiles& rapists were there pressured people (younger and female) and said sexually twisted things,and no one seemed to bother to tell them to stop it.

I also was triggered by it. And I was really pissed when nothing was done to silence the assholes. Seems sexual threats were not attended to in the program I was at, but cussing was swiftly denounced. We had over the time I was there a bank robber from aryan brotherhood,and some sex offenders. The mentally ill clients were not protected from the psychopaths the state was trying to offload onto the mental health system.This scared the hell out of me.
Although exact prevalence estimates vary, there is a consensus in the field that most consumers of mental health services are trauma survivors and that their trauma experiences help shape their responses to outreach and services. /

And for the mentally ill this is putting them(and me) in grave danger. Socio-cultural factors include desensitization to violence by staff and doctors, the legal system, the public, and especially client assaulters. This has led society to assume that people with mental illness are not accountable for their actions.

In real life the mentally ill like all people we are responsible for our actions.Schizophrenics like anyone else, have lines they will not cross ethically.And if they cross it,they are tormented by remorse when they realize what harm they caused.Because schizophrenics like other genuine mental illnesses and psychiatric injured and people with a conscience have consciences too.

It is the sociopath that ASSUMES he can do no wrong,and so never owns the choices he makes and never assumes responsibility because he has NO CONSCIENCE.

Conceptualizing mental illness too generally as a cause of criminal involvement is not useful for policy or service implications. Such a strategy de-contextualizes the experience of people with mental illness from broader incarceration patterns in the U.S. When the reasons people go to jail or return to jail are examined, it becomes clear that the key issues are social difficulties complicated by mental illness — but not caused by mental illness.

The FACT that the state,psychiatrists,psychologists,on down to care taking staff cannot distinguish a mentally ill/psychiatric injured client from one who is a dangerous person really bothers me. /

Psychopaths cannot be cured.It is NOT a MENTAL ILLNESS.

At the program I attended I discovered they had these criminals mixed in,younger client felt threatened,trauma clients got triggered,and others taken advantage of financially,etc.

There is no data for long-term trends in homicide by people with mental illness in the US.

It has been estimated that upwards of 20% of those exhibiting mental health problems in correctional settings are malingering.

Practitioners are reluctant to label a patient as a malingerer for many reasons. The following are three commonly cited reasons for reluctance: First, is the difficulty in proving malingering. To do so requires a firm grounding in the phenomenology of genuine mental illness, and a willingness to use resources (e.g., behavioral monitoring, review of historical data, testing) to buy time toward an accurate diagnosis. Second, is the fear of confronting the subject and creating possible embarrassment or provoking retaliation, such as lawsuits. Third, is the knowledge that malingering and genuine mental illness can coexist (i.e., partial malingering) and thus, the fear of denying a truly ill person medical care.

Although often thought to be peculiar to forensic psychology, experiences of working with violent or aggressive clients are very common amongst psychologists. In a survey of 600 clinical psychologists in the US, 83 per cent of respondents reported that they had felt afraid that a client may attack them and 89 per cent reported feeling afraid that a client may attack a third party. Recent research in Victoria shows that 8 per cent of patients with schizophrenia obtain a conviction for a violent offense at some point in their lives - and that this rate rises to more than 26 per cent for patients who have schizophrenia and a substance use disorder. Additionally, the prevalence of aggressive behavior and violence among psychiatric inpatients is very high

The above examples show that many psychologists working in general settings have experience with violent and aggressive clients or patients. Sadly, though, psychologists are typically ill equipped - from both their training and experience - to accurately identify and manage clients who are at risk for violence. /

And yes contrary to popular belief the mentally ill can buy guns.

As long as sociopaths,psychopathy,authoritarians,and narcissism are allowed to be included within the spectrum of 'mental illness' ,People with actual mental illness and psychiatric injuries will be hurt,triggered and exploited by the ruthless. as long as the staff and doctors are pretending psychopaths are mentally ill the distinctions are ignored and the risks become dangerously misguided and stupid.And the psychopath is more than willing to play along with this dangerous game.

As usual with such bizarre incidents, the question of whether the killer was mentally ill or insane gets floated. It's a fair question to ask since normal people don't go around assassinating the police, but then neither do people with mental illnesses.
Clemmons had an extensive criminal record, but had been granted clemency in 2000 (by Mike Huckabee no less) for crimes he committed as a teen in Arkansas. Then he moved out to Washington State and was pretty low key until going completely berserk back in May of this year: raping a child, forcing family members to get naked, throwing rocks at neighbors, punching a cop, etc.

As a psychological construct, psychopathy has undergone recent change, and there is still disagreement as to its fundamental character. Nevertheless, it can be reliably and validly measured with such behaviors as callousness, impulsivity, sensation seeking, dishonesty, emotional detachment, extreme selfishness, antisociality, belligerence, juvenile delinquency, and sexual promiscuity. Hare's Psychopathy Checklist-Revised is the best available assessment. Psychopathy exists in women, men, children, and in all racial and ethnic groups examined. No one knows whether some psychopaths function successfully without committing serious offenses. Among institutionalized offender samples, psychopathy is the strongest predictor of violent recidivism and differential response to treatment yet discovered. Although psychopaths can exhibit subtle neurological, physiological, and cognitive differences compared with other people, it is unclear whether these differences constitute defective brain function or the execution of a viable life strategy.


"It's a rather sad story of stereotyping of the mentally ill as dangerous, and how mental-health policy is so little influenced by evidence."
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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Thu Jan 06th 2011, 06:45 PM

ARE NOT mentally ill or suffering a psychiatric injury.

Sociopaths feel nothing.
A sociopath is what the person IS.It cannot be changed with meds,therapy.The sociopath sees NOTHING wrong with themselves.They don't care and don't seek insight.

jail or threats of punishment does not stop them either.

Sociopaths cannot be cured. Interventions are ineffective and the disorder is considered un-treatable. When sociopaths have been observed over a long period of time, it has shown that treatment only makes them better at manipulation and hiding their disorder.

However everyone else around them suffer.Some even become schizophrenics if their lives are stressed bad enough.I was diagnosed schizophrenic as a teen but later they realized it was not schizophrenia but Dissociative disorder & brain has scars in it (visible on a MRI)from where the stress I lived through literally burned my brain.

I think our culture rewards sociopathy,and it is in deep denial about the psychiatric damage the sociopaths cause in others.
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Posted by undergroundpanther in General Discussion
Thu Jan 06th 2011, 03:12 PM

Sure birds drop out of the sky and fish kills happen, but...what could be causing it in place after place? And what it might mean.

Ever wonder
What is the toxin/pollution carrying capacity of the planet? How polluted can it get before until the planet starts failing to sustain life?
And if that carrying capacity is reached,what happens? Maybe sick animals, perhaps mass die offs will occur as the symptoms of the slow poisoning surface.It works up the food chain,until we start dying. /

Sad truth is this planet is a closed ecosystem. It has limits. We live in an inescapable toxic stew.Thanks to the unchecked greed of the rich and the pollution of corporations and the military.How the ever increasing pollution load will effect life here remains to be seen.The limit on the capacity of pollution the planet and life on it can take has limits.

But lets make this more personal..What happens..
When all the edible fish,birds,etc.are dead? We will be FORCED to depend on and buy and eat whatever corporations sell to us as 'food'. We will eat GM,Monsanto and chemical what the fuck is that shit,just to fuel our bodies.. And by our hunger,by our will to live without a slow starving death we will become vulnerable, we will no longer be free.Exploitation by predatory people is easy when masses of people are hungry and destitute.Just look at the lives of battered women,they cannot feed their kids without the batterers paycheck...How many people put up with abuse at work,because the unemployment situation is so bad? already many Americans are being financially abused by the Banks,Military, insurance,corporations. What if we had no recourse but to buy food from where we work,we would owe our souls to the company store.

Economic or financial abuse: A subtle form of emotional abuse
Remember, an abuser’s goal is to control you, and he or she will frequently use money to do so. Economic or financial abuse includes:

* Rigidly controlling your finances.
* Withholding money or credit cards.
* Making you account for every penny you spend.
* Withholding basic necessities (food, clothes, medications, shelter).

* Restricting you to an allowance.
* Preventing you from working or choosing your own career.
* Sabotaging your job (making you miss work, calling constantly)
* Stealing from you or taking your money.


Food security is described as a situation in which people do not live in hunger or fear of starvation. *Because the system that keeps them starving is not touched in any way.*
And it is a system that is deliberately keeping starvation real. The fact is that food production in the world is capable of feeding more than double the current world population, some 12 billion people could be fed by current food production levels. So it is, as Diouf of the FAO said, a matter of the lack of political will.

The day we cannot have a garden, share food,walk to pick berries or fish and prepare our own safe food,be it from the polluted soil water and air,due to climate changes or a system.. the corporate rich pigs will truly own us. If all sources for fresh water and food to sustain life is polluted or 'owned',it does not matter,one must eat. If all sources of food and water are dead/toxic they will truly own us for individual & community food sufficiency is one way we stay free people..

So A few thousand birds,a few thousand fish, a mass bee die off,most natural sources of water are polluted waters..For some I know it seems trivial to them now,but these deaths will add up. Chemicals interfere not only with populations but with the reproductive ability of fish,birds etc.If our water,land and air are too toxic,we have no option but to drink toxic water if we cannot afford an elaborate filter,and so some people will get sick, and they may have no insurance.. They can't claim medical bankruptcy....One thing leads to another in a world where we are all connected..And the lack of political will to make the changes that must be made or our own survival are not done because the rich might be upset ...That toady sort of abuse has a BIG guilty part in perpetuating this disaster.
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We live imprisoned in a dream of our leaders' making, whether we realize this or not and it is killing us.



Noun:Inflected forms: pl. kak·is·toc·ra·cies
Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

Greek kakistos, worst, superlative of kakos, bad; see caco– + –cracy.

In other words the worst of shit heads humanity has are in the Whitehouse..The US government is being destroyed by a bunch of sociopaths.

Time for all liberals to realize we are not dealing with rational,ethical people anymore when we deal with neocons or theocracies.The neocon fascist/theocracy have taken over the GOP. This is because of a big unseen problem found with certain types of relationships with certain types of personalities.Too many people demonstrate a destructive personality type that is more somewhere along the spectrum of narcissism/authoritarian/controlling or a conduct disorders.
Their ego defenses really do interfere with their own sense of ethics their capacity for insight,honesty and empathy with others not like themselves.

This bullying type of persona or it's flip side the true believer obedient one(enablers) can be found in varying degrees of severity in most people. But it's the 1 in 4 problem people out of our entire population who are DEFINED by these traits that are the worst offenders..
Learn about them here: /

People with these types of personality really do see the world through the distorted lens of their sick egos,winning zero-sum games,getting away with it, and maintaining their own addictions at any cost to others.
We can all be shitty sometimes but the type of person I find to be a real problem are career shit heads, people who are defined by the shit they do that ruins and diminishes other people's lives..

Bush and the tyrannical "Neocon" corporate religious Christo-Fascists are a cabal of sociopath shit heads. Problem personalities shredding the very document that gives America protection from these sorts of criminal shit heads. The career bullies among us seek to undermine warping the noble yet still imperfect socially evolving ethical character that up until now has kept it's shit heads away from positions of power ,bound them by law,and kept them under control.We need to flush this stinking kakistocracy down the toilet and learn to say NO to abusers of trust and power wherever they are..and learn to rub their noses in their own shit wherever they do their incompetent,criminal,inhumane acts.Wherever they offend we should go on offensive.The sanctity of the spirit of conscience demands no less of us ,if we want to keep our own freedoms intact.

“Truth is one of the rarest commodities in the times we are living through, to expose it to the masses is tantamount to slapping the entrenched power structure of the United States in their very face, but which, at times, someone needs to take the risk and do, otherwise, and what we are seeing in America now, lies become the truth because they are more comfortable for people to believe.”David L. Booth

Bataille’s call for collective awakening :

“Lift the curse of those feelings which oppress men, which force them into wars they do not want, and consign them to work from whose fruits they never benefit… Assume within oneself perversion and crime, not as exclusive values, but as a prelude to their integration into the totality of humanity. Participate in the destruction of a world as it presently exists, with eyes open to the world which is yet to be."

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I don't agree with everything written on these websites myself.Some of it I do. Some I use in my own way to deepen my own understanding. I have found in most eveything you read there is a bit of bullshit mixed in,in other things ALOT of bullshit is mixed in..Use/develop your own discernment..Cat Rule # 1 always smell it first.Inhale deeply,If it stinks it's probably bullshit..This is some freaky deep thought provoking stuff on many topics.Enjoy!
Fry a few braincells,cry,get paranoid,get pissed off...Laugh! / / / / / /
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