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AlphaCentauri's Journal
Posted by AlphaCentauri in Latest Breaking News
Tue Dec 28th 2010, 01:28 PM
hope this help

Ministro Ramírez consignó ante Fiscalía y Defensoría denuncias sobre corrupción en universidades

Universidades, corrupción por doquier


El Aprendizaje social de la corrupción administrativa en Venezuela: una explicación
desde el punto de vista de la psicología.

the university body fails to be independent when it depends on taxpayers money and spain not only kicked out the Jews but also the Muslims
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Posted by AlphaCentauri in Latest Breaking News
Sat Jul 11th 2009, 12:32 AM
Start talks and prolong them as long as you can, 7 months if necessary.

Make sure those talks keep Zelaya out of the country for 7 months.

Let the US congress debate for 3 or more months a resolution about a coup to gain time for the honduran elections.

Mean while condemn the military coup but don't do nothing about it.

After 7 months celebrate "elections" as it was schedule.

Make a big deal out of those election tell the world that democracy is coming back to honduras.

Select a right wing libertarian as president of honduras, someone who would sign a 100 years lease for a military base there.

Then you have it, everything going back to normal, no more leftist in power and a legitimate government out of a military coup.

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Posted by AlphaCentauri in Latest Breaking News
Fri Jun 19th 2009, 12:02 AM
Immigrants 'afraid' to report crimes

Many Crimes Against Illegal Immigrants Go Unreported /

Crimes Against Immigrants Go Unreported /

Fear and Distrust Keep Latino Immigrants from Reporting Crime

Attacks on Mexican immigrants often go unreported

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Posted by AlphaCentauri in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Jan 17th 2008, 08:29 PM
A look behind the anti-immigrant furor

In the buildup to the 2008 elections, the right-wing Republicans have decided to make immigrants the scapegoat for the failure of the Bush administration and the shortcomings of the capitalist system. Right-wing personalities on cable TV, on talk radio and in newspapers are fueling this process. Vicious lies are being told about immigrants.

The questions and answers here are designed to provide you with accurate information about the impact of immigrant workers and their families, with or without papers, on the United States today.

Why are so many immigrants coming to the United States?

• Working people in Mexico and other poor countries have been devastated by the practices of U.S. and other international corporations. So-called free trade pacts like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are imposed with conditions that prevent poor countries from meeting their people’s needs.

• After NAFTA came into force, more than 1.3 million Mexican farmers were driven out of business. U.S. agribusiness, subsidized by our tax dollars, sold corn in Mexico at lower prices than farmers there could produce. Undocumented Mexican immigration to U.S. rose 60 percent.

• Big corporations in the United States have been glad to take advantage of the cheap labor, and have sent labor recruiters into economically depressed areas of Mexico, Central America and elsewhere.

So why don’t people in those countries fix their situation at home instead of coming here?

• U.S.-based multinational corporations have put heavy pressure on other countries, including Mexico, to keep their economies open to penetration by U.S. corporations.

• When these countries resist this pressure, the U.S. government and corporations intervene with threats, bribery and even military force to stop union organizing and political change from taking place.

• With this pro-business, anti-worker foreign policy, the U.S. government has sponsored coups, civil wars and dictators in Haiti, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras.

My grandparents came from Europe legally. Why can’t people from Mexico and other countries do the same? Why do they butt ahead in line?

• It is not a matter of “butting in line.” There is no line for them to get in! In 2005, the U.S. government gave out only 5,000 permanent legal resident visas for low-skilled workers.

• Even people married to U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents sometimes have to wait years to join their spouses. This is a different situation from the one our grandparents faced.

• Today it is nearly impossible for most people who don’t have relatives here or specialized skills to come at all.

Do immigrants cause unemployment?

• There are not a fixed number of jobs in our economy. The truth is immigrant workers and their families, like all other workers, create jobs at a rate corresponding to those they fill.

• The real causes of unemployment are rooted in the decreasing wages being paid to all workers. Our country’s workers can no longer afford to buy the products they produce.

• Immigrant workers are not responsible for the millions of jobs wiped out by the shutting down of plants across the nation. They are not the cause of massive job loss which occurs when employers increase the workloads of some employees while laying off others.
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