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Posted by BanTheGOP in Politics/Campaigns
Mon Jan 16th 2012, 06:22 PM
George Soros and other individuals: Please incorporate your operatives and assets to approach Ron Paul's campaign to run as a third party candidate. This will ensure Barack Obama's reelection, and will invalidate the congressional gains that will be going to the GOP, including control of the senate. Obama can use the Executive Powers Act to essentially rule from the presidential pulpit, creating departments without conservative Congressional oversight.

In my estimation based upon conversations I've had with some of Paul's key people, $20 million dollars should be enough to facilitate the campaign migration from GOP to independent. Better yet, he can call himself the "Tea Party" candidate (or, in our case, the "Teabagger candidate").

This will ensure that the teabagger scum, who hate anything to do with moderation and socialism, will vote for Ron Paul instead of our preferred GOP opponent, Mitt Romney. This is why we had trashed every GOP candidate other than Romney up until now, so we could ensure his nomination as the GOP candidate. By injecting Ron Paul as the 3rd party, he can essentially pull off what Ross Perot did by siphoning off the GOP idiot vote. Barack Obama can then win with as little as 38% of the popular vote!

Call it "Operation Split the GOP Vote 2012."

Let's do it!
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Politics/Campaigns
Fri Jan 06th 2012, 05:32 PM
Rick Santorum not just needs to be defeated in the GOP primary process...he needs to be utterly, absolutely DESTROYED...any way possible!

Santorum represents the Tea Party's Last Great White Hype, and to eliminate him we cannot just politically counter his babbling rhetoric. We need to take him out with extreme political prejudice. We need to go after his depraved economic arguments that facilitate the transfer of wealth from the overworked, desperate, nearly homeless production workers to the entrenched, white-ass rich republican bastards. We need to go after Santorum on ANYTHING... college, early life, etc. We can nail him on religious hypocrisy, racist rhetoric, class warfar, environmental destruction, and hatred of the poor for starters.

But most of all, we need to ensure the public knows that Santorum represents a party that has, frankly, NOTHING but CRIMINAL INTENT in the past 40 years, and that is the republican Party.

Do everything you can to eliminate this piece of crap. We need Romney to be the GOP nominee, as that will depress the teabagger turnout, which is especially helpful in Congressional races as well. Finally, negotiations are being made to pave the way for Ron Paul tor run as a 3rd Party candidate, which will ensure an Obama win without need of deflecting vote fraud and other GOP tricks.

Let's do it and destroy Santorum!
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Media
Thu Jan 05th 2012, 09:35 PM
Mark Levin, one of the Big 3 destroyers of humanity on the radio today, has been relegated to a three hour delay in Los Angeles.

This is HUGE, folks!

This is a repudiation of the facist, blatant republicanism that has seeped into the fabric of our society over the past few decades. Our relentless attack on the media and its LA advertisers has PAID OFF BIGTIME!

Again, congratulations are in order for EVERYONE who joimed me in DESTROYING one of our biggest thorns in the side, Mark Levin.

No rest until we get ALL right wing nutjobs off the air, one way or the other. To arms!
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Editorials & Other Articles
Thu Nov 03rd 2011, 12:18 AM
For weeks I have been worried about the insidious, repulsive wave in this country about the emergence of Herman Cain, whose whacked-out ideas would facilitate the destruction for the vast majority of Americans, as well as an unprecedented wave of hate and violence that would extend to the four corners of this planet. In short, ever since Sarah Palin's acknowledgment that trying to run for president would be a fool's errand, thanks in part to a concerted education effort presented by DU'ers, the field that represents the one-percenters has been extremely fluid.

I'll be blunt: short of banning the entire party which is my life's goal and, frankly, our planet's ONLY chance at survival, the republican party has put out a bunch of savages putting out one plan after another that destroys the vast majority of our citizens' chances at survival. Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul all represent elements that would destroy our way of life, though not too fast. John Huntsman is my personal favorite (re: LEAST GOP-ish) candidate on the platform, but the masturbatory teabaggers have already disparaged him.

Mitt Romney, while someone who is still hard on the right, at least does not come across as a rabid heathen. He actually helped President Obama with many of the elements of our single payer health care legislation, using attributes of Massachusetts' own diverse, richly liberal population to effectively provide the blueprint that progressives must utilize. But he at least is wary of the teabaggers and will keep them at bay, should he somehow beat Obama.

Rick Perry is someone I once worried about. George Bush on steroids, complete with Texas twang and cowboy attitude about destroying the economy even further with tax hikes on the poor, while eliminating taxes for the wealthy. However, he has gone down in the polls, and no way he can compete against Mitt Romney.

That leaves one big stinking asshole. Herman Cain.

However, it's come out that Herman Cain has pulled a Tiger Woods all through the 90's. At LEAST four women have been sexually abused according to early reports, and by the time all is said and done, I will bet a dozen women or more will come out with their sordid stories on how Cain abused them.

This pervert is nothing more than a sex offender. Pure and simple.

Thank Gaia that we have courageous women coming forward to denounce this monster. Not only would I be looking at resurrecting sexual abuse charges, I would even look to going to the District Attorney of each jurisdiction where the sexual abuse took place and making Cain stand to account in front of a criminal judge for some serious felony time.

But make no mistake: These courageous women have probably staved off the end of the country as we know it, and quite possibly saved the planet to boot. A Herman Cain presidency would be nothing short of a Teabagger Orgy, complete with destroying the economy, the planet, and permanently segregating the haves from the have nots. Rush Limbaugh's Magic Negro will suddenly appear and we will be doomed.

But if we keep it up, we can keep the story going long enough for legal action to take place. In the meantime, Obama will not take one blow, and the eventual winner of the GOP primary will have had to undergo this fiasco, making it easy for Obama and his 1.4 billion dollar (estimated) campaign to make the difference. Pure and simple.

Herman Cain. Sex Offender. The label must FOREVER be associated with him.
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Editorials & Other Articles
Sat Oct 08th 2011, 05:04 PM
Protests are springing out all over the country. Our very own "Freedom Fall," emulating the Arab Spring, may finally provide our will to do the deed that needs to be done.
In the glorious rebirth of the great American protest march, we have seen the mother of all protests. While we deservedly berate the 1% of rich, republicanist capitalist murderous scum, we also are branching out into our other ills. Environmental concerns. Big Oil. The military/industrial complex. The Ku Klux Klan racists. The list goes on and on and on, so it is no wonder that protesters sometimes can't elaborate the very scope of human degradation of what they are protesting.

There is only ONE connection, and ONE enemy: The republican Party.

At the ROOT of EVERY major tyrannical situation involving economics, racism, sexism, environmentalism, and capitalism in general, is the demonic and rehensible manipulations of the 1 per-centers controlling the republican party.

Let me be perfectly clear:

The republican party is NOT a political party by ANY stretch of the imagination.

The republican party is, in fact, the most repressive, most destructive regime in the history of the planet. Pure and simple.

The republican party is what provides the financial booty, stolen from the progressive, productive workers, and funnels it toward military domination of poor, progressively minded countries.

The booty also provides law enforcement and legal representatives with the repressive tools to shield the wealth of the rich republicanist bastards from the rest of the progressive, democratically minded individuals whom comprise the vast majority of the planet.

Finally, the booty also provides the republican bastards the ability to destroy the planet through its environmentally destructive manner.

We may be occupying Wall Street. We may be occupying Main Street. It is NOW time to occupy the courts with lawsuits against the republican party.

There are those who say, "You CAN'T ban political parties! That's ... that's... that's un-American!!" And in most cases, their point is valid.

But political parties and free speech are based on the Human Trust factor we have with each other. When an entity abuses that trust through their edicts and actions that prevent the REST of us from OUR free speech, OUR productive efforts, and OUR desire to live in a planet that will not destroy itself, then it is not only our RIGHT, but our DUTY to DESTROY that which is preventing our progressive society from advancing.

Rest assured: We need to DESTROY the republican party BEFORE we can restore democracy! We have enough diversity of political discourse throughout the various political parties such as the Democratic, Green, Peace and Freedom, and the various Socialist and Communist parties. But right now, THEIR voices are being trounced upon by the rapacious radical right.

The bottom line: The republican party must be DESTROYED.

And THAT should be the MAIN FOCUS of our protests.

BAN the republican party...NOW!!
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Election Reform
Tue Sep 27th 2011, 05:50 PM
Though she later admit she was joking, her initial assessment of why we must concentrate on the economy with Obama and a liberal Senate is spot-on
A year ago, I made the bold suggestion that we should suspend the 2012 elections. I had stated that we needed our Congress to work until they could get all the necessary progressive legislation was in place, as well as to have a longer period of trying to fill the necessary federal judge slots with young progressive legal minds.


Unfortunately, many of you lambasted my idea. But let's be honest: We all think it, and now, Beverly Perdue, Governor of North Carolina, wants to suspend the naxt election!

Now, to be fair, she said she was joking, but the bottom line is that we MUST prevent the republicans from taking over. It takes balls to advocate an act that we CAN CONSTITUTIONALLY ENACT if we had the courage to understand the REAL enemy of our country, and the world, is the American republican Party. Pure and simple.
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Editorials & Other Articles
Wed Sep 21st 2011, 03:07 PM
The GOP is screaming about Obama's alleged involvement with hurrying through Solyndra's acceptance and its subsequent half-billion dollar loan. But evidence shows otherwise.
The GOP is attempting to pull off their biggest circle jerk of the year. They think they have the smoking gun with the purported direct involvement of illegal corporate cronyism by accusing the the Obama Administration with financial shenanigans manipulating the Green solar power company, Solyndra. In fact, this event has been PURPOSELY ORCHESTRATED by none other than Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, using their crony capitalist cohorts to mastermind the entire fiasco strictly to make the Obama Administration look guilty for financial malfeasance.

In 2008, Solyndra was a BUSH administration program to start with. Keep in mind that Bush and Cheney were having problems trying to defend their rapacious good ol' boy oil policies, where they got their cohorts billions of dollars of profits. So they ostensibly looked at Green companies like Solyndra to try to say "Hey, us republican bastards can do Green Energy TOO!," knowing full well they were gonna diss the program when they had a chance. But when they knew Obama was going to win, they (Bush and Cheney) manipulated the finances so that Solyndra thought they were a viable company, using the 1703 process of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Ironically, Solyndra never had a chance with the Bush Administration, but their executives were conditioned to try to cozy up to the Bush/Cheney/Big Oil. Cheney recognized this, and used his financial demons at Halliburton to dummy up the financials, knowing full well that Obama was going to go full throttle for needed Green Energy initiatives. Bush and Cheney KNEW that with their fake data, the Obama administration would look favorably with Solyndra, enough to push the loan through. The number of meetings that Solyndra initially met with the administration was done because Solyndra was presenting data that the BUSH administration had given them. So basically what happened was this:

1. Bush/Cheney/Rove met with the republican leadership along with the oil cartel to create a plan that would camouflage the financial processes of government involvement from company executives, diverting resources from needed technology improvements to meeting the standards set by Bush Administration energy zombies. This was done knowing that the Bush administration had NEVER INTENDED to ok Solyndra, and was setting them up for a fall.

2. At the same time, the Bush Administration knew that the GOP could lose the presidency to Obama, based upon the fact they could not dummy up the vote process this time around. So they played with the figures to give to the transition team, so that when Obama was inaugurated and they pursued green companies, they saw that Solyndra was one company that would be the cornerstone of the energy policy.

3. So basically, the Bush Administration lied to Solyndra about their financials, and they ALSO lied to Obama about the financial condition about Solyndra.

Ironically, had Solyndra not been contacted for a setup by the Bush administration, they undoubtedly would have actually developed their product so they would have, without question, been feasible as a green energy product. In short, this was a deviously brilliant setup by the GOP, and it will be hard to prove their involvement.

But there are so many smoking guns pointing to the previous illegal regime's involvement that it SHOULD be an easy cakewalk for AG Eric Holder to connect the oil-smeared dots. Though the GOP tried their damnedest to deflect the blame from their operatives to that of the Obama administration, there have been too many factors surfacing that the GOP failed to consider. While the mainstream media has heretofore been relatively silent, this is due to the fact that they also know that the Obama administration could not have been involved in something of this nature, and they wisely kept the press accounts to a minimum to allow Holder to identify the telltale marks of Cheney and Rove.

MAKE NO MISTAKE... Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the entire republican/military/industrial/oil cartel complex are 100% responsible for this mess. Eric Holder should be able to ferret out this quagmire, but until it happens, the GOP is going to try to make a big stink about this. We must be ready to defend our progressive beliefs, which is the REAL target of this nefarious plot. Stephen Lacey at ThinkProgress has more details, but this should provide everyone here with enough talking points to blow ANY republican scumsucker freak out of the water. Pure and simple.
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Editorials & Other Articles
Tue Sep 20th 2011, 02:54 PM
If we could have put young 30 year old brilliant law professionals in the federal judgeships, we would have had the 3rd Branch for 50 years.
I've been advocating the elimination and destruction of the abusive, murderous republican party since I came out of diapers in the early sixties. Up until 2008, we had no reasonable chance at doing so. But with the ascension of progressive politics and the election of Barack Obama, coupled with a virtual-Super Majority in the Senate and a significant majority in the House, and aided by a then-relatively progressive-friendly mainstream media, we had the best opportunity to solidify our progressive wave into the vernacular of US society, with the ensuing global implications that would have been significant, perhaps permanent.

But we let our guard down, and failed to take advantage of circumstances heretofore never availabe to progressives. Instead, we let the argument get sidetracked by the venomous republican bastards, and we took our EYE OFF THE BALL, which is entrenched progressive policies and intitiatives. To this end, the Tea Party came alive and is now threatening to dismantle our achievements and permanently segregate our movement into the irrelevant abyss of history.

When President Obama was elected, I outlined several things that we needed to do on an IMMEDIATE basis as a progressive presence. While many of our agenda items became implemented, our so-called democratic members flinched so much that our policies were significantly watered down. Yes, we got historic legislation passed, legislation is only half the battle. We needed not just to pass it, but to ensure it STAYED passed by making sure our progressive legislators kept their constituents on point. Obviously, ensuring the populace is aware of why we are doing the legislation is important.

Alas, we dropped the ball and let the repukes try to manipulate the jobs issue. Their policies started everything, and now they are trying to put the onus of the tragic results of their policies on the Democrats, particularly President Obama. Unfortunately, we've been lackadaisical in getting our message across with regard to our own progressive agenda. Part of it is understandable, using the cornered varmint analogy. But one key element had been neglected.

In my opinion, the most significant lack of achievement has been the missed opportunity in selecting federal judges. Notably, we had over forty vacancies that could have been filled while we had that significant congressional advantage. I have stated that we should have filled those spots IMMEDIATELY. And fill them not just with judges who, in the past, have ruled in a progressive, constitutional manner, but even more: with YOUNG progressive legal professionals who didn't necessarily have to have had actual judicial experience, but with a brilliant mindset toward social and economic justice. In short, we could have put in over 40 federal-level judgeships with 25-35 year old progressive-minded legal scholars, cementing the 3rd Branch of Government for at LEAST half a century.

And yes, I blame myself to a certain degree. I could have hammered the administration more forcibly with my recommendations. I should have peppered each presidential aide on a daily, if not weekly basis to hammer this point home. In short, having a judicial lock on progressive-minded judgments would have been the most significant legacy of Obama's presidency, which would have given the US Constitution the BEST chance to succeed against the capitalist, ruinous goals of the fascist right ring armada.

Imagine 40 of our brightest progressive minds at various federal levels from 2010 to 2060. We HAD THAT CHANCE. No matter WHAT any political winds blow in the executive and legislative branches, we would have had the ability to make policy through progressive judicial fiat.

And to me, this is probably our biggest loss of all. No matter how the 2012 election season plays out, and no matter how much we can fight against the legal ability of the republican party to participate in the American political process, this lack of controlling the most important branch of government, the judicial branch, will most likely forever be out of our reach.

Unless we can invalidate the republican financial apparatus.

I rest my case.
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Wisconsin
Thu Mar 17th 2011, 01:14 PM
Successfully entered another relevant term into the Urban Dictionary.


The combined name of the state of Wisconsin and the traditional suffix of a typical middle eastern country, "stan", which means place in Arab. The term is used to describe the current republican-party terrorism, orchestrated by the criminalistic governor Scott Walker and his illicit republican party cohorts, engaged against the vast working class, democratic, socialist workers in the Wisconsin public service system. This horrific action is akin to similar rich republican party supported terrorist governments in many Arab countries, hence the tie-in with the suffix of Stan. To the extent that the American Republican party remains legal, Wisconsin will always harbor such oppression and will always be known by decent people worldwide as Wisconistan.

Scott Walker and his republicanist thugs have ordered the state police to open fire on peaceful, justice seeking workers, bloodying the ornate steps of the Capitol Building in Wisconistan.

Gotta love the Urban Dictionary!
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Editorials & Other Articles
Mon Jan 10th 2011, 01:15 PM
I just heard from a couple of sources that attorney Judy Clarke, who represented the Unabomber in a defense that helped educate the public into the vitriolic right wing mindset, is going to greatly highlight the responsibility of the rabid right, particularly Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the Tea Party, of the violent atmosphere that led to her client's unfortunate crime. This is great, and will help drill in people's mind the TRUE reality of how the right caused this massacre.
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Editorials & Other Articles
Sun Jan 09th 2011, 05:55 PM
(NOTE: The word "murder" has been indicated that it is rather vitriolic. While several legal examples in history justify my conneting Palin to the murders, if the mod wishes to modify the article, I will understand. Thank you.)
Saturday, January 8 marks the date that democracy officially died in the United States of America, and that the republican Party has officially become the main organization identification behind such a destructive event. We have a Democratic Party congresswoman who is virtually comatose with a bullet through her brain, a poor little nine-year old girl, the granddaughter of a revered baseball manager, brutally murdered, and a judge murdered, along with several other people, including a congressional aide to Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords. Officially, the suspect in this event was a morose, perhaps mentally unstable 22-year old man who may or may not have acted alone at the scene. That remains to be determined.

What does NOT remain to be determined, however, is the insidious rhetoric displayed ad infinitum by the extreme right wing, topped by a vitreous, frightening graphic of rifle targets on the districts of 20 Democratic congressmen and women. That display was created by none other than Sarah Palin, GOP superstar and presumed presidential candidate in 2012. Such a display, as a MINIMUM, must spell an immediate and disgraceful end to her political career; preferably, she must be investigated by the Justice Department for her unambiguous role in the attempted murder of a congresswoman she deemed an enemy by putting her in the cross-hairs of a rifle.

In a normal world, such an action would immediately condemn such a person to the political grave before the gun-smoke cleared. Certainly, if a republican were shot, the right would IMMEDIATELY (and rightfully, unfortunately) be demanding the HEAD of the Democratic Party official who was responsible for such an action. But we live in a world in which the Right Wing has total control of the media, total control of the rules of argument, and total control of the monetary fund (despite our best intentions of the past two years).

But that is not the case. The murders were 100% responsible by one entity: the republican party. The original instigator to this mess: Ronald Reagan, for creating the original divide between extremist Republicans and normal Americans and other global citizens. The facilitator: George W. Bush, for his expansionism, mass murder, and his utter disregard for democracy and the rule of law in pursuit of corporate profits and greed, along with his corporate man-whore, Dick Cheney.

All during this time, there was a constant divisive and derisive force: the emergence and promotion of hate radio. “Talk” radio is a euphemism for the abrasive, poisonous discourse most demonstrably represented by Rush Limbaugh, with poisonous support from such heathens as Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Mike Savage. Finally, this scourge of radio filth, propagated by the absence of an excellent regulator, the Fairness Doctrine removed by Ronald Reagan, resulted in conspiracy theories that are now mainstreamed in the presence of Glenn Beck. All of these destructive influences on our modern society could never have infested their spewing vitriol if the Fairness Doctrine had remained in place, and allowed the proper and methodical transformation from our country as a rabid, capitalistic greed-oriented cesspool of societal ingrates to that of a progressive, just society that champions the advancement of the individual and centralized society over that of a republican-party induced nightmare of unrelenting horror.

But the special circumstances that led to the horrific shooting were such that it would NEVER have happened without the vitriol provided by Mssr.’s Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Levin, et al. They were the primary cheerleaders and unabashedly orgasmic-inducing man-whores into creating the atmosphere that their minions relish in. An atmosphere of unabashed financial greed. An atmosphere of unabashed racial divisiveness. An atmosphere of absolute hatred of anything Not White-Bread American.

And someone comes along to harness this atmosphere: a ubiquitous she-wolf, a perpetrator straight from the tundra of a state that best would have been left to Russia, or more properly administered by a more progressive and logical country, Canada, in the first place: Alaska.

Sarah Palin seemingly came out of nowhere to eclipse the scion of our times: George W. Bush. And with good reason: Palin actually represents an unabashed, orgiastic love affair with guns, with oil, with capitalism, and an INSIDIOUS hatred of fairness, progressive values, and the needs and wants of the vast majority of humanity on this planet. Palin not only represents evil, she is as CLOSE to being a demonic being as any we’ve had since Dick Cheney. And the wingnuts can’t seem to get enough of her.

She is allowed to shoot innocent animals on TV and then have the gall to show their lifeless, bloody carcasses on the “Learning” channel. She is allowed to kill defenseless moose and spout her views without rebuttal for hours on end. Most troubling, she gets across the point that gun ownership is not only a right, but damn near a REQUIREMENT for US citizenship, and those who don’t own or use guns are themselves un-American.

This leads to her military-arms-caliber campaign against twenty congresspersons last year. Using rifle-scope cross-hairs on each district of the candidates, Palin unashamedly urged her minions to “lock” and “reload” in their zeal to “take out” the candidates. Ostensibly meant to be used in political rhetoric, it does not take a rocket scientist from Cal Tech to note that most people would take such a campaign as an actual, physical threat against those people. If I did the same thing myself, put out a map of Tea Party candidates with cross-hairs and urged my fans here on DU to “lock” and “reload” and “take out” those candidates, you can BET your SWEET BIPPY that the US Secret Service would be all over my ass, taking my stuff, and throwing me harshly in jail next to Bubba. And frankly, I would DESERVE such treatment. You betcha, dad gum it.

But that didn’t happen. And Sarah Palin found her own minion to pull it off. A poor, stupid, ignorant dupe loner who, by the admission of many, listened to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage. One who put out the teabagger-esque missives on his youtube and MySpace pages. One who was, by ANY standard of measurement, the typical Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh brain-dead minion of the far, repressive right.

And it happened. He took a gun, and killed, he maimed, he killed some more.

And in the mind of many decent Americans, it was not Jared Loughner pulling the trigger of his own volition. It was Sarah Palin, through her rhetoric, and through the rhetoric of the talk show heathens, Tea Party candidates, but most importantly, through the financial coffers of the republican party apparatus, who were equally as responsible for perpetrating this murderous onslaught.

The policies of Sarah Palin and the republican Party killed 6 people and left many strewn all over the place, just like Sarah Palin left the carcasses of her dead animal kills all over the place.

A federal judge, blown away just like the moose Palin purports to kill “for dinner.” As if she can’t afford to buy her own veggies.

A progressive congressional aide, blown away, just like the caribou that Palin kills for sport and fun times. As if Palin can’t ski or snowmobile or do snow angels for fun times.

Finally, the body of a nine-year old girl, strewn as bloodily and as heartlessly, as innocent as any lamb that Palin has overtly destroyed with her impressive armory, will always be associated with Palin’s dangerous, and now murderous, assertions. You betcha.

As I type now, with the horrific images of the above along with the dozens of others that Palin’s influence caused, I have absolutely no feeling that deviates in ANY way from hatred. For the first time in my life, I feel absolute hatred for one person. It is not a nice feeling.

Sarah Palin.

She deserves the hatred of ALL decent people. We don’t, as a rule, want to hate, but we must hate when it is deserved. We must hate when it comes to planning our retribution and responses. Finally, we MUST hate when we come across the actual instigator of everything we hold vile and oppressive.

Yes, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, et all must be held accountable for their abuse of the First Amendment, both civilly, and, frankly, with harsh criminal sanctions. That goes without saying.

But without any question, with no ambiguity whatsoever, I accuse and tie in Sarah Palin with her support and influence of this massacre, this REAL terrorist act. And she must pay with her life behind bars, and most certainly, as someone who should always… ALWAYS… be discredited without question for the rest of her life.

Finally, the word “murder” and “assassination” must ALWAYS be associated with Sarah Palin. Her minion may have pulled the trigger, but the perpetrator is always the one who is held responsible in a court of law. No difference here: Sarah Palin is a murderer. No other explanation is reasonable.

And banning the GOP now is almost like shutting the barn door after Palin shot the horse, the goat, and the chickens. But it's something that must be done if we wish to move forward.
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Latest Breaking News
Sun Jan 09th 2011, 01:07 PM
(NOTE: The word "murder" has been indicated that it is rather vitriolic. While several legal examples in history justify my conneting Palin to the murders, if the mod wishes to modify the article, I will understand. Thank you.)
I am SICK AND TIRED of the republican Party even being ALLOWED to exist as an organization, when we now have absolute, unadulterated murderous PROOF of its intentions and its total desire to DESTROY PEOPLE. It is NOT a political organization at this point. It is NOTHING SHORT of a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION...FAR worse than Al Quaeda! FAR worse than Nazi Germany. FAR worse than ANY OTHER group in history, BAR NONE.

Sarah Palin is the titular head of this party, and with her murderous rampage that included the poor granddaughter of a revered baseball manager, SHE should be in the cell next to the person she influenced to pull off this horrific deed. In addition, the republican Party ITSELF must be held accountable for allowing the conditions to fester for decades which LED to the Tea Party Terrorist movement, and now has claimed its first victims.

I've already opined on how to ban the GOP through RICO statutes, identifying and deconstructing its financial apparatus. NOW, see what you have wrought by NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH ON THIS?

Sarah must be jailed for life on this act. Jesse Kelly should be held just as accountable as well.

I sincerely hope that Loughner tells the truth on how the Tea Party, in particularly how Sarah Palin influenced his deeds and that the full weight of legal and, if necessary, legal physical enforcement against the republican Party become a reality. It is an insidious shame that it took a republican-sponsored murder to accomplish that feat.
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Posted by BanTheGOP in General Discussion
Sat Jan 08th 2011, 03:09 PM
Yes, I'm calling you, Sarah Palin, a cold-blooded murderer (attempted or not), aided and abetted by your felonious organization, the Republican Party, alias the Tea Party enforcement wing. Palin, you had Rep. Giffords SPECIFICALLY targeted. You should pay the criminal penalty.

This MUST be Sarah Palin's legacy, as well as the Tea Party's legacy. Make no bones...the Republican Party is NOW complicit in the murder of a Democratic congresswoman.

NOW can't everyone see that the GOP is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, now that it has BLOOD on its hands?

Use RICO statutes...ban it NOW, and make sure you lock up Palin for life as well.
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Posted by BanTheGOP in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Dec 07th 2010, 05:40 PM
Sorry. I can't take it anymore. I really can't take it anymore. I'd LOVE to say a bunch of things here but feel that if I do, I would be censored.

Normally, I don't care. I know what is right and what is wrong. I know the REASONS why things are right and things are wrong. But if I print those reasons, I risk getting censored; worse, I risk getting banned.

President Obama has done the unthinkable: He's caved into the republicanist bastards with incredible aloofness.


Just because the ghosts of Bush and Cheney have a FIGURATIVE gun to his head, Obama should have flicked them off like the annoying gnats that they are.

Instead, he calls them terrorists, hostage takers.

I never thought I'd have to say this.


I have been your BIGGEST SUPPORTER through thick and thin. But you and your party have HORRIFICALLY acted, and allowed the party of Palin, Reagan, and Satin to come back from the dead with a vengeance.


ALL you had to do was to follow my advice. You had several chances, and you didn't do JACK.

You never raised taxes in the first two years. You could have done so with a filibuster-proof senate and supporting House.

You have been WOEFULLY BEHIND in assigning progressive justices to the Federal benches. ONLY $ OF OVER 40 VACANCIES have been filled with progressive judges.

Yes, you got many things passed. You got single-payer health care to become a reality, though with the congressional dems hemming and hawing with provisions, threatening its implementation in the next Congress.

I am seething. I am angry. I am beyond redemption.

You may note I have been conciliatory in my remarks. That's because if I wrote what I REALLY feel, I would not only be kicked out of DU, I would be arrested.

Pure and simple. More to come...
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Posted by BanTheGOP in Editorials & Other Articles
Wed Nov 03rd 2010, 07:14 PM
We need to make this the most productive Lame Duck Session in the history of Congress. As everyone knows, the 112th Congress is going to be severely hampered by oppressive, criminal activity; namely, republican involvement in the voting process. However, we DO still have the Senate, which will allow us to temper and filter the message with a progressive, constitutional slant to the American Public.

Here is the sequence of what needs to happen:

1. In the senate, we need to enact the Nuclear option. NO REPUBLICAN INVOLVEMENT AT ALL FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS.

2. Once we have simple majority status, we enact EVERY Obama initiative. Every single one.

3. We not only let the tax cuts expire, we RAISE the taxes for the rich.

4. We engineer no-repeal measures into the laws so that the next Congress cannot (easily) repeal them.

5. Both houses need to perform the above. EVERYTHING gets passed: All our environmental laws, all our tax laws, all our new stimulus packages. Another three trillion dollars in total.

6. We need to have Nancy Pelosi come out and hit the dems HARD with these proposals to make sure it gets done.

7. With a simple majority in the Senate, we have negated the ability for the criminal repukes to filibuster the needed legislation.

8. NOW, JUST AS IMPORTANT as passing the laws, we need to FAST TRACK...hell, grease the skids...and get EVERY AVAILABLE FEDERAL JUDGE POSTION FILLED WITH A YOUNG, PROGRESSIVE MINDED INDIVIDUAL. Ideally, no judge should be over 35, EVERY ONE should have a background of liberal or progressive decisions and work ethics, and should all be in good health. That will guarantee at least 30, and more probably 40 to 50 years of uninterrupted, progressive decisions at the federal level.

9. Once we have the judges in place, voted upon by simple majority, we then ensure that we have teams of lawyers across the country who internalize the new laws passed by the lame duck congress.

10. On January 1, we remove the Nuclear option and return it to 60 votes so that we can concentrate on conventional legislation in the 112th Congress.

This is a MINIMUM that we should do. Make it so!!
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