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Hughes for America
Posted by BobcatJH in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Tue Apr 04th 2006, 10:30 AM
When I learned Monday night that Tom DeLay was leaving office and was not seeing re-election, I went to bed a giddy and contented man. America, I thought, was beginning to wake up from the nightmare we've been enduring since early 2001.

I slept like a baby. I had such vivid, wonderful dreams. Dreams that reminded me of how long it's been since I got a full night's sleep. In short, it was amazing.

When I awoke this morning, refreshed and recharged, I remembered all that had happened since President Bush - with DeLay's help - took office.

I remembered that the war in Iraq had been a tremendous success. That we had indeed found weapons of mass destruction, ties between Saddam Hussein and the September 11 attacks and that the world was behind our efforts. That the Iraqi people greeted us as liberators and, after the brief conflict, had begun a normal life as a free people. That our brave young men and women had, with few exceptions, made it home safely from the Middle East.

I remembered the gallant administration response to Hurricane Katrina last fall. The president ahead of the story, who had been prepared for disaster and acted accordingly. The brilliant coordination between government organizations, which allowed for speedy resolution of problems as they arose. The massive reconstruction that brought myriad jobs to the Gulf Coast and re-invigorated area businesses and re-inspired the people.

I remembered learning recently that the Bush administration was seeking new, legal means to fight terrorism. That new ways of wiretapping and data mining, in the benevolent hands of the government, would further help America track down those who would attack us. That, concerned with the rule of law, the president not only sought to wage a greater war on terror, but had also sought to do so within the rules. That those of us who had opposed the president had nothing to fear, that he was looking out for our best interests.

I remembered that the president had brought America together. That gays had never had it better in America, their right to marry and adopt assured. That undocumented workers were being treated fairly by the government and that those businesses who had hired them were under greater scrutiny. That women everywhere knew that their right to privacy was secure, as was their right to legal, safe abortions should they be necessary.

I remembered that religious leaders aligned with the administration had promoted a positive, tolerant environment. That they had treated those with differing viewpoints with civility and respect. That they had fostered an environment of bridge-building with other major faiths. That they had avoided serving a political agenda and had worked for the greater good.

But then I remembered something else. I remembered Tom DeLay. I remembered that none of these things had happened. I remembered that DeLay's departure from Congress hadn't changed that fact, either. Soon, as my wits came back to me, I heard the morning alarm clock. It was time to wake up. My dreams were just that: Dreams.

Once I remembered that fact, I vowed to work twice as hard to guarantee that DeLay's style of politics and the Republican culture of corruption would never again have the chance to monopolize my government. Those are dreams we can all look forward to.
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