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Some Stuff I Think About...
Posted by FLDem5 in General Discussion
Sun Oct 02nd 2011, 05:45 PM
Arrests = 0. That crowd smashed beer bottles in the streets. This crowd chanted. What was the difference?

The New YorK Times reported:

A handful of people, then hundreds, then thousands, broke through police barricades and surged onto City Hall's steps. From there, the protest degenerated into a beer-swilling, traffic-snarling, epithet-hurling melee that stretched from the Brooklyn Bridge to Murray Street, where several politicians helped stoke the emotional fires.


Another contingent of 1,000 to 4,000 had another idea. They veered east, toward the Brooklyn Bridge. By 11:50, bridge traffic was blocked in both directions and the crowd was turning ugly. One woman who emerged from her car to shout at the protesters that her infant was suffering in the heat was shouted down by protesters who jeered, "Hey, why don't you call a cop."

They were the Police. That is the difference.
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