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ColbertWatcher's Journal
Posted by ColbertWatcher in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Aug 01st 2009, 02:05 AM
... what tool could the status quo use to lull everyone into believing the way things are now is the way they ought to stay?

Why, the new Fall TV Season, of course!

According to TV Guide, broadcast TV has three (count 'em, 1, 2, 3--and possibly four by the start of next year--4!) new one-hour medical dramas scheduled to begin airing in September when the new season begins:
* Trauma (on NBC, new-Mondays @ 9:00pm; repeats-Saturdays @ 9:00pm)

* Mercy (on NBC, Wednesdays @ 8:00pm)

* Three Rivers (on CBS, Sundays @ 9:00pm)

Gosh, I hope the characters on these shows can be fair and balanced about how a single-payer system would work!

But, for me, the most disturbing thing about the coming Fall TV season is ABC's primetime schedule for Wednesday nights, that has five brand new shows:
* 8:00pm "Hank"

* 8:30pm "The Middle"

* 9:00pm "Modern Family"

* 9:30pm "Cougar Town"

* 8:00pm "Eastwick"

None of them seem to be about medicine, but let's take a closer look at them, anyway, shall we?

"Hank" stars future GOP candidate Kelsey Grammer and is being produced by a very new and very hot (connected?) production company called "Bonanza Productions." Bonanza has only 6 projects listed, all of them are slated for TV and all of them are set for this fall (or as mid-season replacements, including another medical show (the fourth?), "Miami Trauma")

There is no description for "Hank" on TV or (at the time of this posting), but Television Without Pity comes through with a quick description for "Hank" (as well as "The Middle" and "Cougar Town")

TWOP says: "Hank is about an exec who loses his job and savings and has to cope with real life and his bitter wife and kids."

"The Middle" is listed as airing on ABC, Wednesdays @ 8:30pm, but no synopsis is given. However, IMDb is only a click away, so ... IMDb says it's an episodic version of some TV movie made in 2007, which is described as,
"A look at the life of a lower-middle-class family living in the Midwest"
The sit"com" remake stars Patricia Heaton, who is probably best known for her Hollywood activism in support of women,
"Abortion is a reflection that society has failed women."IMDb
(And some people think Michael Vick shouldn't be allowed to have a job.)
To top it off, the original TV movie had characters named "Brick," "Elvis" and "Big Haired Show Mom". That leaves little doubt in my mind which family the series will be based on.

"Modern Family"

Very little is made available in the tubes about this show, but the creators both worked on "Frasier" (with Grammer) and created that wildly, hilarious comedy "Back to You", starring both Grammer and Heaton!

Oh, and did I tell you it was a comedy! About the news!

I couldn't tell you if it was fair and/or balanced because it's off the air already. Tsk, tsk, shame.

"Cougar Town"Not much to find about this show either, but the two guys listed as writers (not creators?) worked on "Scrubs".

Here is Television Without Pity's quick description: "... imagine "Desperate Housewives" as a sitcom. Now imagine Courteney Cox in the "Susan" role and you've pretty much pictured her new "Cougar Town" show."

Another superstitious remake (this one from that movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher, Susan Sarandon and that fat guy playing the devil again (oops, spoiler alert!) It looks like it might be a "grown-up" version of "Charmed". Except one of the women has a quiverfull of kids.

It is also produced by Bonanza Productions.

Oh well, when the TV isn't pushing the all-American nuclear family and all varieties of superstitions down our throats, we have to swallow heterosexual, Christian propaganda, too!

But, you may be asking why are there are no cable shows included in this post (it's been long enough)? (Just an FYI, the USA Network does have a new "medical" show, but it's already airing and it's called Hawthorne", but no one can take it too seriously since the title character is played by someone who is in a cult that eschews modern medicine science) But, I digress, why are the only shows covered in this post on network (or broadcast) TV?

The reason for excluding TV that costs money is because the propaganda won't be targeted toward people who have enough money to pay for TV. The GOP and their insurance syndicate buddies aren't worried about losing the support of those people.

They're worried about losing the support of the people who can barely afford electricity, much less cable TV. Like the people who live in places like Wise County, Virginia, who--if you don't already know--were finally able to get some healthcare this year when Remote Area Medical came by with their annual free clinic. And, then, the President followed up less than a week after that to talk about the possibility that they could get healthcare all year long.

Sixty-two miles away! Right there in the Kroger's!

To be honest, the GOP isn't really concerned about losing these people, so much as losing their loyalty (there's only so much insurance propaganda the radio and direct mail can deliver before diminishing returns set in). If Congress can pass healthcare reform that includes a public option, the GOP will have lost not just the votes in Wise County and the rest of the Appalachian region, but every rural vote in America and the insurance syndicates cannot allow that to happen.

So, if a bill isn't signed before the August break, watch for the propaganda on your TV this fall.

(EDITED TO INCLUDE) TWOP descriptions for "Hank" and "Cougar Town".

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