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Elrond Hubbard's Journal
Posted by Elrond Hubbard in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Oct 23rd 2007, 10:36 PM
and it is Corporatism.
We have sitting in the white house a president who is bought and paid for by big business, who has dismantled the social safety net in the name of profits.
We have politicians on both sides of the aisle raking in fat stacks of cash to give the middle finger to taxpayers and push corporate agendas.
War for profit. Halliburton. Blackwater.
Privatization of our cuts for the wealthy.
Corporate ownership of the media.
Opium for the people.
It's all there. It's getting worse. With each passing day, the almighty corporation strengthens its stranglehold on America. It won't even matter once Bush is gone...unless we get a president dedicated to fighting the oligarchy, the corporations will still be in charge. Only the faces will change.
We like to believer we are free but we are NOT. We don't determine our destiny, and our representatives and senators do not work for us. The corporations pay a lot better, and don't make any demands on integrity or credibility.
The infection of corporatism has made America ill, deathly ill...our system has become something unrecognizable. A bizarre kind of capitalism run amok.
There is no competition and fair play...only merging, crushing, and bribing.
This is what was once America, and can be again.
Only when we purge the corporate infection can we be great again.
How can we do this? What chances do we have?
I for one, think we need a PROGRESSIVE in the white house...a true blue dem with the courage and the fortitude to take on the evil corporations and break their iron grip on our country.
If we elect another corporate slave, we will only get continued corporate slavery. THE TRUE PROBLEM ISN'T SO MUCH BUSH AND CHENEY AS WHO IS PULLING THE STRINGS!!!
It is my hope that in '08, we will see Americans standing up for the ideals that made our country something worth being proud. VOTE FOR PROGRESSIVE DEMS...NO VOTES FOR CORPORATE SLAVES AND TOADIES!!
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