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JCMach1's Journal
Posted by JCMach1 in General Discussion
Mon Nov 28th 2011, 05:51 AM
...Afghanistan officials claimed Sunday that Afghan and NATO forces were retaliating for gunfire from two Pakistani army bases when they called in airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, adding a layer of complexity to episode that has further strained Pakistan’s ties with the United States.

The account challenged Pakistan’s claim that the strikes were unprovoked...

...But a report in Monday's Wall Street Journal -- denied by Islamabad -- said the Nato jets and helicopters responded to firing from a Pakistani post on the ill-defined Afghan border.

The article, which followed a similar report by Britain's Guardian newspaper, cited three Afghan officials and one Western official as saying the air raid was called in to shield allied forces targeting Taliban fighters.

Nato and Afghan forces "were fired on from a Pakistani army base", the unnamed Western official told the Wall Street Journal. "It was a defensive action."

An Afghan official in Kabul was quoted as saying: "There was firing coming from the position against Afghan army soldiers who requested support and this is what happened."...

This is still only part of the story...

Video is here:

There is an excellent BBC Documentary out about how Pakistan has been playing a double game:

..."The ISI of course... must take responsibility for the fact that some of these camps were still up and running including perhaps the camp that, that was responsible for training the 7/7 attackers."

Yet initially the evidence of Pakistan's double role was largely disregarded.

According to the former British Ambassador to Afghanistan Sherard Cowper Coles: "Somehow because the Pakistani dimension was too difficult, too enormous, we just sort of shut it out and pretended that by pushing the insurgents around Helmand or out of bits of Helmand, that was somehow solving the problem."

The series reveals that by 2009 evidence of a double cross was too strong to be further ignored.

Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer, who headed a secret review of Pakistan's role for President Obama, describes briefing the President: "I spoke pretty much non-stop for about 45 minutes, and then we spent another hour, hour and a half, talking about it...

"I told the President Pakistan was double-dealing us and that the Pakistanis had been double-dealing the United States and its allies for years and years, and they were probably going to continue to do so." ...
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Posted by JCMach1 in Latest Breaking News
Fri Nov 25th 2011, 02:08 AM
Source: The Guardian

...US-Egyptian writer says she had bones broken in both wrists by security officials after arrest near Tahrir Square...

The prominent US-Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy has described a brutal sexual and physical assault that she says she suffered after being arrested by Egyptian riot police during a 12-hour ordeal inside Cairo's interior ministry.

Eltahawy, who writes for publications including the Guardian and the Toronto Star, says she had bones broken in both wrists by security officials, who also grabbed her breasts and genitals.

The award-winning Eltahawy, 44, told her story in a series of tweets at the time of her arrest and after her release...

Read more:

Horrific... nothing has changed in Egypt. This is rather personal for me as I have been following and at times tweeting back and forth with her since before the revolution. This absolutely has sickened me.
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Posted by JCMach1 in Latest Breaking News
Mon Nov 21st 2011, 10:09 PM
Source: Globe and Mail

...Several protest groups have called for a “million-man march” to take place Tuesday in downtown Cairo, the scene of the first such march in January. The success of the day’s march may well determine the next move the military authorities will make and, with that, the future of Egypt’s electoral process.

Popular fury has grown in the past week over the military-backed government’s recent announcement that the new constitution, to be drafted after a parliament is chosen, would have to respect military privileges. Specifically, the Supreme Council would enjoy the right to approve or veto any legislation that had a direct bearing on the country’s military...


Things are really getting crazy again in Egypt. Today is likely to be a watershed.
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Posted by JCMach1 in General Discussion
Mon Nov 21st 2011, 01:21 AM

et al. The right of center now controls the continent...

Spain's center-right opposition stormed to a crushing election victory on Sunday as voters punished the outgoing Socialist government for the worst economic crisis in generations. The People's Party, led by former Interior Minister Mariano Rajoy, won an absolute majority in Parliament and is expected to push through drastic measures to try to prevent Spain being sucked deeper into a debt storm threatening the whole euro zone.
Voters vented their rage on the Socialists, who led the country from boom to bust in seven years in charge. With 5 million people out of work, the European Union's highest jobless rate, Spain is heading into its second recession in four years.
Spaniards, who voted in pouring rain on Sunday, were the fifth European nation to throw out their leaders because of the spreading euro zone crisis, following Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Italy...
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Posted by JCMach1 in General Discussion
Mon Nov 14th 2011, 09:41 AM
Are we in the middle of a bankers coup d'etat...?

The “Shock Doctrine” is clearly at work again. Look at Italy’s new leader’s credentials, Mario Monti

Monti is the first chairman of Bruegel, a European think tank founded in 2005, and he is European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a think tank founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller.<4> He is also a leading member of the Bilderberg Group.<5> Monti is an international adviser to Goldman Sachs and The Coca-Cola Company.<6>

In Greece the new PM Lucas Papademos served on the Federal Reserve of Boston!

He has served as Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 1980. He joined the Bank of Greece in 1985 as Chief Economist, rising to Deputy Governor in 1993 and Governor in 1994. During his time as Governor of the national bank, Papademos was involved in Greece’s transition from the drachma to the euro as its national currency.<4> After leaving the Bank of Greece in 2002, Papademos became the Vice President to Jean-Claude Trichet at the European Central Bank from 2002 to 2010. In 2010 he left that position to serve as an advisor to Prime Minister George Papandreou.<4> He has been a member of the Trilateral Commission since 1998.<5>

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Posted by JCMach1 in General Discussion
Sat Nov 05th 2011, 06:57 AM
They are now supporting the EU austerity plan.

And yes Virginia, that makes the Greek PM an anti-democratic douche.

Referendum canceled (Check)
Opposition Support for Austertiy (Check)
Vote of Confidence Win (Check)

The feeling of prostituting yourself to the 1%... Priceless!
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Posted by JCMach1 in General Discussion
Sat Nov 05th 2011, 06:47 AM
The Arab Spring has had a very disjointed affect here in the UAE. While there is very little in the way of opposition (think how long would it take for their to be a Beverly Hills Coup), even the slightest dissent has met with crushing resistance. Three emirati bloggers were arrested this last Spring for simply hinting at criticism of the government. Their families are still calling for a fair trial. "We, the families of the five activists, who are held in prison over misdemeanour cases at the Higher Federal court... come forward with this petition to your most courteous selves after they had spent six months in imprisonment," said the statement received by AFP.

"We turn to you asking for your interference, with your influence, in order to stop this trial that isn't consistent with international standards for fair trial, cancel the charges and order the release of the detainees," said the letter addressed to the president and vice president of the UAE and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

The procedures and treatment of the detainees "before or during the trial, violated the standards of fair trial as internationally defined," said the statement.

The violations include "their right to release pending trial... to be presumed innocent... to be tried without undue delay... (and) the right to appeal," said the statement...

In the meantime, there was a tribal majlis in Abu Dhabi with the various tribes re-affirming their loyalty to the regime. These efforts went online this week with the website-

While there have been continued baby steps towards democracy (we just had a Federal National Council Election), things are so incremental they could perhaps seem laughable in light of the ongoing Arab uprisings in neighboring countries.

Ironically enough, in the UAE the Arab Spring has taken democracy and opposition back several steps with the powers that be pondering how to hold on to power.

Just an ongoing chapter in the Counterrevolutions that are ongoing in the Arab world... games within games within games...
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Posted by JCMach1 in Latest Breaking News
Fri Nov 04th 2011, 08:48 AM
Source: AP

Fear that Egypt's ruling generals are working to perpetuate their hold on power is causing a political furor, threatening a "second revolution" and sending relations between the generals and activists to new lows less than four weeks before a key election.

The outcry has been prompted by a proposal from the military-appointed Cabinet to shield the armed forces from any oversight and give the generals a veto over legislation dealing with military affairs... The Muslim Brotherhood and other groups also have called for massive street demonstrations Nov. 18 to protest the document...

Read more:

What happens when you trust the military with supporting a democratic agenda...
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Posted by JCMach1 in Latest Breaking News
Fri Nov 04th 2011, 08:44 AM
Source: AP

Security forces in Bahrain have used tear gas and armored vehicles to drive back protesters streaming toward a heavily guarded square that was once the center for pro-reform demonstrations in the Gulf nation...

Read more:

The oppression continues...
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Posted by JCMach1 in General Discussion
Tue Nov 01st 2011, 01:35 AM
Has anyone figured out which opponent research team leaked this to Politico?

If not, who do you think it was and why?
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Posted by JCMach1 in Editorials & Other Articles
Mon Oct 31st 2011, 09:48 PM
When the Arab Spring was born, it had a young face. On the streets of Sidi Bouzid, then Tunis, then Cairo, Benghazi, and beyond, it was 20- and 30-somethings who hit the pavement to demand change in the face of tear gas and bullets.

They were lauded as a new, internet-savvy generation fed up with the archaic dictators of the past.

But 10 months later, the revolution has aged. In the first democratic election since the turmoil began, Tunisia has elected a greying political class. More than half the candidates for the new Constituent Assembly to draft a new Constitution over the next year were over 46. And the leaders of the three most successful parties are all over 65. Two of these men lived in exile in France for 20 years, removed from the hard reality that spurred revolution.

It's often said revolutions eat their young, but rarely has it been such a feast. On the streets of Tunis and across the Middle East, the young revolutionaries have been taken aback. A movement that spread on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is today being run by a generation that lived without computers most of their lives...

That didn't take long.
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Posted by JCMach1 in General Discussion
Mon Oct 31st 2011, 07:02 AM
In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the most water scarce region in the world, it is predicted that per capita water availability will fall by half by 2050. And scarcity is only one of the water-related challenges that MENA countries are currently facing--altered rainfall patterns due to climate change, shifting demand structures, and rising industrial and urban pollution all complicate efforts to efficiently manage water resources. However, a recent report by the World Bank argues that water scarcity need not constrain economic and social progress in the region if a multi-sectoral approach to water sector reform is adopted...

Just take a look at the outlook for Yemen:

...The West frets that al Qaeda will exploit instability in Yemen to prepare new attacks like the failed December 25 bombing of a U.S. airliner, but this impoverished Arabian peninsula country faces a catastrophe that poses a far deadlier long-term threat.

Nature cannot recharge ground water to keep pace with demand from a population of 23 million expected to double in 20 years.

More water is consumed than produced from most of Yemen's 21 aquifers, especially in the highlands, home to big cities like Sanaa, with a fast-growing population of two million, and Taiz.

"If we continue like this, Sanaa will be a ghost city in 20 years," said Anwer Sahooly, a water expert at German development agency GTZ, which runs several water projects in Yemen.

Some wells in Sanaa are now 800 to 1,000 meters deep -- requiring oil-drilling equipment -- while many are no longer usable because of the sinking water table, he said.

Millions of thirsty Yemenis may eventually have to abandon Sanaa and other mountain cities for the coastal plain. "Water refugees" may try to migrate to nearby Gulf states or Europe...

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Posted by JCMach1 in General Discussion
Mon Oct 31st 2011, 01:48 AM
In all seriousness, the nature of his disease should disqualify him for the job.

...Statistics have shown only 7% as the stage 4 liver cancer survival rates for a 5 year period. Those whose cancer is surgically removed show a survival rate of about 75% after 1 year, 50% after 3 years and 30% after 5 years...

According to Stephanopoulos, Cain says:

“I’m willing to release my medical records. Two months ago George, I went to my oncologist in Atlanta, got a full scale check-up, cat scan, x-rays, all of the various blood tests and he put it in writing that after five years I am now totally 100 percent cancer-free,” Herman Cain said.
He was diagnosed in 2006 and wrote in his book “This is Herman Cain: My Journey to the White House,” that he was given a 30 percent chance of survival. But Cain overcame stage four colon and liver cancer and said his doctors call him a “cancer miracle.”... /

To me, this is the 500lb gorilla in the room with this guy and the MSM is completely ignoring it. Or, are they holding back for some reason?

You think if Obama had just recovered from Stage IV cancer they wouldn't be talking about it???

Seriously, is going on here.
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Posted by JCMach1 in Latest Breaking News
Sun Oct 30th 2011, 06:56 AM
Source: Reuters

DUBAI (Reuters) - A member of the Saudi royal family has pledged $900,000 to a bounty offered by a prominent cleric to any Palestinian who kidnaps an Israeli soldier, according to comments aired on a private TV station Saturday.

Prince Khaled bin Talal, a brother of Saudi billionnaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, told Daleel television over the phone that he decided to contribute to Awad al-Qarni's bounty after the Saudi cleric received death threats for offering $100,000 to capture an Israeli soldier...

Read more:

Same as it ever was in the Kingdom...
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Posted by JCMach1 in Latest Breaking News
Fri Oct 28th 2011, 02:32 AM
Source: Gulf News

A public warning has been issued by a nuclear watchdog agency after a radioactive source of Iridium went missing on Tuesday.

The loss of the substance, used in industrial radiography by an Abu Dhabi-based company, prompted the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) to issue the warning... The source would pose health hazards if its protective shielding were to be damaged or if the source were to be removed from its protective shield...

Read more:

Dirty bomb anyone?

Just for background, the US has actively supported a nuclear power industry in both the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Looks like they have trouble just keeping track of a small amount of the not quite so dangerous stuff.
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