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JFN1's Journal
Posted by JFN1 in General Discussion
Tue Apr 05th 2011, 10:01 PM
I am a soldier. I swore an oath to protect and defend our Constitution.

Despite what some may think, I am doing my duty, as I see it. I spent some years as a drill instructor, and consequently, I don't "instruct" in a manner which might even remotely be considered diplomatic. Good thing, I suppose.

I am not a diplomat.

What I am, is a strategist - and a damn good one too. Lots of soldiers are alive today because of my - admittedly irritating - ability to shoot holes in what others consider to be "airtight" plans.

The first thing a successful strategist MUST excel at is identifying problems - and not just the obvious problems, but the underlying factors which create or sustain problems. If you can solve from "the root," the obvious problems are no longer a factor.

Folks - we have a few very serious problems which MUST be addressed before 2012, if we are to avoid moving rashly forward because emotionally, we really, really, really need to. I'll start with the first, and biggest, problem.

There are some FACTS we must acknowledge:

-- Torture IS ILLEGAL, in about 100 different ways.
-- Mr. Obama is still permitting/sanctioning torture.
-- Torture is a "high crime" and is an impeachable offense.

Can you just imagine the chaos that will ensue in our government if Republicans decide to pull this card after Obama wins in 2012? Tell me - how much of anything will get done in government if Obama is stuck defending himself from impeachment? Its just political theater at its distracting best for Republicans, and a golden opportunity to block anything Democrats try to do by using their impeachment of Obama as a club against Democrats who dare to raise their voices.

Remember when Issa said he was going to start investigations into Obama as his highest priority?

Hello???? What do you suppose those investigations might be used for, hmmm? Anyone? Anyone at all?

To paraphrase, in strategy success is built around the idea: "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

Now - what do we do with this possible calamity? In what way can we - right now - work to disarm, or in the least, weaken, this probable Republican strategy?

Pretending it's all okay because a Democrat is carrying on Bush's criminal acts, is not a viable strategy. Sorry if it hurts your feelings, or your ego, or your delusions - but I'm right on this point.

How probable is it Republicans would do this? Is impeachment over war crimes truly something we should be concerned about?

Remember that Democratic President - what was his name...oh, yeah - President Bill Clinton! You know, the one Republicans impeached over a blowjob? Remember him? Remember how that "moral majority" Republican guy, Newt Gingrich, was leading the charge for impeachment, even as he was FUCKING AROUND ON HIS WIFE?

You do the math. I don't like the odds, myself. Name one dirty trick Republicans haven't used when given the opportunity to do so - I can't think of one.

If we continue to deny we have a very real problem, we're screwed, and you should know this.

A lot of people have chosen to be blind to the truth that too many things which are ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, IMMORAL, and CORRUPT are still going strong under a Democratic President.

When ANY of us turn a blind eye to such things, things which we FUCKING KNOW are wrong, just because our guy is pulling the strings, it demonstrates one of two things:

1 -- Either there is a level of hypocrisy operating that is comparable to EVERYTHING we derided Republicans and Freepers and Tea Baggers for, or
2 -- I am missing, as I suspect many others are missing, some vital piece of information that makes it wrong when a Republican does it, but acceptable when a Democrat does it.

So - just trying to figure out which one it is, because if it is the hypocrisy thing, then we need to have a serious face-to-face conversation with ourselves, and decide if we want to keep lying to ourselves, or if we want to figure out what is going wrong that allows us to accept our own hypocrisy while condemning the same thing in others.

How can anyone take us seriously, if we are hypocritically calling out others for their hypocrisy?

I don't like denial and hypocrisy, especially when the stakes are so very high, and patience is not my best trait. I know, real newsflash. But telling ourselves the truth is not just a value - it is about survival - literally.

Too many of us are accepting illegal behavior from Obama, too many are willing to look the other way in exchange for a 2012 victory, and too many are over-invested in pretending there is no problem other than a lack of support for Obama. If we allow this to continue, we are placing our hands right on top of the Republican's hands on the "chaos button."

We don't have a lot of time to convince our best candidate that he needs to STOP BREAKING THE LAW or he's going to fuck us all. 2012 looms large before us.

If we can't unite to pressure Mr. Obama into changing his behavior, we will have no chance to stop Republicans from tearing this nation yet another new and terrible wound.

It is my duty, as a soldier, and as a citizen, to do what I am capable of doing, to stop them. And yours, too...and the first step we MUST take is to confront our own hypocrisy, stop the silent but deadly "It's Okay If A Democrat Does It" mantra that is being said and denied being said in the same damn sentence, and face the REALITY - we are being outplayed, big time, and if we just keep drifting along...
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