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Javaman's Journal
Posted by Javaman in General Discussion
Fri Mar 11th 2011, 11:46 AM
In 1934, the repukes, headed up by banker prescott bush, tried to over throw the US government.

If it weren't for good Americans like Ret. Gen. Smedly Butler, they might have succeeded.

And that is what is happening today.

This isn't repukes over dems, this isn't left vs. right. This is what it should be called, The Rich against everyone else.

And with that, the extreme right wing and the repukes have become willing participants believing that they will get a piece of the pie.

They couldn't be more wrong.

We are seeing the willful march to corporate control of everything. And the right wing stooges are holding open the door. Little do they know, it will eventually get slammed in their faces.

The rich will dictate what we can and can not do. They will tell us how long we can work, they will tell us how and when to have kids (Oh your pregnant? Sorry but your fired), the return of child labor (because when you are on the street, your kids will now have to help support you and the family, because you were fired for having that same child in the first place), the return of massive deregulation that would make Upton Sinclare's, "The Jungle" look like a nice trip to the grocery store, no more overtime, no more health care (forget about affordable), no more Workman's comp (tort reform anyone? It will be on steroids), no more unemployment insurance, no more SS, no more Medicare nor Medicaid, and on and on it goes.

Because those are "overhead" to the rich. Money which could otherwise go into their pockets.

We are just tools to them. Cogs in their grand design of a sweat shop disney land. Where when one hapless worker fails, another is waiting to jump right in his or hers shoes. And that hapless worker? To the streets, to the poor house or to the debtors prison. Which I might add, will be corporate run for profit. So you lost your paying job and now you have to work for nothing while still doing that same work.

Back in 1934 FDR knew what was happening. He saw in the American people the good and the hardworking. The people who have been put down for so long for want of profit, that he put forth the New Deal with in weeks of him being sworn in to his first term.

He laid the ground work for SS and unemployment insurance. He knew that a person who gets simple respect is productive person. And if that person, is old and can no longer work, that there was at least something to keep them going. And to the unemployed on the soup and bread lines, they could have a few bucks to float them until they could find another job.

FDR was a charismatic individual who understood that it's people who drive society, not corporations.

The rich then as they do now, didn't like these "social welfare" programs. Back then, the Dems controlled the house and senate for years with a very healthy majority. The rich had to sit idle and slowly build while at the same time tear down. Today, we have lost the house and have a very slim majority in the senate. We have a president who states he's for the people but appears to be more of a corporate glad hander than a worker supporter.

Rich fail to understand something fundamental, when you treat people like shit, people hate you. They run their corporations with the worker at the bottom of the list. And when a worker is under paid, under appreciated and is not given the basic respect any human deserves, is it any wonder when that hard working person gets pissed off? To the rich corp owners it is. To them, they can't wrap their heads around it.

They think that everyone should be thankful for having a job. Just a job and nothing else. No OT, no health care, no benefits of any kind.

But there is the rub, even when most people work for a bastard, they still work hard, why? Because your average working person is generally a moral person with a good work ethic. They might not like the bastard, but they still have to live with themselves and knowing that they put in a good days work, regardless of the circumstances, sometimes is all that gets someone through the day regardless of how little they get paid.

And the repuke corp owners know this and exploit it. They laugh at our hard work, they laugh at our ethics and morals. They toy with our beliefs. They think we are just stupid prols with no business mind or understanding of "how things really work".

Oddly, we know how "things really work" better than they realize.

We know how to balance budgets with almost non-existing money. We know at the end of each month we can not have a deficit. We know what "hard discussions" are. They are either eating or paying the light bill, they are either paying the medical bill or driving slower because we can't afford to fill up the tank.

The rich corps haven't a clue as to how well we really know.

While they like to say it's all about business, let me tell you something, they are so full of crap.

They like to say, "in business, it's never personal". To them, their money is as much a part of their life as is major organ is to us.

They like to "stay above the fray" never to dirty their hands with the problems of the masses. They intellectually and emotionally remove themselves from the plight of the poor and middle class working folks, because, if they actually looked into the plight of the people, instead of making half assed excuses as to why people are poor, they would have to examine themselves. And as we all know, narcissists and sociopaths never do that, because it would highlight their massive short comings.

They would see themselves as the ugly blight they are on society.

We the people have been sitting down and taking this bullshit far too long.

This is something that the rich bastards thought would continue. Feed us more bullshit, stuff us with more crap and lies. Divide us and conquer us.

There are rumblings in this nation folks. It's not stopping. People are waking up and and are beginning to raise their voices. They rich are frightened. You can see this by how hard they are pushing back. They know once the scales of their bullshit has been removed they are in deep shit.

No more, I'm not shouting that. I'm just stating the obvious.

Say it with me. And say it every day. Make a sign. Walk with the unions. Protest. Never stop. Make the rich worry.

No more.
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