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Truth is stranger than Fiction
Posted by JohnWxy in Editorials & Other Articles
Tue Mar 01st 2011, 06:09 PM
to give Corporate Lobbyists a chance to show if they are serious about Deficit Reduction.

This idea was first mentioned here:

I thought it was a good idea... to reduce the deficit $100 Billion in two years, Senate Dems should propose an amendment to repeal the tax cut extensions Obama was forced to agree to in December to extend Unemployment Insurance Benefits to those put out of work by the Republicans. The GOP extorted these egregious tax cut extensions (and the new one for estate taxes) out of the President because not giving them what they demanded would have meant the Great Recession would have become the Second Great Depression in relatively short order. President Obama was not in any place to argue with them. but now the Democrats should bring this up as a way to deal with the deficit:

.... Repeal the Tax cut to the top two income categories

.... repeal the tax cut for capital gains

....repeal the egregious cuts to the estate tax.

Now, the Corporate Lobbyists will scream these cuts are needed to foster investment in businesses. The answer to that is that companies are sitting on $3 Trillion in CASH and not hiring. They don't need additional investors, they need paying customers!

As was stated in referenced post, this would give the Republicans a chance to show (with a VOTE) how serious they are about reducing the deficit .... or if they are really just trying to kill the recovery to the REPUBLICAN DEPRESSION. These tax cuts put in place by the Corporate Lobbyist Party during the Cheney Regime, never should have been passed in the first place and helped contribute to our current deficit problem.

Every night on Corporate Media the only thing you hear is How much to cut and what programs to cut... Democrats never bring up the option of increasing revenues ... in particular by taking back tax cuts that helped to create this deficit problem. This amendment would at least give those on tv another option to talk about ..and whether the Republicans are serious about doing something about the deficit. Are they willing to give up the Deficit creating tax cuts they put in place in the first place (55% of which went to the top few percent, in terms of income, of taxpayers)?

The question is, do DUers think it's worth sending an email andor making a phone call to their Senators (the budget bill passed by the House with $61 Billion in program cuts, is now being considered by the Senate) to tell them to repeal these deficit fueling tax cuts, extorted from the President? Repealing these tax cuts would make the program cuts unnecessary and produce a greater reduction to the deficit.

I have called and emailed (not just my Senators but also Reid and others who I think are more willing to stand up and fight Corporate Lobbyist party). I know some may think it's better to lie down and play dead and hope the GOPers will leave them alone. I know that's what they say you should do when encountering a bear, but the Corporate Lobbyist Partiers are not nearly as humane as bears. This approach, I feel, only invites destruction of the Government... or at least a democratic government.

So, what do DUers think? worth sending an email? ... making a phone call? or just feel like laying down and playing dead?

For those who think it's worth it makes it easy to send an email. Just enter your zip and it brings up your representatives and Senators and you can enter you message into a text input field and they send the email for you. For Senators other than yours (e.g. Harry Reid) you'll have to get his email address and actually send him an email the conventional way.

Sample email to Senators:

"I am writing to urge you to submit a bill/amendment to repeal the tax cuts extorted from President Obama in order to buy Republican support of Unemployment Benefits extension in December 2010. These tax cuts contributed to our current deficit situation and should be repealed before any cuts to needed programs are considered.

With the vote on this bill, the public will be given a chance to see how serious the Republicans are about reducing the deficit or if their intentions are just to kill the incipient recovery to the Republican Depression."

...this is just a sample. Others may want to make additions or write their own and can perhaps come up with something better. Just remember, it's good to keep it short and 'sweet'. The most important thing is to send something (and, while your at it, make a phone-call).

.... hope a few of you are 'with me' on this!

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