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K Gardner's Journal
Posted by K Gardner in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Fri May 16th 2008, 10:21 PM
(Updated with partial transcript of the call below.)

Because I just heard Hillary talking to her BLOGGERS ("We've GOT to win", "He refuses to debate me anymore").. absolutely trashing Obama. trashing the DNC like her husband did, and providing the stinking TALKING POINTS we've seen here for days. ("It is CONFIRMED.. we are ahead in the popular vote!")

So Clinton is instructing these bots who are spamming DU with crap. DU is being willingly used as a pawn of the Clinton Campaign. She is STILL attacking, via surrogates and bloggers, all while putting on a nice face for the cameras so the media will say she's not attacking.

This is despicable. ("For me, it is ALL ABOUT WINNING. I WILL WIN. I believe my opponent.. "could" win.")

("I deeply regret the vitriol and rhetoric that has been thrown around at you for supporting me, at women in general. This too shall pass. I'm impervious to their insults. What we need to be doing is figuring out how we're going to swear in a Democrat next Jan 20th.")

This is absolutely a MUST HEAR VIDEO - You will recognize the Posts you've seen here, immediately.

Bill Clinton, as madfloridian said, is totally On-Point because he is following exactly the script of this call.

Bill Trashing Dems in Kentucky

Bill Attacking Dems in Montana

Now, of course, I will immediately retract this if someone.. anyone here.. can tell me they've been on a Blogger Conference Call with Barack. Because I'm pissed I was left out ! I've worked hard, dammit. I deserve to be on the Bloggocalls !

Can we get a transcript of this garbage? It IS Hillary at her triangulating and deceitful best. In the meantime, I may stay up tonight and try to transcribe some of the most egregious remarks. Ewww.

Some Partial Transcription Not Recorded Above:

"I am grateful to you for what you're blogging and the very strong arguments you are making on my behalf. I think there are important issues at stake. This is not an election we can lose. We've got to win. I know YOUR VOICES make a real difference. Your engagement in these very significant ways helps us .. influence the rest of the blogosphere and beyond. I'm moving on in these next contests. I'm in Oregon, doing a town hall tonight. Obama declined.. he refuses to stand side by side with me or to talk about issues, answer tough questions; it's been a real disservice to the people of Oregon that he hasn't been willing to debate. I just want to make a couple of points. First, we have acknowledgement I'm 50,000 ahead in the popular vote. I'll end the elections on June 3 ahead in popular vote. Second, we are totally devoted to making sure Mi and FL count. I find it inexplicable the Democratic Party would not find a way... disenfranchise voters... I think the delegation should be seated. Third, as of our big win in W VA, which is especially significant since Democrats don't win the WH without W VA, we have the electoral map. It will be very difficult for Obama to win on the electoral count.. it is the MAP not the MATH. If people will only look at that, it strengthens our argument. I believe that. I wouldn't be working as hard as I am if I didn't believe it. We've got to get people to start focusing on this because that's what the SDs are supposed to be doing, exercising judgement about who will be the strongest candidate and I have a strong case there. I want to thank you because I know its not been easy."

"Talk Left Guy" Armando

Q: I've become an admirer. Asks about the fight for FL and MI. Importance of working class voters. Importance of not giving in to media. Are you concerned there is not enough attention being paid by Obama and the Party to uniting?

A: We can't win without a significant percentage of WORKING PEOPLE. We also can't win FL if we're going to disenfranchise them. These are critical points we have to keep making over and over and over again. When we finally have a nominee, we will make the point to our supporters that we have more in common with each other than we do with McCain. I will have an ability to try to rally the people who voted for me in November. Full page ad in USA Today, which is very striking, talks specifically about women and the need to bring everyone into the Party. The more the media tries to dictate who our nominee is, the more resistant my supporters become. The history of our party is those NOT LEADING IN THE POPULAR VOTE IN THE PAST WENT ALL THE WAY TO THE CONVENTION to make their point on the platform or the rules, to carry the message forward and I don't recall the press being bent out of shape about it. Two of the states which Obama won caucuses later had primaries, Wa and NE, where I didn't campaign.. the primaries were within 2-3 points, press paid no attention. He claims these states in his winning column but I have a strong support. Talking heads have been trying to get me out of this race since Iowa.

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