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Posted by Kelvin Mace in Election Reform
Tue Mar 08th 2005, 01:44 PM
I have noticed recently that we have some folk trying to rehabilitate Bev Harris's reputation by explaining away her erratic and toxic behavior as some kind of "misunderstanding".

Access to DU is critical to Bev since it was an important source of cash, helpful researchers and credibility in the past and even more important now that she has been disowned by folks like Randi Rhodes, Keith Olbermann and Mike Malloy.

For those who do not know or have forgotten (or have no access to the archives) the reason Bev was banned from DU, I recommend to you this official post:

The responses to this thread are numerous, but vitally important to read, especially if you are contemplating giving your time or money to Bev Harris and her organization.

Bev painted herself as a liberal activist (lately she strives for the status of a non-partisan) which she is not. She ran an anti-Clinton product site (Bev Dudley is Bev's real name and Talion is her company):

She claims Bush supports her cause and was currying favor with freepers:

She also counts people like Jim March as one of her most invaluable aids (and a board member of her foundation):

Happiness is a confirmed kill

Diebold is gonna make me rich

She invents "crisis situations" where she claims to be attacked by "The Forces of Evil™", when nothing of the sort has happened:

She has routinely smeared fellow activists, allies and colleagues:
(in this post she fires her staunchest ally for things she herself actually did, not Andy)

She refused to cooperate with other activists putting her ego ahead of stopping BBV:

Her most egregious sin on DU was her publicly denouncing fellow anti-BBV activists and researchers, accusing them of seeking to profit on "her" work and file a qui tam law suit, when in fact, she herself had done precisely that after swearing she would NEVER do that:

Bev Harris has done more damage to this issue by her pursuit of cash and fame. She has alienated countless reporters in print and TV with her legal threats and abusive rants which makes legitimate activists job that much harder.

Keith Olbermann

Randi Rhodes

(Bev claimed that Randi's show raised only $23,000 for her. Insiders put the figure at $300,000)

This is not about opinion or points of view, it is about fact. The links above discredit Bev with her own words. Bev's rebuttals to this evidence is denial, distortion and new lies, either directly on her site or here by proxy.

Bev has damaged people's reputation, cost them large sums of money with her legal bullying (and I am not talking about Diebold and election officials, I am talking about her former activists and helpers) and wasted much of their time dealing with her foolishness. she has impugned the integrity of established liberals on this board and elsewhere and accused even John Kerry and the Democratic party of conspiring to suppress evidence of vote fraud (huh????).

I know I will take heat from some folks for bringing this up again, but unfortunately it needs to be brought up to keep people from wasting time and money on this woman. Bev was banned once, then allowed back on after pledging better behavior. She was then banned again for abusing her fellow DUers and threatening Skinner et al with litigation. To allow proxies to post here and promote her agenda violates the spirit, if not the letter, of the ban. Our moderators have chosen to allow this and I will not fault them (they are trying to be fair). I will, however, rebut her proxies at every opportunity.

Some of the posts above are archived on other sites because Bev has a habit of purging her earlier posts when they contradict her current story or to remove embarrassing statements (Jeff Gannon anyone?).

The above links are by no means exhaustive and others are free to add their own emails, links and experiences. If you are going to defend Bev, please spare us the following:

1) "It doesn't matter if Bev libels people and lies as long as she stops BBV". (the ends justify the means).

Do I really have to explain to liberals why this is immoral?

2) "Bev said..."

We have heard Bev's claims. We have seen no evidence to back up these claims. We have been very careful to document our claims with links, and emails (Bev's own words). The word of someone caught in multiple lies is not "proof".

3) "Bev has saved the world, what have you done?"

*sigh* If you really wanted to know (and I don't think you do) you could avail yourself to Google and find out what we are doing. We never claimed to be saving the world, just fighting paperless voting the best we can.

4) "After all Bev did..."

Bev didn't do it on her own, she had help, LOTS of help. She rewarded the people who helped her by publicly smearing them.

5) "Prove to me that Bev..."

I've posted the proof. Read the links.

6) "No, point me to a summary or specific post that proves your case."

Sorry. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, we require our proofs to be read IN CONTEXT. Anything else would be unfair and deceptive. Reading and thinking is hard work. It's why we are liberals and not freepers.

It is regrettable this is necessary, but Bev's "help" is making our job harder.

David Allen
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