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Waiting for America to Come Back
Posted by Kerrytravelers in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Sat Mar 18th 2006, 01:58 PM

311 Singer Nick Hexum Hits The Road To Send Bush On His Way

Hexums For Kerry Tour marks vocalist's first time on the road without 311.

311 singer Nick Hexum is following his own advice: Don't stay home.

Stirred by his dissatisfaction with President George W. Bush, Hexum has scheduled a tour of swing states with his brother, singer Zack Hexum, and aptly titled it the Hexums for Kerry Tour.

"If Bush wins, it'll be a sad day, but I'll at least know we did our best towards a plan for world peace." 311's Nick Hexum

Stuff from my high school days, but politically themed," Nick said. "We're learning 'Clampdown' from London Calling, which is about fascism, and about how raging patriotism can lead toward terrible things. We're doing XTC's 'Earn Enough for Us,' which is about the middle class having so much trouble. Then we'll also do 'Amber,' because we want it to be an enjoyable music experience."

"The reason I wanted to get involved is because if Bush is re-elected, it's basically saying what he did was OK, to lead a country into war based on a falsified document that he knew was not true," Hexum said. "If he's reelected, that makes us more of a target. If we get Kerry in there, it says, 'Look, this is a new America. We're going to be hard on terrorists when we know they're terrorists.' "

Nick has little tolerance for Republicans who argue that Bush has saved the Iraqi people from a tyrannical dictator who killed 5,000 Kurds.

"First of all, we've just killed about 15,000 of them doing this," the singer said. "Second of all, if you look at tyrants around the world, there's much more urgent civil-rights crises. If that was our concern, we'd be in Sudan, Burma, North Korea, whatever. The truth is, they'll deny it to the end, but the oil has to have something to do with it. We don't care about other places where people are being oppressed unless they've got something we want."

I think I've found my new best friend!
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